This is a work of fiction. There are countries and municipal concerns where this story is illegal. Remember that the law is political and there are places where "illegal" is whatever an ambitious elected official says it is. Don't hurt kids. (Don't hurt anyone.)

This story is not for everyone.


Unfortunately, like many of the stories you find in an incest newsgroup, it contains the cliche of the absentee mother. My wife, Dani's mom, died of bacterial complications from a very routine surgery. They were taking a non-malignant cyst out of her thigh for the second time in two years. The hospital had a super strep bug somewhere in the operating room. The suddenness shocked everyone. It sucks. I loved her. I still miss her.

This story is looong. Loooooong. Before you invest a lot of time in a detailed account of how I turned my daughter into a sex toy when all you were looking for was a ridiculous and improbable jerk story, one of those with the nine-ten-eleven year old trollop begging her father to "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me with that big throbbing cock!".... Uh... Fair warning. This is not the story for you.

Srsly. You could read three Vonnegut novels in the same amount of time you waste reading this. You can read everything J.D. Salinger ever published. You could read half the introduction to a David Foster Wallace novel. Go. Invest your hours more productively. Don't say I didn't warn you.

When the sex scenes finally unfold, you aren't going to get the usual comic book Manga pedo sex. Some young girls like sex and some don't. It takes the right girl, the right petri dish home environment, and a lot of properly-paced grooming. Most of that grooming is tedious, and not sexy at all, to be honest.

Sure, you can train a young girl to recite scripted lines, but you also have to maintain some shred of paternal life with that same girl the other twenty-two hours of the day when your dick isn't hard. This is a rare incest story, told without (much) varnish, and wrapped up with a happy ending. So far. So far. That's the thing about raping your daughter. You can't unrape her. There's a point where the power shifts from "Daddy's little obedient girl" to "Vindictive middle-age bitch with issues." It will never really be over until I'm dead or she is.

But before we get to the happy ending, we have to go back to the start. The unhappy start.

Chapter 2 - Caryn Part One

I met Caryn my freshmen year in college. I had my own parental issues and had divorced my mom and dad at the end of my freshman year. I was living on student loans and rinky-dink scholarships as I struggled to get my diploma in electrical engineering at a state school in the Midwest. I was broke and living week-to-week on whatever scratch came in from my job as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant. I dormed with a Texan named Cliff my freshman and sophomore years. Great guy. Funny as hell.

Caryn met Cliff at a mixer during the first week of college and was immediately smitten by his easy charm and confident southern swagger. Caryn was trying to escape life on an Arkansas hog farm. She wasn't much of a student, but she was a helluva looker. At eighteen, her body was absolutely mouthwatering. Big 38C titties that bounced up and down when she walked and perpetually hard nips that were always poking through her blouse and staring right back at the boys. Oh, and that Kardashian ass exploding from her wasp waist. (A bit of an anachronism, I know. Kim wasn't even born in 1988.) I'm kind of a sucker for tiny girls with elegant little hands, the kind that make your cock look twice as big. Caryn had those. She also had a matching set of perfect size five feet that looked so small I kidded her that she could buy her shoes in the Barbie aisle of Toys-R-Us.

She was five foot one in bare feet and two hundred and twelve degrees in a pair of high heels.

I guess it's tradition to describe a woman foremost by her hair color and shape. Caryn had hair. Caryn had hideous hair. It was a bad mix of mouseshit brunette and brass red. Because she was poor, her mother had been the one to cut Caryn's hair and then try and disguise her crime against humanity with a spiral curly home perm. The color. The cut. Absolute disaster.

Caryn had high cheekbones and full lips, neither of which ever saw a spot of makeup until later in life. Her complexion was clear, but milky and blue and freckled with the unsexy kind of freckles. She may have come from farm stock, but she didn't have the farmer's tan.

It's a testament to my poor writing skills to use a "celebrity" to fine tune you into Caryn's appearance, but there is a tiny blonde porn knockout currently working (2011) named Lexi Belle. Before Lexi was a blond studio product (who refuses to swallow or take it up the ass, grumble grumble), she was a homely brunette and she did some raunchy amateur work under the name "Nawli." I think Lexi grew up near New Orleans.Anyway, being as you are going to be locked into Caryn's sex life on and off for the next 70 thousand words, if you care, Caryn looked EXACTLY like early Lexi Belle. Same height. Same small feet. Same eyes. Same blothchy pale skin. Same mouth. Same slightly too big teeth. Identical ear shapes. Hair same bad color. Caryn had a smaller nose and bushier eyebrows. Much bigger tits and a rounder ass, too. And of course, Caryn had frizzy, messy hair.

I'm not even sure if this will work or if the newsgroups strip out links, but below I'm adding a URL. This is not spam. Just in case you're interested. Early Lexi and Caryn could have been fraternal twins where Caryn got all the boobs.

The end result was that the boys in our dorm had plenty to say about Caryn's delicious frame, but nobody wanted to deal with the unevenness of the girl above her neck. This includes the part between her ears. She was a sweet enough girl, but a meek lack of confidence hung about her like a fog. Her self conscious skittishness left her with a certain paralysis in conversation. She was the definition of awkward. She certainly didn't project intelligence.

Caryn set her sights on Cliff, headed for law school and a bright future. If she had her way, Caryn probably would have been a happy wife. At least for a little while. Cliff dropped dead of a heart defect a little after his 30th birthday.

Caryn and I had crossed paths dozens of times at campus functions. She would walk by our dorm room and if the door was open she'd walk in looking to sit around next to Cliff and not talk. In retrospect it was creepy and weird. At the time Cliff and I didn't think much of it beyond the normal ration of guy teasing. "Just fuck her," I'd tell him, "Give'r the big leg and send her on her way."

"Dude," Cliff said, "If I fuck her, I'll never get to take a dump again without that needy bitch sitting on my lap."

Cliff was a wise man, as I'd soon find out.

Sophomore year. October Night. Bonfire. Cliff was trying to make time with an Amazon redhead who worked part time at the library. Caryn was following Cliff around the fire like an uninvited puppy. Cliff made eye contact with me across the dark expanse, widened his fire-illuminated eyes, and twitched his head impatiently toward Caryn twice. The signal was clear. "Get this girl off me." Roger that, Charlie Lima Foxtrot. Air support with ECMs on your mark. Wingman in position.

"Hey Caryn." Three beers into the autumn eve and no bonfire date of my own, I had nothing but a surplus of game.


I slid my hand under her elbow and smoothly pulled her away from the bonfire and toward the barrel of hard cider one of the frat houses had brewed up for the occasion. "C'mon. There's finally a break in the line over at the moonshine speakeasy. We gotta try this stuff."

She looked over her shoulder at Cliff talking to Red Sonja as I stepped her away. She resisted for a moment and then relented.

After we cupped out a pair of plastic Solos filled with a pungent piss of alcohol and apple juice, I stared up at the brilliantly crisp fall sky. "Orion," I pointed upwards.

Caryn sighed. "He really likes her, doesn't he?" Her eyes remained locked on Cliff making time with the redhead.

"Who, Cliff? Ehn. I wouldn't worry about it," I said. "As fickle as Cliff is, he's on to greener pastures tomorrow."

"No, he really likes her. I've seen him talking to her at the library. I can tell by the way he leans toward her when he talks that it's serious. It wasn't that way with Barb or Shelly. But there's something about this girl that makes his eyes sparkle."

We stood in the awkward boiler room glow of the outer circle of the bonfire. Squiggling tongues of orange and ash licked a pattern over her cheap flannel farmers jacket. Caryn stabbed at the silence with her own answer. "Fuck," she spat. "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

After a moment the water works started and she began to sniffle and hitch. "Oh God, I'm such a pathetic idiot." Caryn covered her gaping mouth with her tiny hand.

"Oh boy," I whispered. For whatever illogical reason, I felt responsible for the situation. It was awkward and getting more awkward by the moment. "Hey..." I stammered, concerned.

"I'm sorry," she began to sob. "I'm so embarrassed. People are looking at me."

"Walk with me," I said. I took her hand and walked away from the bonfire. I walked her toward the path in the town park that leads through a thicket of trees and to the local side of the cliffs framing the Mississippi River. We didn't have a flashlight, but the moon was bright enough to keep us on the path. One barge labored upstream and another glided downstream, the searchlights in the high wheelhouses of both tugs spun to map the boundaries of the river and find the navigational buoys. The upstream tug spun a beam that locked on Caryn and me like Michigan J. Frog in the spotlight. Perv was probably looking for naked co-eds. Brilliant. Instead the poor bastard threw a spotlight on the third act of Steel Magnolias, Caryn's face contorted and twisted in suffering as she bawled in earnest.

For no good reason I threw my drink into the river and tried to wrap my arms around her tiny frame to comfort her. She relented and leaned into me, blubbering snot and tears into the open V of my unzipped Members Only jacket. My right hand tried to ease comfort from her back while my left hand tangled in that awful, frizzy, witch hair of hers. After a time she began hugging back and her sobs subsided. I sat on the cold whitestone that framed the top of the cliff, my legs dangled over the edge. Caryn tried to sit next to me but complained the ground was freezing.

I scooted back so only my ankles and feet were over the cliff's edge. "Sit on my lap then." Caryn did. I could barely feel her weight. I had always known she was poor, more poor than I, if that was possible. For the first time I found myself wondering if she was eating at all. A bucket of popcorn weighed less.

When you are in college, it doesn't take much to go from Stranger to Lover. I held her until she stopped crying. I kissed little pecks on her forehead. We made small talk. I walked her back to her dorm room. Her roommate had gone home for the weekend. Caryn invited me in. After that, there was no pretext at all. I wanted to see those enormous tits unwrapped. I eased her back on the bed and pushed my tongue in her mouth. She offered no resistance as I unbuttoned and peeled her shirt off. Caryn's bra was old lace, worn thin. I was shocked by the luminescence of the pink of Caryn's nipples glowing through the fabric. The saliva in my mouth began to gush. I jerked that bra off her big melons with such impatience I heard it give a wet rip. Her aureoles were small and her nipples were long and tantalizing. And oh my God. They were so pink they were electric. My mouth closed hard on her right tit and my teeth latched tight and cruel.

Caryn yelped and bucked. Her hands came to my face and I grabbed her wrists and yanked them down and pinned them against the mattress. Then I bit the left tit with authority, chewing and pulling the textured nip with hungry fervor. When her hands stopped resisting I was able to start peeling her jeans off and down to her knees. There were no panties left behind and none clinging to the inside of her jeans. The waft of Caryn's pussy was a fragrant candle of soap and sex; heady and primal. My hand slipped down her flat stomach, through an unkempt tangle of jungle pubes, and dipped my fingertips into the puddle of sopping soft folds. Her pussy was the wettest cleft I'd fingered in my short career as a Lothario. Caryn's eyes fluttered upward. I fished for her labia, but all my fingertips could find was a clit the size of a 25 gumball. As my fingers traced a map around the long circumference, Caryn thrashed like a landed trout. Her throat noises were guttural. I bit hard again on a tit and she arched and flooded my hand with a squirting orgasm.

"That was quick," I said. I smirked and leaned into her panting mouth. I kissed her in a manner that was half biting nips on her slack bottom lip, and half kiss pecks.

"That was awesome," she panted. She kicked the tangled knot of her jeans off her feet and onto the carpet.

"I didn't think squirters really existed outside the Penthouse letters column," I said.

Caryn blushed. "I'm sorry," she said. "Does that gross you out? I only do that when I come really hard."

"No problem," I said. "Kinda cool, actually." I licked my dripping fingers. the juice was flavored with a tiny tang of cunt, but it was mostly tasteless.

Caryn fumbled at my belt. I had no patience. I had my 501s peeled and shucked in seconds. I flopped back on the bed and pushed Caryn's reluctant head down toward my twitching cock. Then I noticed she wasn't just resisting. She was pushing back up against my hand.

"Suck," I said. I wasn't barking, just direct.

"I'm... I'm not very good at that," She pushed up and tried to stand/kneel on the bed beside me.

"Suck," I said again. I grabbed at the back of her hair and pushed her face at my cock once more. This time I pushed down until the wet of her mouth warmed the top half of my cock. Caryn was right. She wasn't very good at sucking cock. Her teeth scraped the sides of my cock and I winced.

"Sorry," she said, "it's big."

My cock wasn't big. It was a little above average. More than seven inches. Maybe eight. Maybe nine, I dunno. I didn't need cheap flattery, I needed my cock sucked, so I pushed her head down until the tip of my cock pressed into her throat. She gagged and pulled away harder than I could push to keep her down.

"Sorry," she said again, coughing. "You have a beautiful cock. What you said about squirters? That you didn't believe they exist? I've seen pictures of purple cockheads, but I've never actually seen one in person before."

"It's not really purple," I said. "It's red."

"No, it's purple alright. Eggplant."

I examined my cock. She was right. If my cock stays really hard for a long time, the natural red blush of my cock tip can take on a purplish hue. Usually that comes as a result of a good half hour of steady rockhard. That night the purple was running ahead of schedule. There was something about Caryn's meekness and her inexperience and all her squeaky little "Sorrys" that was flipping a deeply animal switch in my brain. I had never been as rough with another first date as I was with Caryn.

"C'mon," I goaded. "Show me something. Suck me."

Caryn looked into my eyes and then back at my cock. "Can you sit on the edge of the bed so I can kneel in the floor?" she whispered.

I did and Caryn did. She knelt in the dirty shag carpet remnant at my feet and tentatively wrapped her tiny hand around the very base of my cock. She batted her eyelashes at me one more time and leaned forward. This time when her lips wrapped around my cock it was an entirely different suck. Practiced. Smooth. Silky. And soft. Frustratingly soft. Her head bobbed at such a measured and slow pace, it was delightful, but it was pure tease. I knew I wasn't going to bust a nut with that suck. I let her head bob for a full half hour. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, but Caryn's suck was just barely tepid enough not to trigger the first twitch of orgasm.

I'd had enough. I stood up, reached down and grabbed Caryn under her armpits. I swear my intent was only to lift her to her feet so I could push her back on the bed and mount her pussy. Instead I miscalculated how damn light she was. Maybe 80 pounds, and half of that had to be ass and titty. I ended up yanking her off the floor and then some. She flew up against my stomach and wrapped her legs across my back when we collided.

I just went with it. While I stood next to the bed, I reached around the steep curve of her ass and fingered the tip of my throbbing prick, pushing it toward Caryn's dripping fuckhole. She was gushing wet again. I lined up and pulled her downward, reveling in the grip of her tight sloppywet cunt squeezing lower and lower on my shaft. I pulled Caryn down until her meager weight was entirely supported by the bridge of her big clit against my pubic bone.

"OH mother of FUCK!" Caryn shouted. Her eyes went thin. The backs of her heels began desperately fluttering to find the backs of my knees. "Jesusfuckingchrist, you're going to rip me in half!" she yelped. For the first time it dawned on me that the pure ecstasy of having my cock buried to the hilt in tight, soppy gash wasn't translating to Caryn. Her entire mass was held up by my purple cockhead drilling up into the top of her cervix. She wasn't trying to fuck me. She was trying to climb me to get the stretching pressure-pain off her womb. Again, I know no one would (or should) believe that I had never had a sexually sadistic thought go through my mind before that night. I was always a perfectly boring gentleman in the sack. But again, there was something about Caryn that sparked my dominant streak. I widened my legs and stepped out when she tried to lock her legs behind me. I used my strength to overpower her and push her down even harder on my cock when she tried to pull up on my shoulders. Her eyes squinted shut in pain and tears started rolling out the corners. I kept my eyes open and mapped every deliciously cruel second of her agony. It was all new.

But eventually my urge to stroke my cock in and out of her pussy won out. I reached behind her and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and began lifting her up as I backed my cock out of her, and then dropping her as I thrust forward. Caryn's head swiveled. Her top teeth went so far into her bottom lip that I expected blood to flow as she grimaced in pleasure and pain. Her head swiveled erratically around the anchor of her neck like a helium balloon on a windy day. She made little yippy squeaks as my hard prick drilled her pussy over and over.

Then she came. I had never experienced anything like it. Caryn's entire being began to thrash a tight little sine wave of hard, convulsive tremors. It was like holding an earthquake against my chest. Her pussy flooded once more. Soaking my balls and my thighs, raining down on the iffy dorm room carpet. She went limp as a Pad Thai noodle and I thought she may have passed out. I dropped her down on my cock again for some more particularly sadistic upthrusts and she didn't flinch.

"I think I killed you," I mumbled in her ear.

"That might explain why I'm in heaven," she muttered into my shoulder, her eyes not opening.

I leaned down and plunked Caryn's limp frame across the narrow bed frame. If she thought I was letting her rest, she was wrong. I grabbed her curvy hips, lifted her, and flipped her over on her stomach. Then I pulled her up into a doggy pose and backwards until her knees were barely on the mattress and her tiny feet hung in the air on each side of my legs. I wanted to doggy fuck her while standing so I could pound her pussy nice and hard.

Dammit. She had a nasty bunny tail of hair covering her asshole that was disgusting. I shouldn't have been surprised, given the huge bush she was sporting. "Gah," I thought. "This girl really needs work!" The revelation was obvious. It was simple. It was undeniable. There was a really hot bitch on all fours in front of me. She just needed the Henry Higgins treatment. She needed makeup. She needed a small battalion of Brazilian spa girls sporting wooden sticks dripping with hot wax. She needed some clothes that fit her form, some skirts, something a girl wouldn't slop hogs in. She needed a good haircut and probably a professional dye job. Maybe blonde. Maybe brunette. Hell, she had the light skin to make a knockout redhead.

Caryn needed work.

I, on the other hand, needed to come. I reached out to grab a wad of the back of Caryn's straw coif and pulled her back into my twitching cock. I took turns pulling her hair and yanking her hips until I finally felt the point-of-no-return broiling up from my scrotum. I banged Caryn's pussy even harder and she began yipping in pain again. It felt as if my entire ass melted into lava and then rushed through the length of my cock as I began to pump cum.

I've had some impressive displays of cocksmanship in my life, but that first evening with Caryn set the high water mark. Seven. Eight. Nine orgasmic clenches. I pulled out of Caryn's pussy and a surprising tenth and eleventh shot of thick come fired into the back of her head. Wet white ropes made suspension bridges between the messy curls of her hair. I didn't think it was physically possible to have that much cum in me. I was fucking Spiderman, shooting sticky webs five and six feet in front of me.

I never asked if she was on birth control. Of course she wasn't. Even subsidized Planned Parenthood birth control pills cost a couple bucks every month. Caryn didn't have it.

Did she get pregnant? Amazing to me now, but no. Not that evening, not the next morning when I fucked her again. Not for hundreds of times after that, either. Absolutely fucking amazing. There was a point before we got married when Caryn asked if I'd ever had my sperm checked for mobility. Neither one of us could believe I put that many loads in her without a single "Bingo." It was odd. Very odd, I admit.

But again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Chapter 3 - Caryn Part Two

Caryn stopped following Cliff around. She started following me everywhere. Once Cliff found out I had fucked Caryn, he was merciless in his teasing. It bugged me for a little while and I tried to pretend like Caryn and I weren't really an item. But then I fucked her again. And again. She was there. I was a teenager. I wasn't going to turn down having a female pet. And that's what she was. We didn't go on dates. We didn't go out to dinner. When my cock was twitchy (which was nearly always) I did whatever I had a mind to do and she never balked at a single direction I gave her. She complied. She gave lousy, timid head. I posed her in whatever position I fancied. I balled her hard until I could see the pain on her face. Then I came inside her for two or three hard pumps before I pulled out and marked her face, tits, or back with even more strings of my hot seed. Everything was simple.

Then came the Christmas break of sophomore year, the first time Caryn and I were apart after we started fucking. Caryn asked if she could go home with me and stay with my parents. Not a crazy request, but remember, I said I was done with my parents by that time. I was going home for semester break alright, but I was going to stay with my quote-endquote real girlfriend (or rather the couch of her parents' house). My real girlfriend was still a senior in high school, where we'd started dating when I was a junior and she was a slutty freshman. Things were definitely cooling between Peggy and I as absence had made the heart grow distant, but there was still an offer on the table from her folks to crash there, get fed, and dogsit while the family traveled a couple days. Of course there also would be the inevitable crappy sweater under the tree with my name on it. The dorms were shut down and locked over break, so I had to go somewhere. Might as well go live it up and get reacquainted with Peggy's hot little cocksucking mouth. After a few months with Caryn's mediocre-at-best suck skills, I craved Peggy's hard, cock hungry slurping and the way she made defiant eye contact with me as she worked my cock deep from tip to balls.

"Naw, I'm not really going home," I told Caryn. "Staying with uh... staying with a friend."

"Any chance I could crash there too?" Caryn asked. Her eyes were big. I should have been able to read between the lines, but I wasn't very empathetic. I remember thinking of how insanely jealous Peggy was, and how funny was the idea of bringing a girlfriend with me to Peggy's house. Peggy may have been the only girl I ever fucked who didn't have a single iota of bi-curious adventure in her. She was the last girl on the planet to welcome Caryn.

"Sorry, Doll," I said. "I'm already kinda pushing my luck by crashing my friend's house. We're not as close as we used to be. Uh, so I'll catch up with you after break okay?"

I was such a self-centered asshole. It never never never even crossed my mind to ask what Caryn was doing over the break. I assumed she was going home like everyone else. She was there when the carpool heading for my town packed up a few hours after final exams. She kissed me. I was still skittish about publicly acknowledging any emotional connection with Caryn and my return kiss was half-hearted.

I climbed into the back seat of an old Caprice that belonged to someone who posted an index card in the dorm lobby. I looked out he window. I still remember the expression on Caryn's face. It wasn't longing. It wasn't sadness. It wasn't about our parting. It was a mixture of fear and concern.

I did not have one fuck to give. I was going to be balls-deep in my high school girlfriend before midnight. That was the only thing on my mind.

--- A note from the author ---

Dudes and dudettes, I know I'm pretty far afield of the pedo pud-puller you were expecting. And we're getting pretty deep into the weeds with an intercallary story about a college Christmas dalliance that happened forever ago. I know. I know.

But I told you upfront, this isn't your typical jerk story. This is a true account of what happened over many years. The pedo chapter of my life was indirectly influenced by that which transpired on that Christmas break visit to Peggy's house, way back when. Those fifteen days had more than a little to do with why and how I ended up fucking my own daughter. If you've hung with me this far, hang a little longer.

Chapter 4 - Peggy Part One

Peggy's parents were high-functioning drunks. Fun drunks, but drunks. It was awesome. It was awesome because Mr. and Mrs. Wagner would do their drinking in trendy bars far from the suburbs where they lived. They'd drive into the city to go out drinking at the upscale watering holes and swerve back into the driveway at three thirty in the morning. On countless occasions, Peggy and I would still be in her bed when we heard the family car squeal cattycorner into the garage. We'd run out of her room while pulling on our clothes and sit on the couch. Moments later, Mom and Dad Wags would stumble past the living room, flip a bleary-eyed wave to us, and weave their way to bed.

About a third of the time they'd phone home to tell Peggy they were getting a hotel room for the night instead of driving home wasted. These nights were the best. No listening for the garage opener. Just all night sucking and fucking without fear of interruption.

My first night back in town at Peggy's house, Mom and Dad Wags already had their hotel reservations at the same downtown hotel where Dad Wags' trucking company was having it's holiday bash. Peggy and I were greenlighted for some carefree welcome home sex.

Unfortunately, Peggy had a jones to see the latest Eddie Murphy movie, way back when Eddie Murphy movies didn't suck. I wanted her to pop the pressure on my balls before we left, but she was being her usual headstrong self. It was a power game. It had been a constant power struggle with us for the past year. My win-loss ratio with Peggy's power plays was not impressive.

Peggy had been adopted at birth by the Wagners, who had been told they could not have children of their own. Four years later, Mrs. Wags wound up pregnant with Suzie. Suzie, twelve years old during that Christmas break, was the spitting image of Mrs. Wags. Both were willowy natural blondes. Both had hair that ran shorter than I liked, but not butch short. Both quite beautiful and elvish in their facial features. Mrs. Wags had B-titties at best. Suzie had just started to bud off her flat girl chest. Mrs. Wags was a stitch and Suzie was a little sweetheart who did a lousy job keeping her girl crush on her sister's boyfriend to herself. In many ways I felt more welcome in the Wagner's comfortable middle-class ranch home than Peggy did.

Peggy was a curvy caramel brunette. It was the late 80s so she wore her hair big and usually plastered with so much Aquanet that it was no fun to touch. Her tits were a handful, and I remember how heavy they were. Not so much big carpet schmackers. But dense. Her nipples were brown and flat with just a tiny pimple of a chewable nib on the ends, competing with several other smaller nipple formations swirling through her aureoles. If a guy wasn't watching what he was doing, he could latch on to the wrong nipple.

I thought Peggy was short at 5' 4". I must have been comparing her to her tall mother. She seemed taller all of a sudden, but it was likely the comparison to tiny Caryn.

Peggy surprised me the previous year by shaving her pussy smooth. We had watched a Ginger Lynn porno on VHS and I commented on how all the girls in porn had shaved. So Peg shaved her pussy smooth as a birthday present to me. I loved it, so she kept it.

I can't remember if the movie Peggy insisted on seeing that night was Beverly Hills Cop II or The Golden Child. I just remember the movie sucked and my cock kept yo-yoing down my pant leg and back up into my boxers as I impatiently waited for the damn credits to roll. After the movie she tried to talk me into going to her girlfriend's house to hang out for a while, but I put my foot down. We were going back to her house and she was going to hang out with my cock. Period.

The corner of Peggy's mouth twitched and I knew she had been pushing my buttons. Again.

Once through the threshold of her door I pulled her toward her room. Suzie and her sleepover friend Maxy were draped over the living room couches and waved at me as we breezed by.

"I have to pee first," Peggy said. "Go on in my room and wait for me."

Of all my frustrations with Peggy, my Number One gripe was that she had a bladder the size of a walnut. She was always peeing. She'd peed before we left for the movie. She'd peed when we arrived at the theater. She'd been up twice during the movie. She was peeing for her fifth time in three hours. Because she was always peeing, her pussy constantly tasted like piss. I'd stopped trying to lick her years before.

Before I went in to Peggy's pink room, I lingered in the hallway for a moment, looking at the gallery of framed family photographs lining the walls. I loved looking at those pictures. The Wagners were so fucking happy. Even their posed portraits were fun. For a guy with a dysfunctional upbringing, it soothed my heart to see the evidence of a real family. Mom and Dad were drunks. The kids were left home alone too much. One of the kids was adopted. But still, there was no denying they were a real family. They loved each other unconditionally. I wanted that family.

"You see his thing all hard in his pants?" It was Maxy whispering too loud.

"Shhhh. You tramp!" Suzie giggled.

"Oh, like you haven't talked about Skip's wiener a dozen times!"

"Shhhh! Dammit Maxy, be quiet."

"Tell me again how big it is."

"It's a telephone pole," Suzie giggled. "As big as my forearm."

Suzie had walked into Peggy's room once while she was jacking my cock. Suzie was exaggerating, but apparently those few seconds before Peggy shouted her back out the door had left an impression on little Suzie. I hadn't thought anything of it. Suzie was too little for me to think of her as anything other than my girlfriend's baby sister.

"I don't know how it all fits in Peg's vagina," Suzie whispered. "It would have to stick up into her stomach."

"Maybe he just puts the head in."


"You think they're going to do it?" Maxy asked.

"Of course they're going to do it!" Suzie said. "They always do it. Peggy says she gets tired of how much Skip always wants to do it. But she says that's how girls keep their boyfriends."

"If she's tired of Skip, I'll do it with him," Maxy said. "He can be my boyfriend, I'd even let you watch us do it." Maxy started laughing.

"Big talk," Suzie countered. "Big talk, Cherry McCherison."

"So you do it," Maxy teased back. "You know you want it as much as I do. Now that you're no longer a virgin, you crawl in with Skip tonight after Peggy goes to bed. You know you like Skip as much as I do."



"More. Totally. I saw him first, Slut."

"Slut ho."

"They'll sleep together all night. My parents aren't coming home. Besides, Peggy would beat the shit out of me if she caught me with her boyfriend. She'd totally fucking kill you, Max."

Maxy sighed.

The hall bathroom door popped open and Peggy stepped out. "What are you doing out here?" Peggy said it loud enough that I know the girls in the living room heard her. There must have been a "Did Skip hear us talking shit?" moment between them.

Again, I know this is a pedo story but God strike me dead, I did not have a "Whooo boy!" moment. Maxy had really big juicy new tits for a just-turned-thirteen year old and she was tiny the way I liked my girls. She had long, wavy espresso brunette hair the way I really really like on a woman. But I'd seen her playing with dolls just a couple years back. I merely thought her interest and her grown up sex talk was cute. Suzie still looked more like a girl than a woman, even if she was almost as tall as Peggy now. I loved the kid, but I didn't want to bone her. My mind was still trying to process what she said about losing her virginity. I couldn't believe that skinny little girl had already fucked a boy.

I looked down to see Peggy's round water balloon jugs bouncing naked in front of me. Her pants were unzipped, peeled open at the snap, and ready for removal. I planted a hot, wet kiss on her. I pushed the tip of my tongue against the roof of her mouth. My cock was so pumped with anticipation I could have broken a concrete block in half with it. I pulled Peggy into her room by the elbow and pushed the door shut behind us.

Chapter 5 - Peggy Part Two

Peggy sex was an exercise in Love-Hate.

She could suck my cock like a big eyed porn princess, no gag reflex at all. She could deep throat until the head of my cock jammed deep behind her tonsils. She could suck hard, fast, and for a long time.

The bitch, however, would not swallow a drop of cum. I could paint her face. I could starch her already starched hair. I could pump my sticky load all over her tits. I could finish off by emptying my nuts in her pill-protected pussy. But she had never swallowed a drop of my spunk. We were young. It was the 80s. It wasn't unusual for a high school girl not to swallow, but it was annoying.

I begged Peggy to suck from her knees. I didn't understand at the time why it was important to me to see her on her knees. She insisted on sucking either while sitting Indian style or laying down prone on the bed. Annoying.

And the world would fucking end if I went from her pussy to her mouth without washing my cock first. That was very sexy, lemmetellya. I always started in her mouth. Half the time I transitioned to fuck her. Half the time I just kept her sucking until I painted her.

I never mounted Peggy a single time that she didn't act as if her pussy was going to break from the effort. Sure she was young and tight, but c'mon. After the five hundredth fucking, that pussy was not going to tear like rice paper. Peggy had a ridiculously low pain threshold. She had big flapping labia lips she insisted on parting into a perfect pussy butterfly with two fingers of one hand while she worked my cock into her fuckbox slooooooowly with the other hand. The more impatient I was to fuck, the longer she'd take to let my cock slide past he tipping point where I could stroke all the way in. Then she'd lean back, make a sexy little "O" out of her mouth, and grunt while I sawed in and out of her cunt. She wanted me to stay chest-to-chest with her while I humped, which made it tough to get a good pounding fuck on.

Peggy sat in the floor flat on her ass while I sat on the edge of her waterbed. Peggy paused to pick some lint off from under the crown of my cock head, which was already bright red in anticipation. My brick-hard cock waggled and jerked. The anticipation of Peggy's suck was maddening. Peggy dragged out the moment by running her fingertips all over my cock as if she was looking for more fuzz bits. Peggy wrapped her fingers around the middle of my cock and squeezed. It was the way she telegraphed her readiness. She looked up at me and smiled wanly. Her lips make a kissing pucker and her face leaned forward until that hot soft kiss landed tight against my dripping sperm hole. I saw her jaw working up a mouthful of saliva. Then her suck dropped fast and deep on my swollen prick. A shock to the system. From frustrating pricktease to hungry suckwhore in less than a second. My whole body convulsed in the transition. The hot pleasure of her tight slurp made my stomach drop and my head swoon. Peggy didn't moan while she sucked. Peg was all business.

For no good reason, I had flashbacks to Caryn sucking my cock, but Caryn sucked from her knees, her tiny little feet folded under her curvy ass. Caryn moaned while she bobbed her too-soft, timid suck. I knew that was what I wanted from Peggy. Well, not the "too-soft" part, but everything else.

"Get on your knees," I said to Peggy.

She looked me in the eye while her mouth worked a delicious figure eight pattern over my engorged cock head. She shook her head to say "No," without relinquishing her suck. Then she went back to long, deep sword swallows.

"I mean it," I insisted. "Just get on your knees."

This time Peggy pulled her suck off my cock and stroked softly. "I told you before," she said flatly, "I'm more comfortable like this."

My blood pressure started rising in my frustration. I hadn't been told "No" by Caryn in months. I was used to getting whatever I wanted. I had been home to Peggy for less than six hours and I was getting pissed off already.

"C'mon," I said. "C'mon. Knees. C'mon, Peg. Celebrate me home." (Yes, I cringe at the douchbaggery of it now, but that's what I actually said.)

"No," she said flatly again.

"Knees." I said, the anger coming out in my voice.

Peggy stopped. She dropped my cock. I could see her temper seeping in at the edges of her expression. "Look," she said. "Do you want a blow job or not?"

"Do I want a blow job?" I asked. The animal frustration of my throbbing cock mixing with the anger of a dusty couple's spat surfaced for the umpteenth time and set me off. I kept thinking "Caryn wouldn't pull this shit on me. Caryn would do as she's told."

"Do I want a blow job?" I repeated with incredulity. "Yeah I want a blow job. I want a blow job from a girlfriend who doesn't act like a fucking prissy bitch, that's what I want. I want you to act like you know you're mine, that's what I want. I want you to suck my cock from your goddamn knees, Peggy. That's what I want."

Peggy rolled her eyes. "Fuck this," she said. She shifted off her ass and stood up. "Jerk your own cock. I don't fucking care. Fuck this bullshit. I'm getting dressed and I'm going to Dixie's house. You can stay here. You can leave. You can go to Mars, I don't fucking care."

I was furious. I'd been mad at Peggy before, but never as boiling hot as I was at that moment.

"Peg, knock it off," I said. "Get back here."

She bent over to pick her panties off the floor. "Fuck off," she muttered.


Too much testosterone. Too much bullshit. My balls were too blue. Frankly, I had too little to lose.

As Peggy leaned up with her panties in her hand, I stood up off the edge of the bed and my fingers jammed hard and deep into the Frito of crunchy hair on the top of her head. Her eyes bugged with shock as I pulled her face upwards to mine.

"Get. On. Your. Fucking. Knees." I spat through my teeth. "Now."

"OW! Skip you're hurting me!"

"Now!" I jerked her head backwards and she naturally folded down onto her knees.

"Fuck. Skip! Fuck! OW! Stop --"

While keeping a tight grip on her hair I jammed my cock forward and silenced her. I stuffed rock hard cock all the way into her mouth and as far down her sassy bitch throat as I could until it wouldn't go any farther. I told you Peggy could take a cock in her throat deeper than any other cocksucker I'd ever had to that point, but I was two-plus inches deeper into her jaw than I'd ever been before. I didn't let up. I just kept pulling and twisting her hair tighter and thrusting my prick harder. After a long count, maybe ten seconds, Saliva began boiling out of the corners of Peggy's mouth. Her eyes flashed wide with panic. Her face flushed a deep red and her fingernails began to claw at my thighs. I released her just enough to catch a breath. As soon as she had an air gap she started to scream. My cock went back in her gullet with vengeful determination. There was still a good inch of cock left before my balls smashed into her lips and by God, that last inch was going in that bitch's stretched mouth, somehow.

Another ten seconds and I could see Peggy was in real trouble; The panic in her expression; The force with which she was trying to push off my thighs to escape my strength. She looked terrified.

I kept my grip on her hair and pulled my hips back until my cock popped out of her mouth, coated with a long, looping sheen of goopy white saliva still attached to the lining of Peggy's mouth. She gasped for air and spittle sprayed everywhere. My cock twitched hard and high, flinging saliva strings over her tits neck and face.

"You gonna get with the program, now, Honey?" I growled at her. I didn't even recognize my own voice.

"Pwah," she gushed an unexpected second wave of saliva over her bottom lip. It cascaded down her chin and onto the slope of her tits. She looked up at me with murderous eyes. Her eyeliner mixed with tears and began to streak down her round cheeks.

"Skip you fucking asshol--"


I heard the sound before I even realized I did it. I had slapped her. Not terribly hard, but it sounded impressive. I had never hit a girl before that moment. Peggy screamed meekly a beat later. She looked at me again, this time with total bewilderment.

I couldn't believe I had actually done it. But there was my hand, hanging in the air on the other side of her face where I'd frozen in shock at my own barbarianism.

My overriding instinct: Beg for forgiveness. Drop to my knees and apologize profusely. Do whatever it took to get back on the "right" side of the metaphorical line I had just crossed.

Craziest damn thing, though. This inner voice sounded off inside my head. "Don't back down. Double down."

And then my frozen hand moved backwards across Peg's cheek. The backhand blow was purely symbolic. There was only the minimum impact to Peg's face. One time, years before, I'd accidentally cracked her jaw much harder while we were play-wrestling and after the initial "ouch" registered, we went right back to playing grabass. But even if it was more symbolic than sadistic, the backhand slap was highly-effective symbolism. To this day I'm sure it was the backhand that got me through the tricky moment.

Peg looked at me with stunned, bewildered silence.

"Wrap your lips around my prick," I said through my teeth, "and if you so much as blink at me wrong, I'm going to beat your ass unconscious and you are going to wake up ass-raped. Are we clear? Are we clear?"

"Clear," Peg whispered, frightened.

"You're going to suck my cock, aren't you?"


"Yes, Sir!"

Peg blinked. "Yessir."

"And because you pissed me off you are going to swallow every drop of my cum, aren't you?"

Peg's eyes got even wider. She opened her mouth to argue, but couldn't shake the words loose.

"Aren't you?" I repeated.



And she did. Peg stayed on her knees and she sucked cock like her life might just depend on it. She sucked with machine-like intensity. I had the stamina to hold off an hour if I was getting a great blow job. Hell, I'd sat in a chair and made Peg suck for two hours before; made her suck until her lips were swollen and blisters formed on her gums. That night the momentum of the intensity of the rough sex was way too powerful to resist. I didn't last five minutes until my prostate skipped and all that power and delicious control broiled up and out of my tight balls and gushed into Peg's throat.

She tried to keep up with the waves of spurting come. She really did. But I didn't stop squirting and she eventually missed a swallow that set her choking. She coughed her way off my still-twitching cock and my last shot went directly into her open right eye.

"Uhg," she said when her airway cleared. "That tasted nasty. I need a glass of water." Peg pushed up and stood up. She started to walk out the door of her room. I wasn't ready to let her go.

"No," I said. "I worked hard to get my essence inside you. You're going to lay with me for a while and let it work through your bloodstream first."

Peg looked at me suspiciously. I'm sure I was doing the same. For all I knew she was going to run naked out her front door screaming "Rape!" to the neighbors.

I sat on the edge of the waterbed and pulled Peg up and onto my lap. I lay back with her into the big unbaffled waves of the old-fashioned waterbed. We bobbed for a moment and then we both swam across the gelatinous rhythms toward the headboard and pillows. Once we arrived in our positions, Peg wiped her eye with a corner of her pillowcase and pulled a comforter over her legs. I spooned behind her. Neither of us spoke. The silence was viscous. Peg sniffled and began to hitch with cries. I felt terrible. I wanted to apologize. I bit my tongue instead.

"Y-you've never been like that to me before," she sobbed.

Don't back down. Double down.

"Yeah," I said. My arms tightened around her and my fingers started a gentle massage of her outer boobs. "That was a bit intense wasn't it?"

"That was mean. You were mean."

"Maybe," I said. My mental wheels spun for the words that would get me safely to the other side of the awkward moment. "I was wired pretty tight."

"I d-don't understand."

"I haven't jacked off since the last time I saw you. What? Three month ago? On the Patio furniture after Jimmy left? Remember?"

Her sobbing stopped. She sniffed snot. "Seriously?"

"God's honest," I lied.

"You haven't come a single time since then?"

"Nope. Saving it for you."

Peggy spun in the bed to face me. Her eyes looked me over in the moonlight coming though the window. "Oh my God. You are totally serious. Auww. That's sweet.." She measured my expression again with her stare. "No wonder you were such a fucking hard-on all night. No wonder you came so hard. I was wondering if you had a couple of midgets hidden in those big balls of yours." She giggled.

Bingo! At that moment I knew I had escaped the consequences of my rough sex wrath. I had a mind blowing power sex session. I came harder than the Johnstown flood. I got some long needed payback on three years worth of Peggy power struggle issues. And I had gotten away with it.

I doubled down again.

"You picked a really shitty night to press my buttons," I said.

Peggy sighed. "Yeah, I guess I did." [Insert sound effect of slot machine paying out here] "I'm sorry. Nobody likes a pricktease." [Clang clang clang!]

"And I'm sorry things got a little out of hand," I said. I kissed her. She kissed back. I pushed her mouth open with my tongue and wrestled her little pink cocklicker. My hands went back on her tits.

"Can you hang on just a minute? Peggy asked. "I have to pee."

Chapter 6 - Peggy Part Three

Before I retreated to the couch I was supposed to sleep on, I managed to hump two more loads of come into Peggy's butterfly pussy. Peggy's inner pussy canal was as bumpy as her nipples. Her pussy would fluctuate wet-to-dry to wet again during a long fucking session. When her pussy was slippery, the bumpy terrain of her cunt was frictional and fun. When she was dry the experience was not unlike masturbating with rolled up sheet of sandpaper.

I had been exceptionally tender in my love making. I paced myself and -- as she renewed her pussy juice -- I gave Peg the short, clit-grinding fuckstroke she needed to come. She did. I did.

The sun came up and I hobbled my way to the couch. My cock head was rubbed raw and smarted against the buffing movement of my boxers. The balls that had been brimming and blue 24 hours earlier were sore from contracting and pumping come and slapping against Peggy's ass all night.

I wondered how long the pleasurable pall of my winning at powersex would hang over our relationship. I may have slept better in the hours that followed than I ever have in my entire life. Oh, the deep satisfaction. The scratch of the id itch that had plagued me throughout my teen years. Oh how delightful to get exactly what I wanted exactly the way I wanted it.


Chapter 7 - Peggy Part Four

Day Two with the Wagners went smoothly. Mr. and Mrs. Wags were home all day. They cooked a big dinner, and afterward we all crowded into the family room and watched a rented movie on the ol' VHS atop the Magnovox. I could not have sparked a hardon if you had payed me gold doubloons for every second I could keep it up. I was drained. Peggy seemed to put the events of the previous night behind us. Suzie was acting hooterish, though. She kept looking at me with suspicion. I began to wonder if she'd heard me throat fuck and slap her sister. It was possible.

On Day Three, Peggy and I did our own respective things. She had to work her job at the shoe store. I hung out with my male high school buddies. I rolled back to the Wagner household around ten at night. Peggy's shift ended at six, but she still wasn't home.

Suzie was splayed out on the couch with Oscar the Dachshund curled up in the floor beside her. I plopped on the couch at Suzie's feet. Some author I didn't recognize was on Johnny Carson. I asked Suzie who he was and she said she didn't pay any attention. She was just waiting for the musical guest. She was in her pajamas and had a crocheted yarn afghan pulled around her shoulders for comfort. She gave me a forced little smile but said nothing.


Mr. and Mrs. Wags were already in their bed, probably watching the TV in their room as per usual.

Suzie loved to cuddle, and Suzie loved when I worked my fingernails up and down her back. It seemed like an opportune time to give her some of the attention she craved. I pulled the afghan off her, scooped her up and l lay back down where Suzie had been with her on top of me and the afghan over both of us. I spooned her and gave her a hug.

"Nice," she mumbled. She smiled a little more than I'd seen in two days. I was used to her lighting up when I walked in the room, but she was much closer to frosty that night. Something was definitely up.

I kissed her ear lightly and breathed hot into her neck. It tickled her and she squirmed.

"Where's Peg?" I asked.

"Dunno." Suzie answered.

"Sure you do," I teased. "Her shift was over hours ago. She only works a half mile away. Surely she stopped home to pee ten times and change clothes."

Suzie laughed, uneasy. "I think she went out with a friend after work."


"Yeah. Maybe. Not sure."

"Hmmm," I teased. "I guess you'll just have to be my girlfriend until she gets home."

No. Not even remotely serious. I was merely trying to play to her ego and feed her crush a little.

"I'm going to bed," she said, crawling off me and the couch.

"What is wrong, Honey?" I asked. "Do you want to talk about something? Something eating at you?"

Suzie looked at me. Studied me. "No," she said. "I'm just tired. See you tomorrow."

"Domani," I waved. Odd. Very odd. She must have heard me rough up her sister. Dammit.

Peggy sneaked quietly through the garage door just before midnight.

"Hey darlin'" I called to her.

"Hey." She locked the door behind her.

"How's Dixie Dawn?"

"Uh... Dixie? She's good. Yeah. Looking at colleges, you know."


Peggy sat by me on the edge of the couch and I pulled her down for a kiss. And another kiss. Then we were tongue wrestling. I started to paw up under the flap of her shirt to squeeze the lacy melons in her bra.

"Baby," she whispered. "Baby I'm exhausted. I can't keep my eyes open."

"'sokay," I whispered back. "I'll be quick. Quicker still if you stay on your knees. You know how fast I came last time with you on your knees."

"No really," she whispered between kisses."I've been going full steam all day. I'd go narcoleptic on you. I don't want to fight with you, baby, I'm just really really tired."

I pulled Peggy's hand down onto the warm bulge in my jeans. "Quick quick quick," I promised.

Peggy sighed. "Okay. Whip 'im out."

I unbuttoned my 501s in a single yank, pushed them down to my ankles. I kicked them off, then shucked my boxers, wadded them, and hid them under the couch cushions. I worked my right ankle through one leg of my discarded jeans. The moment I heard a creak in the hallway floor, I could jump right back into my pants. I stood in front of Peg with my hard cock waving at her forehead. Peggy had no choice but to get on her knees to get her mouth level with my needy prick. Pre-come coated my cock head and a thin stream of bubbling wet glycerin strung down and bounced like a lazy tongue from a serpent.

Peggy went right to work. There was no artistry in her suck. She latched her lips around my cockhead and the rough flat of her tongue immediate began goading the nerves on the face of my cock. The suction was so direct and so powerful that my feet left the carpet when I jerked in stimulation overload.

When Peggy was giving pure maintenance sex, she had a habit of turning a blow job into a wet hand job after just one or two minutes of sucking. Not that night. She was a machine. I kept thinking, If this is what I get from ringing Peggy's bell, I'm going to have to slap her around more often.

I rested my hand against the back of her head. I didn't have to push. It was all I could do to keep up with the power of her pistoning head. Peggy sucked like she was trying to siphon ten dollar bills through a radiator hose. In less than five minutes my balls were trying to crawl up inside me with tension. My prick pulsed and the upward tingle of nerve endings signaled I wouldn't last much longer.

Peggy knew it too. Her eyes opened and she took a few more hard grunting sucks. She released her suction and brought her lips to the very tip of my come hole. She stopped for a moment to gush up a mouth full of saliva. Then she bubbled a huge wash of spit on my cock head and pushed it down slowly with a delicate mouth. She pulled off once more and her practiced hand locked behind my cockhead and started pumping hard.

"You like that? You like that trampy suck?" she purred. Her hand was a blur and I began to melt from the backs of my legs.

I was shocked. I'd been trying to get Peggy to talk dirty since I'd known her. Suddenly she was looking me in the eye and talking shit with a nasty little smile on her face.

I passed the point of no return. I had seconds before I spewed cum.

"Suck!" I barked.

Peggy didn't suck. She just looked at me.

"Suck!" I insisted. "Now!"

Peggy had one more moment of cock pumping to look at me. The porn queen vanished and the annoyed bitch look I knew so well returned. Resigned, she stopped pumping cock and wrapped her soft lips around my cock head at the exact moment I shuddered come, bucking my hips and and thrashing my head involuntarily. I pressed a hand against the back of her head to keep her from pulling away. I looked down long enough to see her nose crinkle and the blatant look of disgust in Peggy's expression as her tongue washed under jets of my salty seed.

As fast as the blow job had unfolded, my come didn't have much time to warm up and thin out. I came hard but I didn't come more than five thick pumps. The moment I twitched a sixth time I could tell I was shooting blanks. My hand came off the back of Peggy's head and her mouth slipped off my cock. She cupped her stroking hand and spit my foamy load right back out into it. It brimmed and trickled over the edge where she caught the spillage with her other hand.

"Wow," she said. "That was a new land speed record for you. Can you get me a couple tissues? Li'l help here?"

I shuffled over and grabbed a Kleenex box off the top of the television. I pulled out a wad of several tissues and dropped them into her cupped hands.

"Thanks," Peggy said. She soaked up my loose come from her hands and then dabbed at the drip string hanging from my cock head.

I was annoyed that Peg hadn't swallowed my load. I was too awash in post orgasmic swoon to make an issue of it.

"Bed," she pulled herself up to standing. "See you tomorrow."

As I lay on the couch that night, I kept turning it all over and over in my head. Had I changed my relationship with Peggy when I roughed her up? For the better? For worse? Had it really changed at all, or were the peculiarities in Peg's shifting attitudes just another moody anomaly of hers?

Something else struck me like a hammer. Caryn had never swallowed my come. Why? Because I'd never told her to. Why? I didn't know.

I had never gone from Caryn's pussy back to her mouth for more suck. Why? Because I'd never had a mind to do it. Why? I didn't know.

I had never tasted Caryn's pussy. Not once in three months of nearly constant sex. Why? I didn't know.

But I did know. Even though Caryn was my pet fucktoy, I was still letting Peggy's bullshit bed hangups govern my sex sessions with Caryn. I didn't lick Caryn's pussy because Peggy's pussy smelled like a urinal.

Why? I didn't have a good answer.

Peggy was my "real" girlfriend and Caryn was my "fill-in" girlfriend... Why? Caryn wasn't a perfect suck, and not a perfect fuck, but Caryn's attitude had been better in the sack than Peggy had ever been on her best day. If Caryn had hang ups, what were they? She wanted to suck from her knees in the floor? That was a hang up? She needed a razor over her asshole and a good bush thatching? That was a hang up? Really?

I realized in the dead of that night that I missed Caryn. A lot. Not just her pussy, but the ease of her companionship as well. I tried to remember Caryn complaining about something I'd said or done. I tried to remember ever seeing a look of disgust on Caryn's face like the one Peggy had just shown me when I pumped come in her mouth.

What the fuck? What the fuck! I realized I was more attached to my fucktoy than my girlfriend.

I thought about calling Caryn. Then I realized I didn't even have her home phone number for the farm she lived on. I'd never asked. Man, I really had taken Caryn for granted. Instead of sleeping I started making lists of the freaky shit I was going to try on Caryn when I got back to school. As I fantasized, Caryn balked at my orders and I slapped her hard across the face. Then fantasy Caryn -- a Caryn with eye makeup and long, wavy dark brunette hair -- complied reluctantly, her meek little mouse expression fearfully worried for the next slap to crack loud against her jaw. My cock stiffened thinking about it and I jacked my cock until warm come rained down on my stomach and chest. I barely had the presence of mind to pull up my boxers before I drifted off.

Chapter 8 - Peggy Part Five

Day Four with the Wagners was tame and sexless.

Day Five was Christmas Eve, when the Wagners opened their presents. Being college-poor (and a thoughtless asshole) I brought presents for no one. Being wonderful, the entire Wagner family showered me with gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Wags gave me two sweaters and a pair of stonewashed jeans with black leather accents sewn above the pockets. Peggy cooed and clucked her tongue. I thought they looked like something a gay guy would wear. They fit like a glove.

Peggy gifted me some moderately expensive cologne and a near-mint copy of Iron Man #1 from 1968. Back in 1988 it must have cost her $25. My comic collection was ransomed in my parent's basement, but the classic Silver Age title was a very thoughtful gift. Cliff would be impressed.

The last package was from Suzie. It felt like something cheap packaged in bubble plastic was beneath the paper. For some reason I expected that she bought me some kind of action figure. Suzie was bouncing up an down with excitement. "C'mon, Skip. Open it! Open it!"

I made a point of opening the gift with a peculiar paranoid-slow caution for the express purpose of driving little Suzie bonkers. I'd break a piece of tape, then sniff the package suspiciously. Suzie lost patience and ripped the package out of my hands. Her little fingernails shredded her own wrapping while her parents both howled at the sight of her enthusiasm.

"Here!" She thrust the plastic box at me. "What do you think? Do you like it?"

Entombed in the plastic clamshell was a modest rechargeable Remington beard trimmer with four trimming attachments.

"It's uh... Awesome," I said.

"You retard!" Peggy slapped her forehead. "He doesn't even have a beard!"

Suzie was undeterred. "But he did? Remember? Last year? He had that awesome beard?"

I came home from my freshman year at college with an embarrassingly ridiculous beard. Cliff had grown a beard, a real beard, that first semester and I copied the cat. Cliff looked pretty cool with his face scruff. I looked like a thirteen year old playing Lord Capulet in a high school play. Peggy told me it looked stupid. She was right. I shaved it off as soon as I got back to the dorm.

"I remember," I said.

"And remember when I asked you why you shaved it off, you said it was because it was hard to keep trimmed right? And you didn't have a beard trimmer?"

As she said it, I remembered saying exactly that. Suzie had been crestfallen then next time I came home without the beard. She loved it.

"Yeah, yeah," I said. "This is awesome, Sooz. Next time you see me, I'm going to look like a young George Lucas."

"Oh, God help me," Peggy sighed.

Mr. Wags chimed in, "Well at least you can trim the hair on your balls, kid."

Mrs. Wags gasped and punched him in his deltoid.

"But Mr. Wags," I said, "Didn't I mention that I was born without genitalia? I'm as sexless as a Ken doll."

Mr. Wagner chortled sadly. "I'd sleep a lot better at night if I thought that were true, kid."

Before 24 hours had passed, my pubis looked like a well-manicured golf course. That trimmer was one of the best, most life-changing gifts I ever received. There was no doubt that Caryn was getting her unkempt bush sculpted into a tight topiary once I got back to school.

With the presents opened, Mr. and Mrs. Wags uncorked half the liquor cabinet and began drowning their livers in earnest.

Suzie complained she wasn't feeling great. The Wagner family was driving to Chicago on Christmas Day for four days with Mrs. Wagner's folks. Part of the reason I had been given the full run of their hospitality was based on the expectation that I would take care of Oscar the weiner dog while the family made their annual pilgrimage to visit their Schaumberg kin. Mrs. Wags found an extra key so I could come and go as I pleased while they were gone. Peggy stayed up late to chatter with her folks and snack on the hors d'ouvres. Suzie turned in early.

Chapter 9 - Babysitting Suzie Part One

I woke on Christmas Day to bedlam ruckus. Mr. Wags was upset. He was a big mountain of a man and when he bellowed, there was no sleeping through it.

"Goddamn! Goddamn the luck."

"Floyd," Mrs. Wags countered, "It's really not that big of a deal. She'll be fine."

"She's puking! I can't drive with her puking the whole ride up there."

"It's not the end of the world, Floyd."

"I know. I know. Dammit. We'll just have to try and get to Chicago this Easter."

"Honey, what are you talking about? Suzie can stay home this time. Seriously, what are you freaking out for?"

"We can't leave her here alone!"

From the couch I tried not to laugh. I was pretty sure Peg and Suzie had been left alone for many four-day stretches while Mom and Dad Wagner were on a long bender. Peggy never made a maternal effort to care for Suzie. If ever there was a twelve-going-on-thirteen year old who was comfortable on her own for a week, it was Suzie.

"Maybe she could stay with Maxy?" Mrs. Wags said." I'll call Ursula."

"On Christmas Day?"

"Uh... Hey..." Peggy interrupted. "Seriously. Is there some reason you're pretending that Skip isn't staying here while we're gone?"

The loud hallway went silent.

"You think he'd mind?" Mrs. Wags whispered.

"Mom," Peggy said, exasperated. "Skip is freeloading in your house. The least he can do is watch The Brat for a couple of days. He can check in and make sure she's not dead between hanging out with his friends. Gawd. You guys can really bring the drama."

Silence in the hallway again.

Mrs. Wags walked into the living room and I set up on my couch/bed. "Skip, darling?"

"Not a problem," I said, wringing sleep from my eyes for effect.

"Peggy will leave you the keys to her Parisienne, just in case. I'll leave you and Suzie some cash in case she gets worse and needs to go the emergency room."

"Wow. Is it that bad?" I asked.

"No, not bad at all. Just being a mom. Planning for the worst. You really wouldn't mind?"

"Don't even worry for a minute, Mrs. Wags. I'll keep an eye on her."

Mrs. Wags smiled. The family Caddy backed out of the garage almost exactly an hour later. All that chaos transitioned into a house so quiet I could hear my pulse squish through my inner ear.

I watched some parades on the television. After a few hours, I walked down the hallway and put my ear at Suzie's door.

"You better open it, Skip," she said from the other side. "How else are you going to know if I'm dead or not?"

I smiled and let myself into her room. She was on top of her sheets stretching. She was wearing an oversized yellow T-shirt with a silver iron-on decal that read "Itty Bitty Titty Committee Chairwoman." It had been a gift from Mr. Wags the night before. He thought it was hilarious, if that tells you anything about Mr. Wags. Or perhaps it says more about how much less uptight the late 80s were when a dad could buy his own pre-teen daughter a shirt that commented on her tits and not get a visit from Child Protective Services.

"You look like you're feelin' better,"I said.

Suzie smiled a shit-eating grin. "I do,"she said. "I feel great!"

"Oh shit," I gasped. "You total faker!"

"Maybe," she giggled.


"Just didn't want to go this year."

"You wanted to stay back so you could play wokka-chikka, wokka-chikka with your little boyfriend," I pointed a finger at her.

"What if I did?"

"Well then you are screwed because I'm not letting you have any guests until your mom gets back."

"What? Why?"

"You are too young to be be messin' around with boys."

"Oh Skip," Suzie laughed, "you are the biggest fucking hypocrite!"

This stung for a second. I looked at her laughing. "You may have a point there," I said. "What's in it for me if I let your little friend come over and play doctor?"

"Skip," Suzie stretched again, her T-shirt rising higher and higher on her thighs. "Hank is gone to his grandma's too. He's not in town."

"Hank?" I said, feigning jealousy. "Hank? What kind of douchebag name is Hank for a middle-schooler, huh?"

Suzie posed with her arms twisted over her head and her heels slightly off the sheets, her toes pointed like a centerfold. "Well... Skip, for your information... Skip, Hank isn't a middle-schooler. He's 15."

"Holy shit! Fifteen? What's wrong with boyfriends your own age?"

Suzie roiled with laughter. "Jeezus you are a hypocrite! My back itches. Come here and scratch my back." It wasn't an unusual request. I'd scratched her back while she balanced on my knee, my hand up the back of her shirt like a ventriloquist puppet. We'd done it many times.

I sat down on the edge of her bed and she flipped over onto her stomach. I lifted her night shirt to get my fingernails to her back. I saw her skinny little bare ass uncovered. I froze. I was expecting panties.

"Scratch!" Suzie pleaded. I pushed my hand into the back of her shirt and began tracing looping circles through her shoulder blades with whatever fingernails I had. Suzie cooed and moaned with pleasure. I let my fingernails circle lower and lower until I traced a spiral around and around on her skinny left ass cheek. Gooseflesh rippled outward up her back and down her legs. Suzie froze and stopped moaning. She pushed her face into the pillow in front of her. She went rigid as a plank. My fingernail skipped to her other ass cheek, spiraled, and began a lazy S-wave down the back of her thigh. Suzie screamed with repressed tickle delight and pulled away, flopping on her back like a fish and howling throaty laughter.

"Gah! Skip! I can't take it!" Her hands rubbed at her thighs, trying to sand away chicken skin with palm friction.

With her shirt still pulled high on her midriff, her hairless little pussy mound danced in front of me. Her slit was a shadowed keyhole, a thin oval at the top dropping into a tight crease with no sign of labia sticking out. I was kind of shocked by it. It wasn't particularly sexy to me, but it was fascinating. I'd never seen a girl pussy before. Before I could pull my eyes away from it, Suzie caught me staring.

"You wanna tickle my kitty too?" she looked me dead in the eye and smiled.

"That's okay," I said. "I'm only licensed through Tickle Union 507 to scratch backs and the occasional little girl ass. No pussies, I'm afraid."

"Oh come on, Skip," Suzie grinned. "You can't make it four whole days without sex."

"Says who?"

"Says Peggy. And my ears. You always want it when you're here."

"Well, I'm flattered by the offer, Honey. Really. But you're just a liiiiiitle too young for me."

"At least let me suck your dick?" she pleaded. "Every guy wants his dick sucked. You always want your dick sucked."

I was a little shocked. Mostly I assumed she was yanking my chain.

"Maybe later," I said. "As long as you really aren't sick, why don't you grab a shower and get dressed. We'll get lunch at a Denny's if we can find one open. Then you can pick a movie and we'll go on a date. How about that?"

"Ohhh! A date! That's even better! Then you'll make love to me."

"Don't hold your breath," I said.

Chapter 10 - Babysitting Suzie Part Two

I wanted to see Rain Man. Suzie wanted to see Beaches. I lost. It was her mom's money after all.

I slumped in my theater seat and hoped no one would recognize me. Suzie bawled and bawled some more at the end.

She was still dabbing her eyes as we walked through the parking lot. The wind was blustery. The first snow of the season started swirling down. "White Christmas," I said.

"I don't think it counts if it isn't already on the ground on Christmas morning." she sniffled.

"Dammit!" I shouted to the sky. "You're late again, Mr. Snow!" I was trying to coax a smile out of Suzie. The movie had left her melancholy.

I let her in the passenger car door before I walked around and slid into the bench seat of the big Pontiac.

"Hey Skip, can I ask you a favor?" Suzie asked after I turned the engine over.

"Anything for you, girly," I said.

"Can we run by SuperGas on the way home?"

"If it's open. Whatcha need?"

"Uhm... Condoms?" her shoulders shrugged and her expression went sheepish.

I sighed. "Absolutely," I said. If I could play a part in preventing Baby Hank Junior from stretching in the wrong direction through Suzie's little girl twat, I would do whatever I could.

"And cigarettes?"

"You? Really? Uh... okay. I guess." Mrs. Wags smoked Virginia Slims. Mr. Wags smoked Pall Malls. Peggy had been known to puff a Lucky Strike now and again. It wasn't a shock that Suzie was going to smoke too.

"And one more thing?" Suzie was cringing.


"A Playgirl magazine?"

"Oh get out of here," I said. "Playgirl! I'd look like a total faggot buying a Playgirl magazine at a gas station."

"Please? It's not for me. It's what Maxy wanted for Christmas."

"A Playgirl? Really?"

"They have the best letters section. Crazy stories. We read them out loud to each other sometimes."

"And Playgirl magazine has the best letters section? How many other skin mags have you read?"


"Obviously, or you'd know Penthouse has the best letters."

"Please, Skip? Pretty please?"

"Hmmph. Okay," I mumbled. "But you might actually have to suck some cock to make up for that kind of humiliation."

Thank God the SuperGas was almost empty. I felt like a total tool buying condoms and a Playgirl magazine. I almost asked the girl behind the count to add the magazine next to it, Blueboy. I had no idea that Blueboy was an out-and-out gay mag. Just saw the beefcake guy on the front and thought Suzie and Maxy would like it. But the Playgirl was humiliating enough.

Suzie thanked me with a kiss for the paper bag I dropped in her lap. I was used to her kissing my cheek. This time she tried to put a closed-mouth peck on my lips and missed awkwardly.

"Just don't get caught with that," I said. "And if you do, don't narc me out."

"I won't. I'll keep it between my mattress and the box springs."

I laughed. "Well that didn't work so well for me. In the history of hiding pornography, I don't think that's ever worked. Do you have old winter coats in your closet? Roll it up and stick it down the sleeve. That's a great hiding place."

As we were on final approach to the Wagner homestead, the snow began falling in big wet flakes. It was going to get ugly.

"Hey Skip, pull into the park for a second."

There was a little suburban park with a tiny ten-car parking lot less than two hundred feet from Suzie's house.

"We're almost home."

"No, Skip. Please. I want to talk to you for a second. Just a second."

"Okay," I relented and spun the big green steering wheel with the heel of my hand.

Once the car was parked I leaned back into the door and looked at Suzie. She was staring out the window, her jaw locked and her expression was deadly serious. I waited for her to talk.

"Uhm, I don't know how to say this," she said. She took a deep breath. "You know that first night when you came home? Well I heard you and Peg have that fight in her room."

"Yeah. Sorry about that," I said.

"No. Wait. Just don't say anything for a second. Just listen. Okay? I can't tell you how much it made me sick to my stomach to hear that. Ask Maxy. I thought I was going to hurl."

"I shouldn't have hit her, Sooz. That was wr--"

"Shut up! Okay? Listen. I know you hit her. Only I thought you hit her for another reason. I... I... I thought she told you that she had another boyfriend."

I laughed. "No no, Babe. Peggy doesn't have another boyfriend."

Suzie stared daggers at me. "Yes, Skip. Yes she does. I thought she finally told you. I thought you kicked her ass because she told you about her boyfriend."

"What?" My brain could not process what Suzie was saying. I had a pet fucktoy at college. I'd fucked Dixie's older sister last summer. I fucked my friend Jimmy's little sister a few times when we were both bored. I'd just had my paws all over Peggy's pre-teen sister's ass. And yet somehow I was shocked... shocked that there was gambling in Casablanca. Peggy was cheating on me? No fucking way.

"No fucking way," I whispered. "Who?" I tried to picture what high school boy had his hands on my girlfriend. I probably knew him.

"You don't know him," Suzy said. "He's in the army. She met him at work. He's like 24."

"Army?" I was dizzy. My face burned and I began to sweat into my coat.

"Skip, I'm sorry. Really. And here's what I've been trying to tell you. I thought you needed to know about this other guy. I told Peggy if she didn't tell you, then I would. You need to know. The other night I thought she told you, and then part of me was really glad she finally told you the truth and part of me was really glad that you hit her. She deserved it. She's my sister, but she's a bitch too. And then I wasn't happy because I knew if she told you then you probably wouldn't come around any more. It would break my heart not to see you any more, Skip. You're part of our family. I thought it would always be you. I can't imagine you not sleeping on our couch every couple of months. I can't imagine swimming in the pool this summer and not seeing you all sprawled out in those big Hawaiian swimming trunks of yours on the deck. Skip?"


"Are you even listening to me?"


"What are you thinking?"

What was I thinking? "Uhhh... I dunno. Nothing. Everything. Fuck me runnin', Sooz... I... I can't believe it."

And then I was thinking that I wanted to be back in my college dorm room that very minute. I wanted gone. I wanted to walk away from the Wagner house and never look back. But I had eight more days until my dormitory doors unlocked. I had no idea what I was going to say to Peggy when I looked her in the eye upon her return from Chicago.

Snow had covered the windshield and it was getting dark inside the car. I pulled the car lights on and swatted my fingers at the wiper switch. Two wagging neoprene fingers began to work at clearing layers of snow from the windshield.

"I know you'd never cheat on Peggy, would you Skip?"

"Never," I lied. "Never."

"I knew it."

I sighed. "So when you were screwing with my head this morning, that was a big test, huh?"

Suzie looked out the window. "No. I meant that part. I kinda thought I was special to you. I thought you might actually need to make love. It has been a couple of days since you and Peg did it. I thought you might do it with me. It's not cheating so much with me, is it?"

I didn't know how to answer that. Of course it was cheating. Fucking your girlfriend's sister was cheating-times-ten. "No," I said. "I guess it's not cheating. It might be incest, though. You're more of a sister than a girlfriend."

"Uhg," Suzie wrinkled her nose. "Don't say that. That's terrible. I don't think of you like a brother."

"Let's get home," I said. I backed the car into the street and we were back at Suzie's house in less than a minute.

I let Suzie in the house after she helped me find the snow shovel in the garage. It took a while to get the double driveway cleared and salted. The air was dead silent and the night crept in as I struggled with my racing thoughts. By the time I finished shoveling and started salting, the snow was already covering the driveway where I'd started.

I went inside. I showered the sweat away.

When I stepped out in the hallway wearing my jeans (commando) and a Christmas sweater, Suzie was waiting for me in the hall. "What are you going to do?"

"I dunno," I said. My brain was trying to shut down on me. "Lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling while I work through this bullshit?"

"Well if you're going to do that, lay on my bed instead."

"Okay," I said. I followed Suzie into her room and collapsed on her bed in a depressed heap. Suzie climbed on top of me and crawled into my armpit and snuggled against my left side. Her hand rubbed my chest lightly. Suzie didn't look much like a pre-teen in the gloaming. We lay together in silence.

It took an hour of ceiling-mapping silence before Suzie made her move. Suzie crawled out of the crook of my arm and pulled herself up on my chest. She kissed me softly on the lips. Then again. And again. I kissed back. I could already taste the cigarette smoke on her lips before my mouth opened, stretching her mouth open in the process. My tongue pushed past her lips and collided with Suzie's tongue. What I discovered was nothing short of amazing. There was something unique about the texture of Suzie's tongue. It was unusually soft. Noticeably "WOW" soft. The best description I can give you is that her mouth had the feel of wet suede. I've never encountered another woman with a mouth and tongue that tasted so soft, so wonderful. The tip of Suzie's tongue trilled and fluttered like a snake tongue against the tip of my tongue. Electric. Suzie was the first girl to ever teach me the joy of a sexy flutter tongue. My sex temperature rocketed upwards. The cock that had been apathetic to Suzie's underdeveloped form started thickening. Suzie panted faster. Her hands worked a bigger circle around my chest and stomach. My fingertips lingered across Suzie's cheeks and pushed into her hairline. Her shoulder length blonde wave was soft and spilled through my fingers faster than I could grab it. Suzie's hair was liquid silk. I rolled on top of her, both of us still clothed, and I started dry humping her while my mouth delighted in the magic of her open kiss. Suzie's legs scissored open to give me access to grind crotch-against-crotch, and her heels hooked around my thighs to spur me more tightly against her.

Suzie's eyes turned to thin slits and her long neck stretched even longer as my kisses worked down to her ears and then dribbled lower in a slow, hot zig zag toward her shoulder. As I moved lower on her, my hands slid under her ass and my fingers climbed back up her crack toward the crease of her pussy. The denim of her crotch was saturated to the point of dripping. My right hand fingers prodded at the cladding over her pussy hole. My left hand fingers squeezed a grip on her right ass cheek. Suzie started humping back against me. She was on fire. I'm wont pretent I wasn't into it by that point, but Suzie was absolutely in a wanton frenzy of need.

I pulled up on an elbow. With one hand I undid the buttons on her blouse from top to bottom until her shirt spilled own to reveal a superfluous little training bra. I tried not to smile. I was content to skip the titty sucking on those little nubs and go straight to her sopping pussy. I knew from biology class that the lining of the mouth is made up of the same squamous epithelial tissue that lines the pussy. If her mouth was textured with that amazing, velvet softness, her pussy had to be a special treat. My mouth watered thinking about what I'd find once I peeled off Suzie's jeans.

I unsnapped the top snap of her slacks with one hand.

"Wait," Suzie whispered.

Oh shit. I thought. Here we go again with the tease bullshit.

Suzie leaned up on her elbows and worked her blouse off her arms. Then she lay back and peeled her training bra over her head. Her nipples were two pale cones on a bisected ice cream scoop of tit flesh. Those tit nubs were as brand spankin' new as tits could be.

Suzie's left hand latched under the flesh of her left tit and squeezed to make it look bigger. Her right hand hooked behind my neck and pulled me in. I guess I was going to suck her nubs after all.

I latched on and bit into the silky pink of her nip. She squealed and bucked, not in a good way.

"Easy, Skip, easy! Jesus! My nipples are really sensitive."

"Sorry," I said. Then, "Not really. I'm going to chew these titties up real good until there's nothing left for little Hanky-Hank." I was growling again, the same dominant voice I used with Caryn.

Suzie looked at me, wide-eyed. Then -- to my amazement -- she nodded. "Make them yours, Skip," she said. Her chin went to the ceiling as I took her whole left tit in my wide mouth and sucked hard. I eased my mouth upward until there was only her silky fresh nipple between my lips and sucked even harder until Suzie moaned. Then I bit. A guy has got to bite titty. I bit. Suzie's eyes shot open and she grunted, deep and animal.

"If you don't make love to me soon, I'm going to cream my pants," she moaned.

"Mmmmmm." I let the vibrations of my mouth sizzle through the nerves of Suzie's breast bud. "You know, I've never fucked a girl who didn't suck my cock first, and I don't think Little Suzie Wagner is going to be any exception to the rule."

"Oh Skip," she whispered. "I'd love to suck your dick. I'll suck your dick twenty times a day, if you want. But I'm so damn horny. I'm so wet and itchy. I want you to make love to me."

She was wet alright. Her jeans were soaked through and there was pussy juice seeping into the lower part of my sweater where it was pressing against her while I worked over her tits.

"Is that so?" I leered. "Let's take a closer look." I leaned up and peeled her slacks. Unfortunately the panties underneath were flowered, little girl panties. They brought me back to reality. This was a little girl. Too little.

Suzie arched and yanked her own panties down and threw then across the room. The keyhole slit I'd seen earlier was now an open flower. Suzie had modest little labia petals, and her entire pussy was flushed with the reddish hue of a ripe summer peach. Her fuckhole was a pink puckered kiss, flexing open and closed with the rhythms of Suzie's excitement. Her entire pussy was as glossy as an old woman's sofa cushion. The sheen of her pussy juice coated every bit of her mons from an inch above her slit to the slicks on her inner thighs. Suzie was gushing.

Now the Old Man Me who is writing this account knows that the girly pussy that the 19 year-old Me latched his mouth onto wasn't really all that girly. Suzie was a couple months from being 13 and a late bloomer. No pubes. Only the first blossom of titty. But now that I've become familiar with the featureless landscape of "real" little girl pussy, I can look back and understand that the pussy I sucked that evening was well into the blossom of a big girl's slut pussy. Hell, "real" little girl pussies just don't juice like Suzie's did. "Real" little girl pussies don't have hungry little clitties poking up and making tents into their meat hood.

The 19 year old me, however, did not know I was lapping on the fresh crocus blossom of a new pre-teen pussy. I was nervous and uncomfortable latching my lips around Suzie's tiny clit. It sounds ridiculous, but my intent was merely to rock her world, even if it was weirding me out.

But then my dog tongue lapped deep into her folds and slid down to poke into her fuck hole. Her pussy was achingly velvet, just as her kiss had been. Her gushing secretions were delicious. The taste flushed me with testosterone once more and my prick became steel again. I humped into her topsheet as I licked, lapped, and sucked Suzie's hairless pussy. I tried to lap up all her slippery gush, but it kept reflushing too fast.

One of the true joys of being a man is witnessing, collecting, and cataloging the unique sex signatures of women.

The way a girl's pussy juice tastes: Salty. Pissy. Savory. Yeasty. The thin broth that leaves the smallest tang of female lingering on the sides of your tongue after swishing thorough a big wet mouthful of nothing. The sour gel that gets white and foamy, catching on your teeth and sliding down your gullet like a thick greek yogurt. The acidic tang of a metal pipe that tends to pair with brunettes. The maple syrup roux that tends to pair with redheads.

And the sound girls make when your cock stroke goes deep: Squeaks. Grunts. Oohs. Yips. Ahhs. Yeses. Ouches. Silent white caws when their mouth opens but nothing comes out.

And most wonderful of all...

Their orgasmic throes: Shudders. Thrashes. Tremors. Arched back. Crunching forward. Open bug eyes. Squinted slit eyes. Pull you tighter. Try to climb away from you. Toes splayed wide. Toes curled tight. The Exorcist grunt. The profane calls to their deity. The woo-woo-woos.

For her part, Suzie seemed unprepared for me to start sucking at her pussy. She looked shocked. Then distressed. Then her eyes got big and I knew Hank hadn't licked her yet. She surrendered and lay back. Suzie's legs split wide around my head and hinged back at the knees so her heels went to the back of my trapezium muscles and began a dancing, bicycling massage motion. Every time my tongue fished high into the folds hiding her clit, she inhaled and stiffened. Her heels pushed hard into my back.

"Oh shit, Skip. Oh shit, Skip!" A skipping record, over and over.

I could have dragged it out, but my cock was going to drill through the mattress springs if I didn't get relief. I selfishly locked a suck on her clit, my tongue pushing the hood up so there was nothing but hard pink nub against the front of my top teeth. I grunted and sucked, grunted and sucked.

Suzie let out a long, low howl. She bounced her clit hard into my mouth by digging down into my back with her heels. Then she folded forward, her shoulders fully off the bed and her expression pained, her mouth trying to find an elusive word she could not remember. She looked like a woman giving birth.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohfuckohfuckohfuck!" Suzie slammed back flat on the bed. Suzie didn't squirt, but she flooded her own slit once more. "Oh mercy! Stop! Goddamn I can't take it anymore! Please! Skip!" Suzie panted and then tried to back crawl off my mouth. I sucked even harder until she yipped a high note of exasperation.

"You come?" I asked.

Suzie's eyes squinted shut and she nodded rapidly.

"You like that?" I asked, pecking little kisses on the sides of her bare pussy mound.

"That was the best thing ever," she panted.

"You taste great," I purred. "Your body chemistry is amazing."

"Really? Good. What do I taste like?"

I pulled up and kissed Suzie with a deep probing tongue. The front of my prick slid through Suzie's slippery pussy groove, the engorged head leaving sticky pre-come kisses on her swollen clit hood.

I broke away from Suzie's velvet mouth. She pulled my head back down and licked the pussy juice off my cheeks with long flat licks. Her tongue returned to her mouth and her eyes told me she was processing the taste of her pussy. Weighing it. Judging it. "It's... It's not terrible," she pronounced. "Not something I'd pick over chocolate cake, or anything. But not bad. Is that what Peggy's thing tastes like?"

I made a face. "No. Your sister's pussy is nasty."

"So different girls taste differently?"

"Absolutely. Every girl has a different body chemistry."

"Can you tell what a girl's vagina is going to taste like before you get them in bed?"

I shook my head. "No. As long as they are hygienic and clean, I never know what a girl is going to taste like until my face goes in her slit. Now, you need to get down in the floor and kneel for me, Sugarpuss."

Suzie sighed and slid off her bed. Her long, coltish legs folded under her. I moved to the edge of the bed. Before I could bark a command to suck, Suzie mouth stretched over the head of my cock and she sucked hard. It was too much, too quickly. My spine snapped rigid. Suzie broke suction and her tongue poked out and snaked down over the crest of her bottom lip and waggled back and forth across the front collar of my prick.

Her hands never left her knees. She was all mouth.

Suzie's head began a slow, rhythmic bob. Her tongue remained out over her bottom lip, tracing a wet, bumpy trail across the underside of my cock as the top half of my cock head rubbed against the velvet lining in the roof of her mouth. She was only getting the top third of my cock at her deepest suck, but however much cock she was working was getting the best suck it had ever known.

There's a maxim among men: "There's no such thing as bad head." When you've been on the planet as long as I have been, you know that's a damn lie. By the time I was 19, I'd had over a dozen cocksuckers. I was living right. But as Suzie bobbed, sucked, and slurped there was not a doubt that I was getting the best blowjob I'd ever had. Second place was a distant second place to that 12 year old suck artist.

Suzie moaned as if she was licking a mixer beater dripping with the best cookie batter she'd ever tasted.

I wanted her to suck deeper on my shaft, but I couldn't bring myself to break her rhythm. Suzie again sucked my cockhead hard and popped off with the loud report of a rifle shot. She smiled and batted her eyelashes at me. Her hand went to my cock for the first time. She gently hinged the shaft slightly below level and rubbed my sticky head and shaft all over each cheek, pausing only to place the occasional warm, lippy, lingering kiss on the face of my cock.

"Your dick is beautiful, Skip." she purred between kisses. "I've wanted you to make love to me for so long. I've wanted to suck your beautiful big dick for so long."

"You suck Hank's cock like that, darlin'?"

She smiled and nodded.

"Well Hank is a lucky guy."

Suzie smiled coyly again and licked my prick from balls to come hole. "Damn skippy, he is," she giggled. "I know how to take care of my men."

"Does Hank have a big cock?"

"Nowhere near as big as yours," she whispered. Kiss. Kiss. Flutterlick to the dripping meetus.

"Good answer," I nodded. "Can you get Hank all the way in your mouth?"

Suzie shook her head. "No. Almost. Not all."

"You think you can get my whole cock in your mouth?"

Suzie's demur cocksucker personae evaporated instantly and she dropped my cock and laughed. "No fucking way!" She laughed again. That was the playful Suzie I knew and loved.

"Why don't you give it a try anyway," I said.

"Okay," she said. "I'll try. But I need you to push on the back of my head, okay?"

Okay? Okay? What the fuck? "Uh," I said. "Okay."

Suzie stopped being slutty. This was now a game. Years ago I'd dared her to see if she could balance an overfilled water balloon on her head for ten seconds. She accepted the challenge with the same sweet enthusiasm that I was witnessing as she prepared to deepthroat me.

"Hang on." Suzie raised a pointed finger in the air. She took deep, calming breaths. "Okay, ready?"

"I dunno, are you ready for this, Spike?" I flexed my throbbing cock and made it bounce up and down.

Suzie cracked up again and slapped my knees. "Stop that!" she chortled. "I need to concentrate. Stop it." Her hands made little wiping motions in the air, and her jaw set back into seriousness. She burst out into laughter again. "Spike?" She asked. "Really? That's his name?"

I was losing patience. "C'mon, honey." I said. I slid my hand over the back of her head. Suzie took the hint and leaned hard into my swollen cock. When my cock hit her throat she bounced and pushed and tried to take more. Her lips widened, as if that were the impediment. Her eyes closed tight and she pushed harder. Her mouth crossed a little way past the half-way point of my cock before she pulled off quickly.

"How far?" She asked, catching her breath.

I pointed to where her lips had stopped.

"Shit," she huffed, disappointed. "I told you to push!"

"I pushed!"

"You pushed like a pussy," she goaded. "C'mon. Push hard."

"Oh really? I said, offended. "I throatfuck like a pussy?"

"Do it," Suzie whispered. "C'mon." She went hard back on my cock. Her teeth couldn't help but scrape against my sensitive skin where my cock widened. Suzie pushed her lips back to the same spot where she'd been before. I reached down and grabbed two firm handfuls of her short, soft coif and thrust as hard as I'd ever thrust to throatfuck a girl. Another inch of smooth cock shaft slipped past her lips. I doubt the extra inch went any further down Suzie's little throat. It was probably a compression of the elasticity left in my cock shaft. Suzie's eyes squinted shut, her forehead flushed, and tell-tale spittle foam bubbled at the corners of her mouth. I didn't keep her down long before I released her.

Her mouth came off my cock, she coughed for a few seconds, and then she asked, "How far?"

I pointed at a spot a full inch further down my shaft than she'd actually sucked.

"Whooo!" Suzie waved fists above her head in victory.

I wanted that velvet sucking mouth back on my cock. I wanted to bust my nuts in that little bitch's perfect mouth.

Instead it seemed like the moment for transition. "You ready?"

Suzie looked at me, confused. "More suck?"

"No," I said.

"Oh. Oh. Uhm..." Suzie took a long look at my twitching prick, bouncing up and down inches from her face. Her left hand reached up and gently closed around the base of my cock. Her right hand grabbed an inch below the head. There was a good two-inches of cock shaft visible between her hands. Suzie gently spiraled her fingers in opposing directions while she stared suspiciously at my bulbous cock head, now a deep shade of puce. She seemed to be measuring it. She looked it over like a ripe cucumber she might purchase from a street vendor's cart.

"Will you kiss me for a little bit first?" She asked.


"Will you go slow? Please?"


Suzie hesitated. "Skip? Do you love me?"

"Yes." And I did, too.

"I know," Suzie sighed. "I know you do." The double spiral technique of Suzie's two-fisted handjob kept my cock steely through the conversation that followed.

"Do you still love Peggy?"

"I don't know," I said.

"Are you going to have sex with her again after we do it?"

Goddamn it. Fucking twelve years old with the head games. Where do women learn this shit?

"I don't know. Maybe. Probably not. I don't know."

Suzie stopped stroking and dropped her hands. "That's the wrong answer, Skip," she huffed. "You have to. You have to have sex with her again."


"Promise me, Skip. Promise me you'll have sex with Peggy again after she comes home."

"What's it to you?" My head spun.

"What's it to me? It's everything, Skip. If you walk away from Peggy, I'll never see you either."

"Don't be so certain about that. I'll find a way to see you. Besides, she's got another boyfriend. Remember?"

"Oh damn it. She had another boyfriend last Spring, too, and that didn't last."

"Oh Christ," my knees buckled.

"Skip, look. I'm not trying to break you two up. I'm trying to glue you back together. Now promise me that you'll have sex with her at least once more. Promise me, or I won't let you make love to me."

I'm not trying to break you two up. I'm trying to glue you back together. Old Man Me shakes his head as I remember that. Those words haunt me, still. They ring in my ears. I'm trying to glue you back together. At 19, those words made no sense. At 49 I can appreciate the genius in them. Once you eschew jealousy from your life, you can see that not everybody has the jealous gene the way you always assumed. You color a lot of relationship decisions based on the sheer illogic of jealousy.

Standing in Suzie's room, wind gusts rattling the window, a magazine picture of Tom Cruise taped to the wall on a 45 slant, Suzie smiling slyly at my engorged cock... the little girl's lack of female jealousy seemed completely bizarre. I rubbed my forehead, stalling while I carefully examined the minefield of estrogen logic before me.

Charm offensive: I sighed and smiled. "What makes you think you even have a choice at this point, Darlin'?"

"Promise me, Skip. Your word."


"Sooz, I'll try, okay? I promise you that I'll try. If it doesn't work out with me and your sister, it won't be because I just walked away. Okay?"

Suzie blinked. "Okay," she said. "Okay." She scrambled up off her knees and dived on her bed. Her arms reached up to me as I stood beside the bed, taking mental Polaroids of my girlfriend's hardly-pubescent 12 year old sister, her long legs spread wide. Her thighs and shins were so thin they made her feet seem comically big. Her palms pointed at my face. Her stick of a torso and her long waist V-ed down into a puffy, sex swollen mons covered in a glistening sheen of girl juice.

You're not really going to fuck her, I said to myself. Then I locked onto her eyes, pale blue irises already locked solidly into my sight-line. Yeah. Okay. I guess I'm going to fuck her.

Suzie fished a condom from her nightstand, ripped it open, and handed me the flimsy rubber bubble. I hated condoms. I started to ask if she was even menstruating, but then I just shut up and rolled it on.

I climbed on top of Suzie and locked into a long wet kiss. I kept my weight on my elbows, sure that if I dropped on her she'd crumple flat like an empty milk carton. We tongue wrestled some more while my tight balls pushed into the wetness of Suzie's crack. My rock hard dick lay against her stomach. There was enough room between us for the fingertips of one of Suzie's hands to lightly dance up and down the back of my shaft, pressing it against her front. I broke the kiss and leaned up a little. I looked down at the length of my cock, from where it started at base -- rubbing into Suzie's clit-- to where it stopped, about five inches under the line of her breasts. Suzie followed my gaze down. Then we looked at each other. We were both thinking the same thing.

No fucking way that cock is going to fit in that pussy.

I pulled my hips out and pushed my sheathed cockhead down even with the pink ring of Suzie's fuck hole. I leaned in, trying to snug the cock head in far enough to stay put while I repositioned up on my toes for a push.

Suzie took more deep breaths. She was looking intently into my eyes when I wasn't busy staring at the mechanics of getting my sheathed cock in her little pussy.

As soon as my hand came away from my shaft, my cock head sprang up and slapped loud against my stomach. I tried again. positioning the swollen helmet against her deep divot, folding the reservoir tip of the condom into her hole. But there was simply too much glans for too little crease.

Never mind the length of my shaft, I thought. She's not going be able to even stretch to take the head.

"You do it," I said. "Guide me in."

Suzie reached down and took and overhand grip in the middle of my prick. She masturbated her clit with the flapping red bubble sticking out from the tip of my cock. Then she pushed the rubber nipple down to the start of her pussy hole and held it steady. We looked at each other. She nodded.

I leaned my weight in and drilled slow and steady. Suzie's hand dropped my cock and both hands clawed at the front of my chest. My cock did not pop out. Nor did it sink any deeper. It was just like hitting the soft barrier palate at the back of a throat fuck.

"OH FUCK," Suzie yelped. "Oh fuck, Skip, I don't think I can do this."

I pushed harder and kissed Suzie's mouth. She stopped kissing and screamed in my mouth.

"YAAAW! Wait! Wait! Wait! Gimme a second."

I held pressure steady. Suzie's pussy was wet and my cock tip was spitting pre-come like an angry Cobra, making my second rubber skin prone to side slips. One false move and my cock would spring up and out of fuck position again.

Suzie tried to relax again. She closed her eyes. "Okay, now."

I pushed hard again. Again it was a soft wall of resistance.

"YEEAAHHHNOOOW! No! No!" Suzie started trying to push herself off me. I'd been here a time or two before with other girls who had balked at the physics of my cock. I knew what to do. I put one hand into the mattress above her shoulder so she couldn't crawl upwards any farther. I hinged down and grabbed an ass cheek with my other hand and spread her bottom wide. I felt the warmth of a wider pussy swallowing my cockhead as Suzie began to scream harder and claw at my chest. I pushed again and Suzie's fingernails broke the skin to the side of my left nipple. My cock hit another wall. Suzie started crying very hard and hitting at me.

Don't back down. Double down.

Romance had gone out the window with the sobbing and screaming. My thrust was pure cruelty. I knew the pain would ebb when my cock slid in. Good sex was just on the other side of Suzie's searing crescendo. If Hank had tapped her little pussy, I certainly was not going to be denied. I couldn't understand why my cock wouldn't slip in. Suzie wasn't cherry, but her pussy might as well have been one of those ridiculous virgin twats with a half-inch thick maidenhead. Hank must have a pencil dick if he poked into that tiny little cunny.

I thrust again to renewed screams. My cock went nowhere. I pushed so hard that my hard prick shaft began to kink and fold on itself. That hurt me. I huffed and pulled my cock out. I flopped over by Suzie's side. She kept crying hard, her arms crossing her breasts defensively.

I shushed her. I reached over and touched her chin lightly. I was pissed off and trying hard not to show it.

Suzie's crying slowed to hitches. Her scrunched face made her look every bit of the little girl she was. "I'm huhn! so huhn! fucking embar-bar-barrassed!" she moaned.

"We'll try again, someday, okay?" I said. "When you are older."

Apparently this was the worst thing I could have said. Suzie started crying even harder. She hit my chest with a feeble swat.

"Uh, okay, we'll try again tomorrow, okay? We've got time."

Suzie's sobbing slowed. Her room was getting dark with the evening. Her shadowed face nodded. "You're going to sleep with me, tonight. Right? I mean in my bed?"

"We're not going to both fit on this little twin," I said. "How about Peggy's bed? It's a queen."

"No way. Peggy's bed makes me seasick."

"Your parents bed?"

"Too weird."

"Then it looks like we're sleeping separa--"

"Okay! My parents' bed. That works."

"Uh, Sooz. Nobody's sleeping anywhere until you take care of Spike."

"Oh," Suzie startled, leaning up on her elbow to examine the semi-erect cock lalling against my hip. "Oh! Yeah. Definitely. Can I suck him?"

I thought: Well you sure can't fuck him, can you?

I said: "That would be perfect."

Suzie slid into the floor. I threw my legs over the edge of the bed. By the time Suzie pulled the condom off my prick, it was throbbing stiff with hot need once more. Again, Suzie didn't wait to be told to fill her mouth. Again Suzie's fingers laced over each of her respective knees, hovering just above the carpet.

Again, her spell of hard, whore cockhead sucking, followed by soft, tongue-over-her-bottom-lip angel shaft sucking, followed by deepthroat stabbing... Bliss. Absolute magma hot bliss. I was ready to come in minutes. Instead I relaxed, thought about homework, and made Suzie work for my come. I wasn't going to rush the best blow job of my young life. If Suzie had stroked cock while she sucked, I wouldn't have lasted five minutes. But she didn't stroke. She sucked. She bobbed and licked her mouth tricks like the well-practiced suck artist she was. She flutterlicked me from base to tip. She hardsucked the head until I cringed with burning overstimulation. Then she held the spring pressure of my cock against he cushion of her top lip while she fluttertongued the cock face. That hold-and-flutter trick started the come boiling in my balls.

"You don't use your hands," I muttered between groans of ecstasy.

Suzie pulled her mouth back to the tip and held the erection pressure against the soft cushion of her top lip so she could talk around my cock head. "Do you want me too?" She batted her eyelashes up at me.

"No, no, I really like that you do it all with your mouth. That's great."

Suzie took a series of wet slurps on my shaft and came back up to the head. "Hank won't let me use my hands," she said plainly. The warmth of the air from her talking breath soaked into my cock and rang bells in my brain. "He says it's cheating."

"I think I like this Hank guy after all," I said. "How many times have you sucked Hank's cock?"

Schlurp. Schlurp. Schlurp. Hard headsuck. Release and hold cock against top lip. "I dunno. Hundreds of times, probably. Almost every day after school since last Summer."

Schlurp. Schlurp. Schlurp. Deep throat steady. Deep throat bounce. Schlurp.

I was definitely losing the battle. Suzie's matter-of-fact slut talk was running roughshod over my mental cock control.

"You ever swallow Hank's come?" I grunted.

Schlurp. Schlurp. Tongue-trailing suckstroke. Hardsuck on the cockhead. Lip hold.

"Of course," she said plainly, her eyes staring at the length of cock in front of her.

"How many times?"

Schlurp. Figure eight suck. Pop off. Fluttertongue licks up the shaft. Stretch up on her knees to fluttertongue on the cock face. Hot mouth suction and cock slides back in.

"Every time," she whispered hot and breathy. "He'd beat my ass if I spilled his spunk. He says I'd just have to lick it up anyway, even if it's on the sheets or on the floor."

"Hank roughs you up?"

Suzie shifted into an even faster gear. Her sucks went hard and fast. "Hank knows what he wants, and I give it to him." Schlurp-schlurp-schlurp-schlurp. "I'll give you whatever you want, too, Skip." Schlurp-schlurp-schlurp-schlurp. "Just tell me what you want." Schlurp-schlurp-schlurp-schlurp. "Anything you want." Schlurp-schlurp-schlurp-schlurp.

My balls ratcheted tight as a drum head. The upsurge tingle in the backs of my thighs warned me that I was toast. My knees wobbled involuntarily.

"I want you to swallow my come," I hissed through gritted teeth.

Suzie's eyeline moved from my cock to look up at my eyes. Her stretched mouth danced a wet maypole pattern around my come hole, her tongue fishing out randomly from her bottom lip to grab nerves on the face of my cock and show them a soft, trailing path to where they could find release.

"You fucking better come in my mouth," Suzie growled. "I've waited so, so long to taste your --"

As soon as my hot splooge hit Suzie's tongue she stopped talking and started schlurping my head and shaft. I bucked my hips and thrashed my head in orgasmic animal release. True to her word, Suzie didn't miss a drop.

I twitched, hard and involuntary. A moment later Suzie's glottis flexed as she swallowed a load. Over and over. No coughing. No choking. No sour face.

When every shiver in me had washed through my central nervous system and out my urethra, Suzie kept sucking just as hard. "Okay stop," I groaned. Suzie didn't stop. She sucked even harder. My scalp was about to peel away from my skull in overstimulation. I pushed lightly on her forehead and she pushed down deeper on my shaft. When I finally pushed her head with enough force, my cock released from her mouth with a cork gun pop. Suzie smiled with a shit-eating satisfaction.

"Did I get it all?" She cooed.

"I think you got all mine and the guy next door's too. Jesus, Sooz. That was terrific."

"Thanks, Skip. I've dreamed about sucking your dick forever. For. Ever."

"Was it everything you wanted it to be?"

"Better. Except for the lovemaking, better. You came a lot!"

"More than Hanky?"

"Way more than Hanky."

"Prolly 'cause my cock is bigger," I poked.

"Your dick is a fucking monster, Skip. But I read that it's not the size of the dick that makes a big squirter. It's the size of the balls. Your balls are enormous. I can get both of Hanks nuts in my mouth when his bag is tight. I don't think I could get even one of your balls in my mouth."

"I'm going to put that to the test, Darlin'. But first I need to see what your mom left for us in the fridge."

Chapter 11 - Babysitting Suzie Part Three

We ate. We watched a couple of Christmas specials on TV, the really bad Hallmark Presents kind of manufactured plots that are supposed to make girls cry.

Suzie played her new NES Nintendo game while she sat on my lap. I think it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or some similar side-to-side scroller. I played a few rounds of team play on the other controller, my arms wrapped around each side of the soft robe she had put on. Ma Wagner called to check on Suzie and Suzie used a croaky fake voice to say that she was feeling better and that I was taking great care of her. She winked at me as she said it. Suzie handed the receiver to me and I chatted up Peggy. It was awkward. I wanted to scream at her, but I didn't.

It was late when Suzie and I crawled into her parents' bed. I thought it would be weird. It was comfortable, especially after months of old dorm mattresses and the couch.

I started drifting when Suzie reached over to cock-check me. We were both naked under the sheets. My cock twitched a little and I leaned over and kissed her. "Tomorrow," I said.

"Okay," she said.

We found each other's hands under the covers and clenched them for several minutes before we drifted off.

At some point I woke in the dead of night to the sound of a toilet flushing. The sliver of light coming from under the Master Bath door went dark. I heard Suzie's bare feet padding back to the bed. The bed frame creaked and I felt her slipping under the sheets.

Instead of drifting back off, I stretched. My cock twitched and thickened. I hoped Suzie would cock-check me one more time before going back to sleep. She didn't. My cock was hungry for some middle-of-the-night attention and there was no going back to sleep without whacking off or putting Little Suzie Wagner back to work.

I spooned up behind Suzie. I reached down, grabbed her uppermost knee and lifted it so my hard cock could ride across the fold of her crotch. I dropped her knee and her legs closed around my prick. A good three inches of the tip of my cock poked all the way past Suzie's puss and stuck out as if she had a little hard stubby of her own. Fingertips closed around the head of my cock and danced a soft little massage on the swollen tip. Suzie sighed a great sexy sigh. We stayed that way for a long time until I felt the wetness of my own pre-come start to make Suzie's soft finger job get a little tacky and I felt her slippery pussy juice start to warm my shaft.

Without saying a word, I pushed Suzie's mouth down on my cock and pulled her legs over the sides of my head. I'm not a huge fan of the 69. But in the dark, it was a nice little treat, Suzie's mouth bobbed hard and fast on my needy cock while her pussy poured honey in between my lips. With her incredible tonguework focused on the top of my cock instead of the sensitive underside, I kept a nice steady hard with no chance of coming.

I sucked Suzie's clit tight against the front of my top teeth and worked it for a long time. She nearly bit my cock in half. Her bobbing mouth stopped. She shuddered. She barked a hard, muffled grunt around the top half of my cock. Then she collapsed onto my nose and slow sucked my cock head as best she could while panting.

What happened next makes for lousy sex writing. I rolled on a rubber and tried to mount Suzie's pussy once more. Once again it was all pain and no penetration. Once again I gave up when Suzie started sobbing and screaming in discomfort.

Once again I was frustrated, and this time I didn't do a very good job of keeping it to myself.

"I really want to do this," Suzie sniffled. "Please don't be mad at me. Please, Skip."

My mind raced. I hatched a plan.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Absolutely sure?"

"More than anything."

"You are going to have to trust me."

"I trust you, Skip."

I climbed out of the bed and turned on the bedside lamp next to me. That was a mistake. The covers were pulled down and Suzie's pre-teen stick body was on full display as the underage, too-young-to-fuck girl she was. I shifted my concentration to how angry I was with Peggy. I convinced myself I wasn't fucking a little girl. I was getting payback on my cheating girlfriend by screwing her sister.

My cock liked that angle. Vengeance. Yeah. The quintessential Revenge Sister-Fucking. Classic! My hardness piqued and my dark cock head began trying to curve back and kiss my navel.

My dominance began to seethe and bubble.

I ducked into Peggy's room, opened her closet, and grabbed two of the thin knit men's neckties Peggy wore, the style at the time. I also picked up the jar of Vaseline Peggy used to remove her makeup. I brought them back to the Wagner Master Bedroom.

The thin neckties were absolutely perfect. I tied one end around each of Suzie's wrists and the other ends to each of the Queen bed's headboard posts. Suzie looked as if she were being crucified. She didn't say anything as I tied her arms down, but as I hovered over her in the lamplight I could see the expression on her face was terrified.

Again, I was flushed with dominance. I grabbed the headboard, straddled Suzie's head with my knees, pushed my hard cock down between her lips, and throatfucked the living shit out her. I was merciless. I pulled out and let her cough and choke and gasp for air for a few seconds and then I leaned into her with all my weight once more. Somewhere between my id and my superego, I was punishing Peggy. Poor little Suzie took every grunting thrust. After a good five, cruel minutes of trying to force my cock through the back of Suzie's gullet and into the pillow behind her head, I pulled off and knelt beside her face while she coughed and caught her breath. She watched with laser attention as I opened the Vaseline tub and fingered out a huge dollop of cloudy jelly onto the top of my cock head. I spun my finger around the circumference of the dark head, smearing Suzie's spittle and my dripping pre-come into one big gloppy translucent bobble of batter.

Suzie's eyes were enormous.

"Skip," she whispered, comprehending. "I'm not on the pill."

"Shut up," I said, positioning myself between Suzie's gams. I grabbed her knees and pushed them wide apart until I knew it hurt her to split so wide.

"Skip," Suzie begged. "Please put on a rubber. Please?"

I pushed my sloppy cock head into Suzie's pussy hole. "I said shut up."

Suzie's knees tried to close on me and she began muttering "Nononononono!"

I had my weight in the right position. My slippery cock head was perfectly placed. My big hands closed over each of her knees and easily kept them from pulling back together. I'm sure my expression was intense and maniacal. I leaned forward hard. My cock slipped in the top ring of Suzie's pussy and hit the wall once more. Suzie's yelping pitch slid high into a siren wail. I dropped my hands to Suzie's hips, grabbed hard, and pulled against my own thrust. Suzie's hands went purple as they tested my amateur bondage knots. She tried very hard to pull her hands against me, but she couldn't.

Suzie's scream pierced my ear drums. It was painful.


Suzie's pussy finally gave way and I fell hard and deep into her.

"Grruuuuuuuhnhhhhnnnnnnooooooooooohwowohwowohhhhh!" Suzie's howl dropped into something absolutely demonic and deeply resonant.

Then she went silent.

I could feel her pulse throbbing in the tight vice of pink stretched around my cock. I didn't thrust. I just held her in the tense moment and waited to see what would happen next.

Suzie heaved a deep breath and started panting rapidly like a winded dog.

"Now you're mine," I whispered in her ear. I began soft kisses on her neck as I forced the smallest of thrusts with my cock.

I worked up to three-inch thrusts as I held her close. Suzie felt every inch, every bump, every protruding vein on my shaft. "Ngyhung! Ngyhungh!" she grunted with every thrust. Her arms went slack and her back arched slightly.

"Better now?" I whispered in her ear.

"Betternghnuh," Suzie grunted through her mouth and nose at the same time. "But you are still killing me. Too big. Toonghyuh bhi-bhi-bhig!"

"Open your eyes," I said.

Suzie opened her eyes slightly from the tight squint she was keeping.

"Look at me," I barked.

Suzie's eyes opened wider.

"I'm going to untie you. Are you going to be good for me?"


"Say 'yes sir.' "

Suzie looked at me, baffled. I repeated myself with a more dominant bark.

"Yes sir," Suzie muttered. "Please just don't pull out. Keep it in. Please."

I pulled all the way out of Suzie's vice pussy just to be a jerk. I reached over to begin untying the knot around her right wrist when I happened to look down and see that my cock was glistening with a bright red swirl of fresh blood.

"What the fuck?" I muttered, shocked. "You're bleeding."

"My cherry," Suzie moaned.

"Cherry? You're not cherry!"

"Not any more," Suzie groaned.

"You said Hank got your cherry."

Suzie's right hand came untied and immediately went to press into the hurting womb divot above her pussy mound. "I never said any such thing. Maxy assumed I wasn't cherry. I didn't correct her."

I pulled the knot around her left wrist free and her left hand joined her right hand, both trying to massage the pain out of her lower stomach.

"You were cherry?"

"I was a virgin."

"You never fucked Hank?"

"No, Hank was going crazy to fuck me, but I knew it had to be you. I wanted to give it to you first."


"Because," Suzie said. She was beginning to recover from the first throes of my rape of her twat. "I love you. All of you. And you love me too, don't you? You love all of me. Not just my vagina."


"Hank's great, but he's not you. I wanted it to be you. A girl's first is forever. I wanted you as my forever."

I think I said "Wow" About fifty times in a row. My bloody cock had time to drop to half-mast.

"I'm going to clean up," I said. "Wash up. I'll be right back."

"No," Suzie said. "Finish now. Make love to me."

"Just one sec," I said. The sight of thick red blood all over my cock and balls was weirding me out on a primal level. Castration anxiety. I washed my works clean in the warm splash of the master bath sink, taking most of the petroleum jelly with it. I ran a washcloth under warm water and brought it with me back to bed. I cleaned the blood off Suzie's hairless mound and from the crack of her ass. Then we scooted over on the bed to pull her out of the crimson puddle underneath her. I knelt between Suzie's legs and let my half-rigid staff lay against the warmth of her stomach. My hands went behind each of her knees and I pushed them wide and back toward her shoulders. I backed my cock off her pussy so I could get a good look at Suzie's cunny in the lamplight. I marveled at the beauty of Suzie's bare girl pussy for the first time. I studied it. I pushed my thumbs through the lips and folds and pulled back her clit hood so I could see the glistening little pearl elongate and turn a bashful shade of bright pink. I pinched and pulled her pussy lips to their full stretched wings and released them just to watch them fold back in on themselves in a sexy tight origami of pink cicada.

With her knees back and her ass pushed high in the air I could see the tiny blush pink kiss of her asshole for the first time. It was as perfect as an asshole can be; tight, flat, pale, and not even the diameter of a dime.

I'd never fucked a girl in the ass. Never wanted to. Still, I had to admit that Suzie had a perfect asshole, even if it was bookended by little girl ass cheeks that were a little too narrow for my tastes.

I don't know why I thought to ask it. "Hank ever fuck you in the ass?"

Suzie went from her back to her feet in less than a second, standing on the bed and backing into the headboard and leaning her shoulders into the wall above it. I've never seen another human being move from prone to standing quite as quickly and deftly as Suzie did. It was an amazing parkour acrobatic move before the word "parkour" existed.

"No, please, Skip!" Suzie looked absolutely terrified. "You will seriously fucking kill me if you try to fuck my ass! Seriously! You'll put me in a hospital!"

I laughed hard and long. "Relax," I said. I grabbed both her ankles and pulled, dropping her into a seated position ontop of the pillows. "It was just a question. Jeez." I pulled her ankles again until she was prone. I leaned my cockhead into her fuckhole once more. She was dry. I pushed anyway. Suzie groaned. I dryfucked her for a minute or two before her pussy juice began to flow around the fuck friction.

Suzie was still hurting under my stroke, but it had reached a point of toleration for her. I began to hump a little faster. Suzie's grunts announced each slap of my balls against her perfect asshole. I started with half my shaft sawing in and out of her and worked deeper and deeper every few minutes until I was bottoming out against her cervix. there was still an inch or so of cock that wasn't getting fucked, even on the deep strokes. Thankfully, no more gore swirled on my junk when I looked down. Suzie's little fuck hole was stretched so wide her little pussy lips were white instead of pink.

I waited for Suzie to match her ecstasy to my fuck rhythms, but it became obvious that she wasn't going to come. She was still in too much pain. At that point a gentlemen would have let himself go and finished promptly. But I was no gentleman. I punished Suzie's freshly broken pussy. I fucked that little girl for an hour, bouncing and grinding deep into her and then pulling all the way out so she had to endure the discomfort of my swollen purple cockhead splitting her pussy meat over and over again.

I felt Suzie's pussy get very warm against my shaft and I knew I was fucking her insides raw. I kissed her long and hard.

"So you never answered my question," I said. "Has Hank fucked that pretty ass of yours or not?"

Suzie grunted a few more times until I thought she was going to ignore me. Then, "Yes. Yessir. Hank fucked my ass."

"How many times?"

Suzie counted while she grunted under my insistent thrust. "Six?" She answered as if she was offering a guess at an answer to a question that I already knew. "He wanted to fuck me so bad, I had to let him fuck my ass."

"Did it hurt?"


"Did it stop hurting and start feeling good?" My fuck stroke picked up speed. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

"It didn't stop hurting, Sir," Suzie grunted. "But it did start feeling good anyway."

"You like being fucked in your ass, bitch?" I shouldn't have been domming Suzie like that. Shouldn't have been calling her 'bitch' an hour after breaking her pussy. But I did.

Suzie didn't miss a beat. "I like making boys come," she groaned. "With my mouth or taking it in my ass, I like making boys come." Then, a beat later, "Sir."

"What about this hot little pussy? You want some come in this hot little pussy, bitch?"

I knew she didn't want me to come inside her. It was fun to test her. "Anything you want, Sir," she grunted. "Anything. Any place you want to put your come. If you want to come in my mooooouth..." Suzie opened her eyes and licked her lips. "You know I love to taste boys' come," She cooed. I knew she was playing me. It was terrific.

Suzie continued. "And if you want to come in my pussy--"

"My pussy," I corrected.

"Yes Sir, your pussy. If you want to come in your pussy, you can do anything you want. But it would be so nice to taste that delicious hot come in my mooooouth."

Suzie gave me sexy sloe eyes and a long sweep of her pointed pink tongue across the chevron of her top lip. It was perfect. This was a twelve year old who had studied some porn, probably more than just Playgirl. It occurred to me that Suzie had probably pilfered some of Mr. Wags's stash of VHS porn I'd heard about but never seen. It was too much for me.

I pounded hard and shot a gallon of come in Suzie's little twat. I fucked and stroked and thrust until my own come started bubbling back around the vanishing point where my cock shaft stretched the edges of Suzie's white-pink pussy ring.

God that was fucking stupid. Taking risks with Caryn's eggs was stupid. Sperming a 12 year old little slutbox was absolutely fucking retarded. But I did. I did. What a dumbass I was.

I collapsed on top of Suzie. We kissed for a long time until the male instinct to roll away overcame me and I flopped on my back. Suzie got up to pee. I fell asleep. At one point I heard bathwater running. Old Man Me realizes she was probably douching the come out of her twat, trying to head off pregnancy. My younger narcisist self thought she was just freshening herself up for the next round of sex.

Chapter 12 - Babysitting Suzie Part Four


I was a 19 year old with a natural revulsion to all things pedo. I liked curvy, big-titted brunettes with tiny hands and feet.

And there I was, freshly sucked and fucked by a 12 year old blonde girl with an awkward stick body and no real curves to speak of.

It had been the best sucking and fucking of my life to that point. Absolutely mind-blowing.

Why? Because twelve year old girls are all little whores waiting to slut for older guys?

No. It was because Suzie was just one of those girls who was boy crazy at an early age. She was independent and often left unsupervised. She had a need for attention that wasn't being fulfilled by her absentee drunk dad. She fell in with a slightly older boy with the right confidence to start training her for pornstar-quality sex. She had early exposure to pornography in an era when porn wasn't water pouring through the open spigot of a web browser. But most of all it was because Suzie was crazy about me. You can't manufacture that willingness, pedos. You can't make a little girl be head-over-heels crazy about you by sheer force-of-will. You can't do it with gifts. It takes a lot of innocent proximity and a LOT of time. In a manner of speaking, I'd been accidentally grooming Suzie for a long time before I had a clue about the concept of grooming. I'd shown her a sincere love through her early development. I hugged her often. I treated her as an adult, even when she wasn't. I broke down physical barriers by scratching her bare back, barriers I didn't even realize I was breaking down at the time.

I know that's not what you want to hear in a jerk story, but that's the truth that will keep you out of the crowbar hotel.

It's the foundation for the grooming I perfected on my own daughter so many years later.

Honestly, I don't feel sorry for the pedos who chase young pussy and get their leash snapped.

But from time to time you read the newspaper article about the teacher who had a long-term, early teen fucktoy, and you can read between the lines that the girl was a thirteen or fourteen year old Suzie Wagner type. You know there was a huge crush in play. You know the guy had it all fall in his lap. You know the guy was living large and tapping tight cunt for months or years before the girl bragged to a friend who told another friend who told a mom.

Those guys I feel for. That's a story as old as time, but now Outrage Nation has upped the consequences on a bonafide jerk story fantasy-come-true. The stakes are pretty high and the odds are pretty long that you're going to get away Scott free.

Girls talk. You can't stop it. Sooner or later you're fucked.

Is it worth it? In the moment, does that even matter? A hard dick has no conscience.

Chapter 13 - Babysitting Suzie Part Five

The rule-of-thumb in sex stories is that the second fuck of a conquest is never as impressive or as important as the first fuck. Suzie and I had the Wagner house to ourselves for two and a half more days.

I fucked her twice the day after Christmas. I broke down and wore a condom, begrudgingly. The second fuck was a lot less dramatic. She was still pretty sore from having her cherry busted. I started getting over my pre-pubescent issues with Suzie and started really enjoying her pained-face writhing under my fuck stroke. She was a natural, her little O-mouth mimicking the centerfolds she'd seen in Mr. Wagner's Hustlers. Her pointy pink tongue lolled over her teeth as she stared me down. She was tuned into my need, working me instead of grinding for her own orgasm. That second fucking didn't last very long, just under an hour. Suzie never came, but I had a lovely squirt in her extra tight box.

For the third fucking I posed Suzie doggy. She was completely unprepared for the pounding my cock perpetrated upon her tiny twat. She was also completely unprepared for the dominance of me grabbing a wad of the back of her hair and pulling her back into my fuckstroke. She cried softly while I drilled her little pussy sore (more sore) and my balls slapped her clit hood a nice rosy shade of ouch.

Something was happening to me. My shift into alpha male was evolving by the day. I should have felt terrible about fucking a little girl so brutally that tears poured down her face. There was no such remorse. It was terrific. When I was fifty strokes from busting my nuts into the safety of the rubber, I started talking shit to Suzie.

"Take it, little bitch," I growled. "You think your little boyfriend is going to fuck you this deep? Do you? I'm going to break this pussy. I'm going to make it mine."

Suzie's lips contorted and her teeth tried to bite off silent words.

"Whose bitch are you, Suzie?" I barked. "Whose pussy is this?"

Suzie's mouth gaped and spittle sprayed on her chin. I cranked her hair and twisted her neck so I could see every ripple of pain go through her face from my alpha dog position.

"Say it BITCH! Whose pussy is this?"

I guess she started to say "Yours." But it came out "Yooooohhhhhhhwuhn!" Suzie's skinny little ass trembled, and then her spine thrashed. My dominance and barking had coaxed her submissive twat into a hard orgasm. Suzie's torso was still thrashing when I bubbled over and began pumping jizz.

I collapsed on top of her in a sweaty heap. I made sure to kiss Suzie, dote on her, and tell her what an amazing lover she was. I made a point not to dwell on the animal part of our rough sex encounter. Suzie seemed unfazed by my alpha-outburst. That was another important lesson for me: Don't make excuses and don't over-analyze. A guy can get away with murder in bed if he washes his girl's ego with saturated affection afterward.

We went to a movie for the second night in a row. I finally got to see Rain Man. It was very much a date. After the lights went down I held Suzie's hand. It was uncomfortable to worry that somebody I knew was going to see me holding hands with a pre-teen, but it seemed like the appropriate thing to do with a girl who was sucking and fucking my prick like a long-term girlfriend.

The roads were well-plowed after the Christmas snowstorm, but there weren't many cars out on the road as we started home from the late showing of the movie. Peggy's two-toned pea-soup-over-grey '86 Parisenne Brougham may have been one of the ugliest monstrosities to ever roll out of Detroit, but the heater in that bitch could flash-fry an Easter ham in four minutes flat. Before we pulled out of the theater parking lot, we were unzipping our coats to get relief from the cabin interior.

A minute or two after we pulled on the highway, I looked around to see the post-apocalyptic emptiness around us. I unbuttoned my jeans and arched against the bench seat to push them down a few inches so my cock could spring free through the gap in the front of my boxers. Peggy refused to give road head. I didn't even ask Suzie. I reached over and cuffed my fingers around the back of her neck and pulled her warm mouth down on my cock.

Suzie immediately shifted gears into a soft moaning fellatrix. It was a great suck. Getting it from my cheating girlfriend's pre-teen sister made it a fantastic suck.

After a few minutes Suzie pulled her mouth off my cock with her signature hard-suction percussive pop. She turned her face up to me.

"You want me to suck for your come, or do you want me to keep you hard until we get home?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She latched her lips over the head and started her amazing flutterlick against my cock face while her lips maintained suction.

"Oh God," I moaned. "You think you can get me off before we get home?"

"Probably not," she gurgled around my cock. "Not with you. But that doesn't mean I can't try."

God, I loved to hear her breathy sweet voice whooshing out around the edges of my cock head. "Go ahead and try," I ordered. "But hurry up. We're already passing the Gulf station."

In retrospect, it was probably a mistake to tell a talented little cocksucker like Suzie to go at my prick hard when I was driving through sloppy streets at night in an unfamiliar car. Suzie immediately sucked me mid-shaft so fucking hard-and-hot that I felt my eyeballs go concave. My hair stood up as a tense tsunami of overstimulation washed over me.

I don't know what was more amazing, that I made it to the Wagner garage without wrecking the car, or that I still hadn't coated Suzie's throat with sperm by the time the garage door thumped shut behind us.

"Didn't make it," I grunted.

Suzie stopped piston-sucking and stopped sanding my cock face with her suede tongue.

"You going to punish me?" she asked, leaning up, digging her elbow into my thigh. Where did she get that slut talk?

"Should I?" I stared at Suzie, trying to discern if she was flirting or serious. Her expression was flat and serious.

"You're the boss, Sir," she said quietly.

"Do you want me to punish you?"

"No Sir. Not particularly. But it's your call."

"Just keep sucking and I'll think about it," I said. Before I finished my sentence Suzie was deep on my prick shaft, lolling her tongue over her bottom teeth and past her lip in an effort to please more of me. I wanted to get out of the car and take her inside before we asphyxiated on carbon monoxide fumes in the closed garage, the car still running for warmth. But Suzie's suck was so damn insistent on siphoning the sperm from my balls that I couldn't bring myself to stop her, not even for a moment.

"Does Hank punish you for not making him come fast enough?" I panted.

Schlurp. Schlurp. Moan. Headsuck. "I told you," Suck. Suck. "Hank knows what he wants and I give it to him."

Listening to Suzie talk about sexing her boyfriend while she slobbered her suck artistry on my hard cock was quickly becoming one of my favorite sperm-triggers.

"Answer my question," I panted. "Does Hank give you a time limit?"

"Sometimes," Suzie said to my newly-manicured pubes. "Sometimes I have to suck him off under a certain amount time. Sometimes I have to suck and make sure that he doesn't come for a certain amount of time." Suzie schlurped and bobbed a tight suck. A tell-tale tingle twitch began tapping out Morse code in my heels.

"How much time does he give you?"

Sluurrp. Fluttertongue to my cock face. "Fifteen minutes now."


Schlurp. Moan. Mmmm. "When I started sucking his cock he gave me an hour." Schurp. "Then it kept getting shorter." Schurp. Schuck. Schlark. "Now it's fifteen minutes."

"Can you suck off Hank off in fifteen minutes?"

Suzie nodded, sending a tremor through the base of my cock and jiggling my balls against my boxers. "Every time, now, Sir. I get his come in my mouth on-time, every time." Schurp. Schlup. "I think that's why he started his new game where I'm not allowed to make him come for however long he says." Lap. Flutter. Long shaft lick. Head suck. Pop off. Swirl lick. "I lose that game a lot." Slurp. Pop. "A lot."

"How does Hank punish you?"


"Is that it?"

"Spanks on my tits and on my pussy too, sometimes."

"Whose pussy?" I growled.

"Well it's your pussy now, Sir." Suzie bounced a suck super deep, jamming my cock into her soft palate over and over. With a long slide she worked up and popped off my cock. She took my shaft in her hand, uncharacteristic. She squeezed and pumped a tight heartbeat grip at the base of my shaft. If she had sucked for another second, I would have come. If she'd ran her fingers over the head of my cock, I would have come. Instead she held me at the brink with a pulsing gorilla grip right at the transition between balls and cock. Fucking amazing.

She leaned up on her elbow and kissed me, soft and lippy. "Skip," she said. "can we talk for a second?"

"I'm pretty sure it can wait," I panted."I'm so close."

"I know," she smiled. "When your big balls get little and tight, I know you're close."

"C'mon," I grunted. "Suck."

"Skip, Hank is going to be home tomorrow."

"I care?"

"Hank... He's going to want to fuck me. He's waited forever. I'm going to fuck Hank tomorrow."

"You think?" I grunted? "You think you're giving my pussy to Hank? You think I'm going to sign off on that?"

"It's your pussy, Sir," Suzie batted her eyelashes and talked soft. It felt like a firehose of come was pressurizing and backing up behind her pumping vice grip on the base of my cock. "But Sir for a little bit I need to let Hank make it his pussy. Just for a little bit. Then you can take it back again after he leaves."

"What if I don't want Hank in my pussy?" I grunted.

Suzie smiled patiently. "Sir, Hank waited so long for you to take my cherry. The least you can do is let him fuck your pussy a little bit before my folks come home. Please, Sir?"

"You told Hank you were saving your cherry for me?"


"What did Hank say about that?"

Suzie stuck out her bottom lip in a little girl pout. She was playing me like a Stradivarius. She affected a little girl wowsy-woo lilt to her voice. "Hank didn't like that, Sir. Hank didn't like that at all. Hank slapped my pussy so hard when he wanted to fuck me and I wouldn't let him until you fucked me first, Sir."

"You got your pussy spanked just to make sure I took your cherry, bitch?"


"Gawd, you are a little fucking slut, Suzie."

"Your slut, Sir."

"And Hank's slut."

"Yes, Sir. Your slut and Hank's slut. But right now I'm your slut, Sir. But after you go back to college I'm going to be Hanks's slut."

"What if I don't like that?"

"Then stay here in town and don't let him take your pussy back, Sir." Suzie smiled a perfectly evil smile.

"I can't do that. You know I can't do that." I was desperate to blow my load. The muscles along the back of my legs began to knot with built up tension.

"Well your cock will always be the only one to reach the very back of your pussy, Sir," Suzie cooed. "Your cock is sooooo big, Sir. Your cock fucks me soooo deep. Surely you can let Hank have a little bit of your pussy for a couple of hours, Sir?" Suzie's squeeze loosened and her thin little fingers danced up right under my cockhead. "Pleeeeeease, Sir? Pretty please?" Suzie looked me dead in the eyes and smiled her devilish smile. Her tongue flapped as far out from her teeth as it could stretch and then hardened to a glistening pink point at the tip. Then the little pink wet point danced on the face of my cock. Looking back, I'm sure she was spelling her name on the face of my cockhead with the tippy-tip of her tongue. Right after she dotted the "i" on my come hole I blasted sperm all over the steering wheel, the inside of the windshield, and ricocheted a thick white wad off her cheek and onto the radio buttons.

A crazy progression of mixed emotions duked it out with the afterglow satisfaction of my hard, gut-wrenching orgasm. I was jealous. I was turned on. I was jealous. I wasn't really threatened. I was jealous. I was not jealous. I knew Suzie and I had no future. I was jealous. I knew it was silly. I was jealous. My heart began slowing and the pulse pounding in my neck disappeared. I realized in a few weeks I was going to be back with Caryn. Part of me realized I was going to start training Caryn to be the slut that Suzie was trained to be. I loved Suzie. Peggy was cheating on me, and that made the thought of Suzie fucking her boyfriend while I was in the Wagner house sting more than it should have.


It was all good. Jealousy is a heady aphrodisiac for the alpha male.

I had enough testosterone left in my veins to start trying to think up a dominant way to reclaim Suzie after Hank went home. I kissed Suzie and told her she could have Hank come over. Suzie kissed me back hard.

I turned off the car and clicked the overhead light on.

"Wow," Suzie said, looking about at the thick cloudy puddles dripping from the car's interior. She dragged her right index finger across the protruding radio buttons and pulled a ropey snail of my come up for examination. Her mouth closed around the finger and sucked it clean while she looked me in the eyes, defiantly. "I'm never going for a ride with Peggy again without thinking about your delicious come spraying all over the place."

Chapter 14 - Babysitting Suzie Part Six

Hank came to the Wagner house a little before 1 p.m. the next afternoon. The word "cuckold" was not in my 19 year old vocabulary. I did not have words for the hard tension that grew in my chest as the hour of Hank's arrival neared. If you've ever set up a plan to double-team your wife or serious girlfriend, you know the odd sensation I'm describing. It's one thing to talk about your girl sucking and fucking another guy when the two of you are horny and the threat is abstract. It's an entirely different thing to watch a clock tick down to "go time."

Four days earlier, I had thought of Suzie as a sexual object on par with my desire to bone a set of snow tires. She wasn't even a needle tremor on my tingle-meter. (Maxy, yes, Suzie, no.) Suddenly I was proprietary. I was emotionally invested in who Suzie knelt in front of and for whom she spread her legs akimbo.

"You want a turn before Hank gets here?" Suzie leaned against the archway to the living room and scritched behind the ears of Oscar the wiener dog, tucked into her left arm.

"Excuse me?"

"You want anything before Hank gets here? You want your dick sucked? I don't want you sitting out here fuming when Hank and I go to my room."

"Maybe I'll fuck you instead." I grumbled. "Get you nice and stretched out for Hanky-poo."

Suzie sighed. "You could do that, if you want. That wouldn't be very nice for Hank, and it wouldn't be nice for you to make me all sore before he gets here, but it is your pussy right now. You can do whatever you want, Skip."

"Naw," I pouted. "I'll just take my pussy back after Hank leaves."

"I'm counting on that," Suzie winked. "You are going to be good, aren't you?"

"Whattya mean?"

"You're not going to get in a fight with Hank when he gets here, are you? Hank's afraid you're going to kick his ass."

"Naw." Part of me wanted to stay and listen to Suzie and Hank fuck. Part of me wanted to meet Hank at the door and give him a hard time. Another part of me knew it would be for the best if I just cleared out. "I'm going to go hang with Ron and Don."

"The twins? Those dudes with the curly red hair?"


"Those guys look creepy. Sorry."

"You sister has probably fucked one or the other," I pouted.

"Back to that?" Suzie frowned. "I thought you got over that. I thought I helped you get over that."

Helped me get over that?

Yeah. I guess three days of playing house with Suzie had done a lot to cushion the blow of finding out that Peggy had a secret boyfriend. With less than 24 hours before Peggy returned from Chicago, the demons were knocking at the door again. I'd gone through hundreds of mental movies, playing through how I was going to confront her about the other guy. Mostly I fantasized about tying her arms to the bed with her neckties, slapping the shit out of her, and then raping her brutally. If I got Peggy alone in the house, that was a definite possibility. Of course, beating Peggy senseless was going to have consequences. I still had to live somewhere until the dorms opened. Mr. and Mrs. Wagner were laid back parents, but they might have some questions if they came home and their daughter's face was black and blue.

I knew two older guys at the college from our mutual high school days, guys who had moved out of the dorms and into cheap student-slum apartments. Both were probably in-town doing Christmas with their relatives, and hopefully one of them might be heading back to college early and might let me crash with him for a few days until the dorms opened. Regardless of whether or not my relationship with Peggy blew up, I knew I wanted to get out of the Wagner household sooner rather than later. The way they were pretending I was part of their family when they all knew Peggy had another boyfriend made me feel like an idiot. I thought I was part of the Wagner family. The Wagner family thought I might make a good dog sitter when they went on vacation. Sheesh. I had no idea how I was going to confront Peggy, but I knew that I wanted to get out of town.

Hank was early. I was putting on my coat to walk to Ron and Don's house when he knocked. I wish the Hank story was a better story. Old Man Me wishes I'd stayed and had my first double-team years earlier than I actually did. I didn't. I just opened the door. Whatever mental picture I'd attached to Hank was wrong. He wasn't any taller than Suzie. Kinda wide across the shoulders and compact, but not built. Hard to comment on his hair because he'd walked in windy cold weather and it was blown into a bird's nest. Hank was just an average 15 year old kid. Just an average 15 year old bitch trainer, and a damn good one at that.

"Uh hey," Hank looked up at me from the front porch, obviously uneasy. "Is uh... Is Susan home?"

He was talking to me like I was Suzie's dad. It's funny to me now, looking back. I just offered the kid my hand. "Skip," I said.

"Hey," he said. "Henry."

"C'mon in," I said, zipping my own coat and stepping out the door into the cold as Hank stepped in. Looking back, it was so much a pantomime of the Warner Brothers cartoon with the sheepdog and the wolf mumbling pleasantries and clocking in before their day of evolutionary roleplay.

"Mornin', Sam."

"Mornin', Ralph."

"Done fuckin that bitch, Sam?"

"Yeah, gotta walk some feeling back into my numb balls, Ralph. Don't you break 'er now, buddy."

"I won't, Sam. I won't."

This sounds crazy to say, but in the days before cell phones and iPhone apps and Google and contact lists and email... it was a lot easier to find the phone number of someone you didn't know. Because when you called someone you barely knew to ask if they had the phone number of somebody else you barely knew... people would HELP YOU. We weren't nearly as privacy-minded back then. Everybody was in the same boat. If you were asked for information to help someone out, you understood what it was like to be in those same shoes. Ron and Don's mom knew Barry's mom. Barry's mom went to the same church as William (apartment guy #1) and got his number from the church directory and vectored it back to me. That took an hour. Don had the phone number of a girl from our class who had dated Troy (apartment guy #2). Troy's number was scrawled onto a paper towel and dropped in my lap in less than six minutes.

I'd never had much of a connection with William, and he let me know it. He blew me off quickly. Troy turned out to be pretty cool He was headed back to college three days later and it was no problem to pick me up from Peggy's house and let me crash on his couch for a few days as long as I chipped in on groceries. Three days wasn't soon enough for my taste, but it was better than eight more days of humiliation. I could probably even pick up some shifts at the Chinese Restaurant and fill the gap in my wallet left by all my days off.

My last night alone with Suzie Wagner wasn't the alpha male reclamation of pussy that I planned. For the most part I fucked her slow. I kissed her a lot. I kept the condom on. I worked her tit buds over with slow and tender sucks. I kissed her neck and chewed her earlobes. I've never been one to equate love with tender sex, but tender sex was the obvious kind of sex Suzie and I had yet to share.

Half way through the sex session I backed off the bed and stood up with Suzie still attached to my cock. If Caryn had been effortless to fuck standing up, then Suzie might as well have been carved out of Styrofoam. One-handed alternating grips on her ass cheeks was more than enough to hold her steady. She had good cowgirl balance. Her heels locked behind my knees and she rode my cock up and down as much as I stroked in and out of her. I was so deep into Suzie's pussy, Suzie was so light, and Suzie was so perfectly balanced... It occurred to me that I could slap her arm hard and she might spin around my prick like a propeller.

Suzie was doing a yeoman's job of keeping the deep-fuck pain off her face. But I could tell she wasn't really into the upright hump. I put her back down on the bed and fucked up-tempo for a long stretch.

"How was Hank?" I whispered into the earlobe I chewed. "Did you come?"

"No," Suzie cooed into my shoulder. "I didn't come."

"Why not? Hanky-poo not a good fuck? Is his cock too small to satisfy my pussy?"

"He came really fast," Suzie said. "The first time."

"The first time? What happened the second time?"

"The second time Hank fucked my ass."

"Did he fuck your ass for a long time?"

"Over an hour."

"Hmmm. Over an hour and you didn't come?"

"No, I came while he fucked my ass."

"You said you didn't come."

"I thought you were asking if I came when he fucked my pus-- Your pussy."

"So you came while you were getting buttfucked?"

"Yes. Yes Sir."

The tempo of my fuck stroke was getting faster. Suzie's slutty talk was pulling away the thread at the edge of my resolve faster and faster.

"You come from butt fucking?"

"No Sir. Hank reaches around and rubs my p-- your pussy while he fucks my ass."

"I want to you to come for me too."

"I'm trying, Sir."

"Tell me what you want."



"Well, could your lick me again? Please? That was my best orgasm ever."

I did not want to stop my fuckstroke but I pulled out. I slid down and pulled Suzie's legs around my shoulders. I hooked my arms around her hips and split her hairless pussy wide with my fingertips. I walked the clit hood upwards into my grip until her glossy pearl popped up, as pointy as the tip of Suzie's pink tongue when she was licking her name on a cock. My tongue lapped clockwise circles around Suzie's clit as I watched her face twitch. I reversed direction and her chin poked up immediately. Got it. Suzie likes it counter-clockwise. I poked my tongue as deep into Suzie's fuck hole as it would go and wiggled it. Then I pulled up long, hard, dog laps over the short arc of her young pussy pink until my tongue tripped hard over her clit nub. Then I pushed back into her fuckhole and repeated the long licking over and over. When the rough flat of my tongue sanded across Suzie's clit she'd arch and dig her heels into my back as her ass came off the bed. I lapped and licked and sucked clit for a half an hour. I knew I could suck Suzie's clit against my top teeth for a few minutes and snap her bean quickly, but I tried to give her pussy as much pleasure as she'd given my cock over the previous four days.

Suzie's wet velvet pussy juiced and then juiced some more. I delayed the big finish by trying to lap all the wet out of Suzie's pink folds, which only made her gush wetter. By the time I sucked her clit against my top teeth, Suzie was trashing, her shoulders spending as much time off the mattress as they did on it. She reached down and pulled my hair so hard I was sure it was going to rip away from my scalp.

"Nggghghuuuuuunhhnnn!" Again, she orgasmed an exorcism. Her entire body contorted into a tangled corkscrew. Then the ass tremors. Then the collapse. Then a long stream of panted sacrilegious profanity that had no place spilling out of the lips of a twelve year old.

"Thank you," she panted. "You have got to teach Hank how to do that."

Ironic. Little Suzie Wagner inadvertently taught a lot of other girls how to suck and fuck a man by teaching me how to be sucked and fucked properly.

I licked the pussy juice off my lips and raised up on my knees. I gripped my condom-wrapped cock to stroke it hard enough to get a good re-entry on Suzie's tight little twat. Over the past forty minutes, I had leaked so much pre-come into the rubber that the top half of it was sliding all over my cock. That's what I hate most about rubbers. My cock spits a lot of pre-come and I hate fucking a rubber instead of pussy when it starts slipping around my cockhead.

I pulled the condom off with a snap. Suzie watched, concerned.

"Don't worry," I said. "I'll pull out."

Suzie's expression did not convey trust. I pushed my cockhead back through the tight ring of her fuckhole and slip deep into her pulsing wet warmth. Absolutely divine.

I pumped for a few minutes and then said, "I want to paint you."

"Absolutely," she said.

"Where do you want it?" I asked. "Pussy, tits, or face?"

Suzie didn't miss a beat. "Everywhere. You come so much, I want it on my face. I want it on my tits. I want you to splash and mark your pussy too. I know you can do it. I know you've got enough come in those big balls of yours."

God, that trampy mouth of hers.

I pulled out and raised to my knees. Instead of pulling on my cock, I set my hands on my hips. "You do it," I ordered. "Paint yourself in my come."

Suzie looked at me curiously. Then she propped on one elbow and licked her cock-stroking hand in a showoff sweep before latching it around my meat, just under the head. She looked me in the eye as she jacked hard and hot. Suzie's chin dropped and her mouth lolled into an open pink circle. The tip of her tongue arched out and danced in the air, stretching eagerly to catch any flying spunk.

After an active four days, I didn't have much sperm left in me to make an interesting porn tableau out of Little Suzie Wagner. One shot hit just above her right tit bud. Two shots hit her neck. She pointed her stroke higher as if to get my come to arc just a few inches higher onto that desperate tongue of hers, but the next few ropes didn't make it any farther than her belly button. Suzie hinged my cock shaft down and began swirling residual sperm drips through the folds in her pussy.

I didn't get her everywhere, but I came close.

Suzie showered. I showered. I crawled into her small bed with her to finish off our last night in a tight spoon embrace.

"You better sleep on the couch," Suzie said.

"Ouch. Is the honeymoon over?"

"No. Sometimes my dad gets a bug up his ass to start driving home after midnight. You better play it safe."

It was a good call. At five in the morning Peggy and Mr. and Mrs. Wags stumbled through the garage door and waved at me on their way back to their respective beds. After the house went quiet, Peggy snuck back into the living room and kissed me awake.

"Hey, Sweetie," she whispered. "I missed you." She kissed me again with an open mouth.

"I missed you too." I wasn't sure if I meant it or not.

Peggy pushed her hand under the afghan and rubbed at the boxers covering my cock. When she found me flaccid she pushed under the elastic band and tried to tug me into an erection.

"Did Spike miss me?" she whispered.

"Of course," I mumbled. "Just totally tired right now, Sorry."

"You sure?"

"Positive. Thanks."

"Who are you?"

"I was drinking at Jimmy's," I said.

"Oh. Okay." Peggy kissed me again and tip-toed back to her room.

Chapter 15 - Peggy Returns

The following night, Peggy again crept back into the living room after her folks and Suzie had gone to bed. She sat leaned over the couch and pulled the covers down. She fished out my cock and this time the treacherous bastard thickened under her soft attention. I sat up on the couch and Peggy sat in the floor, Peggy-style.

Peggy pulled my underwear off and dropped her mouth on my cock and went to work.

No such thing as bad head, right? Peggy's charity suck was nice, but it suffered by comparison. She sucked and bobbed for a time. I leaned back and enjoyed the moment as best I could. I thought about dropping the bomb, asking if that was the way she sucked her soldier's boyfriend cock too. I didn't. I didn't say anything.

Instead I stood up and pulled Peggy's nightshirt off and unsnapped her bra. I spent a while feeling up her big heavy tits. Mapping them. Committing them to memory. I pinched her nips as best as a guy can pinch flat nips. I pulled her up on the couch and shucked her panties out from under her. Peggy's hand immediately parted her fat pussy lips and gripped my cock overhand. She guided me in, her face cringing in expectation of the big stretch. I fucked her.

That's it. I just fucked her. Not slow, not fast, not rough, not tender. I made a promise to Suzie and I kept it. I fucked Peggy. Peggy's pussy was tight, but it wasn't Suzie-tight. Peggy's twat was wet, but it wasn't Suzie-wet. Peggy moaned a little under my thrusts, but it wasn't a Suzie Slut Story. Peggy tried to make me happy, but she didn't worship me the way Suzie did. A thousand times I had told Peggy to kneel while she sucked me, and she did it once, and only after I beat her ass. Suzie sucked from her knees without being told. Peggy's blow jobs started strong and then devolved into lazy wet handjobs. Suzie's blow jobs were all mouth and no hand. I told Peggy to call me "Sir" once when I beat her ass and she called me "Sir" once. I told Suzie to call me "Sir" once and she called me Sir at every opportunity.

Suzie Wagner "got it." Suzie Wagner understood men. Suzie Wagner pleased men because she took pride in her ability to please men.

Peggy Wagner did not "get it." Peggy Wagner put up with men. Peggy Wagner sucked and fucked because she had to suck and fuck to keep the peace.

I gushed deep into Peggy's cunt. I let Peggy out from underneath me and she hopped off the couch and quickly pulled on her panties to keep my sperm from washing out on the couch and floor. She kissed me goodnight and went back to bed.

And that's when I knew how my relationship with Peggy would play out. I was not going to confront her at all. I wasn't going to say good bye. I wasn't going to tell her that I was leaving early with Troy. I was just going to disappear and -- unlike Lot's wife -- I was not going to look back. I'd get back to school. I'd tell Cliff to make some excuse when Peggy called. Sooner or later, she'd get the hint.

It was pretty immature, but lying on that couch it seemed like a genius solution to a bad situation. Just walk the fuck away. Enjoy your boyfriend, Bitch. I have a new, submissive girl to train and I won't suffer for lack of pussy, cheating bitch.

(Yeah, I know. Old Man Me appreciates the irony too.)

That was the last time I fucked Peggy. I had a day and a half left with the Wagners and Little Slutty Suzie before Troy came to pick me up. I figured it would be a quiet little waiting game. I figured it would be uneventful.

I was wrong. Whoo boy, was I wrong. How many lives would have turned out so very different if Troy Flinting had decided to go back to college one day earlier than he did? Wow. If only.

Chapter 16 - First Threesome

On my last full day with the Wagners, Peggy had a ten hour shift at the shoe store. She wasn't due home until after ten at night. At eleven-thirty in the afternoon I kissed her for the last time.

"Hey, what are you gonna do tonight?" Peggy asked.

"Dave, Jimmy, and the twins and I are probably going to hang out at High Score," I said, referencing the local video arcade.

"Oh, okay," Peggy said. "I'm probably going to swing by Dixie's house after work."

"Oh," I said. My face flushed with humiliation. "Still looking at colleges, huh?"


"Has she considered going into the military?" I asked.

"Uh..." Peggy looked at me suspiciously. "Uh, no. Don't think so."

"That's too bad," I said as flatly as I could. "I hear it's a great way to get laid."

Peggy stayed silent for a beat, examining my blank expression for clues. "That so?"

"So I hear." I stared her down.

"Oh. Okay. Well I'll see you later. "

"Mmm," I said. I turned and walked out of the room.

Jimmy never showed. Dave and the twins had family obligations so our night ended early. They dropped me off at 8:30 and I let myself into the Wagner house. Mom and Dad Wagner were gone. There were no sounds of life. Then Suzie opened the door from the basement and stuck her head through.

"Hey Skip."

"Hey Darlin'. Whatchew doing in the basement by yourself?"

"Maxy's here. We're playing pool."

"With what? Nerf balls? I didn't hear a thing."

"We were goofing off."


"Wanna come downstairs and hang out with us?"

"Don't want to encroach on your time with Ma--" Suzie shut me up by walking to me and planting a tongue-twisting kiss on my yapper.

"Come downstairs." Suzie whispered.

"I can do that," I said.

I followed Suzie down the stairs into the partially finished basement. Mr. Wags got the drywall up and some cheap wall-to-wall carpet on the floor and lost interest in further remodeling shortly after he lost interest in his new pool table. There was an ashram-quality pile of multicolored pillows on the floor in the far corner of the basement, underneath a vent register. Maxy was splayed out in the pillows like a little Italian cupie doll.

"Hola, Maxine," I said.

Maxy looked at me and blushed.

"What's with you?" I asked.

"Nuthin'" Maxy said. She chewed on her lip and tried not to look me in the eyes.

"Aw shit!" I slapped my forehead. "Suzie! Goddammit. You fucking big mouth!"

Suzie laughed and dove into the pillows beside Maxy. "I couldn't lie to my best friend!"

"Geez fuck! You're going to get me in trouble. You're not exactly legal." Damn skippy she wasn't legal. Not so much a pending panic situation back in those days, though.

"Well then you better be nice to me or I'm going to tell-ell!" Suzie sang and giggled.

"Your dad is 300 pounds and I was All-Valley Conference Champion in the Ten Kilometer," I said. "I can outrun your dad all day long. How long can you outrun your sister?"

"C'mere!" Suzie smiled and patted the pillow between her and Maxy.

I flopped between them. Suzie wasted no time putting her hand on my shoulder and kissing me passionately. I went with it for a few minutes. Then I noticed Maxy staring right at us as if we were a zoo exhibit. I broke the kiss.

"We're being rude to your friend," I said."Maxy doesn't want to watch us make out. And I'm not sure I want to put on a performance for Maxy."

"Maxy wants to watch," Suzie laughed. "Dontcha Maxy?"

Maxy answered by shrinking even smaller and blushing hard with a bright red flush of her olive skin. I knew Maxy and Suzie lived on the deck of Suzie's backyard pool during the Summer. I'd seen them both sunning topless before Sue got her buds and Maxy got her big juicy gazongas. Suzie's skin had returned to it's cream color, but Maxy was still golden.

"I'm pretty sure that's a 'no,' " I said.

"Maxy," Suzie made a big-eyed, showy, threatening face that I was not supposed to see. "Max, you fucking chicken shit."

I didn't understand what was going on. I watched Suzie stare at Maxy and tip her forehead toward me.

"C'mon," Suzie said to Maxy.

Then to me: "Skip, Maxy was wondering, uh, asking if you might want to kiss her. Dintcha, Max?"

I looked at Max. Maxy looked absolutely mortified. I couldn't tell if Suzie was putting me on or if Maxy had talked shit with Suzie and then rethought the reality of her words with me laying inches away.

Since Maxy filled out with her new tits and curvy ass, I thought she was absolutely adorable. I liked tiny girls and Maxy was no taller than four foot nine. I liked dark brunettes and Maxy had long dark wavy hair. She was a smaller version of Peggy with a tiny button nose and bigger eyes. To say Maxy was older than Suzie is kind of disingenuous. Maxy had turned 13 at the end of October and Suzie's 13th birthday would be on Valentine's Day. Maxy was merely an early bloomer and Suzie's body development was running way behind her trampy little brain.

"Maxy," I sighed. "It would be my great pleasure to kiss you. Would you do me the honor?"

Maxy's response was to look nervously at Suzie and gulp. I leaned over, pinched Maxy's chin in my fingers, and lifted her mouth upwards as I dropped in for an extra-soft closed mouth kiss. Maxy closed her eyes and melted into a puddle of wistful goo. I pulled away for a second and Maxy just floated there in the moment. I went back and kissed her again. And again. then I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue against her tongue and a whooshing, passionate exhale hissed out of her nose.

"Wow," Maxy said when I broke the kiss. I leaned over and kissed Suzie again. Suzie and I tongue wrestled, and my testosterone took over. I stopped play-kissing and started trying to eat Suzie's soft mouth. Suzie broke the kiss and pushed my cheek towards Maxy.

Oooooookay. It took me that long to "get it." It was on.

I lip-locked Maxy and pushed her onto her back in the pillow pile. Suzie's fingers pushed into my sides, grabbed my Izod and began peeling it upwards. I broke with Maxy long enough to let it fly. I pushed Suzie down so she was parallel with Maxy and just mere inches separating their shoulders. Each of my knees pushed between the girls' respective shins and I distributed my weight so that I was half laying on them both.

I traded between the girls' tongues. Maxy wasn't much of a kisser, but she was definitely swept up in the moment.

I decided to push my luck and see what my boundaries really were. My left hand went under Suzie's shirt and bra and locked a squeeze on her right tit bud. My right hand groped Maxy's left melon on the outside of her shirt. Nobody complained. Within a minute, I tugged and peeled Suzie bare from the waist up. I took turns sucking her titty buds for a token amount of seconds. Then, onto the main event, I unwrapped Maxy's new jugs. her bra was a front snap, and when the cups parted to reveal those knockers... Holy fucking shit. I'm sure drool spilled over my bottom lip. Her tits were spectacular. Her nips were hard, long, and a dark reddish brown. No tan line. Gravity held no sway on those fresh sweater-puppies. They stared back at me. I bit into Maxy's nipples like a starving hyena, grunting and slurping and moaning as my teeth closed around Maxy's tender nips and my mouth lifted to stretch her tit from pear-shaped to wigwam. Maxy yipped. Maxy squirmed. Maxy's right leg (on the inside of my right leg) squirmed and her crotch humped against me.

"Hey now," Suzie cleared her throat.

I bit into Suzie's left bud with more subdued ferocity. I opened my mouth wide and took the entire scoop of flesh into my mouth and tried to suck hard enough to bruise her whole nubbin with one big mouthful of suction. Suzie seemed to like that even more than having her pink nips worked over. I popped off and gave the right tit equal attention. Both my hands fished at the damp crotches of both the girls' jeans at the same time.

Suzie wiggled out from under me and shucked herself completely nude in one deft motion. As I was unzipping Maxy, Suzie started pulling my button fly jeans in two directions. I hopped to my feet so Suzie could pull my jeans off. The engorged head of my cock was already protruding several inches up and out of the top elastic band of my boxers. After a second those were gone too. I towered over my preteen fucktoy and my soon-to-be barely-teen conquest. Suzie smilied demurely, propped up on an elbow and smirking at Maxy. Maxy stared at my cock with her mouth agape in absolute shock.

"Who's first?" I looked back and forth between them.

"Meeee!" Suzie raised her hand. She was having fun. Maxy continued to look terrified.

I lay on my back between the girls and Suzie rolled between my legs. With no ceremony, her mouth locked onto my cockhead and she started slow, deep suckstrokes, moaning softly on every upsuck. I pulled Maxy into my left armpit and we kissed. Her mouth was smoky like Suzie's, but it didn't have Suzie's crazy-soft texture. It was a mind blowing rush to coax Maxy's tongue to dance against mine while Suzie's tongue frenched my come hole.

I started working on getting Maxy's jeans off, trying not to break Maxy's kiss or arch away from Suzie's tight little suck, not even for a second. Maxy didn't assist. I got jeans and panties pushed below Maxy's knees, and that was enough for me to see the blush line of Maxy's pussy folds bisecting the middle of her dark pubic curls. I pushed my fingers into the sloppy mush of Maxy's little puss. Passive Maxy didn't even spread her legs. I had to pull my hand from Maxy's hot twat and jerk her closest knee further towards me to get Maxy's legs wide enough for a good entree to her cunt. As soon as I pulled her mound wide open I was hit by the sweet and tangy waft of Maxy's juices. I hadn't really noticed the smell of Suzie's pussy unless my nose was in it. There was one aspect of Maxy that wasn't passive and it was the nose tang of her twat.

Maxy's pussy was lippy and fat like Peggy's. Big wings. Maxy had no clit hood and her dark pink button was open for business.

Maxy also laid there like a lump, panting under the attention of my fingertips as they danced a little swirling spell over the tactile glossy braille of her dripping snatch.

Suzie sucked her artistry the same way she always did.

I stopped kissing Maxy and watched Suzie suck my blushing prick while my fingers continued to sweep up and down the length of Maxy's snatch, her little clit drumming through the spaces between my fingertips as they passed by, pointer-to-pinky, and then reversed, pinky-to-pointer.

Maxy started watching Suzie work me with a fascination.

"Does that look like fun?" I whispered to Maxy.

Suzie looked up and smiled at us while she bobbed away.

Maxy blushed and tried to ignore me.

"C'mon, Sweetie," I said to Maxy. "Why don't you give Sooz a hand?"

Suzie popped off my cockhead and slowly stroked the length of my shaft with swirling fingers. "C'mere, Chickenshit," she smiled at Maxy. "I want you to meet Spike."

Maxy didn't move. I got the flat of my hand behind Maxy's shoulder blades and pushed her down to my hips.

It took Suzie two minutes of coaxing to get Maxy's timid hand to reach over and run her fingertips down the front of my shaft. She still looked afraid and uncomfortable.

"Spike's not going to bite you," Suzy teased. "C'mon. Hold him. Hold him right here under the head. That's right. No, harder. Tighter."

"I don't want to hurt him," Maxy whispered. It was the first time Maxy had spoken in the twenty minutes since I first kissed Suzie.

"You can't hurt a cock," Suzie said. "Guys like it when you squeeze it hard or suck it hard. It makes your hand feel like a vagina. Look." Suzie pulled my cock out of Maxy's half-assed grip. She laced the fingers of both her hands around the base of my cock and squeezed so hard she grimaced and her thin little biceps quivered. Then she gripped my cock with one hand and whacked it hard and loud against her opposite palm several times. "See," she said. "Did that hurt, Skip?"

"Actually it felt pretty good."

"Right," Suzie said. "So you hold Spike, Maxy. Yep. Perfect. God, Skip's dick is so big your little midget hand barely goes all the way around it. Now squeeze. Good. See the pre-come spill out the top when you squeeze?"

"Uh-huh," Maxy mumbled. Her eyes remained glued to my cock as if were going to turn into a woodpecker at any moment and drill her right on her tiny nose. Maxy's doe eyes were normally bigger than average, but her bewilderment made her look as if she had spilled from the pen of a Japanese anime pervert.

Suzie wrapped her hand around Maxy's stroking hand to show her the rhythm of a good handjob.

"No," Suzie scolded. "Higher. The top of your stroke has to come up just over the head. No, you're squeezing at the top and pushing down. You let your fingers glide down, squeeze, and pull up. See. Like that. Good. You're trying to coax the sperm into flying upward, so you show them how they should come upward. If you stab down, you're pushing the sperm back in Skip's balls. Right Skip?"

"Uh, sure." Wrong facts, right thesis.

"Good," Suzie cooed at Maxy's semi-competent cock stroke. "Now give Spike a nice kiss."

Maxy made an unpleasant face. "Sooz," she whispered. "It's all sticky!"

"That's just pre-come," Suzie assured her. "It doesn't taste like anything. Here." Suzie pulled her index finger across my bubbling come hole and held the glistening drop in front of Maxy's face.

Maxy was having none of it. She stopped stroking and leaned backwards.

"C'mon, Max," Suzie said sternly. "Don't be a pricktease. You're the one who wanted to do this."

"Yeah, but I didn't think you'd really do i-- ugh!"

Before Maxy stopped talking Suzie stuck her coated finger in Maxy's mouth. Maxy's sour expression moved through a dozen different incarnations before it reset to normal.

"Salty," Maxy said.

"Just a little. Sperm is a lot saltier. It tastes totally different than pre-come," Suzie said. She assumed Maxy's stroke and pointed my cockhead right at Maxy's mouth. "Kiss. Kiss Spike. Show Skip how cute you think he is by loving on his dick a little bit. Kiss Spike right on the face."

Maxy kissed my cockface tentatively. Then with more confidence. Then she took possession of my shaft from Suzie and licked gently.

Too gently. "Mmmm," I lied. "That's nice, Max. More. Good girl. Lick longer strokes with your tongue. There you go, baby. Good."

Maxy's big eyes went to slits as she concentrated on tasting the various parts of my shaft. Her hair spilled down and made it difficult to watch. When Suzie saw Maxy focused on kissing and licking my cock, she looked up at me and rolled her eyes comically as if to say "Amateur!" Or maybe it was "Finally!"

Suzie crawled up and we took turns kissing and watching Maxy lick cock between the parting and closing curtains of her long bangs.

"Suck," Suzie said. "Suck Skip's dick."

"I don't know how," Maxy whined.

"Tongue is good. Teeth are bad," Suzie chided. "Now suck Skip's dick, Max."

"It's too big for my jaw," Maxy whimpered.

"Goddammit," I barked in my deepest voice. "Suck my cock, Maxy. Now!"

Maxy flinched. She looked up at me with enormous, frightened eyes. Then she looked at my cock. Her head moved closer. Her lips closed over my come hole. Then the amazing soft warmth as she pushed down...

Followed by the searing pain of her top and bottom teeth chewing the fuck out of me.

"Hi-yiiiiii!" I yelped.

"Maxy!" Suzie scolded. "No teeth!"

Maxy pulled off, taking more skin with her. In Maxy's defense, the proportion of my cock was probably just too big for her little girl mouth. "I told you!" Maxy whined defensively. "It's just too big!"

"It's not too big," Suzie said. "You mouth is no smaller than mine and I can do it. Just make a soft little pocket out of your lips and tongue and the roof of your mouth. Suck as much as you can as soft as you can. No. Stop. You're going to bite Spike's head off. Wrap your lips around your teeth. Right. Now. Good. There you go. There you go. How's that feel, Skip? Good?"

It was better, but not great.

"That's great, Maxy," I said. Suzie and I went back to tongue wrestling while I pinched her tits and rubbed at her hairless twat.

After an eternity of Maxy's teeth scraping and Maxy's inadvertent biting, Suzie broke from my mouth and slid back down next to Maxy. Maxy had yet to get much more than a few inches of cock in the woodchipper that was her mouth. Suzie flattened her tongue and started working a warm lick from my balls all the way up until her lips pushed into Maxy's stretched bottom lip. After a few minutes Suzie said "Trade me, Max."

Maxy let go of my cock and it slapped loudly against my flat stomach. Without using hands, Suzie sucked hard at the face of my cock and pulled it perpendicular before her lips spilled over the crown and she started sucking me in earnest.

"Luhuck." Suzie grunted to Maxy with her mouth full of purple cock.

Maxy just looked at her.

"Gahhammut luhuck," Suzie repeated.

Maxy didn't move.

Suzie popped off and held my erection in her hand. "Maxy, lick the parts I'm not sucking. C'mon. Don't just sit there. Show Skip you like him, okay?"

Suzie stretched her mouth around my prick once more. A few beats later Maxy leaned in and started lapping at the crease between my balls and shaft.

That was the highlight of the mindblowing, ego-nuclear threesome: Suzie expertly pleasuring the top half of my cock while Maxy's tiny tongue whetted out some warm courage on the base. The smell of pussy and the sight of all that submissive estrogen kneeling beneath me -- worshipping me -- drove me out of my fucking mind. I liked sluts, and I also liked raw innocence in a girl. Getting both sucks at the same time sent my testosterone chemistry into caveman overdrive. If you've tried Viagra, even just playing around with it like I did with my free sample, then you understand that there's a type of erection where sensitivity of your cock nerves drop, but your cock is still hard enough to hammer a silly straw through a Sworoski Crystal polar bear. The need burns hot, but your cock nerves take a deep breath in preparation for a long pleasure session... or multiple pleasure sessions. That's where I was; ripped-and ready to hump and thrust as many combinations of pussies and mouths as I could before my cock burst into fricative flame.

Suzie started teaching Maxy like a schoolmarm. "Okay, there are three basic sucks. First is the headsuck." Suzie sucked my cockhead hard. She bobbed five times and popped off with hard suction. "Guys love that, but they can't take too much. You'll burn out their nerves, and then you're fucked because they stay hard but they won't come. So just a little bit of headsuck at a time. Okay, now you headsuck."

Maxy leaned over and sucked hard at the tip of my cock while Suzie squeezed the shaft.

"The second basic suck is the deep throat. This takes practice." Suzie deepthroated me as best she could. She thought she was deeper than she was. Peggy's deepthroat may have been the only superior sex skill she had over her little sister. Suzie pushed her soft palate hard against my shaft for a long count and then pulled off. "Try it." Suzie pointed my cock at Maxy's mouth and Maxy went as deep as she could, which was not very deep at all.

"That was pathetic," Suzie said. "You need to practice on a pencil. Get your gag reflex down. Okay, guys love deepthroat, but they won't come from deepthroat. So the third basic suck is the most important. It's the middle suck. Hank calls it the 'whoresuck.' " Suzie abruptly went to town on my cock with a straight-out head bob, taking as big a sweep as she could over and over. She popped off and Maxy gave me her best suck of the night while Suzie gripped the base of my prick.

"Good, now suck the corners."

"What?" Maxy said. "Corners?"

Suzie dragged her fingers up the sides of my cock, but angled slightly forward toward the front of my shaft. Sort of the 45 axis from the front of my cock. "Here. The sides, but not exactly the sides. You want to keep everything slightly to the front. That's what makes boys come. You can suck all over their dicks to make them happy, but you have to suck the front parts to make them come. If you overdo the whoresuck, boys get bored, so you break it up and suck the corners. Like this."

Suzie dropped back into her bobbing "whoresuck" for about ten seconds, and then started twisting her neck to suck the "corners" of my cock shaft. I never thought of that line on my cock shaft as being a "corner" but I loved the change-up, and I loved watching Suzie's pretty blonde head rock from side to side as she pleasured the edges of my shaft and the sides of my cock head.

Maxy took a turn at "sucking the corners" while Suzie kept her grip on the bottom half of my pecker. Maxy's little cupie doll mouth was just too small to do a very competent job. Suzie had said their mouths were the same size, but they weren't. Maxy was a tiny little bitch with big knockers. When those petite pink lips stretched around my meat, Maxy made my cock look absolutely huge by proportion. Another great ego blast.

When Maxy came off my cock for air, Suzie said, "Now kiss Skip again. And this time kiss him like you're trying to show him what a good dick sucker you are. Your kiss is kind of a promise to a boy. You're promising him how good you're going to suck his dick. Think about that while you kiss Skip."

Maxy crawled over my leg and did as she was told. Her kiss was -- indeed -- far superior to any smooching we'd done all evening. My internal temperature crept warmer. Suzie earnestly started sucking for my come. Her suction was tight. Her mouth was spiraling all over the front and sides of my cock and cockhead. Maxy tongue kiss was smoldering. I knew I was going to come soon if I didn't change things up.

I reversed positions on Suzie, pushed her back into the pillows and started to mount her. She stopped me long enough to fish a condom out of her discarded bluejeans, rip it from the package, and hand it to me. I sighed and rolled the rubber over my cockhead. As per usual, it locked right around the crown of the head and it took a little work to get it rolling again. As soon as the rubber moved a half inch behind my cockhead i made Maxy roll it the rest of the way down.

Then I was deep into Suzie, missionary. I humped hard and deep while Suzie's awkward feet did their puppet string dance in the air to the side of my hips. Maxy just kneeled beside us and watched me pound Suzie's twat for a long time. Every so often I'd lift up and kiss Maxy while I kept my fuckstroke time in Suzy, or I'd suck Maxy's tits for a few moments. Then I'd go back to trying to make Suzie grunt out an orgasm.

Now, as you might imagine, I've returned to the memory of my first threesome many many many times over the past twenty-plus years. Old Man Me regrets that I didn't make more of the opportunity. Old Man Me fantasizes that I doggy fucked Suzie while I made her lick Maxy's puss. Old Man Me fantasizes that I kept pulling my cock out of Suzie's cunt and making Maxy lick and suck Suzie's pussy juice off, just to put it right back in Suzie's twat and get it wet all over again. (Of course, in my fantasy there's no condom at all, just cock, mouth, and pussy.) But on that late December night in 1989, I wasn't clearing a long checklist of fantasies. I was busy pounding the shit out of Little Suzie Wagner's pussy while her gorgeous-but-overly-shy best friend knelt beside us and watched.

I had been fucking for Suzie's orgasm, but after twenty minutes I realized I wasn't going to get it missionary, and I wasn't going to get it without growling some dominant and nasty things in Suzie's ear, and I wasn't going to get it while Suzie was self conscious about having a audience. My face and chest was covered in a sheen of sweat, and I'd started dripping on Suzie.

I pulled out of Suzie and stretched my arms toward the textured Armstrong ceiling tiles over my head. My hard prick danced and waved and throbbed.

"Whooo," I hooted. "What about you, Maxy?"

Big surprise, Maxy said nothing. I kissed her hard, I rolled my tongue around her tongue. I pushed her flat back against the pillows and humped my sheathed cock against her slippery fuckslit. I looked over at Suzie, who I had just tossed-aside unceremoniously. I pulled up to my knees. My cock bounced a rain dance of shadows over Maxy's stomach and tits.

"Help me do this," I said to Suzie.

Suzie looked as if she didn't understand what I meant. I nodded down at Maxy's pussy.

"Oh," said Suzie flatly."Uh, Maxy, do you wanna? You want Skip to make love to you?"

We both looked to Maxy, who just lay there like a frightened lump.

"I didn't ask her," I barked at Suzie. "I told you. Now get over here. We're both going to take Maxy's cherry."

Suzie reluctantly crawled to me and took a grip on my cock. I hovered over Maxy's pussy high on my toes to give Suzie time to drag the condom up and down Maxy's slit a few times. "Okay," I said to Suzie. Suzie lined up the head of my cock with Maxy's fuckhole and I lowered my weight. There was nothing kind about what happened next. A second later I pushed through the easy snap of Maxy's maidenhead and sank until my cock bottomed out in her tiny pussy. I wanted to see the hard stretch of Maxy's ring around my cock, but I knew I didn't want to see the blood.

"Ouch!ouch!ouch!ouch!" Maxy was a machine gun of pain interjections. I didn't give her much time to accommodate me before I started fucking her. Her face remained a perfect portrait of discomfort. Finally I had a sex reaction from her, even if that reaction was an expression of pain. I liked it. I liked that expression a lot. It was real. The same way Suzie's fuck pain had wiped away all her slutty little tricks and left her bare and vulnerable before my power, so now Maxy's frightened little sex mouse demeanor had been obliterated by the insistent drilling of my cock. That was the first time I realized how beautiful pain could be when it was deeply etched in a pretty girl's face.

I fucked faster and I knew I wasn't going to be long in Maxy's cunt. I pounded her harder and harder just to see if I could get her firm little suckjugs to rock up and hit her in the face. They were much too firm and new, but I gave it all I had. The tang of her pussy waft was a cloud around me. It shifted my animal psyche into overdrive.

That's when I did the "guy trick." I reached down and grabbed the shaft of my cock, or rather the condom stretched around it. I pulled down, and then I pulled down harder. I pulled until my cockhead ripped through the top of the condom and the rubber rolled into a tight cock ring around the bottom of my cock. Suzie didn't see exactly what I had done. Maxy certainly didn't see anything with her big eyes squinted shut. The added sensation of wetness on my cock skin mixing with all the warm-and-tight put me over the edge. I grabbed Maxy's hips and pounded the top of her cervix so hard as to be outright cruel. She began to yip a high pitched bark to match each of my thrusts.

My orgasm was no surprise. The sheer ferocity of that particular orgasm took a long time to recreate. As my prostate thumped, it was matched by the sensation of being punched over and over on the sides of my neck, just below my ears. I know I was screaming my orgasm, but the room went white and my eardrums tuned into a high thread of white noise ringing for several seconds.

I keep saying I didnt have much come after seven days of fucking and sucking, but whatever come I had was blasting into Maxys fallopian tubes. I certainly did my part by making it a short swim to her new eggs.

When I came back to post-coital lucidness, I was collapsed onto the top of Maxys funbags, panting like a long-distance runner. I tried to say something inane like Wow, but my larynx wasnt working yet.

After a few minutes of exhausted recovery, my cock softened, if only a little. I quickly reached down between us, grabbed the roll of condom, and pulled it off my cock as I dismounted Maxy. A broken used condom doesnt really look that much different than a broken intact condom. There was hardly a trace of cherry blood to be found. Some girls have a fortress hymen that bleeds like a slaughtered goat (Suzie). Some girls have a thin ribbon that dribbles just enough to assure you that you were Captain Kirk, going where no man has gone before.

I didnt have words to describe the moment.

Suzie spoke for both of us when she wiped Maxys bangs away from Maxys eyes and said, Welcome to the club.

Suzie kissed me, You got a little carried away there, stud,"" she said softly. "I told my friend you were a gentleman and I think you broke her."

"That, pant was pant amazing," I said.

"Well you are all fine and dandy,"" Suzie pouted. "But you've still got two girls here who still need a little buzz in their honey pots."

"Slave driver,"" I mumbled, flopping on my back.

"Can you go again?"" Suzie asked.

"Noooo!"" Maxy moaned, her hand cupped her bruised pussy as she folded fetal. I knew it wouldnt be long before a river of sperm rolled back of her through her fingers and onto the pillows.

"I can go in just a sec,"" I panted. "You ready?"

"Can we take turns on your tong--"

"Suzie!"" Mr. Wagners basso profundo roared through the kitchen. We hadnt heard The Parents Wagner open the garage door. Now we heard Floyds footsteps above us, closing the distance to the basement door. Pillows, titties, and blue jeans flew into the air. I was pretty skilled at getting dressed quickly. I had even perfected the art of buttoning every other button on my button-fly jeans over a commando cock. It wasnt the first close call Id had with Mr. Wagner, but Mr. Wagner knew I was fucking Peggy. Hed surrendered to that fact when Peggy approached Mrs. Wagner to get on the pill. He didnt like the fact that I was fucking Peggy, but we could tell that sometimes hed make unnecessary noise before coming into a room where Peggy and I were sitting.

To catch me fucking his twelve year old pre-teen daughter and her 13 year old friend was about to be another test of Mr. Wagners homicidal restraint altogether. I had pulled on a shirt. I had pulled on jeans. Maxys little feet were running in place like a Flintstone, churning pillows and making it even harder to find her clothes. She was in a cold panic and her naked jugs undulated out of sync with one another. Suzie was more focused, but she had lost her pants in the rockslide of pillows and Maxys feet were making clothes excavation even more difficult.

We all knew from the sonar of Mr. Wagners footsteps that we had about three seconds until the basement door creaked open, and about two more seconds of his feet trodding down the stairs before hed be able to lean over the railing and see pre-teen Caligula playing out in his rumpus room.

Ive replayed my sex romp with Suzie and Maxy a couple thousand times in my life as Ive jerked my wang in the comfort and safety of my warm bed. Ive also replayed what happened next at least as many times, but usually during the involuntary captivity of a nightmare.

I looked down and saw Maxys top folded between two pillows. In one sweeping motion I yanked it free and lifted it up over her head. Maxys arms poked into the gap and I yanked it down. It caught on one elbow, my asshole fell out as it snagged, and then -- fucking somehow -- it was all the way over her tits and stomach. With one hand I pushed Maxy behind the far end of the pool table (the end opposite the basement stairs). She was just short enough that her bare legs and pussy were below the felted bankline of the table. With the other hand I grabbed Suzies hair and pulled her under the table, just in front of Maxys legs and masked by the solid back leg panel of the pool table. She rolled up on her hands and knees and froze there. I had less than a second to scoop two of the cues off the table and practically spear Maxys zyphoid process as I jammed the rubber butt stopper into her. Her hands reflexively swooped up and kept the stick from falling back on he table as Mr. Wagners proboscis dropped down below the water line to find me fishing balls out of the net pockets and tossing them up on the table.

"Hey, Mr. Dubya, I sang. How was the picture shew?"

"Kay,"" said Mr. Wagner flatly. His expression was suspicious and my veins started pumping ice. "Where is Suzie?"

"You didnt see her upstairs?" I countered. "Huhn. She went to let Oscar out to pee."

"I checked the back yard,"" he said.

Right at that moment that fucking dog skittered around Mr. Wagners legs and started its fruit little hop-jumps down the stairs.

"Huhn. Maybe she took herself to pee first,"" I offered.

"Whats with you, Maxine?"" Mr. Wagner asked. "You look like you just ate a spider."

"Nothing."" Maxy gulped.

"Bullshit nothing,"" Mr. Wagner insisted. "What's going on?"

Thats about the time that little fucking bastard dog started nosing into the pillow pile. Fuck. I knew we were seconds from Oscar pulling up a pair of panties or a condom fragment in his little fucking wiener dog mouth.

"Shit,"" I sighed. "You can tell him, Maxy,"" I said to Maxy.

Maxy turned white. I think her knees buckled.

"Tell me what? Mr. Wags grumbled. He leaned as if he were coming the rest of the way down the stairs, so I started walking his way to cut him off.

"Suzie went to the park,"" I blurted out, stepping up two stairs and stopping.

"What? Why the fuck did she go to the park? By herself? At this time of night? In the fucking snow?"

I assumed a familiar man-to-man tone with Mr. Wagner. "Well, you know her little friend called and he had some kind of note or gift or something so they were going to meet half way and--"

"He! Friend? He? Who HE?"

Dong. Whoops. I assumed Floyd knew of Hank. Whoopsie.

"Uh, Hal? Herman?. Hugo? Somethin like that. She just went for two seconds, Mr. Dubya. She'll be right back. I dont think it's anything serious."" I gripped the stair rail in one hand and tried to push my other palm through the drywall to form a barrier that would stop a pissed-off 300 pound dad from coming any farther into his own basement.

The usually laconic Mr. Wags must have been having an uncharacteristically bad night. He also must have been half-baked not to smell the pussy or see the clothing weaved into the pile of pillows at the far end of the room.

"Goddammit, shes too fucking young to have a boyfriend. Alice, get my keys."" He stormed upstairs. Both the girls immediately scrambled to get the rest of their clothes on.

"Great fucking job, there Copernicus,"" Suzie hissed at me as she jumped back into her panties. "He's going to shit kittens, finding out about Hank. Im totally fucked!""

"I just saved your life, Suzie,"" I whispered, omitting and my own. "As soon as he leaves, slip through the patio door, circle around the deck and cut through the side of the Kendricks house by the air conditioner. Here, take my coat."

Somehow... Somehow it actually worked. Suzie slipped out of the back door, circled around, and appeared to be walking toward the house as Mr. Wags sped off in the opposite direction, headed toward the same park where Suzie had dropped the bomb on me about Peggys soldier boyfreind. Mr. Wags saw Suzie in the rearview. He slapped his Caddy in reverse and pulled back into the driveway where he began a long berating stream of profanity that Maxy and I could hear in the basement.

Then there was Suzie shouting and crying above us. Then there was a door slamming. Then silence.

Maxy and I looked at each other. We both exhaled at the same time. I kissed her one more time. Then she waddled up the stairs like she had a broken twat. She grabbed her coat out of the living room and walked home in the dark, my dripping come freezing to the insides of her legs, no doubt. I stayed downstairs and made sure there was no incriminating materials left wadded into the pillow pile. I turned the wet pillows upside-down. I racked pool balls and cracked ivory for hours until Peggy came home. I thought shed come down to talk to me, but she didnt. When it got too late to make poolball explosions, I sat back in the pile of pillows and stared at the ceiling until the house was dark and silent.

When I lay upstairs in my couch-bed that night, I could still feel my pulse pounding in my throat.

We shouldnt have gotten away with it. It was impossible. But we did. I was so obsessed with the near miss that I didnt stop and take inventory of how many times I had spermed an unprotected pussy in the last week. If you wanted to back up a few more days and count Caryn, there were three unprotected pussies. Six ovaries. Over a dozen payloads of jizz. Millions and millions of sperm.


I survived the moment but -- in the end -- I got away with absolutely nothing.

The next morning the house remained eerily silent. I gathered my stuff and took it downstairs. I did my laundry in the washer and dryer, repacked by backpack and my duffel carefully, and stared at my watch. Troy was due to pick me up at noon and I wanted an absolutely drama-free, CIA-quality disappearance. The house stirred above me. I heard footsteps. I heard voices. I listened for Suzies voice and didn't hear it. I expected her to come downstairs at any moment. I thought since all the yelling had played out that things were probably cool between us now. I wanted to hug her and give her my dorm room phone number. I thought Id kiss her one more time.

Suzie didnt come downstairs.

Mr. Wags left for work and Mrs. Wags drove somewhere to get a start on her hausfrau chores.

At ten-til-noon the kitchen was quiet. No footsteps. No voices. I slipped on my coat and slung my backpack and duffel. I mounted the stairs, slipped out the back door, and followed the same path Id told Suzie to take, even stepping into her snow footprints. As soon as I rounded the side of the Wagner house, I saw Troys fastback Mustang cutting a wake down the middle of the slushy street, his head swiveling back and forth at the house numbers. He almost ran me over as I walked out of nowhere and into his front fender. I threw my gear in his back seat and hopped in.


Knowing I was never going to see Peggy again was surreal. The likelihood that Id never see Mr. or Mrs. Wagner again was surreal.

Watching all the strip malls and gas stations and hangouts and burger joints that Id haunted for 19 years slip past my fogged window, I had no idea it would be another twenty years before Id pass that way again. I had no idea that by the next time Id drive down those same streets, the strip malls would be gone and new strip malls would be on the other side of the streets. Entire burger chains would go Chapter 11. The SuperGas where Id bought Suzies Playgirl and condoms was now a mosque. You sure as hell cant go home again.

In the glowing heat of the Mustangs vent, home was college. Home was my dorm room. Cliff was my brother and Caryn was my girl. I drifted in contentment and dreamed of my return to my new normal.

Chapter 17 - Taking Ownership of Caryn

Troy's couch was so ratty that it had actual exposed springs poking through the cushions. You see that a lot when cartoonists draw caricatures of poor people living in squalor, but you don't actually see springs poking through the couch cushions in real life. They probably haven't manufactured a non-foam couch cushion since 1969. Allowing a guest to sleep on that couch was a violation of the Geneva Convention and seven state laws.

And yet I've never been so glad to sleep on a couch in my entire life.

Once I had my shit squared away and Troy's spare key in my pocket, I slipped on my coat and walked across campus to the ATM. I checked the balance. The answer was not a comfort to a guy who had just cut the umbilical cord to his hometown support network. I walked down to the business strip and checked in with Mr. Chan at the Chinese restaurant to see if I could pick up some shifts. That guy loved me for some reason. He gave me three lunch shifts as a waiter, as well as the dinner shift on New Year's Eve. New Years Eve and New Years Day were huge business nights at Chan's. The catch was that I had to come up with a pressed white shirt and some black slacks.

Chan's was an upscale Chinese restaurant, if you'll pardon the oxymoron. The right shift could translate to some nice tax-free jingle in my pocket. (Hey, you know I raped my own daughter by this point. Are you really going to bust on me for not declaring tips?)

Before I left, Mr. Chan let me order a takeout platter for free. I loaded up a big container of mixed dishes and wrapped it in foil. I figured Troy would appreciate the fine eats in lieu of grocery money until I was working again.

I cut back through the campus on my way to Troy's. It was late in the day and cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that trademark awful, frizzy hair. I turned my head to see a very short woman quick-walk behind a hedge and disappear behind a campus building. Did I really just see that? I adjusted my path and followed the trail of the woman down an alley near the loading dock of the student theater. Then she was gone and I marveled at where she could have vanished so quickly. A large cardboard appliance box next to the building shook.

I stood and stared, unable to believe that I saw what I thought I just saw. After a moment the cardboard box wiggled again. I cautiously walked closer to the box.

"Uh, Caryn?" I called softly. Nothing. "Caryn?" Louder this time. "Caryn, is that you?" A flap opened and some girl I'd once know as Caryn looked out at me. She looked like she'd been pulled through a keyhole backwards. She was wearing several layers of coats and had the ratty comforter that served as the bedspread on her dorm cot draped over her head and wrapped tight around her like a burka.

"Skip?" She looked as surprised to see me as I was to see her.

"Caryn, what the fuck?"

"Five more days," her teeth chattered. "And the dorms open again."

"Caryn, Jesus H. Frankenstein. Are you--- Have you--- Jesus! Come with me. Get your shit. Come on!"

My stomach turned. I remembered her asking to go with me back to my hometown. I figured out that she had no intention of going home for the Christmas break. I'd left my fucktoy to be a hobo on the winter streets. Shit.

Caryn had reduced her essentials to whatever would fit in her bookbag and purse. As we walked toward Troy's apartment I had time to envision Caryn's dorm room and realize she probably didn't have many worldly possessions besides what she could carry in her napsack.

Troy's jaw dropped when i walked through the door with Caryn. He thought I'd brought a homeless woman into his apartment.

I warmed the Chinese buffet up one dish at a time in a microwave the size of a shoebox. We split it three ways. Caryn tried not to eat as ravenously as she obviously was. I kept scooping my share of Kung Pau onto her plate.

Caryn went into the bathroom to take a dump and a much needed shower. That's when Troy confronted me.

"Dude, this isn't a vagrant motel, we had a deal, yaknow?" He growled. "I appreciate the Chinese food. It was great and everything. But I said you could stay here. I didn't say anything about your bitch."

"Yeah," I struggled for a the right words. "I didn't see this coming, Troy. She's living in a fucking box behind Drake until classes start up again."

"You don't think that's a little weird?"

"I don't know what to think. C'mon man. Just one night. Let her warm up here for just one night and I'll figure something out. I can't send her back to that box tonight?"

Troy exhaled and looked at his shoes. "One night. Okay? I don't let ass stay at my place unless she's slobbing my knob. I'm not going to listen to you two fuck for five more days while I pull my pud. One night, okay?"

"Gotcha," I said.

Troy went into his bedroom and I rummaged my duffle for the beard trimmer Suzie gifted me, as well as my razor and shaving cream. I slipped into the bathroom with Caryn.

By the time I was done trimming Caryn's bush and shaving her bung hole, and after she had shaved her legs, and washed her hair, I was once again reminded of what a hot piece of ass she was. She brushed her wet hair into a poofy pharaoh's headpiece. Gah. Her hair still needed work. She was so skinny I could see the lines of her ribs. She was so skinny that she was starting to starve away her big juicy knockers. They were down to "average C cup wow." Still nice, but not "Holy shit, delicious!" like she'd been two weeks earlier. Her clothes were in a pile next to the toilet. They stank. I could smell them as soon as I stepped in the bathroom. I hadn't noticed a funk so much when Caryn was wearing them, but I couldn't help smelling the rankness as they lay wicking up shower splash from the bathroom tile.

Caryn looked pretty fuckable, freshly showered and shaved and still undressed. She sparked my prick. I had thatched her bush into a tight, dirty blonde strip, two fingers' width, and then I shaved her mound from the clit-line back to her ass (and beyond).

Her pussy was looking rather tempting.

I kissed her. Her tongue snaked into my mouth.

"Thank you," She whispered. "You saved my life."

"You're welcome," I said.

"Troy is awesome to let me stay for a couple of days. Can you buy some groceries? I'll cook him something fabulous."

"Uhhh..." I said. Then it hit me. The solution was easy. "Hey, here's the deal."


Caryn looked like a naked deer in the headlights when Troy opened his bedroom door. Caryn shook with nervousness.

"What the?" Troy exclaimed as his eyes worked down the front half of Caryn's naked skin.

"Hey, just a little thank you, okay? Caryn's going to thank you for helping her out, if that's okay?"

Troy looked at me. "You sure, man?"

"She wants to," I lied. "Least she can do in return for the hospitality. Okay? Oh hey, er... Troy. She's not on the pill so " you know."

"Yeah," Troy said absently. He opened his door and I pushed Caryn in the small of her back to start her walking into a forced sex session.

I gathered up Caryn's rank clothes and helped myself to Troy's laundry detergent under the sink. It was easy to see, right behind where the missing cabinet door would have been. I washed Caryn's clothes in the downstairs laundry room of Troy's apartment building with the modest change I had left in my pockets.

It was unsettling to think about Caryn sexing Troy. I tried not to think about it, but it was hard to get my mind to stop creating imagery. I wanted to know what was going on, but I didn't want to know what was going on.

Of course you want to know what was going on, so here's the scoop. It took a while to get to the truth of what happened, but Old Man Me knows what went down, so I'll give you the synopsis.

Troy had laid back in his bed and told Caryn to suck his cock. He squirted into her throat in less than a minute. Then he sucked her titties and played with her freshly shaven twat until he made her suck him again. Caryn said it took forever to get Troy hard again, but once he was stiff enough, he mounted Caryn missionary and humped her pussy until he was ready and then stood beside the bed while Caryn leaned over and schlurped a couple of strokes on Troy's hard cock until he unloaded a hot mess into her throat.

Troy pushed her out of his room, still naked, and closed the door behind Caryn.

I had every stitch of Caryn's clothes. She was sitting buck ass naked on Troy's ratty couch watching Cheers on the television when I walked back into the apartment with a pile of warm, clean clothes. Caryn was relieved to see me, and more relieved to see her clothes.

"Na-na-na!" I said, pulling them back from her grasping hands. "I may have let Troy have first crack at that shaved pussy, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to get my share too, bitch."

I started to kiss Caryn, but then pulled back. "Did you suck Troy's cock?"

Caryn blushed and nodded guiltily.

"Yeah," I sighed. "Of course you did, you cocksucking bitch. Get on your knees and suck my cock now, slut."

I had dommed Caryn on plenty of previous occasions (before I even knew the word "Dom" could be a handy verb), but when I barked that particular time and called Caryn a slut that particular time, I could see that it hurt her. She looked up at me, gutpunched. My expression was pure disgust.

"Did I stutter, slut?" I growled at her. "Get your bitch ass down, put your bitch knees in the carpet, unbutton my jeans, and get your bitch mouth moving on my cock. Slut."

Caryn looked as though she was going to cry at any second. She glanced back at Troy's door, as if she expected it to open. She dropped to her knees and by the time her hand wrapped around the cock in my pants, it was so hard and long and half-way down my right pant leg, that Caryn had trouble unsheathing it from my pants and underwear.

Eventually my cock sprang out, pointed right at Caryn's nose. I grabbed the back of her hair and jammed my cock in her throat hard. I realized that I was actually mad that she'd sexed Troy the way I told her to/forced her to. I fucked Caryn's throat in hard thrusts that left no doubt I was mad. I was still standing, so I kicked my jeans away from my ankles and sat back on the couch.

"Get over here and suck my cock. Did I say you could stop, Slut? Did I come in your slut mouth, slut? Did I?"

Caryn looked bewildered at the unfairness of it all. I leaned forward and grabbed the hair on the top of her head and gave it a hard shake. "I. Asked. You. A. Question. Slut. Are you fucking deaf?"

My hair twisting hurt her, and there was no doubt she was getting angry.

"No," she spit flatly. Her eyes stayed locked on my hard bobbing prick.

"No what, slut?"

"No Sir," she spat. Her face went bright red and I was sure she was going to start acting as pissed off as she looked.

"Are you a slut?" I leaned over and growled, nose-to-nose with her. Even though we were eye-to-eye, Caryn kept her eyeline low and submissive.

Caryn hesitated. "If you say so. Sir."

"What do you say? Do you think you are a slut?"

Caryn hesitated. "I don't know."

"You don't know? How many cocks have you sucked in the past hour?"

"I don't know, Sir. I don't know if you fucking my mouth counts as sucking your cock or not."

Looking back, it was probably a sincere point of inquiry. At the time, I wasn't sure how to play the putt, so I took the easy way out and smacked her face. Her mad face flashed into a blank face. A tear spilled and the wet rivulet started snaking down the crest of her high cheekbone.

"Suck," I commanded. "Suck my cock, you bed-hopping slut."

And she did. She bobbed her frustrating softsuck for a long time. The dominance and the anger made my cock feel five inches longer than it was.

"Get my come, slut," I growled. "Suck harder. Get my come."

Caryn sucked faster, but not any tighter. I needed her to suck just a little tighter.

"Did Troy fuck you?" I asked.

Caryn nodded and then continued sucking.

"Did he come in your pussy?"

Caryn shook her head no and kept sucking.

"And you sucked his cock, didn't you, slut?"

Caryn nodded and began to blush with shame again.

"How many times did you suck his cock?"

Caryn held up two fingers. Then her expression went askew and she held up three fingers."

"Jesus slut," I moaned. "You swallowed Troy's come three times?"

Caryn shook her head and held up two fingers. The come in my balls began to boil. there was a definite love-hate thing going on with getting a submissive suck from a girl telling me slutty true tales, even if Caryn was doing most of it with hand signals. I wanted more.

"You ever suck two cocks in the same day before?" I growled. "Slut?"

Caryn stopped sucking for a beat. Tears spilled over her cheek again. She resumed her suck. She nodded.

"Say it," I said. "Talk, Slut. Say it."

"Yes," she whispered around my cock head. "Yes sir."

"Yes sir what? Say it."

"Yessir, I've sucked more than one cock in the same day before."

"Good God, you fucking slut," I moaned. "Jesus. You whore. "

Caryn's face was crimson. She was absolutely humiliated to be forced to confess her secrets to me. But, for whatever reason, she could have just lied and she didn't.

"What's the most cocks you've sucked in one day?"

Carny hesitated again. Then she held up four fingers.

"No," I said. "I mean how many different cocks have you sucked in the same day. Multiples of the same suck don't count."

Caryn stared at my pubic hair and lifted the same four fingers up. Then she squeaked in her bashful little southern mouse voice, "Four, Sir. I've sucked four different cocks in one day."

I've boxed before. I've been punched so hard with a boxing glove that I've had the edges of my vision go black. That's pretty close to the sensation I experienced hearing Caryn say that she'd sucked four different cocks in the same day. I had no comeback. I was gobsmacked.

Caryn stopped sucking and took my prick shaft in her hand. For the first time she looked me in the eyes.

"I was raped," Caryn whispered.

"By four guys?"

Caryn's hand danced a little up and down my shaft. "Three guys," she said. "A man and two boys." Caryn's mouth danced over my cockhead and then came off. "The fourth guy was my boyfriend."

Rape is great fodder for a jerk story. I know you want the rape thing. You'll get the rape thing. But 19 Year Old Me, sitting on that broken couch, having just slapped his girlfriend, that wasn't a porn story. That was for reals. The fucktoy I had whored out to Troy and then abused while she sucked my cock told me that she had been raped by three guys. It was kind of a guilty gut punch. Takes a lot to make me feel guilty, but that was definitely one of the rare occurrences.

I sighed. I still had to come, but the air had gone out of a good Dom session. I reached down and jacked my cock at Caryn's face. Her sightline dropped back to the head of my cock.

"Tongue," I whispered. Caryn's tongue danced on tip of my bouncing cockhead. "Open your mouth," I said. "Wider. Get my come."

White ropes of sperm streamed onto the back flat of Caryn's tongue. I watched fold and swallow jet after jet before returning for more. After I pumped my last shot I melted into the couch and dropped my cock. "Clean it," I said. "Every drop."

Caryn ran the tip of her tongue over every cloudy white bauble on my shaft and cockhead. It was my first sperming of her mouth and it ended up being a great show.

She waited on her knees to see what would happen next. I leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. "Get dressed, willya?" I whispered.

That night we spooned on that awful couch. Caryn dropped away quickly. My mind raced. Somehow there was no doubt that Caryn was a stray kitten and -- for some stupid ass reason -- I had taken her in. She was not just my fucktoy. She was my responsibility to take care of the rest of the day, too. I momentarily considered trying to scrape her off on Troy. Make him responsible for Caryn and then slink away. But I knew that a submissive sex toy was going to be as easy to walk away from as a suitcase filled with $100 bills. I was stuck.

Chapter 18 - Meet the Parents Part One

This is a fast forward.

I remember the crazy sequence of events that followed that night with plenty of clarity and detail, but... yaknow... this is a jerk story after all, even if it's a long and wandering jerk story.

You don't give a flying fuck about character development. You just want to skip to the next episodic sex scene.

I understand. That's cool.

Here are a few details you need to know, and they are kind of important to the plot points that follow.

- Troy showed no further expectation for another freebie from Caryn. Odd, but he didn't. The remainder of our time in Troy's apartment was rather uneventful. Caryn stayed every night and he said nothing more about it.

- I did such a good job as a waiter at Chan's that my dishwashing days were behind me. I was promoted. More money in my pocket.

- I was happy as hell to get back in my dorm room.

- At least I was happy until Cliff broke the news. He was moving into his own room in a different dorm, the brand new dorm that most of the pre-law students had first dibs on. I was bummed. Turned out to be a HUGE blessing becaaaaaaaause...

- Caryn was served notice that she had flunked her way out of school. She had to vacate her dorm room. She was homeless once more. She didn't go home. She spent a week living with me in my dorm room. That's how long it took us to realize how fucking easy it was for a girl to live in a guy's dorm room without anyone asking questions. Yes, she took showers in the guys' bathroom. There were stalls and curtains in our shower room, not a big open Grecian bathhouse sausagefest. It wasn't unusual to see a guy standing guard at the shower room entrance while his girlfriend cleaned up. The college cafeteria validated using a little sticker on the back of our Student IDs. Caryn had got her sticker when she registered for second semester. Nobody asked for her student ID back, so Caryn's meals were taken care of. Her former Resident Assistant saw Caryn eating in the cafeteria at least once a day and she never said a word.

- Once Caryn had moved into my dorm room, I realized that the only person who might actually call me was Peggy. I unplugged my phone from the jack and threw it in the closet. I didn't want Caryn answering the phone while I was in class.

- Caryn absolutely lucked into a job working in the accounting department of the food services division of the college. Pay was pretty mediocre to start, but when you're living for free, 14 grand a year is a small fortune. It was in 1987. Caryn was assistant to the head accounting lady, and the head accounting lady was an old Scottish farmer's daughter herself and she absolutely adored Caryn. It was a huge turn of luck.

- I started training Caryn to fuck and suck to my standards. There was a lot of barking and spanking and some slapping. Caryn accepted it. She adjusted to the new normal. Sex got a lot better. Our relationship deepened.

- I did really well in my studies. My grades actually went from B's to straight A's. Constant sex was good for my brain.

- After Caryn banked her fourth or fifth paycheck, she started looking for her own apartment. There was no shortage of cheap housing around the college. She found an affordable furnished place that looked like the Ritz when compared to Troy's hovel apartment.

- Before I knew it, I was spending almost every night at Caryn's place. Once I started buying groceries with my tip money, we began calling it "our apartment." My insecurity about where I'd spend my Summers was solved. One day in late Spring I just gathered the last of my belongings, handed my dorm room key to my RA, and walked my stuff to Caryn's apartment. I ate at one of the the campus dining halls for the rest of the semester (Caryn and I walked there together), but I never went back to my room.

Right after school ended that year I met Caryn's mom and dad. It was a surprise. She never talked about her family (and I never talked about my family). Caryn met me at the door one day after class. She was so nervous that her neck was covered in hives. Her parents would be there in a few hours. I offered to clear out, but Caryn wouldn't hear of it. "No!" she shouted. "Don't go. Don't leave my side, okay?"

Ewwwwkay. Caryn's parents arrived in separate cars. I thought that was odd.

Her mom was tiny too. Same big tits. Same badonkadonk caboose. Caryn's mom had once been a looker, but she'd been worn hard by farm work and the crazy hours she had to maintain to keep livestock alive and fed. Her hair was too short for my tastes, almost butch. I like my girls to look like girls. Caryn's mom is the poster girl for why women should use all of those facial cremes and sunblocks (and maybe a little make up). If she'd taken better care of herself she would have been Certified-Prime MILF. Her body was still kickin'.

Caryn's dad was taller than the ladies, but not tall by guy standards. Maybe 5' 9" or 5' 10". He was broad in the chest and he had a tree-trunk neck that spread from his lantern jaw nearly to the tips of his shoulders. Caryn said he had boxed in the Navy and been pretty good at it. Caryn's dad had that ex-boxer look in his build and the ex-military look in his short hair. It was a little longer than a crop. I was long enough to make a tight wavy flip and roll on the right side of his forehead. Kind of a mini-cinnamon roll the color of a dunn cowhide. It was some style from another era and difficult to describe.

And, just as Caryn had once described him, her dad was an absolute rug. One of those guys with body hair from their scalp to the tops of their feet. He was one beleaguered Schick razor to-the-face away from being a Sasquatch. Caryn certainly came by her bunny-tail honestly.

Caryn greeted her folks with a couple of awkward hugs. I shook both of their hands. Maybe I was supposed to hug her mom, ya never know how you're supposed to play that one. Then her dad handed her the keys to a well-worn black 1981 Monte Carlo with 170K on the odometer. Bingo. Suddenly "we" had a car. Another stroke of good fortune.

We sat around the living room and made smalltalk. Her folks seemed like salt-of-the-earth types. There was no hostility when it became obvious that we were shacking up.

Caryn's mom offered to buy us groceries. Her dad talked me and Caryn's mom into making the grocery run while he and Caryn stayed at the apartment and caught up. Caryn stared daggers at me. I went along with it anyway. Free groceries, man. Who can argue with that?

Chapter 19 - Meet the Parents Part Two

Hours after Caryn's parents had departed for their home in Arkansas, Caryn was still mad at me.

"Oh c'mon," I said. "Get over it. You've got your own place. You've got your own car. You've got a live-in cocksman. What more could you want?"

"Just forget it, Scott."

Whooo. My given name. She was really furious.

I tried to negotiate a truce with her like a good boyfriend, I really tried. But bedtime rolled around and she was still slamming cabinet doors and huffing her way back and forth between rooms. So, of course, I dommed her.

She did not want to play her submissive role that night, so it took grabbing her by her neck and slamming her into the wall (shattering the plastic thermostat cover with the back of her skull) to pull her out of her reality and back into mine. I pulled her back into the bedroom by her hair and yanked her down into the floor at the foot of the bed.

"Strip," I barked. "Every stitch."

Caryn's face was crimson. She was pissed. She jerked her clothes off so quickly and angrily I was sure she was going to rip some seams. When she was buck ass naked she just knelt on the carpet and stared at the floor between her knees.

"Bitch-up," I barked. As we'd practiced so many times, Caryn went to all fours, her knees far enough apart that I could have mounted her from behind if I wanted. Her neck was hinged up to suck cock, if I approached from that direction. Her eyes were down, as she'd been taught. I merely circled her, admiring the perfection of her pose and the creamy curves of her upward ass and downward tits.

"Hold," I commanded. I leaned down and smacked her ass hard with my open palm, alternating ass cheeks. Most of the time I spanked her for play, but that night I wanted her to flinch so I had an excuse to rough her some more. I spanked her hard enough for the neighbors to hear. Her ass flesh rippled and turned as red as her angry face, but she took the swats and internalized the pain, the way I had taught her.

I walked over to the dressing chair in the corner of the room and pulled my pants off. I sat like a king in his throne. "Get over here, bitch," I growled. Caryn crawled between my legs and stopped with her nose less than an inch from my twitching cock head.

I grabbed my cock at the base and smacked the top front of it hard against Caryn's lips. Then her right cheek. Then her left. The cracking sound was delicious. It hurt her and felt great on my cock at the same time. Perfect!

"You seem to have some trouble remembering who you belong to, don't you bitch?"

"Apparently I do, Sir." Caryn's voice was quavering. It was hard to tell if she was sassing me, or just nervous.

"Why is that, bitch?"

"Because apparently you have some trouble remembering who I belong to. Sir."

"What the fuck is this?" I shook my head in disbelief. "You're still mad that you had to sit around and talk to your daddy for a couple hours without me chaperoning?"

Caryn opened her mouth to say something and then closed it.

"I asked you a question, bitch. I'm not going to ask it again."

"Yessir. I'm still mad," she said, now staring directly at my cockhead the way she was taught.

"Well get over it," I growled. "I'm your daddy now. I'm the daddy whose going to make you suck cock. Aren't I?"

"Yessir," Caryn spat. "But you won't be the first one today."

Bombs awaaaaaay.... Boom! I turned her words over in my confused head. "You're saying that your dad made you blow him? While your mom and I were out?"

Caryn looked up at me with murderous eyes. "I told you not to leave me alone with him."

Just that fast I grabbed my cockshaft and whipped a hard cocksmack across Caryn's teeth. "Eyes!" I shouted. Caryn's sightline dropped back to the cockhead dancing in front of her.

I was pretty horny and flushed with dom at that point. A wise man would have backed down. I doubled-down.

"So you sucked your own daddy's cock today, huh?"

"Yes sir."

"Did you fuck him?"

"No sir." Then, "He fucked me, though."

"Aw shit, you fucking daddy-sucking slut," I said with disgust. This was like the Troy debriefing, only on steroids. Her response was similar, but this time I could really see her fighting herself to stay submissive and play out all of my Dom rules. I could tell she wanted to grab her clothes and storm out of the apartment. She was not a happy camper.

"Show me how you sucked his cock, you daddy-sucking slut."

Caryn hesitated. "Exactly like I sucked him? Or from bitch?" she asked, referring to her current position on all-fours.

"Oh, let's see it exactly," I said. "Where did you suck him? Living room? Kitchen?"

"He sat on the edge of the bed," Caryn said. "Your side." She was taking delight in telling me the details, now that she could see I was offended too.

"You sucked your daddy in our bed?"

"I sure fucking did, Sir." An evil smirk formed at the corner of her mouth. Her little mouse voice was uncharacteristically loud and defiant. I passed on the urge to smack her and stood up. I walked to my side of the bed and sat down. "Here?" I asked.

"A little to your right."



"Show me where you were."

Caryn crawled her way between my legs and came up on her knees, still in the floor.

"And how does your daddy give you the command to suck? Does he say "Suck my cock, bitch?'"

"No sir."

"What does your daddy say?"

Caryn swallowed hard. "He says 'Show Daddy you love him, Carebear.' "

"Okay," I sighed. "Show your daddy you love him, Carebear."

Caryn knelt motionless but for her seething. For a moment I thought Caryn was going to bite my dick off and spit it in my face. I'd never seen her that mad before.

"Don't make me do it like this," Caryn said, looking up at me with big wet eyes. "Please. I've done everything you've ever asked. I've never told you "no' before. Please, Skip? Sir?"

I slapped her jaw. "Eyes!" I barked.

Angry tears began gushing down Caryn's face. She was so mad she had to talk between the teeth of her clenched jaw. "Well make up your mind, goddammit," she hissed. "Do you want me to suck you like I suck my daddy or not?"

"Exactly like you suck your daddy. Your other daddy."

"Well my Daddy wants me to look him in the eye while I suck."

"Fine. Show me."

Caryn sat there and stared at me.

"Well?" I said. "Get to it."

"I thought you'd want to say it again," Caryn said, her voice an angry vibrato, "Since you like to humiliate me so much."

I thought about this for a second and then remembered. "Show daddy that you love him, Carebear."

Caryn's head moved forward and my cock slipped past her lips. After a good six months of encouraging her to suck harder for my come and work her tongue against my cockface while she bobbed, we were back to her frustratingly gentle suck, the one she started with. Her eyes locked onto mine, still streaming furious tears.

"Is that how you suck Daddy?"

Caryn nodded.

"How did you ever get your daddy's come sucking like that?"

That was it for Caryn. She pulled a Peggy on me. She hopped up and stomped toward the pile of clothes she'd been wearing. I tackled her. Literally. Tackled her. My shoulder drilled low into her back and leveled her from behind. Her skull cracked against the square leg of the dressing chair as we skidded to a stop. I rolled her onto her back and sat on her tits, pinning her arms to the floor with my knees. I didn't punch, just slapped, but it was a hell of a brutal slapping. No backhands, just left hand, right hand, left hand, right hand. I lost count. I didn't stop until the defiance was gone from her face and there was a trace of crimson coating her teeth. My cock never softened. My forearms batted my cockshaft left and right as my palms repeatedly crossed Caryn's cheeks in a steady drumbeat.

I stood up over her. "Get back in position, Carebear," I growled. "Daddy still has come in his balls." I sat back down on the edge of the bed. It took two minutes for Caryn to woose her way back to a crawling position and start for me. And there she was. Back where she started with a swollen face.

:"You don't ever walk away from hard cock," I grumbled. "EVER!"

"No sir."

"No daddy. Call me daddy, Carebear."

"Yes Daddy," Caryn exhaled, defeated.

"Now show daddy that you love him, Carebear," I said.

Caryn resumed her soft suck and tried to keep her eyes locked on mine. At times the submission of her recent abuse got the better of her and she had a hard time looking me in the eyes.

"Now I asked you a fucking question," I continued. "How do you suck your daddy off with that awful soft suck of yours?"

Caryn sucked backwards to the head and talked around my cock the way Suzie had done and the way I subsequently taught Caryn to do. "I'm not allowed to make Daddy come with my mouth," she whispered. "Daddy says daughters shouldn't swallow their daddy's spunk."

"So your daddy never comes in your mouth?"

Caryn shrugged. "He has, but I'm not suppose to make him. Swallowing come is for whores. Not daughters."

"Did he come in your mouth today?".

"No Sir."

"No daddy."

"No daddy. My other daddy didn't come in my mouth today."

"Did he come in my pussy?" I asked.

"Yes, Daddy. My other Daddy came in your pussy. He made it his pussy, Daddy. He fucked me hard."

"Slut or bitch?" I asked. Slut was my Dom code for missionary. Bitch was doggy.

"Both," she answered.

"Which way were you when he came?"

"Bitch," she answered.

"God, you are a fucking slut, Carebear. A fucking double-daddy sucking and double-daddy fucking slut. Did you talk to him like this while you sucked and fucked him?"

"No Daddy," she said. Her face was really beginning to swell by that point and I knew she wasn't going to work for a couple of days. I really did a job on her. There was a line of blood drawing down her right shoulder and I knew that collision with the dressing chair had nicked her scalp. "He says daughters should just shut up and love their daddy right."

"Well..." I considered this. Her real daddy and I were just going to have to agree to disagree on the talking part. Her true-life incest story was driving me fucking batshit horny. "How long have you been sucking and fucking your own daddy, slut?"

Caryn's mouth bobbed up and down on my cock and her eyes dipped to the right as she called on her arithmetic memory. "Sucking since I was eleven, Daddy. Having sex with my other daddy since right after I turned fourteen. On my birthday."

"He was waiting for you to turn fourteen before he fucked your pussy?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"And then he couldn't wait, huh?"

"Yes, Daddy. I mean no, Daddy. He couldn't wait."

I was pretty wired. If Caryn had been "whore-sucking" the way that Suzie called it, I would have blown my wad. But her soft, "daughter suck" kept the come boiling in my balls. For all my frustration with her "daughter suck" It served an important purpose.

"So..." I turned it all over again in my head. "Your daddy gave you a car and expected you to sex him for it?"

"Yes, Daddy," Caryn said. "Exactly."

"And you did."

"Yes Daddy."

"Did he threaten to beat your ass? Like me?"

"No Daddy. He just expected it."

"And you just did it."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Why, slut? You like it? You like being your daddy's little whore?"

"No, Daddy." Caryn was getting angry again.

"So why do you keep sucking your Daddy's cock and fucking him, slut?"

"Because I always have. I don't know."

"You're such a submissive little slut you can't tell him no?"

Caryn sucked and slurped while she thought about this. "I guess not, Daddy."

"Jesus," I moaned. "What comes next? What did he do next after you sucked his cock for a while? Fuck you in slut position?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Show me where you were."

Caryn climbed onto the bed and lay on her back with her head pointed toward the foot of the bed and her toes curled and pointed at the headboard.

"Does he say anything before he mounts you?" I asked.

"No Daddy."

I pushed into her pussy. It was wetter than I expected. It was also hot and I knew her dad had fucked her pretty good. Hard enough to make her sore, which I seldom did.

"So he fucks you like this?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Always upside down on the bed like this?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Why upside down?"

"I don't know," Caryn grunted, "Why don't you ask him?"

I stopped fucking deep into Caryn's pussy and stared at her.

"I'm sorry," she said meekly. "I'm sorry, Daddy. Please don't beat my ass any more?"

"Watch your whore daddy-sucking mouth," I warned.

"Yes, Daddy."

I started to put hard fuckstroke deep into Caryn's twat. "So is his cock bigger or smaller than mine?" I asked. It was the most humiliating thing I could think to ask her at the moment. I'd asked many girls if my cock was bigger than some other guy's while fucking. I always got the same answer, which of course is why I asked it. At least until that night I daddy-dommed Caryn.

"Same," she grunted under my pounding.

I was stunned. I stopped fucking. "Same? Did you say same?"

"Yes Daddy. Your cocks are the same size. My other daddy's cock doesn't turn purple, but it's big like yours."

"Really?" I said. I started a slow thrust again.

"Yes Daddy. I wouldn't lie to you. Both my Daddys have big, thick cocks."

"Huhn," I said. "Bitch-up." I pulled out of Caryn and stood off the bed while Caryn rolled over and got on her hands and knees. When she settled on a position, again pointed toward the foot of the bed, I crawled up behind her and mounted her. I started a hard fucking pounding on her. It was almost a repeat of Troy. I was fucking her like I was mad. Because... well... I was kinda mad.

"So do you come when your daddy fucks you?" I grunted. "Do you squirt for him?"


"Sometimes?" I repeated.

"Sometimes I can't help it. Sometimes his cock is just so b-ooooh! Big and ha-- ouch! Hard. Jesus, Skip! I mean "Daddy.' Sometimes his cock gets so hard that I can't not come when he fucks me."

"You like to come on your daddy's cock?"

"Your cock, Daddy."

"No, your other Daddy."

"No, Daddy. I hate it when he make me squirt."

"Why do you hate it?"

"Because... Because he knows when he makes me orgasm and I hate that. It makes him think I like it."

"Well your pussy likes it," I said, temporarily neglecting my ownership pronoun.

"Sometimes a girl's pussy can't help it."

My brain flushed the last torrent of sex hormones into my bloodstream. My balls ratcheted tight. I felt the hot wave tipping tipping tipping...

"Did you come on your daddy's cock today?" I asked.

Caryn hesitated. "No," she said.

"You fucking lying slut!" I shouted. "Aren't you?"

"Yes," she sobbed. "I squirted and juiced on my other daddy's dick."

That was it for me. My cock flexed and began pumping bleached seed into the very back of Caryn's pussy. My ears tingled as the rush went up my spine and then back down my chest and stomach. Long after the last wet jet sprayed out of my come hole, I kept slamming balls into Caryn's clit, hoping against hope that she'd come too. She did not.

After I collapsed on the bed, Caryn got up and dressed. She walked into the bathroom and pulled her hair line apart to check the cut on her scalp in the mirror. As bad as I'd beaten and roughed her up, I wasn't sure what came next. Caryn applied some Mercurochrome to her he scalp ad and winced. Then she came to the bathroom doorway and stared at me like she wanted me dead. Of course, she probably did.

"So," she said tersely. "So now you know my big secret. You happy?"

I was still panting in post orgasmic bliss at that point.

"Mostly," I said. "Does, uh, is that uh... When you said you were raped, is that what you were talking about? Your dad? Or was that something else."

"No. I was talking about my dad."

"And when you said rape, you weren't talking rough, just a lot of incest?"

"Well, both. Rough and incest, but he wasn't always rough like you."

"Which means the other two guys, the boys you said... That means those were your brothers?"

"We better save that story for when your dick is hard again, Skip."

I looked at her. Her face was getting black by that time.

"You're not going to be able to go to work tomorrow looking like that."

"Yeah," Caryn said. "Thanks for that, Skip. I can't even leave the house looking like this."

I sighed. "Lay down," I said. "I'll make you an ice pack."

Chapter 20 - Confessions of a Wife Beater


I included the story about beating the shit out of Caryn 1.) Because it was wrapped around the important reveal of her incestuous past and 2.) Because it's true. I did it. Not proud that I did it, but sure as fuck, I did it.

So to say "Hey, that was a rare instance! Don't hate me! It never happened before or after that!" Bullshit.

It didn't happen very often. There were constant threats of violence, sure. There was a lot of spanking and some symbolic face slapping and a LOT of cockswats to her face because I loved the humiliation of that. I loved the way a solid cockswat crack-on-the-cheek sounded. I liked the feeling of the hot contact across the front of my prick. But that night was the only time I hit her hard enough to draw blood, and the cut on her head from the chair leg was a careless causality, but not intentional.

Either way, I own it. I did it. No excuses. Mea culpa. My bad, dude. When you live as a Dom, you're going to fuck up every once in a while. You gotta be ready to take the heat when you do.

Mostly our sex life was a lot of growling and head-games and intimidation through humiliation. I can't think of any time other than that night when I roughed her up above the neck so bad that she bruised. Lots of bruises and welts on her ass and tits, but not her face. And honestly there weren't that many angry rough-rough nights over the entire span of our years together. Maybe three? Four? One more biggy that we'll get to in just a bit, but even that rough sex was much more measured and controlled than the night Caryn's tried to walk away from her most humiliating sex session.

Ehn. Honesty or not, you won't believe a wife-beating daughter-raper. And you probably shouldn't.

But... After that night there was no doubt that I was ready to escalate any time Caryn was ready to challenge me or back talk me. Frankly, there was not a lot of back talk after that night. Not a lot of challenges. I bullied her to go where she wanted least to go. After that, there was no doubt that I owned her all the way to the deepest, darkest corners of her psyche.

I didn't get-off on the violence. I got off on her submission and humiliation. The violence was an insurance policy to ensure I got an uninterrupted supply of submissive suck and fuck. I'm sure it was that same low-hanging cloud of potential testosterone-induced violence which prevented Caryn from interfering with my own incestuous adventures.

Simply put, violence works in the short term. Love works in the long term. A good Dom knows how to blend both manipulations seamlessly.

Chapter 21 - Caryn's Incest Tale Introduction


The tale of Caryn's incest grooming played out in a string of short stories, one talky sex session at a time. The only times we talked about her past she was either whispering it out around my wet cockhead, or she was grunting it out while I pounded her twat. Most of it was revealed in question and answer format. Sometimes I'd go over the same details in four or five different sex sessions, asking slightly different questions each time until I felt I'd gotten the "real" story behind any particular aspect of Caryn's childhood sex life and I was certain there was nothing that she was hiding from me.

I've quilted her narrative together into one linear true (uh NOT true, NOT true. Did I say true? No. Not true.) tale of incestuous grooming.

*BEEP*BEEP*BEEP* WARNING: HEAD-HOPPING AHEAD. My failed attempts to recreate Caryn's story in third person weren't nearly as riveting as her own words. This is an echo of her real words and it also is a pretty clear insight into what our sex life was like between June of 1988 and March of 1989 when we eventually married. What follows is not a transcription, but damn close to her exact words cobbled together for either your enjoyment or your revulsion.

Chapter 22 - Caryn's Incest Tale Part One

Caryn said:

I can't remember Daddy not being "the boss." He was Mom's boss. He was my boss. I think about the way he terrified my brothers and part of me thinks I may have been the one member of the family who got off easy. Believe it or not, I got spanked a lot less than my brothers. Daddy whipped them with a long dowel rod that would welt the backs of their legs even if they had been wearing their Carhartts when Daddy beat them.

He spanked my mom a lot too when he said she'd done something wrong. At first when I was little, I heard him spanking her in their bedroom. When we got a little older he'd have the boys and I stand in the living room and watch him spank Mom really hard. He'd pull her jeans and panties down to her knees and just whack! Whack! Whack! Mom hated to cry, but daddy would just keep cracking his palm on her ass until she screamed for mercy. It was dumb for her not to just do that right away and save the bruises on her ass, but she always tried to hold out for some reason.

We only had one bathroom in the house, and if I was in the bathtub, somebody was always coming in to take a poop next to me while I was bathing. We didn't have a shower head, or even a working hot water tank. We had to heat up our own hot bath water from pots on the stove, so you didn't want a lot of water in the tub. A lot of water meant that you had to heat up and haul more hot water from the stove. And if the tub water was too deep, it just got colder faster. There was a point where if you tried to take a deep bubble bath, it wouldn't work at all. By the time you got more hot water heated on the stove and poured, you were pouring it into ice water. So it was easier to just get the tub deep enough to cover my butt. At that point when I lay down in the tub it was deep enough to lean back and wash my hair or rinse the soap off my chest.

There was no curtain around the tub. If you were in the bathroom when somebody was bathing you couldn't help but see everything. Daddy could see everything. And he'd watch me bathe too. Stare at me. The older I got, the more he stared.

I tried to tell him that I didn't want him coming in the bathroom while I was taking a bath, but he wouldn't hear of it. He said things were different on a farm and farm families had to leave certain niceties to the pages of Emily Post.

Sometimes after he'd flush, he'd stand up and his big hairy wiener would be poking straight out, big as life. He'd wash his hands in my tub water and use my bar of soap. Then he'd tell me to stand up and he'd soap all over my legs and ass with his big foamy hands. But he didn't touch my pussy when I was little. He looked at it a lot, but he never really played with it or molested it. He was most interested in my ass. I guess at four or five, it was the only curve I had. Shape of my hip bones, I guess. I always had a round butt, even when I was little.

Sometimes if he didn't come in and watch me in the tub, he'd come into my room right after I walked back in from the bathtub and "inspect me." He'd make me drop the towel in the floor and stand on it. Then he'd run his hands through my wet hair like he was looking for bugs. Or he'd sniff me like a dog. Sometimes he'd lift me on the bed and push my heels back and stick his big nose in my ass crack or my cunt and sniff me. "You'd better stay squeaky clean for Daddy, Carebear," he'd say in this really ominous, serious dad-voice. I'd nod.

But that was it. Staring and soaping and sniffing. That was all he did. At least until I was about eight and a half. That's when one night at supper he told the family that there was a new arrangement and every Thursday night I was going to sleep with Daddy and Mommy in their bed and every Tuesday night, I was going to sleep with Daddy by myself. Mom was going to sleep in my bed by herself.

He told us kids that the arrangement was a family matter between farm kin, and none of us were to speak a word of it to anyone at school or in town. No jawing with our friends. I mean, it really seemed strange, but then again, the way Daddy said it, it was like it was supposed to be completely normal.

Once I started sleeping my nights in Daddy's bed, it really was almost was normal. If it was just me in the bed with him, he'd kiss my cheek and then crash dead asleep. If it was Thursday, he'd kiss Mom good night and then me. Then he'd drop off to sleep instantly. Given the hours he kept working the pigs and the dairy cows, that wasn't unusual.

Then, one Thursday, after maybe six months of "Goodnight, Jen, Goodnight Carebare. Zzzzz," one night my Mom came to bed last (she always was the last one in the bed) and Daddy said, "Jen, get down and work my pecker."

My mom looked at him and she looked at me. "Hurry up, goddammit," he growled. He pushed his own pajama bottoms down and his dick was already hard and huge pushing way out from the nest of his ball hairs. I was so embarrassed. I turned away and looked out the window while I heard my mom crawl into bed and start a wet slurping on Daddy's dick. After ten minutes I heard my Daddy's breathing get real rapid and then he said "Swallow, Whore," matter-of-factly. A couple seconds later the lamp on my mom's side of the bed clicked dim and Daddy was snoring again. After about the third time that happened, it wasn't as shocking any more. Just weird. Sometimes he'd make her stop sucking and then go through some sex positions while I lay there looking the other way and trying to ignore the bed bouncing.

So that takes us up in time to when I was just about nine years old. Every two or three weeks, Mom and Dad would have sex next to me. Not every Thursday. Just sometimes.

When Daddy and I were alone in the bed, he still didn't really do anything sexual. Not for a little while longer. Just after I turned ten, one Tuesday night when it was just us in the bed, he stopped me before I got in the bed. He had me take off my pajamas. For the first time that he wasn't sexing my mom, he kicked his pajama bottoms all the way off and tossed them out of the bed. Then he had me hold out my hands so he could look at my fingers. He said my fingernails were too short and too many of them were broken. He told me that from that night on, I better not bite them and I better grow them long and keep them pretty like Mom kept her nails. Well, keeping long fingernails on a farm is just this side of impossible. Long fingernails are for city girls with money and moms who buy them nice dresses and hold their birthday parties in a tumble-gymnasium. I told Daddy I'd try. Daddy said I'd do better than try, or the he'd spank me in the living room in front of my brothers, just like he did to Mom.

Then that night was the first night he had me scratch his balls. He had me lay in the crook of his left arm with his left hand stroking at my left elbow, and then with my right hand hand I had to reach down and find his nuts and lightly run my fingernails over them. I was so terrified that I was going to accidentally touch his dick, I always put my hand way down by his thigh and then pulled up the inside of his thighs until my knuckles bumped against his fuzzy ball sack. Then really gently I'd just claw my fingernails in and out over his balls until they got really tight and Daddy would eventually start to shiver and jerk and eventually say it was too much. He'd rub at the gooseflesh on his arms and legs. Then he'd kiss me and go to sleep, both of us naked. Sometimes he'd rub my butt for a few minutes before he drifted off. I kind of liked that part. Butt-rubs were comforting after they stopped being weird.

Everything that was weird eventually stopped being weird after enough repetition.

And that's the way things stayed for a while longer, that's how my Tuesday nights went after I turned ten.

I saw Daddy's half-hard dick swinging back and forth as he got into bed before he reached over and turned out the light. Then it was dark. My hand was under the sheets. Scratching sessions never lasted more than fifteen minutes before he'd get too tickled and make me stop. I kinda started to like the ritual. Not so much that I had to scratch my own dad's balls every Tuesday night, but I liked the way he'd hold me tight and rub my arm while my fingernails danced around the stiff hair follicles bumps that popped up on his sack after it went tight. He really seemed to like it, and he was less bossy around me the rest of the day after I started scratching his balls, so I liked that. But it didn't go any farther than that. He'd kiss me on the cheek and then he'd roll over and go out like a light.

Again, it wasn't that long until the "weird" of it went away. It was just another Daddy ritual, like him coming in to watch me take a bath or soaping my body, or sniffing at my ass and pussy after I got back to my room after bathing. It wasn't "sex." It was just the way it was. I didn't think about it as being sex or sexual. Just Daddy's way. Even when he started soaping my chest and impatiently pulling at my non-existent flat nipples when he bathed me, it didn't seem sexual. It was just Daddy's way.

After three months or so of scratching Daddy's balls every Tuesday night, one Thursday night at dinner he made my mom and I stand up from the table and show him our fingernails. Mom had just finished filing and painting her nails before dinner and they looked perfect. I don't know how she managed to keep perfect fingernails, but she did. She also seemed to know the inspection was coming that night. She couldn't have been that lucky.

Me, I'd been doing fabulously at growing my nails out. Daddy had noticed how perfect my ball scratching had become with my longer, emery-shaped tips. But earlier that day I'd almost let the piglets in Charlie Barn squirt past me and into the slop yard. Rounding up piglets in a big yard is next to impossible. Some of the boars and barrows were still in the slopyard and they'll eat the piglets before they'll eat slop. As the little fuckers tried to get past my boots, I panicked a little. I kicked 'em back and made a couple of claws at the gate before their little bumping heads could knock it all the way open and I broke two fingernails and the thumbnail on my left hand. Not even my ball scratching hand. I don't know why Daddy picked that night for inspection, but he had to know. Maybe he saw my fingernails as I ate dinner. The fact that my mom had just dressed her tips up make me think it was already planned before that.

"Caryn, you've disobeyed me," Daddy said, real deep and serious. "I gave you very clear instructions on how you were to keep yourself groomed, but you saw fit to disregard my wishes. You will be spanked in the living room at exactly eight o'clock tonight. Gip. Stevie. You are going to watch your sister get punished tonight."

Then he looked at me. "Take off your clothes, Caryn."

"Here? Now?"

"All of them," he said.

"Where should I put them?" I asked. I stood there, completely dizzy in disbelief. He didn't really mean for me to strip naked in the kitchen with the lasagna still bubbling in the Corningware? Yep. It turns out he did.

He had me hand him my top. Then my cammy. Then my socks. Then my jeans. Finally my panties. My brothers just looked at my naked body like I was some kind of alien. I was so embarrassed that I was beet red from my ears to the soles of my feet. "When can I have them back?" I asked.

"Tomorrow morning," Daddy said. "You won't need clothes again before then. After I'm done spanking your ass, you're not going to want any clothes touching your skin anyway."

"And you two," My daddy said, pointing at my brothers with the prongs of his fork. "I know you two are a little younger than your sister, but you are both responsible for helping me keep Caryn in my good favor. Your mother too, for that matter, but I want you to two to start with Caryn."

My two little brothers were seven and eight at the time. They just kept staring at my nudity with big purple question marks spinning around their head.

"Do you understand what that means?"

Neither of them had a clue, but both of them nodded that they understood.

"That means," my daddy continued, "That it falls to both of you to make sure that Caryn and your mom are thorough about their hygiene habits. You're both responsible for making sure the are wearing clean panties, no stains, no blood spots and no crotch rot. That means you both are responsible for making sure the women around here smell like women and not pig ranchers. You'll supervise their bathing and make sure every inch of them is scrubbed clean. It means that when you catch either one of them in a state of slovenliness or unkemptness, you will report it to me immediately. Soon I'll authorize you to administer punishments on my behalf, but not just yet. Are we clear? Gip?"

"Clear sir," Gippy said.


"Clear?" Steve answered as if uncertain as to whether there was a trick question involved.

It would be a few years before Daddy's expectations of the boys were really and truly clear, but, like any good farmer, Daddy knew you had to train your farmhands just as much as you had to start training your livestock when they were calves and piglets, even when you had no real expectation that either'd take to the training right away.

Daddy and the boys were farmers.

Mom and me, we were livestock. Fancy indoor livestock.

That night at eight o'clock, I was pretty sure my dad let the wood burning furnace in the living room go cold on purpose. It was freezing in there as I sat naked on the couch and waited to star in the big show. My brothers were watching Dukes of Hazzard next to me, but they didn't even really look at me. At least not at my body. They did keep looking at my eyes and smirking. If I was in trouble with Daddy, that meant they probably were safe from his cane for the time being.

Daddy came in from milking the cows about ten after eight. Then he made some coffee and peed. Time absolutely stood still. Mom walked in the room next to him when he finally came in for me. Her hands were on her hips and she was looking stern at me like she was mad at me too for breaking my fingernails.

Daddy pulled the ladderback chair he used for spankings away from the wall and into the center of the room. That sound of the back legs of the spanking chair vibrating across the plank floor as Daddy dragged it to the middle of the room is still the most awful sound I can think of.

"Caryn, get your ass off the couch and kneel right there," he ordered, pointing at the hard wooden floor to his left. I did. The floor was even colder than the couch and I shivered with chill as well as anticipation and fear.

"And you, Jennifer," Dad growled. "Get your clothes off. All of them. Then kneel right there." This time he pointed to his right. It was the same positions we had when we both slept in his bed. Mom on the right. Me on the left.

Mom's jaw hinged open. She may have been tipped off to the inspection, but she obviously didn't see this part coming.

"W-w-why?" she stammered. "I didn't do anything wrong."

"So you say," Daddy said. "And I said for you to get your whore clothes off and get your fucking knees into the floor right where I just told you." Daddy's tone-of-voice made it clear that Mom shouldn't test him. She started stripping down and laying her clothes over the back of the couch.

The boys didn't look at me naked. I guess there wasn't much to see with me not even being eleven. But when my mom pulled off her bra, their eyes zoomed right to her big jugs. They were fascinated with her tits. They didn't even look for more than a few seconds at her dark-honey pussy bush when she stepped out of her panties. Their eyes bounced right back on her breasts. Big eyes. Big tits give boys big eyes, I guess. My mom had really big tits too, as you know since you've seen her. Ten years ago they were still pretty firm and impressive. They hung high on her shoulders and had that upturn thing going with her nipples that guys like so much. Boys too, apparently.

My mom took her place on her knees where Daddy had pointed.

"Sons, watch closely," Daddy said. "This is what you're both going to need to know when you've got women of your own. Caryn!"

I about jumped out of my skin.

"Caryn," he said, "Stand up and get over here." Daddy patted his right thigh. I jumped up and walked round to his right side as I'd done a hundred times before. I started to lean over his lap like I always did and he stopped me.

"No," he said. "Wait. Wait for my command. When I want you over I'll say 'over.' Got it?"

I nodded.

"Present yourself to me," he said. I had no idea what he was talking about. He'd never said that before. Daddy didn't wait before he started telling me what he wanted. "Put your hands behind your back. No, all the way. Grab your right wrist with your left hand. That's it. Shoulders back. Good. Now put your legs apart. More. No more. So they are under your shoulders. NO! Stop looking down and look at me. Just get your legs apart. Good. I should be able to put my fingers right into this twat here," he said. For the first time ever he touched the deep insides of my pussy. He pushed a flat, sideways hand between my legs and sawed the top of his index finger back and forth across my inner pussy. Of course I jumped. Just that fast Daddy pulled out his hand and slapped it across my right hip.

"Stand still! Get your feet apart, goddammit. LOOK AT ME!"

I tried to do everything at once. Suddenly I had to pee really bad and I was afraid I was going to let it go right there on the TV room floor.

Daddy's hand went right back between my legs and this time he pinched a big wad of what little folds I had in my pussy at the time. Not much. I still don't have a lot of folds down there and I had even less at ten. My clit wasn't as big then, but Daddy got all of it. Daddy's pinch hurt so bad. It was like being stabbed.

"This here is mine," Daddy said, pulling his pinch back and forth so that it was excruciating. "And it's mine until the day I walk you down the aisle, you got it?"

I nodded.

Daddy looked at Gip and Steve on the couch. "You see, Sons, girls aren't really happy unless they are owned. They're like dogs. If you leave them to themselves, there's lots of fighting and nipping and bullshit as they have to try and figure out who the boss dog is. Well not in this family. Who's the boss dog in this family, Caryn?"

"You, Daddy," I squeaked.

He looked down at my Mom in the floor. She was staring off into space. I could tell she wasn't happy.

"Who is the boss dog in this family, Jennifer?" Daddy asked Mom.

"You are," Mom whispered. "You are the boss dog."

"Well if I'm boss dog," Daddy pondered, "What does that make you, Jennifer?"

Mom sighed and mumbled something.

"What?" Daddy roared.

Mom sighed again. "I'm your bitch."

"Well are you?"


Daddy shook my twat meat between his fingers once more. I was sure that I was going to pee on his hand at any moment.

"And you?" He looked at me. "What does that make you?"

"I- I- I- I'm your b-bitch too?" I said, hoping against hope that I had given him the right answer.

"Goddamn right you are," Daddy said. At some point after he came in from the barn he must have chugged a beer because I could smell it when he talked right in my face.

Daddy stopped pinching my clit meat and started rubbing his hands back and forth between my legs again, the top ridge of his hand pressed against my cunt hole as it moved back and forth. He turned to the boys again. "The reason you check a girl before you spank her," he said, "Is to make sure they don't have a wet pussy. If they have a wet pussy before you spank them, that's not pee, that's sex juice and it means the girl is a whore because she likes being spanked. Yeah, I know it's hard to believe, but some girls like being spanked. Once that happens you have to spank them much harder to make your point. Now so far, Caryn is a good girl. No pussy juice at all." Daddy held up his hand to the boys so they could see it was dry.

"Okay," Daddy said, resigned. "Over my lap, Caryn."

Another first: As I fell over Daddy's knee, his left hand shot up into the back of my hair and grabbed a big bunch of it. As if being the unhappy volunteer in a public spanking clinic wasn't submissive enough, I really felt Daddy's complete power over me as he pulled my head back on my neck.

"Nice flat hand," Daddy showed the boys. I couldn't see. "Like a brickbat. Flat and firm."

Then the spanking started. Aside from the complete nudity and the humiliation and my audience, it wasn't any more brutal of a spanking than Daddy's usual swats. It didn't go on any longer. He didn't seem to swat any harder. I started crying right away the way I always did. It still hurt. It hurt from the start. But he wasn't spanking me like he was mad.

I felt Daddy's cock poking into my stomach. That wasn't the first time I noticed daddy's erection when he spanked me, but it was really pointy and uncomfortable.

After he finished swatting my ass, he hinged me back up to my feet by my hair and pointed to my spot on the floor. I didn't stop bawling, even after I was back on my knees. I had to pee worse than ever. Daddy called Mom over and I don't know if she'd ever been spanked before in accordance with the Daddy spanking ritual I'd just endured, but she'd watched me get yelled at and she went right into a perfect attention stance right away when Daddy said, "Present yourself to me, Jennifer."

"Again, boys, you give 'em a quick check to make sure they aren't a whore and..." Daddy rubbed his hand into Mom's bush and stopped cold. "God damn it," Daddy said disgusted. "God damn it. Now this is exactly what I was talking about, boys. Your god damn mom has a pussy dripping with slippery whore juice. Don't you, whore?"

I'd never seen my Mom blush so deeply red before. She blushed all the way from her forehead to her boobs. "Yes," she said softly.

"Don't tell me, hell I already know you're a whore. Tell them," Daddy said, his head tilting toward the boys. "Tell your sons that you are a wet pussy whore. G'head. Say it."

Mom's eyes were pointed toward Gip and Steve, but her focus was a mile behind the couch. "I'm a wet whore," Mom said robotically.

"Who do you belong to, Whore?" Daddy asked her.

Mom turned, "I belong to you."

"We'll see about that, Whore," Daddy said. "Now over!"

Daddy's hand went into the back of Mom's hair the way he did to me. He jerked her over his knees. Once she dropped onto his lap he let go of her hair long enough to pull Mom's tits so they were over his left thigh. Of course, Mom is so short, her tits didn't really go over the thigh. They just kinda went into the top of it and she balanced on them like two big springs.

"There's a world of difference between a good girl who just went astray, like your sister there," Dad was talking to the boys again, "and a whore like this one here. So there's a difference between the way you punish them. See, when a whore like your mother starts to like her spankings, then you have to spank her even harder. Sometimes you're not going to want to do that. Sometimes it's a lot of work for you and hell, it might even hurt your hand to spank a whore hard enough to get through to her. But if you don't it's like letting a Bull into your bedroom. Sooner or later they're going to think they run the place."

Daddy started spanking Mom so hard that the cracking sound hurt my ears. He absolutely blistered her bottom. Mom usually held out a couple of minutes before she cried. That night she started screaming about five swats into the spanking. Jesus. She thrashed on Daddy's lap. Mom never thrashed. She always took the spanking. But that night she couldn't help it. Her self-preservation instinct kicked in and her legs started to bicycle and her neck strained back and forth against Daddy's steel grip on her head. Even the boys on the couch looked like they were going to cry as they watched in shock.

After an eternity, it ended. Mom must have taken fifty or more swats. He doubled whatever my spank count was, for sure.

Just like me, mom was hitching and sobbing after Daddy put her back in her spot on the floor.

Daddy stood up. His erection was just about to pop out of the top of his pants. I sighed relief. Finally it was over. My ass was on fire, but my heart was comforted that I was a little closer to getting back to "normal" (and maybe to the bathroom). The optimism didn't last very long.

"Gip," Daddy said plainly, "You're up, son. C'mon. Take a seat in the boss chair."

Mom and I both turned to look at Daddy with the same look of disbelief at the same time.

Gip eased off the couch cautiously and walked toward the chair in the middle of the room.

"C'mon," Daddy said. "Cowboy up. Take the chair like you own it. That's good. Good. Now call your sister up."

Gip looked from my Daddy to my Mom and then to me. Then back at Daddy.

"For cryin' out loud, I wanna get to bed sometime tonight, Son," Daddy growled.

Gip didn't look like the man of the house. He looked like a nine year old boy. "Sister," he squeaked. "Come stand here."

I was floating. Not in a good way. It was a total dream. I couldn't feel my feet. My brain told me I was standing up and walking toward Gip, but the only thing that wasn't numb was my bladder.

"Check her twat," Daddy nodded at Gip.

Gip's tiny index finger poked out and moved slowly toward my pussy. He didn't want to touch it. After a hesitation he just poked once into the top of my slit, way high over my clit.

"Naw, dammit," Daddy growled. "Getcha some. C'mon, boy." Daddy reached down and grabbed Gip's wrist and pulled it upward and toward me so that his knuckles crashed against my pink. It didn't hurt, but I came very close to peeing on Gip's hand.

"There you go. There you go," Daddy encouraged him. Daddy dropped Gip's wrist and Gip maintained the charade of rubbing my twat a moment longer.

"Is her pussy wet or dry?" Daddy asked.

"Uhm, dry, I guess."

"Good." Daddy said. "Good girl."

Daddy didn't have to prompt Gip for what came next.

"Caryn, get over," Gip said, imitating Daddy. I saw Daddy smile as I leaned over and Gip grabbed my hair and pulled me down onto his thin little lap.

"How many spanks?" I heard Gip ask.

"However many spanks you think she needs," Daddy said. "Just remember that she's not a whore. She just made a mistake. But it's your call, son."

If Daddy hadn't already spanked me, I might not have even cried at Gip's effort. As it was, I shed a few tears, more from the humiliation of being spanked over the lap of my little brother than from the strikes to my backside. Gip just warmed my ass a little and he didn't spank me very long at all.

"You done?" Daddy asked.

"Yeah?" Gip wasn't sure if he'd really spanked me enough for Daddy's satisfaction.

"Well, don't just leave her hangin' there, Son. Put her bitch-ass back down on the floor."

"Oh yeah," Gip brightened. "Caryn, get your butt back on the floor!" My brother was growing bigger balls by the minute.

I rolled back up and off Gip and took my place kneeling in my spot on the floor. Gip watched me all the way down. He had a little self-satisfied smirk that he'd got over on his bossy big sister, that's for sure. He made sure I saw him smile.

"Okay, okay," Daddy barked. "Move it along. We've got cats to kill and contracts to fill, Son. Get on to the next one."

Gip froze. "Y-y-you mean Mom?"

"Well," Daddy hemmed, " 'Mom' is kind of a title of respect. Like 'Dad.' Or 'Captain.' Or 'Reverend.' Right now that spit-tail in the floor is either a bitch or a whore. Probably a wet pussy whore, but you can't tell that from where you are just yet. So... Give 'er the benefit of the doubt. Address her as Bitch. But get to moving. C'mon."

Gip gulped. His mouth smacked dry. "Bitch, stand up and get over here," he said to Mom. Mom looked like she was going to die of shame. She stood up off the plank floor and walked real slow towards Gip. Then she just stood there.

"Bitch," Gip said, louder this time. "Get your hands behind you... Present to me."

You could see on Mom's face that she knew we were all crossing a line, a line she'd likely never see the other side of it again.

Daddy chuckled and nodded encouragingly. "Good! Good boy!"

"Get your legs wider, Bitch," Gip said. He sounded phony, but Daddy was eating it up. Mom gave up. She stepped her legs apart and put her shoulders back and pushed out her tits.

Gip stuck his hand into Mom's pussy and then stopped. His eyes got big. "It's wet!" Gip exclaimed. His hand started moving around and we could all hear the sound of wet pussy lips popping and slipping about Gip's fingers. With the wood stove heater not burning, the room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop, so the sound of Mom's pussy sliding around Gip's hand might as well have been fireworks.

"Well dammit Son," Daddy shook his head, "Don't be so damn happy that your mother is a whore."

"Oh," Gip said, removing his hand. He was obviously reluctant to cross the next line of ordering our mother over his lap.

"You can touch 'em," Daddy said. "You know you want to."

"What?" Gip asked.

"You know you want to touch the whore's tits. G'head. You used to suck on 'em. Take your little trip down Memory Lane and let's get this show on the road. Give 'em a good feeling up."

Gip's jaw dropped open like a slobbering fool as he reached to his right and grabbed one of Mom's tits in each of his hands. He was gentle but insistent. Gip tested their weight. He tested their flexibility. His grip went everywhere on Mom's chest but her nipples, which were poking out pretty far. Then Gip went for her nipples, tugging them in stereo. Twirling them between pinched fingers.

Little Stevie on the couch had eyes the size of pie plates as he watched Gip manhandle Mom's knockers. He stared and pulled at the jeans over his dick as if none of us were watching him play with himself. He was in another world.

"Okay, okay," Daddy said to Gip. "Get on with it."

Then Mom was over Gip's lap. Her tits spilled over the side Gip's left leg, but Gip still reached down and pretended to move them into position, even though all he did was feel her up some more.

Gip didn't exactly follow orders because he didn't swat Mom any harder or any longer than he spanked me. Daddy didn't have to tell him to order Mom back into her spot on the floor. He just did it. When Gip stood up out of the chair he had a boner poking up in his pants too.

Stevie took his place on the chair and ordered me up. When he stuck his hand in my pussy he accidentally put his ring finger right into my pussy hole. It was a total accident, but that was just too much for me. I flinched hard and that was enough that I couldn't help but pee one squirt before I could pinch the flow off again.

Stevie's queasy little smile vanished and his eyes looked like he'd caught Santa in the act of rolling a bicycle beside the Christmas tree. "Dad!" he shouted. "She's wet! Care-Care is a whore!"

Thank God, Daddy just rolled his eyes and made a winding motion with his fingers. "Yeah, yeah. Get to it, Son. Let's go."

"No, really," Stevie said, "Caryn's a wet pussy WHORE!"

"Son," Daddy shook his head. "If you don't start busting ass and busting it right now, you're going to lose spanking privileges in this house. Get at it."

I fell over Stevie's lap without being ordered and without him grabbing my hair. He spanked twice as many swats as Daddy and Gip but his hits were so high on my butt that they were almost on my back. It didn't hurt one bit and I made a point not to make a sound, just to show Stevie that he was a shitty spanker.

"That's enough," Daddy said, getting impatient. "Caryn, getcher bitch ass in the floor. Whore, assume the position."

Stevie stuck his fingers into Mom's pussy for ten seconds and then went straight for her boobs. Mom took a lesson from me and just dropped over Stevie's lap without being ordered. It cut the boob mauling short. Daddy didn't say anything and Stevie didn't do a very convincing job of spanking Mom either.

"Enough," Daddy said, looking at his watch. "Boys, you finish up your chores. Stevie you've got the late feeding for the pigs in Baker barn and Gipper, you milk tomorrow at 3:30 in the morning. And I mean 3:30. Those cows get mastitis because you oversleep and I'll take the vet bill out of your hide." Daddy took turns looking between Mom and me once more and then checked his watch again. "All you bitches and whores in the floor, you have exactly three minutes to get your respective asses up in my bed. One second late and we'll do this all again, only you'll be tits-up and I'll put a nice rosy spanking on a couple of pussies. Got it?" He looked at his watch a third time. "Go!"

It was all I could do to not pee on my own feet as I jumped up. With only three minutes to get upstairs, making it to the toilet first was going to be a gamble, but I had no choice. I ran straight for the bathroom door. Unfortunately Mom was positioned three steps closer and she ran for it too.

"Mooooom! Noo!" I shrieked in panic. "I can't wait. I have to go now!"

I followed her into the bathroom and began to cry when she spun around and dropped on the toilet seat. Her face crinkled in sweet relief and I heard the spray of pee hit the water. That just made it worse for me.

"Sorry, honey," Mom gasped out. "You're on your own."

"Mom!" I shrieked in anger.

"Pee in the tub," Mom nodded at the bathtub. "You better hurry. He'll do what he says he'll do. It hurts a hell of a lot worse on your kitty than it does on your ass, believe me."

I was not going to pee in the tub. I stormed out of the bathroom thinking that somehow, somehow I'd hold it until the lights were off and then sneak down and pee after Daddy dropped off to sleep. Four steps out of the bathroom the stabbing in my bladder doubled me over. Instead of going up the stairs, I turned the other way and bolted out the back door. I think it was December then. So, completely naked and freezing I swung under the iron railing to the concrete steps at the back of our house and just stuck my butt out and pissed like a racehorse into the yard. I heard a mad mewling and I realized that I was pissing right on top of one of the cats in the dark. Too bad. I didn't even finish peeing. After enough pain subsided and I started getting nervous about the time, I just squeezed it off and ran in the house and right up the steps. I left the back door to be closed by one of the boys later. Up the steps and into Daddy's room. I jumped over Mom and onto my side of the bed like I was Supergirl. I panted and looked at my Mom. She stared at the ceiling, making a point not to look at me.

Daddy, that asshole, he didn't even come upstairs for another fifteen minutes. I could have finished peeing. Hell, I could have just waited to use the toilet.

But as Mom said. We both had no choice but to always take Daddy at his word.

Daddy strolled in, the long line of his erection still a diagonal line pointing to his right hip. He started shucking his clothes and I turned and faced the window. I knew Daddy wasn't going to bed until Mom sexed him. Not with that bulge, he wasn't.

"Carebear," he growled. "Turn over here."

I rolled on my back and looked over at him as he pushed his skivies down and his big penis momentarily caught on the waistband and then smacked up against his hairy flat stomach.

"No more turning away from me when it's bedtime," he said to me. "It's disrespectful and it stops tonight."

He stared at me, waiting for a response. I nodded. I tried to look him in the eye so I didn't have to see his big twitching wiener or his hairy balls. It was one thing to scratch his balls in the dark, under the covers, but it was another thing altogether to see his dick when it was hard and long and thick as a blue ribbon cucumber. It bounced up and down without him walking or touching it. Menacing. That's the word. Daddy's dick seemed really menacing. He crawled over Mom and plopped between us on the bed.

Mom reached for the lamp switch beside her.

"And just what the hell do you think you are doing, Whore?" Daddy growled.

"You want the light on?" Mom asked innocently.

"Quit fucking around, Jen. Get down and work my pecker."

Mom pulled out from under the covers and crawled between Daddy's legs. She reached for his dick and I rolled back away from watching.

"Goddammit, you little bitch," Daddy shouted. I flinched. "What did I tell you?"

I looked back over my shoulder to make sure he was talking to me. He was. He was staring daggers at me.

"Sorry, Daddy, I said, shifting to my back again.

"Enough with the 'Sorry Daddy,' " he mocked. "Get out from the covers. Now get up on your knees."

I came to my knees on the mattress and my hands laced between my knees like I was going to pray.

"Come closer," Daddy said, patting the mattress to the left of his hip. "No closer. Closer, goddammit! Put your knees so they touch my hip. Yeah. Like that."

I had smelled Daddy's balls on my fingers after I'd scratched his balls before. That weird man-smell. Good and bad at the same time smell. Kind of like lamb chops, is what Daddy's ball smell reminded me of. Kneeling there I could smell it again, but a little different. It was mixing with the smell of his cock. Not stinky smell, but like the smell of a smoldering campfire mixed with salt and puppy fur. I know that sounds crazy, but it had that combination of clean and musky scent that you smell on a puppy's head.

Once I was in position, Mom reached up and grabbed Daddy's "pecker," hinging it upward until it pointed at the ceiling.

"No," Daddy said. "Not you." He looked at me. "You. Pick my pecker up, right in the middle."

I'd tell you I hesitated, but I really didn't. I just reached out and closed my fingers around the middle of Daddy's dick. His penis skin was so soft, but it was so bumpy with veins and so hard. And warm. I didn't expect it to be so warm.

"Tilt it up. More," Daddy said, firmly but evenly. "More. So it points to the ceiling."

I didn't expect Daddy's dick to have that much spring in it. It was actually an effort to pull it up and hold it away from his body. Mom made it look effortless, but Daddy's dick seemed to want to be pointing at his face instead of the ceiling.

"There," Daddy said. "Good girl, Carebear. You're a good girl. Squeeze. Harder. No, squeeze really hard. It won't hurt me."

Daddy had a piece of exercise equipment that was a thick spring between two hand grips that you held in one hand. He seldom watched television, but when he did, he'd grab that gripper thingy from the lampstand beside his chair and just pump it and pump it to strengthen his hands. Daddy made it look so effortless, I wondered why he even bothered. Then I tried it one day and I couldn't get the grippers to move at all, not even using two hands.

Trying to squeeze Daddy's big dick was a lot like trying to squeeze his hand exercisers. I just didn't have the finger muscles to do it right.

"You're getting it," he said. All three of us watched the big mushroom top of his pecker plump bigger when I squeezed. "That's it, Carebear. Now while you're doing that I want you to pull up on the cock meat. Just a little. Squeeze and pull up. That's it. Thaaaaaats it."

Daddy relaxed back into the pillow behind his head and the sternness melted out of his expression. "That's it, baby. Don't stop."

I pumped Daddy's pecker and looked at Mom, mostly for some signal that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. Daddy's eyes closed in ecstasy. Mom signaled that I needed to pull Daddy's dick shaft more up-and-down, wiggling her fingertips in a "gimme-some-money" motion. I did.

"Oh perfect," Daddy moaned. "No, don't move your hand up too high. That's for whores, not good girls. Keep it right there in the middle. Yes. Kiss me, Carebear. No, don't stop your hand. Keep your hand exactly the same. Just kiss me."

It was a stretch to reach Daddy's mouth and still keep his pecker pointed at the ceiling. My arms weren't that long and Daddy's torso was. My lips got close enough and Daddy kissed them, really kissed my lips for the first time. His mouth was closed, but his lips were soft. It wasn't his usual Daddy squack kiss. It was sensual.

Sigh. Daddy was my First Kiss. I can't deny it. It was a pretty good kiss, too. I can't deny that either.

"Carebear, don't you stop doing what you're doing for even one second. Not until I tell you to stop, do you understand?"

I nodded and resumed a more upright kneeling pose as I pumped the middle of Daddy's enormous pecker.

Daddy looked down at Mom and then over at the clock on Mom's nightstand. "You've got fifteen minutes, Whore." he said in his disgusted Daddy voice. "Fifteen minutes to suck the spunk out of my balls. After that, your daughter will just have to take your place and finish up what you can't do."

Mom nodded sadly, like she'd seen this moment coming from a long way away. Her blush turned into a blanch. She couldn't look at me. She just stared up at Daddy's face.

"Get to it, Jen," Daddy barked. "Work my pecker."

Mom's mouth flew over Daddy's pecker head instantly. How it stretched so big was a miracle. Before when I had listened to her suck him I wondered how Daddy fit it between her lips. Once I finally saw it up close, It was indeed a tight fit. Mom's lips stretched very thin. Mom started grunting and made her eyes big and then small as she and Daddy stared at each other. Her mouth took more and more of Daddy's pecker as she bounced lower and lower on it while she grunted and rocked her head back and forth. She was such an aggressive cocksucker that she just about pulled Daddy's pecker out of my grip with her twisting head.

"Hold it now, Carebear," Daddy warned. "Don't drop it. Perfect. Now kiss me again."

I did. The kiss was softer and hotter than the last time, but still no tongue.

Mom stared right up at Daddy's eyes when he wasn't kissing me. I kept looking over at the clock on Mom's nightstand.

After ten minutes of slurping and grunting, Mom had bounced her mouth all the way down against my thumb and forefinger. I started to pull my hand away when Daddy said, "No."

Mom smacked her lips into my hand harder and harder. I knew it had to hurt her. I stopped stroking and just squeezed Daddy's pecker at the bottom part of Daddy's acceptable stroke range. Once again he corrected me.

"No, baby," he cooed at me. "Don't stop pumping. Your whore mom will adjust her suck to where you are stroking. If she bangs against your hand that's okay. It feels good on Daddy's pecker."

Daddy started softly stroking his left hand down my back and around the curve of my ass, then up my back. It was very soft and gentle, just like his kiss had been.

"Okay," I whispered. It was the first time I'd said a word since Daddy arrived in his room. "I just didn't want to hurt Mom's lips."

"Don't you worry about that Whore," Daddy said. "You're actually helping her. Watch what she does, watch close how she moves her whore mouth up and down. Watch careful how she works Daddy's pecker. You're going to have to take over for her in...." Daddy looked at the clock. "Less then two minutes. "

Mom really began to grunt and slurp then. She acted like she loved working Daddy's pecker more than anything in the world. She moaned and began to wiggle her butt up in the air from all fours while she sucked.

"Getting close to time," Daddy panted. "You about ready to take over for that Whore, babydoll? You about ready to suck the spunk out of Daddy's balls?"

I nodded. I had to.

Daddy started panting fast. "Too bad. Your whore mother has such a wet whore pussy, but she can't even suck the spunk out of her man's balls without taking all goddamn night."

I thought about what Mom had said about how much it hurt to be swatted on her pussy. I didn't want that. By my count I had thirty more seconds until I was going to take Mom's place sucking Daddy's pecker. Then when I screwed that up, Mom and me both were probably going to get spanked right on our kitties. Daddy loved me now, but he was going to be mad when I couldn't get that big pecker of his in my mouth. Not even the head. No way.

"I'll be good, Daddy," I said. I didn't mean to say it in a good-little-daughter' voice, but that's how it squeaked out of me. It sounded like I really meant it. "I'll suck your pecker real good," I said. Then I leaned up and kissed his lips again.

Daddy grunted like he was pooping and thrashed. I looked down and Mom's suck was way at the top of Daddy's dick and her throat was gulping up and down.

"Enough!" Daddy grunted.

Mom pulled up and off. She nodded at me. I watched daddy panting and twitching for a second longer. A little shot of what had to be Daddy's spunk bubbled out of the hole in his pecker head and rolled down over the tops of my fingers.

"That's enough, babydoll," Daddy said. "You can let go now. You did great. Now go to sleep."

I set the pecker on his stomach lightly and crawled under the sheets. Mom turned off the light. I heard her and Daddy kiss really wet kisses a couple of times. Then Daddy was making the hissing sound that indicated he was asleep.

I couldn't sleep. I smelled the wet drippings drying on my fingers. It didn't smell like anything I knew before. It smelled crazy. It smelled like an animal, and not a puppy either. Something wild and dangerous. I thought about Mom's throat moving up and down and I knew she'd drank some of Daddy's spunk. I wanted to stick my tongue out and lick a little bit of Daddy's jizz off my fingers so I would know what to expect if and when Daddy made me work his pecker. But I didn't. I was afraid it would taste like pee, even though I didn't even know what pee tasted like.

Chapter 23 - Caryn's Incest Tale Part Two

With only slight variations, that's pretty much how it went every time mom or me got in trouble.

There was nothing but ball scratching and pecker rubbing and a little closed mouth kissing on Tuesday Nights. Most Thursdays were uneventful, but sometimes Mom would suck Daddy and sometimes after she sucked for a while he'd lean up Mom would slide on her back and Daddy would push his pecker into Mom's pussy. I wasn't sure if Daddy was serious about thinking Mom was a whore because on account of her pussy being wet too much, but she was really wet. I could hear it and I could see the sheen on Daddy's cock when he pulled his stroke backwards out of her pussy. I wasn't allowed to stare out the window any more. I'd kneel on the side of the bed and watch, even if I was sleepy. It never took more than a half hour, even if Daddy was taking his time. Once I started watching I could see that when Daddy sexed Mom from behind like a dog, she really liked it. She always pretended to like everything, but I could tell that she really did like Daddy sexing her that way. She made a lot of noise and toward the end before Daddy squirted his spunk in her, her eyes would roll back and she'd make a noise like a grunt and drop down off her hands and onto her elbows for a few seconds.

That was a "normal" sex Thursday, and like I said.... they didn't have sex every Tuesday. All I did was watch those two dance out their very practiced routine..

Then there were "Punishment" Thursdays. No matter what day of the week Mom or I got in trouble, punishments were saved up for the next Thursday.

Unfortunately Punishment Thursdays happened often enough to not be as rare a ritual as I would have liked. Mostly it was my mistakes that got Mom and me spanked by Daddy and my brothers. But Mom was the next. About six weeks after that first punishment, Mom walked out from a grocery run at the Shop-Shape to find a big ding in the car door where somebody had backed into it. Jeez Daddy was angry. It happened on a Sunday, and Daddy almost didn't wait until Thursday, but he cooled down and waited.

While Mom was cooking dinner that particular Punishment Thursday night, Dad went in for his bath. This time he had me fetching hot water off the stove for him, which really complicated Mom's job, giving up three of the four gas burners for hot water pots. Most of us just used three pots and a little bit of bath water, but that night Daddy made me bring three hauls. Nine pots. After I poured the third run of hot water in (while Daddy lifted his legs over each side of the tub to ensure he didn't get burned) I gathered the pots to leave, but Daddy called me back.

"I want you to soap my pecker clean," he said. "Your mom's going to have it in her mouth tonight, and maybe you too, if she takes too long. So it's your responsibility to make sure my pecker is properly clean and sanitary. Grab the soap."

I did.

His dick was floating half-hard in the water, the big head like a ballast balloon, bobbing in the already soapy water. I reached in and grabbed Daddy's pecker in the middle, like usual. I started rubbing the bar in the middle of his cock. I think I was afraid of the head. That seemed to be the dangerous part.

"Baby," Daddy said. "The reason I don't let you stroke all of my pecker or stroke up around the head is because that's what makes me squirt my spunk. Too much whoring up on the top of it makes me squirt spunk. But this isn't whore work. This is love. Love your daddy and soap my whole pecker and my balls up real good and rub it clean all over with your hands.

I did. It was obvious that when I pulled soapy suds up around the slippery tip of Daddy's dick, he really liked that. He sighed a lot. He relaxed against the top of the tub. And of course his pecker was a big hard steel bar under my slippery hands. I had to use two hands at all times to make sure that Daddy's pecker didn't slip right out of my hands completely. Even with all the suds all over Daddy's dick, I could see the pre-come dripping out of the top and mixing in with the soap.

"Stop. Stop it," said Daddy. He was breathing fast and his eyes were thin. "Don't touch me for just a minute." Daddy lay back and let his pecker dance up and down on his stomach for a while. Then he had me soap his balls very carefully. Then he shooed me off to help Mom get supper finished.

When it was spanking time that night, everything was the same except that I made sure I peed twice between the time Daddy got out of the tub and when he put us in the floor. Mom and I had removed all our clothes before any of us took a bite of food. Mom and I ate naked again, which was to be our regular habit on Punishment Thursday.

Daddy's punishment spanks were the same as always. Gip and Stevie rubbed Mom's tits a little more that time. They were really looking forward to it. I swear they were salivating as they looked across the table at Mom's chest while we ate. Gip and Steve stuck their hands in our twats just the same and spanked me and Mom just the same. It hurt about the same as the time before. Maybe less because it was Mom's fault that time and I didn't feel so guilty as I took swats from Daddy and the boys.

Once we got to bed, Mom worked Daddy's pecker the same as she did the last time and popped his spunk down her throat in a few seconds over ten minutes. No problem. Daddy was pretty ready to pop that night.

Some six weeks more passed and I got two D's on my Spring report card. Whoopsie.

Daddy's cock: Washed.

Mom's and my asses: Red. Gip was spanking harder as if someone had coached him and Stevie on how to hit on the bottom of our butts and make a spanking hurt. Stevie's hand was almost as brutal as Daddy's.

Mom's timed suck: 13 minutes, 11 seconds. I was getting kind of nervous.

Both our bottoms had black sploches on them when we rolled out of Daddy's bed the next morning. It hurt to slide on my panties.

My end of year grades had the same two D's and one new F. I had to go to Summer School to make up my Science credits. Daddy was pretty mad. Summer school cut into my time putting in my extra summer share of the farm chores, and he had to keep one of "his men" on a few weeks longer that year because of me. That took money out of his pocket. He spanked me like he was mad, too.

That night when Mom was working his pecker, the second hand of the little clock swung past the fourteen minute mark and Daddy wasn't even breathing very hard. I knew I was in a spot of trouble. I looked at Mom and Mom looked at me. That was rare. She usually acted as if she and Daddy were the only ones and I was invisible. But that night when Daddy closed his eyes for a long blink, Mom's eyes flittered over at the clock and then she looked at me kind of panicky. She was trying to tell me something with the twitch of her head and her shifting eyes, looking up at Daddy's closed eyes as he moaned and stretched his legs under Mom's bobbing mouth. She was trying to mention something about his face. She popped off Daddy's cockhead and started licking the front side of Daddy's dick above and below my hand. She mouthed something three times before I understood the shape of her lips: "Kiss him."

I leaned up and kissed Daddy six long, soft smooches in a row. Right on his mouth. Then I did something I saw in a TV movie. I leaned over and licked Daddy right on the earlobe. Daddy startled.

"Don't be a whore, girl," he muttered into my ear.

"No Daddy," I whispered in his ear with really hot breath. "No, I love you, Daddy. A girl should like to kiss her Daddy if she loves him, right? Oh, I love you, Daddy." I gave the bottom of his ear a little bite and he jumped and squirted his spunk into Mom's mouth. I felt his pecker kind of thump in my hand as he squirted. That was unusual.

Daddy was very happy after that. He left the lights on and took turns kissing Mom and me for a while, his hands all over our butts and backs. When he'd kiss mom they'd both poke their tongues out and rub them over one another. When he'd kiss me, his lips were together, but they were intense.

I guess Daddy never noticed that Mom was a full minute and eighteen seconds over her time limit that night.

Mom noticed. Whatever rule she had about not talking about Thursdays with me stopped and she started coaching me about what to do on Thursdays A LOT.

Mom told me that around minute twelve I should always kiss Daddy like a good girl. Lot's of whispers about how much I love him while I kiss him. "And put some honey in your voice," she said. Mom also said to save my strength and try and cheat my little hand-pumping strokes into longer strokes as time ran down. She said Daddy wouldn't notice it if it were close to the end of Mom's suck, the same way he didn't notice that we went over time when I was kissing him.

"Once he starts that heavy breathing thing," Mom said, "don't be afraid to cheat. Reach down and start rubbing his balls with your free hand. Very gently. Once they are tight... Uh... Have you ever kissed Daddy's balls? On Tuesdays?"

"No!" I said, indignantly. "I don't have sex with my own Dad!"

Mom just looked at me like I was retarded. Then she shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Ignorance is bliss," she muttered. "Well anyway, you're going to do a lot more than kiss his balls if we don't snap his bean in fifteen minutes. We. Us. Not just me. But us. It's us against your Dad when he's all blustery and bossy like that. So think about it. Try kissing his balls. They don't taste any different than a kiss on his cheek. Don't do it slutty. Don't stretch your tongue. He won't like that. Not from you. Just soft kisses. On his balls. Just like you kiss his lips."

I made a face. I was so naive. "Okay," I said. "If it keeps us out of trouble. If it keeps us from getting our kitty's spanked."

Mom put both her hands on my cheeks and looked at me real somberly. "Honey," she said. "One day we're going to be on the bubble and I'm not going to suck him off in time. Sooner or later he's going to make you do it. Even if he has to cheat, or say it was fifteen minutes when it was actually twelve. Or whatever. He's going to make you suck. You need to start thinking about how you're going to do it. You need to practice keeping your jaw way open for a long time."

I shook my head no. "It won't go in my mouth," I said. "It's too big."

Mom laughed. "Honey, if only it were that easy."

That weekend Mom slipped into my room right before bedtime. She had a big box tucked into her robe and she was acting skittish. Her ear's perked up, listening for Daddy or the boys. When she was satisfied it was safe, she pulled out a long black box with a cellophane window across the front. "Kong Dong Dildo" In pink letters across the top. Below that there was a shape of what looked like two mudflap silhouette girls leg wrestling. A huge blue wiener was in the box, only the plastic wiener had heads on both ends instead of one. Mom wrestled the big fake wiener out of the packaging and handed it to me.

"You have to keep this hidden, Caryn. The boys can't find this and your Dad can't find it. Never ever."

I didn't know what to do with it. It was heavy. It was molded out of some kind of crazy Jell-o plastic that was thick and wobbly and firm, but not rock hard like Daddy's pecker. It was almost twice as long as Daddy's dick, and that was pretty long.

I looked at it suspiciously.

"I know," Mom said. "But it's almost the same size thickness as your Dad's cock. Practice getting your jaw used to stretching around this dildo."

Dildo. I'd never heard the word in my eleven and an half years. It was a funny word, but the big rubber pecker was absolutely bizarre. I sniffed it. It smelled awful. It smelled like chemicals.

"Shit goddammit Caryn," Mom grumbled. "Knock it off! Look." She pointed to the price tag on the box. It was $70 dollars. That was a small fortune to us. That much I understood at eleven. "Do you think I'd spend this much money fucking around? You spend ten minutes every night before you go to bed practicing sucking on the end of that until your jaw can do it without biting. If you bite Dad's cock, getting our kitty's spanked raw is just going to be a warm-up for what he'll do when he's hard, mad, and hurt at the same time. Don't fuck around. Practice. Every night except Tuesday and Thursday, and Caryn, I'm serious. I'll burn this box in the trash barrel in just a few minutes. You do not. Get. Caught with this, okay? Keep it hid in your bottom drawer, under the pants, okay?

I nodded.

As soon as Mom left the room I hid the dildo. I didn't practice that night. If I knew how soon her prediction about me sucking Daddy would come to pass, maybe I would have. I was eleven and a half. I told myself it would never really happen.

It happened less than a month later.

Considering that I can remember every minute, every smell, every taste, every texture of skin that crossed my tongue the whole night... it's crazy that I can't even remember what got us the Thursday Punishment in the first place. I remember it was something my Mom did. I think she got in some kind of pushing match with Gip over him watching TV instead of doing homework. I think he called Mom a whore and told her to shut up. He'd stopped calling Mom "Mom" After the first Punishment Night. Gip addressed Mom as Jennifer or Jen, just like Dad. I'm not sure exactly how we got from Mom's skirmish to punishment, but we did.

Thursday before super, I was on my knees beside the tub, soaping Daddy's pecker from bottom to top. I could tell he liked it best when I cleaned the top part and spiraled the suds around his cockhead. Daddy leaned back and was really moaning a lot. The higher I soaped on his pecker, the more he moaned.

He always stopped me when he got too excited, so I waited for him to dismiss me. But he seemed to be having a really good time getting his dick washed. My little hand couldn't even close all the way around Daddy's pecker, so I had to twist it around a lot to get the soap bubbles everywhere. Thinking about what Mom had said to me, I started cranking one soapy hand around his swollen cock head and with the other hand I reached down in the warm water and gently rubbed Daddy's balls.

Daddy's legs kicked in the water. A big white jet of his spunk shot out of the tip of his pecker, maybe two feet in the air before it all came together in a big wad and splashed back down in the tub water. Then another squirt. And again. Four. Five.

"Oh shit," Daddy groaned. "Caryn, girl, you shouldn't make your daddy come like that. Making men squirt their spunk is a job for whores. You don't want to be a whore, do you?"

I shook my head. I did not want to be a whore. I wanted to be a good girl.

"We've got one whore in this house, we don't need two."

I was still spiraling a hand of soapsuds and sperm around the top of his pecker. Daddy pulled my hand off and I rinsed it in the tub water. I waited for Daddy to dismiss me, but he just laid there in the grey water. Instead of being happy like he usually was after Mom "snapped his bean," he looked really sad.

"Jesus," he muttered to himself. "Jesus fucking Christ, what did you do, girl?" Daddy looked at me like I'd said something that hurt his feelings. "Daughters should love their Daddies, but they shouldn't whore for their Daddy's spunk," he said slowly. He almost looked like he was going to cry. He was drowning under guilt and remorse, but I didn't understand that then. "Caryn... Jeez, honey. I told you not to do that."

I knew I was in trouble for something, but I still wasn't sure what kind of trouble I was in.

"Christalmighty, Carebear. Listen to me, willya? Daughters can tease their Daddy's pecker but they shouldn't please their Daddy's pecker. Don't you get it?"

I nodded. "Sorry, Daddy."

Daddy sighed. "I'm sorry too, Caryn. I'm sorry you want to be a whore so bad, but if that's what you want, then I guess that's how I'll treat you."

"I don't want to be a whore, Daddy," I said. Tears of shame started welling up in my eyes. I wasn't sure where I went wrong, but Daddy sure made me feel ashamed for whatever I did.

"Well, maybe we can start you over tomorrow then. Maybe you can earn your way out of being a whore when you take your punishment tonight. But I can't just let it go. At least for the next ten hours, you're a whore who jacked the spunk out of your own Daddy's balls. Do you understand that?"

I did.

Daddy dismissed me and I ran into the kitchen bawling my eyes out.

Naked at the table, I could not eat. For the first time I was too ashamed to eat. There were no snacks in our cupboard. Just two meals a day and sometimes three after slaughter or after the truck came to collect the cow milk. Every previous other time I had been naked and waiting for spankings at dinner I still could eat. Not that night. Daddy was so quiet. I kept thinking about the look of disappointment on his face as he sloshed in grey water swirling with spirals of his spunk. I wanted to crawl under the table and hide.

I really knew I was in big trouble a little later when he called Mom for spankings first. She was the one who got us punishment, but he was all business with her. I think he only called her a whore twice.

Then Mom was back in the floor and Daddy was staring at me and shaking his head.

"Daughter," he sighed, "Whore. Get up and present to me."

I did. The tears started right away. I couldn't help it. I'd never been so ashamed. I just stood there with my hands behind my back and crying.

Daddy took a deep breath. "Boys," he sighed. "Your sister... Well, you tell it, Caryn. Tell your brothers."

I was crying so hard at that point I don't know how anybody even understood what I was saying. "IjackedthespunkoutofDaddy'speckerandI'mawhore!"

"You boys get that? You're whore sister has been taking advice from your whore mother, apparently. That little bitch reached down in the tub and stroked and jacked my pecker. Jacked it until I spewed. Can you fucking believe that?"

Gip and Steve played along and shook their heads in disgust.

"Did you like that, whore?" Daddy asked me softly. "Did you like jacking my pecker?"

"Noooo!" I bawled.

"Well you sure look like you did. You looked pretty pleased with yourself."

"I thought you li-li-lked it, Daddy!"

"Liked it? Do I look like I'm proud of having a whore for a daughter?"

"No-oh-oh, Daddy!"

"I certainly don't," he whispered. "I most certainly do not. Over."

He didn't even pussy-check me. God almighty he laid into my bottom with a ferocity I'd never known before. From the first smack I lost all staying discipline, as he called it. My legs and arms tried to crawl off him, crawl to safety. I'd hear the crack of his hand and then a second later the heat of the blow would burn up through me in forest-fire waves. Crackity-crackity-ka pow. He worked my left ass cheek ten times in a row before he started on my right ass cheek. Then it was back and forth. Then it was low on my legs, working up a little higher to my back with each scarlet handprint.

I kicked. I slapped at Daddy's left leg. I corkscrewed. I didn't stop one centimeter of his big hands from getting exactly where he wanted them to go.

He stopped spanking and then five seconds later the heat of it all just ran together and washed up into my face. I tried to lift off his leg. but he held me in place by my hair. I didn't know what he was doing, and then his spanking hand rained down again and somewhere between swat two and swat three I blacked out. Mercifully. I don't know if he even stopped then. I just know I came to laying in my spot in the floor.

"Get to your chores, boys." That's the sound that brought me back to consciousness.

"But dad," Gip pleaded. "We didn't even get our turn."

"You'll get yours," Daddy said evenly. "Sometime between tomorrow and Monday night, your whore sister will jack you both."

"When?" Gip asked.

"I don't give a shit. Whenever you tell her, as long as y'all have your chores done. If she wants to be a whore, then she can see what it's like to be a full-time whore."

"What about Mom?" Stevie asked.

"Steven," Daddy said in his most exasperated tone, "Shut up, Son. Just stick a sock in it."

Daddy was not late to bed that night. Three minutes later I was still crying after I peed and mounted the steps. Daddy was in the middle of the bed with a stern, disappointed look on his face. Mom was late, so I had to just kneel on my side of the bed while Daddy glared at me like I was dirt.

I thought Mom would get spankings on her kitty for being late to Thursday Punishment bed, but she just crawled between Daddy's legs and looked up at him. Daddy didn't say anything, he just nodded. Mom leaned way up and kissed the face of Daddy's pecker real hard and pulled it up with suction until she could slip her mouth around it and start working.

I was waiting for Daddy's usual command of "Jen, get down and work my pecker!" But he didn't say anything. I sidled up to put my knees in Daddy's hips and reached out to grab the middle of his shaft. Daddy swatted my hand away. I didn't understand and he didn't say anything to explain why I couldn't grab it. As scary as Daddy was when his pecker was hard, or when he was mad, that was nothing compared to the terror of seeing Daddy's rules change right in front of my eyes and not knowing what I was supposed to be doing.

After a few minutes I tried to kiss Daddy on the lips, but he kept his lips real tight and didn't kiss back at all. Around eight minutes in, I tried again, but Daddy ignored me just the same way.

The second hand of the clock swung past eleven minutes and Daddy was still just laying there watching Mom bob her mouth all around his pecker. He was glaring. He looked just like he looked when he watched his Sooners on the TV and they were losing.

At thirteen minutes I saw something I'd never seen before. Daddy's steel pecker began to wilt a little. It began to bend forward instead of backwards. Mom wasn't gulping spunk, I knew that much.

I tried to remember what Mom had told me. She said to kiss him. That didn't work. She said to put some honey in my voice and talk sweet.

"Daddy, I'm so sorry," I said. "I'm sorry I was a whore. I want to be a good girl for you. I- i- I- was just having too much fun washing your pecker today," I said. It seemed like a useful lie.

Daddy kept seething, but his breathing got a little deeper. His pecker started bending in the right direction.

What else had Mom told me? Kiss Daddy's balls. Right. Soft kisses.

I had to scoot back a little and get my face under Mom's bobbing head. My finger nails poured over Daddy's nut sack. It was already kind of tight, but not all-the-way tight. Daddy flexed a little. It was working, His frost was melting, just a little. I leaned down and felt the heat from his crotch and Mom's swinging boobs as I closed in on Daddy's balls and pecked out a kiss. Then another. Then I tried to make my kisses extra soft and lippy. I wasn't even sure where to kiss. On the fronts of them? On the bottoms? Should I pull the sack up and kiss the backs of Daddy's balls? I tried a little bit of everything. Daddy's ballsack started getting smaller and smaller. Mom grunted and moaned and really started going at Daddy's pecker hard. Mom jostled up-and-down so hard that her big boobs started slapping into my cheek.

"Okay, " Daddy said loudly. "That's enough."

I pulled up. I thought he had squirted spunk. He said it just he sounded when he'd squirted all his spunk out and he was ready for kisses. Mom was still working his pecker really wild and hard. Her mouth was too far down on Daddy's pecker for Daddy to be shooting spunk. She was making really deep mouth strokes. When she'd get as deep as she could go her face kind of vibrated. I figured out she was bouncing the very back of her throat on the tip of Daddy's dick. It must have hurt her. I wondered why it didn't make her gag or throw up.

"I said that's enough," Daddy was a little louder this time.

Mom disobeyed and kept moaning and slurping. Daddy got mad and reached down and grabbed his own pecker and yanked it out of Mom's mouth. Mom was still trying to suck so hard that it made a pop when Daddy finally pulled it out of her mouth.

That's when I noticed the clock. We were at nineteen and a half minutes. Daddy didn't cheat. We just didn't "snap his bean" In time. Daddy knew we were over, but he gave us some extra. He gave us extra time and we still didn't get the spunk out of Daddy's pecker.

"Get up, here, Whore," Daddy said to Mom. She crawled up in the crook of his right arm.

"You know the rules, Whore," Daddy said to me. "Caryn, get down and work my pecker."

I took too long crawling between Daddy's legs and he barked at me for it. I reached up and grabbed Daddy's pecker right in the middle, the way I always did. I pulled it back until it pointed at the ceiling the way I always did. I looked up and Daddy and Mom were both staring at me blankly. I put my lips to the head of Daddy's pecker. It seemed hotter against my mouth than it did in my hand. Mom's wet spit was still all over it. I looked at Mom and Daddy again, but there was no mercy in their expression.

I'd never sucked the dildo mom gave me. Not even once. I was fucked.

I dropped my jaw open as far as I could and leaned in. Daddy's peckerhead scraped between my teeth. I wasn't looking at Daddy's face at that point, so I don't know if he showed any pain. I pushed and pushed and stretched my jaw until my ears popped. It was like trying to fit a whole Summer plum in my mouth without my teeth breaking through the skin.

Again I became acutely aware of the smell of Daddy's pecker. I could smell his balls, too. Daddy's pre-come oozed down on my tongue and I could feel the twang of the salt move across the taste buds on the back ridges.

I kept willing my head to move downward with my lips stretching farther and farther. Then the crown of Daddy's pecker head was on the inside of my teeth and I had a little tiny bit of room to close my suction and bounce my suck up and down the way Mom did.

The hot smoothness of Daddy's peckerhead skin against my tongue was strangely satisfying. Mom's spit didn't taste like anything and my saliva quickly took over hers.

Daddy moaned. I looked up to see him and Mom start tongue-wrestling again. Sucking is a natural instinct, even if sucking a cock isn't natural for an eleven year old girl. So I just did the best suck I could as far down on Daddy's dick as I could, which wasn't very far. Every minute or so the pain in my jaw got to be too much, too high in my cheeks under eyes, and I had to come all the way off Daddy's pecker. I'd catch my breath and start back down on it again before Daddy could yell at me. Sometimes Daddy was watching me intently. Sometimes he was wet kissing mom. Once, as I was catching my breath, I looked up and Mom was lifting her boob into Daddy's mouth while Daddy sucked away on her nipple and squeezed the other boob with his hand.

I'd never seen Daddy suck Mom's tits before in all the time I'd watched them sex each other.

THAT made my pussy go wet. I don't know why. All those times I'd watched them. All the pussy rubbing before spanking. All the scratching Daddy's balls and fingertipping his sticky cock in the dark. And it was seeing Mom lift her big tit into Daddy's sucking mouth that made my pussy let loose with a slippery sex gush for the first time.

I don't know how long I sucked. It felt like two hours but it was probably only ten minutes. My hair kept falling into my mouth as I sucked. I didn't plan on that. It seemed like I was constantly pulling hair off my cheek and tucking it behind my ear. Very distracting.

My jaw was absolutely on fire when I heard my Mom start talking really mean to me.

"Yeah, suck his dick, you nasty little whore!"

I looked up as I made my little mouth bobs and saw Mom was talking to me. I was really hurt that she turned on me. Daddy was starting to breath hard.

"Don't just sit there you Daddy cocksucking little whore!" Mom spat. "Work that pecker. Work that pecker, bitchwhore!"

My face heated up with shame again. About the time I thought I might start crying I caught a wink from Mom.

**We. Us. Not just me. But us. It's us against your Dad when he's all blustery and bossy like that.**

Mom's words rang somewhere in my head. I could see Daddy breathing faster. I didn't understand what Mom was doing, but it was obviously working.

For the first time I moaned around Daddy's dick, imitating what Mom did when Daddy got close to spewing. I started twisting my head a little more from side-to-side, working my tongue farther around the sides of Daddy's pecker head.

"Oh for the love of GOD!" Mom said in Daddy's trademark tone of disgust, "The little whore likes sucking her Daddy's dick as much as she liked jacking it. More, even. Just look at her. Little whore better find her own cock to suck and leave my man's dick alone. That's my delicious spunk in my man's---"

I don't know what Mom said after that. Nothing prepares a girl for that first goopy explosion of semen in her mouth. Daddy didn't have to tell me not to let go until he was finished squirting. I knew from all the times I watched him come in Mom's mouth that I was supposed to keep sucking. But once you start choking on the strings of spew, you're cooked. Survival instinct is stronger than the fear of getting your kitty spanked raw. I couldn't keep riding the bull. I coughed my way off the tip while it was still bubbling white floes. I turned my head to hack some stringy sperm out to the side and -- just that fast -- Mom jumped down and swallowed Daddy's pecker and moaned and twisted her head every which way while Daddy's eyes nearly popped out and rolled down his cheeks. Mom even pulled off Daddy's pecker long enough to stick her tongue out and chase all the dripping sperm that had run to the bottom of Daddy's pecker.

Mom winked at me again while Daddy was thrashing and arching backwards.

Daddy was still panting when Mom leaned back and turned off the lamp on her night stand. I willed myself to stop coughing and lay down on my side of the bed. Daddy moaned and rolled about for another couple of minutes. Then I heard him kissing Mom.

I was surprised when he rolled to me and kissed me. Then his mouth opened and pushed my suck-swollen lips apart at the same time. Daddy's hot tongue pushed into my mouth. It was a crazy feeling. It made my pussy warm and wet again. I hoped he didn't pussy check me then. He'd know I was a whore for sure. He didn't.

"Good job, Carebear," Daddy said soft. There was something else ringing through the tone of his voice. I didn't recognize it at eleven, but now I understand it was remorse and guilt. "That was an excellent way to show your Daddy you love him."

"Thank you, Daddy." It was all I could think to say.

"I, uh... Shit. I, uh, I want you to start over tomorrow as a good girl and not a whore," he said.

"Thank you, Daddy." I was going to cry again, but this time because I was happy. "Do I still have to jack Gip and Stevie?"

"Oh uh... " Daddy looked like he was going to throw up. "We'll burn that bridge tomorrow, okay? Get some sleep."

That night wasn't the end of my father's molestation, but it sure put it on hold for for just about a full year. The spankings stopped. At least for me. Mom got spanked once or twice more that year, but it was just Daddy and the boys in the TV room when he did it. Daddy's after-bath inspections became infrequent, and they were much more formal and less handsy and involved a lot less sniffing. When he did inspect me he seemed to be looking for any sign that my boobs were growing. He was also looking at the outside of my pussy more closely, but he sniffed at the inner pink part a lot less.

On Tuesday nights I still scratched his balls, but he didn't pull my hand up and tell me to rub his hard dick with my fingertips any more.

And Mom and Daddy stopped having sex on Thursday nights altogether. That was certainly odd.

It sounds funny to say I was a late bloomer, considering I had swallowed Daddy's sperm when I was a flatchestd girl of eleven. But my puberty didn't start in earnest until after I was thirteen and maybe three months. That's when I tried to pull a stray hair off the side of my mons in the bathtub to find out that it was attached to me. My first little titty bubbles started right after that.

The first time that Daddy inspected me and saw my nipples raising up off my ribs just a little he smiled like did when a cow dropped a calf. He giggled when he pushed my legs back and saw the little whisp of fuzz around my kitty.

The very next Tuesday after the inspection that discovered my first wisps of pussy hair, Daddy pulled my hand higher after I scratched his balls and made me give him a finger job again. Daddy turned the light on and got up on his knees. He had me lay on my back while he knelt beside me and jacked his own dick with his hand while he looked at my naked body, all over. He jacked his pecker with his right hand and his left hand started going all up and down my front side. He rubbed my fuzzy little kitty a lot. He checked me to see if I was a wet whore, but I wasn't.

Then he grunted and sprayed all over my belly and chest. I knew we were going back to the stuff we had done when I was eleven.

I wasn't sure what to do with the sticky, goopy mess Daddy dressed me in. It was hot when it hit my skin but it got cold and uncomfortable really fast.

"Rub it in," Daddy said, still from his knees. "It's good for your skin. No, both hands. There you go. Rub it into your tits until it starts to dry up."

Daddy had obviously never rubbed his sperm into his skin because it didn't dry up at all, it just kept swirling around and getting colder.

"Push some down into your pussy. No, the inside part. Farther down. There you go."

Daddy got tired of watching me rub his spunk all over me and he turned out the light. I got under the covers and rolled on my belly until I had transferred most of Daddy's sticky goo to the contour sheet.

Two nights later it wasn't a punishment Thursday, but Daddy made Mom and me take turns sucking his pecker. I straddled his hairy right leg. Mom straddled his hairy left leg. Daddy insisted that we hump against his shins until he could feel the warmth of our pussies.

Then he had us each take turns sucking for five minutes each. Mom started first and I stroked Daddy's shaft while she sucked. Then I sucked while Mom stroked his shaft. He said whichever girl was working his pecker when he squirted would be his "special good girl" for the week. I didn't care so much about being a "special good girl," but we were working Daddy, so that meant the one of us who wasn't a "special good girl" was probably going to be a "bad girl whore bitch." I didn't want Daddy's spunk in my mouth, but I wanted it more than I wanted one of his ass beatings.

Daddy started his heavy breathing after Mom and I had each had two turns sucking. I was sure that Mom was going to get it on the next shift change. Daddy squirted right as he was telling Mom to switch and let me suck. Mom never let go. Her mouth went to Daddy's pecker head and he jerked on the bed while Mom's throat gulped and gulped. Mom turned out the light and there was a lot of kissing in the dark. There was a lot of Dad sticking his tongue against my tongue. Daddy's hand started rubbing in and out of the folds of my pussy. I could hear Mom's pussy make its trademark wet slapping sound and I knew Daddy was feeling both our kitties up at the same time.

I was a late puberty bloomer, but when it happened, it seemed to happen all at once. It was the summer of my thirteenth year. My mom said that the same thing happened to her. All her friends had their period before she even had a single pussy hair. But then it all jumped out of her in a matter of months.

For all the years where Daddy would inspect me, either in the bath or after the bath in my room, he'd pinch at my nipples and say, "Does that hurt? Does that feel tender? No? Not at all? Does it tickle at all when I do this? No? You sure?"

Well when my tits came on fast and big, I finally understood. It was like I had electricity running through my chest. I felt everything a girl is supposed to feel when her tits grow, only it all came in big waves.

Mom actually got mad at me. Bras were expensive and I exploded through the A, the B, and two C cups in less than five months.

My period started. Just like Mom I didn't think it was ever going to come. When it came, I wanted it gone. I thought it smelled. I thought it was some kind of traitorous act of my body to get my ass beat by daddy when he sniffed me and inspected me and I was probably going to smell like the slaughter pit..

And speaking of my ass. Daddy really liked how my butt got a little bigger. "Oh, yes, yes, yes!" He'd say as he clucked his tongue and ran his big paws over my naked backside. "Finally. Finally!"

My brothers, eleven and twelve by that time, noticed my new equipment too. Especially Gip. He started pinching my shirt where my nipples were and grabbing a big handful of boob as I'd walk around a corner of the hallway into a room. Stevie was constantly looking at my chest when he talked to me.


There's one part that I kind of skipped over. That's the part about the dildo mom bought me when I was eleven. I told you I didn't even touch it before Daddy make me suck him that first time. Well after that near-miss I did what Mom told me to do. Even though Daddy stopped molesting me during that time, I always kind of knew he'd start again. So the next night after when Mom didn't make time and I had to suck Daddy for the first time, I started doing like Mom told me. After lights-out I'd scurry off the bed in the dark and ease my bottom drawer open and pull out that heavy monster. I'd jump back in bed and turn my back to the door and practice sucking the big plastic head on the dildo. I hated the chemical taste of the rubber gel stuff it was made out of, but I practiced sucking it anyway. I practiced until I could get it a little deeper and a little deeper into my mouth. I was nowhere near as deep on it as Mom was when she sucked Daddy's pecker. She could get about two-fifths of Daddy in her mouth. I was lucky to get one-fifth. As I found out when Daddy put me back down on his pecker, one-fifth of a deep throat was enough to please Daddy.

I started to think about Sully when I practiced on the dildo. Sully was one of Daddy's hired farm hands and he was pretty dreamy. He must have been in his mid-twenties, and he kind of looked like Rick Springfield, if Rick Springfield had been a cowboy. He was always winking at me and being real sweet to me. He talked to me like a grown up and I really liked that. Sully had an expression on his face when Gip was in the barn that kind of make it seem like he didn't want to be around Gip. I didn't know what to think about that, but when he was stand-offish to Gip and nice to me at the same time, it made me feel special and a little bit dizzy.

I had a fantasy that Sully and I got married and Daddy couldn't make me work his pecker any more. Daddy had said he owned me until the day he walked me down the aisle, so why not hand me off to Sully? It would probably be fun to sex Sully's pecker. Sully's spunk would taste like ice cream instead of a salty metal pipe. Sully wouldn't call me a whore while I sucked him, he'd just keep saying "Oh, that's a good girl, Caryn. You work my pecker sooooo good, Caryn! Oh, you are the best wife, Caryn!"

After I sucked for a while the dildo would warm up in my mouth. When the dildo was warm and I was thinking about sexing Sully at the same time, I started to get the whore juice dribbling out of my pussy and onto my legs.

I knew that sooner or later a boy or my husband Sully or most likely Daddy was going to want to put his pecker in my pussy. Boys liked being sucked, but they also wanted to fuck. Like a mouse in a pet snake cage, I knew that it was just a matter of time until I was fucked, and probably soon.

When the dildo head was warm and my pussy was wet from thinking about Sully, sometimes I'd put it down against my kitty and close my legs around it. There were little round textured bumps on the dildo below the head and above the shaft, kind of the collar area of the rubber pecker. Daddy's pecker didn't have even little bumps like the dildo did, but when I'd pull the dildo up and down against the front of my wet kitty, I started to get the itch for more. The more I did it, the better I felt and the more I did it. Sometimes I'd push the blue dildo pecker head against my little pussy hole and try to look down at it in the moonlight. It sure didn't look like the dildo would ever fit in my pussy, which also meant that Daddy's pecker probably wouldn't fit in my pussy either.

Somehow, Sully's pecker would fit and it wouldn't hurt and it would scratch that nagging little itch I could feel way up in my whore-wet kitty.

Daddy jacked on my growing tits every Tuesday and Mom and me sucked his Pecker every Thursday. Mom almost always got Daddy's spunk. I got it maybe three times.

Daddy soon stopped jacking on my Tuesday tits and started sucking them when they got a little bigger. Sucking turned to chomping on my nipples. It didn't hurt that bad, but it made my pussy wet and I didn't like Daddy making my pussy wet. Not even when he started rubbing his fingers all over my pink insides. The rubbing felt good on my pussy and especially on my growing button, but it was Daddy so it still felt really wrong in my gut.

Daddy kissed me a lot, almost always with his tongue.

A few weeks before I turned fourteen, Daddy had me sucking his pecker almost every Tuesday night. Only he didn't want me to get his spunk in his mouth unless it was the Thursday night contest with Mom. When it was just me and him he'd say, "Show Daddy you love him, Carebear. Now don't suck dick like a whore. Just be a good girl and tease Daddy nice and gentle."

After Daddy had enough teasing, he's say, "Okay, Carebear, get your mouth off and jack Daddy's pecker."

I'd pump his pecker head in a fast handjob until the foot-and-a-half fountain of white spew flew up in the air. Then he made sure I didn't stop jacking the sloppy mess until he had it all out of his balls and he told me to stop.

A few times he was really really hard and ready when he said, "Show Daddy you love him, Carebear." After a couple of minutes of my softest suck he jizzed in my mouth anyway. Then he'd act like he was mad at me and he'd call me a peckersucking whore. He wasn't nice to me after the light went out.

It wasn't many weeks later that I turned 14. On my birthday (which was a Sunday, I remember) I found out that Daddy's big pecker really would fit inside my pussy. It probably took seven or eight fuckings before it stopped hurting real bad. I had one fucking where it almost felt good. Then Daddy started fucking me doggy and it hurt all over again. He never squirted inside me. He always pulled out and I felt the hot line of his come shots criss-crossing my back or my neck. I was so small compared to Daddy, and Daddy would grind his balls into my ass as he squirted, which meant his dick was almost half way up my spine when he pumped his spunk. I always got a lot of his spew in the back of my hair.

After the first time Daddy fucked me doggy, he called me Carebear when I sucked and then bitch this and whore that when he fucked me. That's also when he started turning me upside down on the bed when he fucked me, even when it was missionary. I still have no idea what that was all about.

There were still Tuesdays and Thursdays when I was 100 percent sure that I was going to get Daddy's pecker either in my mouth or in my pussy or both. Daddy also started showing up at my bed on other nights too. Sometimes right before I turned off the light. Sometimes I'd wake up to him coming in before the 3:30 a.m. milking for a quick suck or fuck. (Usually a fuck because he was in a hurry and could control the pace). Sometimes he'd wake me up at 4:20 on his way back to bed from the early milking.

When I sucked Daddy in his bed, I knelt on the bed between his legs. When I sucked Daddy from my bed, he wanted me kneeling in the floor while he sat on the edge. Mom and Daddy's frame and mattress was too high for that to work, but my bed was just the right height for me to kneel in the floor and suck dick. I almost liked it better that way because I wasn't always pulling hair away from the corners of my mouth when I was kneeling.

My pussy would get wet in anticipation of Daddy's fuck. That doesn't mean I liked it any better, but my pussy knew it was inevitable and she'd slick up around the times she knew a fucking was either certain or even possible. Once Daddy kissed me with his tongue, I knew I was going to suck his pecker and probably take a steady dicking in my kitty. My pussy thought of juicing up as self-defense, but Daddy thought I was just a wet pussy whore who liked boys too much.

Maybe three months later I squirted on Daddy's pecker when he was fucking me doggy and he knew right away that I had orgasmed. He didn't shut up about it for a week. He started calling me a whore in front of my brothers. He told my Mom a dozen times when i was in earshot that I'd squirted on his pecker like a summer squall.

I brought home another bad report card and Dad didn't even wait until a Thursday to strip me and Mom at dinner and put us both through his punishment ritual for the first time in two and a half years.

My pussy was as wet and loud as Mom's when Daddy checked me. His spanking was so viscous it left my eyes crossed when I stood up.

Since the last time I'd been punished in front of the boys, there was some seriously messed up dynamic brewing between Gip and Mom. Gip was asserting himself more and more as Mom's boss. He'd even grabbed Mom and slapped her clothed ass real hard. There was a lot of pushing and when Mom took it to Daddy, Daddy really didn't do anything at all. He didn't stick up for Mom and he didn't give Gip permission to discipline Mom either. Daddy's refusal to referee just ensured that the tension in the house festered.

Daddy had started training both Gip and Stevie to box. There was a Silver Mittens league in a town a couple miles North of our farm. Daddy ran most of their training from the farm. There was a heavy bag hanging from a chain in the little tractor barn. The tractor barn had a wooden floor that Daddy said was good for jumping rope and practicing footwork. Gip and Stevie were both natural boxers. They'd spar each other. Stevie could hold his own against Gip, even though Gip was almost a head taller.

Gip hit his puberty early. He was already sprouting up into a full blown man and starting to get furry arms like Daddy's. I think Daddy injected Gip and Stevie both with Growth Hormone. I know he gave them some kind of shots in their butts.

I mention all this because when Gip took his spot in the punishment chair, I looked at him and knew I was in big trouble. Not only because of his bigger size and his muscles, but he was bulging out really big in his pants and he had a really snarky, shit-eating grin on his face. He looked kinda evil.

When Gip checked my pussy he didn't rush through it. He rubbed for a long time. He also had learned what a clitoris was because he was working my button hard and making me jump up on my toes. Gip smiled his evil smile and ran his index finger around my clit over and over.

Of course he was just brutal on my tits and especially my nipples. He pinched hard. He twisted hard. He pulled and stretched way hard and way far. He almost made me fall over, he stretched my nips so hard. Between my tears I could see the wetness on his lips and I knew he was actually drooling. Drooling. Can you believe it? My own brother was twisting the living shit out of my boobs and his mouth was watering. Not only was it humiliating, but I knew it meant there was more of Gip and his hard dick to deal with in my future.

Gip's spanking was harder than Daddy's spanking. The cumulative heat on my buns was... Fuck. It was awful. I don't even want to think back and remember how bad that ass beating was. What I can remember most is how much my neck hurt from Gip twisting my hair back to try and keep me still and in place while the cracks against my ass echoed around the living room. That and Gip grinding his hard-on into my stomach. My ass was so bruised that a week later I still had this giraffe print kind of pattern of bruise splotches all the way down to the backs of my thighs.

Gip was just as hard on Mom. When Mom was over Gip's lap, Gip stuffed two fingers up into Mom's vagina and twisted them all around. That was the first time I heard the word "cunt." Gip called Mom a cunt.

As Mom thrashed and screamed under Gip's ass beating, all I could think was that I was glad it was her and not me. Daddy was definitely "out there," but Gip was acting more and more like a psycho.

God bless Stevie. If he'd laid into me, I'd have ended up in a hospital with third degree burns. I was already flirting with blisters when he took the punishment chair.

Stevie rubbed my pussy with a really curious look on his face. His hands mapped out all of my boobs, not just the nipples, but he pulled them pretty hard too. I think it hurt worse because Gip had already tried to pull them off.

And then he spanked me. It was solid. It was firm. It hurt like holy hell. I cried and thrashed from the first swat. But Stevie didn't spank me nearly as hard or long as Daddy or Gip. I'd go so far as to say that if Stevie was any less firm in his discipline, he probably would have heard about it from Daddy. He did what he had to do. I just wish Stevie had spanked first instead of last.

Before Daddy walked out of the room he said, "I promised the boys if they won their first interleague sparring bout that they could have their pick of whichever one of you two whores they want to jack or suck their peckers."

Daddy didn't have to tell us they both won. We'd been hearing about it constantly for the last week.

"And I've also made it perfectly clear," Daddy continued, "that both your whore pussies belong to me. There will be no pussy fucking of my whores unless it's my pecker doing it. The boys know that. If either of them try to stick a pecker in one of my pussies, you whores... Well.... You still goddamn do what you're told by the men of this house, but you be sure and let me know and there will be hell to pay with me. I goddamn guarantee you that it won't happen twice."

The sex Daddy made me do a few minutes later was the most disgusting thing I've ever had to do. He had Mom and me both go to all fours right next to each other, only pointed in different directions. My shoulder was against Mom's hip. Then he knelt on the bed in front of me and made me suck his pecker for a while. Then he pulled out of my mouth and pushed straight into doggy fucking Mom's pussy really hard. We were both so blistered from Punishment Night that Mom cried when Daddy's abs slapped against her butt while he bitch-fucked her.

Then the sumbitch pulled out of Mom's pussy and stuck his wet pecker back in my mouth. I almost puked. There was like a gallon of Mom's pussy gunk on Daddy's cock. I didn't suck Daddy the way he wanted right away so he grabbed my ears and jammed his dick in my throat over and over for a long time. I started coughing, but he would have ripped my ears off if I pulled back any harder.

Then he was back in Mom's pussy. Then back in my mouth. Over and over. Every time he pulled out of Mom's pussy there was a whole wad of Mom's gloppy pussy stuff on Daddy's pecker. I learned my lesson and sucked it anyway.

Mom's whore-juice didn't taste like much of anything but it was still the most disgusting moment of my life, at least for a few minutes longer. I wanted to die. The fact that I was tasting my own mom's vaginal secretions... Bleh. That's not sexy. That's just fucking sick. After everything Daddy had put me through, I never really hated him until he made me taste my Mom,s pussy. I started hating him that night and I don't think I ever stopped.

Daddy eventually spunked into Mom's pussy and he lay back and flopped on the bed. Then he made me lick all the come and pussy juice off his shrinking dick.

Mom took her place up on the pillow and reached for the lamp light. Daddy stopped her.

"I told that little whore to lick up all my spunk," Daddy said, nodding at me.

"I did, Dad. I licked up every drop," I said.

"You cleaned my pecker up okay," he said, "But you didn't get every drop of my spunk."

I had no idea what he was talking about. My Mom looked really uncomfortable.

But she had to do what she had to do, the same way that Stevie had to spank me the way that Stevie was expected to spank me.

"Little whore," Mom said, "Suck my man's spunk out of my twat." She opened her legs.

I'm not going to tell you what it was like. Actual pussy tastes different than pussy juice. At least it was probably a tiny bit less awful because of Daddy's fixation with our hygiene. I'll tell you that I did a lot of pretending that I was licking when I wasn't. There wasn't much of Daddy's spunk running out of Mom right after sex. That takes a few minutes for the sperm to warm up and thin out and go liquid. And then when sperm comes back out of a pussy it's more clear than white, so it's not easy to see what is sperm and what is pussy juice, especially when your pussy juice is really thick and foamy like mine. And Mom's.

So I did it. Then I said I was done and Daddy had lost interest in the sex show. The light went off and I lay there and tried not to throw up. It took a long time before the urge to yak passed and I could get some sleep. I'd never fantasized about killing my Dad before that night, but I lay there and envisioned me walking up behind him with the stove poker and just crushing his skull in, over and over.

Since all I'm talking about is sex sex sex, it makes it sound like we were living on the set of a porn movie. That's because I'm cutting out all the stuff about school. I'm cutting out all the stuff about doing my farm chores. In addition to my shifts cleaning and slopping the pigs, and in addition to my shifts cleaning and feeding chickens, and in addition to my turns at milking those fucking cows three times a day every fucking day of the fucking year, Mom and I had our non-sexual "woman's chores." The boys could find an hour to watch television every day, but that's when Mom and me were washing and folding laundry. Daddy might watch the Sooners game for three hours on a Sunday, but that's when Mom and me were sweeping. Or changing spunk-stained sheets. When Daddy was training Gipper and Steven to box, Mom and I were running for groceries or cooking dinner or even taking some of the men's shifts at chores.

You wonder why my grades were so bad? Part of it was because what little time I had before for homework I did in my bed before I dropped off to sleep. Once I became the family sex slave, I didn't even have that time at my discretion any more.

My guidance counselor didn't know about the sex slave part, but she understood the farm girl life. She set up a thing where it was mandatory for me to stay after school three days a week for an hour. Technically an hour and fifteen minutes. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Daddy was furious about that. Not only did it cut into my farm chores and housework chores, but it meant he or Mom had to drive into town to pick me up from school instead of me taking the bus home.

He told the guidance counselor that there was no way I was staying at school three more hours every week, but somehow Daddy lost a fight for the first time in his life. I think the guidance counselor lady told him how close I was to flunking out of school altogether and there wasn't really a choice about it.

Me? Hell, I LOVED having three hours a week to sit in the school library where it was air conditioned and quiet and nobody was telling me what to do or sticking a pecker in me. I ate it up. Even though it made getting my home chores even harder to get caught up on, it was worth it. My grades started getting better too.

If I had zero free time in the house before I started the after school study program, I had less-than-zero time after I started. If no one was looking I half-assed a lot of my chores. I didn't always run the sanitizer rinse through the pressure hose when I cleaned the concrete pig pads in the barns. I didn't spread slop in the troughs evenly, so the big sows got more than they should have. I shoveled shit like... Well... Like shit. I didn't always completely wait for the pressure valve on the milkers to decompress before I pulled them off the teats, which really pissed off the cows.

So the Saturday afternoon when I was cycling a mountain of laundry into the washer and Gip walked in all sweaty from running six miles and he said, "Drop that bullshit messin' round, Whore. Get some hot water on the stove for my bath."

"¦ I snapped.

We always got our own hot bath water, except for Daddy, and then only on special occasions. (If you count beating whore ass as a special occasion).

"Get your own fucking bath water!" I shouted.

Big mistake.

The light in Gip's eyes flipped from bossy to bull's eye red. He turned out to be a lot stronger than I thought. He bounced me all over the porch room where we kept the washer. He didn't punch. It was just a bunch of grabbing and pushing me into the wall. Then the washer. Then the wall. Then the dryer.

I was crying on the floor when he pulled me up by my hair and pinned me back against the wall. He pulled the string of his sweat pants and they dropped down. With his free hand he pushed his tighty-whiteys down to his knees and I got my first look at Gip's dick since he was a little boy. Gip had inherited his father's dominance, but not his father's giant pecker. At that point, I had no concept of "average" In terms of penis size. Daddy's pecker was my only frame of reference. I'd seen some of Daddy's girly mags, but when there were pictures of guys in those photo spreads they were always half-limp, and they still looked just about the same size as Daddy's pecker when it was half-hard.

Gip's dick wasn't much bigger than a jumbo hot dog. A little thicker than a bratwurst, even though Gip was all-the-way hard.

It was also sweaty and a choking fog of ass and body odor rolled into my face when Gip's underwear dropped.

"You don't want to wash my pecker and get it nice and squeaky clean before you suck it, like you do for the old man?" Gip thumped my head against the wall with every third word he said. "Well have it your way, Whore. Suck my sweaty prick."

I did.

Gip didn't have to throat fuck me. I just sucked. Gip kept his hand on the top of my head, his fingers in my hair, but he let up enough that I could move my head in and out. With the size difference, I found myself sucking a lot deeper. My eyes kept closed, but I knew I had it almost all in my mouth. I could feel Gip's bushy pubic hairs tickling the end of my nose.

Less than two minutes and Gip was shooting spunk into my suck. He leaned forward into the wall so I couldn't back all the way off the end of his dick and avoid the mouthful I got. Smaller dick. Bigger comer. There must have been ten big squirts of spunk against the back of my throat. Daddy always shot two long shots, one small shot, and then a long dribbling ooze of white. Gip's spew was relentless. Pow. Pow. Pow. Gulp. Pow. Gulp. Pow. Gulp.

Girls learn to take the spunk on the back of their tongue so we don't have to taste it as much. Gip's come filled my mouth before I could get it swallowed down. I tasted every bit of it. It had a creamier taste than Daddy's spew. It wasn't as bitter. It wasn't as salty. It was just hot and bland. And plentiful.

"Now," Gip said as he pulled out of me, "Get your Whore ass in the kitchen and get my bathwater on the stove."

I did as I was told.

He had me take off my shirt and bra and wash his dick, balls, and butt while he felt me up. I thought I was going to have to suck him again, but he didn't get all the way hard.

When it was over I hurried back to the porch and went right back to the laundry. Daddy wasn't going to care that I'd lost an hour and twenty minutes of my day to whoring and running bath water and soaping Gip's butt crack. Chores had to get done, even if it meant you didn't sleep.

Stevie never came for me. He must have picked Mom to do his dirty work. That surprised me. Mom and I crossed paths at the burn barrels the next day as we were both pouring out trashcans from different places.

"You don't have to worry about Gip," I said. "He got me."

Mom laughed a sad laugh. "Honey, he got both of us."

"You're kidding!"

"You know better. Devious little shitburger."

"Did you get Steve too?"

"I got Steve," Mom answered matter-of-factly without looking at me.




"Why, Caryn. You jealous or something?"

"No, I'm... I'm just surprised he came to you."

"He didn't come to me. I took it to him first." Mom banged the kitchen trash can against the barrel trying to dislodge some sticky paper towels at the bottom. She looked me up and down. "You looked like you could use a break."

"Thank you, Mom."

"You look like shit, Caryn."

"Fuck you, Mom," I smiled. I'd never said that before, but it was funny and Mom smiled like she thought so too.

"This will end, Caryn," Mom turned to take her empty cans back to the house. "For you, anyway. This will end for you."

In that moment I realized how much I loved my Mom in spite of her inability to protect me from my father and my brothers.

The what-came-next part is no big twist. You know what came next. Replay. Replay. Replay. You can't just suck a boy's dick once and expect that he'll just go away and stay away. That bell could not be unrung. Mom and me were no longer rewards for boxing victories. We were just common sex slaves.

The only twist was the next time Gip tried to throw me around I held up my hand and said, "I'll suck your pecker. I'll stroke your pecker. But Gip if you hurt me again, so help me God, I'll tell Daddy you fucked me in my pussy."

"You will not."

"God's honest, I will."

"He won't believe you, Whore."

"You ready to put that to the test?" I looked him straight in the eye. Gip was not ready to test my threat.

Gip was a teenager and insatiable. Gip maintenance rarely skipped a single day, but it only took five minutes, tops. I swallowed all his spunk. As much as Gip squirted, what else was I going to do with it? It was too much for even a shirt to contain if he painted me. I'd just have to get a mop and clean up a big puddle. Or I'd have to wipe off with a bath towel which I'd just have to wash later. So I just swallowed it.

Eventually we fell into a routine on weekdays mornings where I'd go to the room Gip and Steve shared. I'd duck in there about ten minutes before the bus arrived and pull my shirt up and my bra down so my tits spilled over the tops of the cups. I got down on my knees and Gip dropped his pants and sat on the edge of his bed.

We never missed the bus.

Sometimes Stevie watched us while I worked Gip.

When I was sixteen and Stevie had just turned fourteen, Stevie eventually started making demands on me too. He looked guilty and sheepish, but free blow jobs are just too much temptation for a teenage boy to leave on the table. At least Stevie tried to work his demands around when I wasn't insanely busy.

And he was kind of nice about it. He was direct, but not bossy or mean.

Stevie's cock was a little bigger than Gips, but still nothing like Daddy's. This sounds weird, but Stevie's dick was beautiful. You don't hear people say that a lot about dicks, but there was something about Stevie's pecker that was really... Well... pretty. It didn't have any big blue veins. It was real evenly colored from bottom to top. The head was perfectly proportioned to the shaft. It was just... I don't know how to say it any other way. Stevie had a pretty cock.

Unfortunately, even at fourteen, he had a lot more stamina than his evil older brother. Stevie was no five minute blow job. He took as long as daddy, sometimes even longer. I had to look him in the eye like I did when I sucked Daddy. I had to wiggle my butt back and forth like I did when I sucked Daddy. I had to moan like I did when I sucked Daddy. Sometimes I'd forget that I was acting and I put a hard licking all over Stevie's cock shaft while I purred and moaned.

Stevie wanted me to pump and stroke the base of his dick while my mouth worked the top. It was a lot of physical work. I'm not the most coordinated girl and it took a few times to get the hand of doing two things at once.

Stevie was the my first talker, too. He was as bad as you are, Skip. A motormouth. About half way through the blow job it was all "Oh yeah, baby. Oh yeah, Sis. Suck me good, Sis! Oh that's nice, Care-Care." Of course when he was close to squirting spunk it was all "Suck it, bitch! Suck my pecker, bitch!" But that was okay. Whatever got Stevie over the edge was fine. I'd been called worse. Daily.

Stevie was a funny squirter, though. The first time he came in my mouth it really fooled me. It was big sticky loads, just like Gip, but it was One-Two-Three, really hard shots. It was so hard that I could feel his prick thump really hard in my hand as he blasted away at my tonsils. I swallowed it all up. (Of course.) As I was pulling off he told me "No," And pushed me back down on his pecker. I thought he wanted me to suck his pipe dry, so I slurped at it a little more and realized Stevie wasn't wilting. He was still rock hard. So I went back at it all trampy like the boys liked. Two minutes later there was another cock thumping and Bam! Bam! Bam! Three more sizeable shots of spew flooded my mouth. Again I pull off and again he pushes me back down and Stevie is still rock fucking hard. I'm thinking, "Holy fuck. What have I got myself into with this one?" Another minute of cock slurping and working my tongue and Stevie arched his back and grunted and then came one more small flood on top of my tongue. That was it for Stevie.

He'd help me stand back up off my knees. Lifted me up. Stevie hugged me after I sucked his dick. He never kissed me, but he hugged me.

Stevie came for me once a month maybe. Once every six weeks when Daddy had to cut back on his hired hands during a poverty stretch and we all were assigned double chores. When I saw that twinkle in Steve's eye, I knew I was in for a jaw bender. But I didn't mind. His spunk tasted bland and creamy, just like Gippers. Maybe a little more salty. They both ate the same things once they started in on training, so maybe that made their spew taste the same. Maybe it was just genetics. Who knows?

All the sex slave stuff stopped for a week when Daddy's brother came to visit. I know what you are expecting me to say next, but that's wrong. Daddy's brother was a reverend and he was pretty well off. Uncle Wallis had worked his way up to preaching at one of those mega churches in a big city. He was loaded. Not only did he make a big wage, but all his expenses were covered in his benefit package, so the church bought him a nice house and he drove a nice car. Uncle Wallis was actually a pretty good looking guy. When I looked at Uncle Wallis, I saw what Daddy would have looked like if he'd picked an easier career than buying that stupid fucking life-draining farm.

Uncle Wallis had lost his wife and his son in a boating accident when I was nine. We couldn't go to the funeral because we couldn't leave the farm. There were some hard feelings between Daddy and Uncle Wallis after that, but Uncle Wallis eventually let it go. Uncle Wallis knew that if he was going to see Daddy, he had to travel to the farm, and so he did. He stayed at a hotel in town, but the sucking and fucking stopped anyway.

I was about to turn seventeen. Uncle Wallis took us out to dinner at a nice restaurant in town and told us that his benefit package had a perq in it to send his kids to college in his (neighboring) state's university system. Even though Randy (his son) was dead, he could still transfer that benefit to a relative if he wanted to.

Then he asked me if I wanted to go to college for free. I dropped my fork.

We were so poor and my grades were so bad, college was a crazy Neverland concept. I assumed I'd be the family sex slave until the boys got married, moved away, and Daddy lost interest.

Mom started bawling with joy about the time Daddy was working up to telling Uncle Willis no. Daddy never got his objection out. Mom stood up and walked over to Uncle Willis and cried on top of Uncle Willis's head. Daddy was embarrassed, but I thought it was really sweet.

All I had to do was find a State school in Uncle Willis's state that would accept me and get an ACT score just high enough that the admissions department wouldn't laugh in my face.

That was that.

After Uncle Willis left the farm, Daddy started fucking me like he knew his all-access pass to my tight pussy was running out. He was never a gentle lover but golly jeez I got my muff pounded hard. That's when I started squirting on Daddy's pecker a lot. He had a dominant desperation about him. Maybe there was a pheromone coming off him that I was smelling that got up in my brain when his big dick head hit that spot way down in my pussy. I only know for sure there was something in my cunt that responded to the way his big man hands locked around the tops of my hips and he took control of my entire body. He'd pull me down into his thrust and the smashing together of solid man angles with my soft girly curves was a kind of simple perfection. There was a sense of completion inside my gut when I was absolutely manhandled with Daddy's intensity. Even at Seventeen I knew I liked the idea of being tied up and taken hard. I didn't want that from Daddy though. There was no trust for Daddy. For some reason guys think that women who like being tied to the bed like it because of the unpredictability potential of the sex. Maybe some girls do, but I don't. I like the idea of being tied up for exactly the opposite reason. I want something very specific, very known. When my cunt is itchy for attention I want to be consumed. I want to be chewed up and gnawed on by the animal intensity of a man who is out of his fucking mind with need. When a guy takes what he wants and it hits all the right spots and lasts the right amount of time... Now that's the best. That's the difference between a regular orgasm and a squirter.

With ACT tests in my future I thought I should start making the most of my mandatory after school study sessions. My guidance counselor kept pressuring me to take advantage of the school's tutoring program while I was sitting in my study hour. I signed up for some help with biology and math. They assigned me to this goofy guy named Rusty. He was a Junior, younger than me but a braniac. Rusty was a redhead but not a ginger. He was tall and lanky like you, Skip. He also had a really funny side to him like you do, Skip. He wasn't super cute, but I could tell he liked me. He was a big flirt. I'd catch him staring at my tits all the time. He was also really patient. No comment there, Skip.

I took the ACT for the first time in the fall of my Senior year and I gacked it. Bad. Thirteen-kinda bad. I started to panic. No College Admissions Dean was going to accept a girl with a two point one grade average and a thirteen on her ACTs, no matter how much cock she sucked in any given day.

Rusty said that I was smarter than I gave myself credit for. He said I had test anxiety and it wasn't so much a matter of what I did or didn't know as it was thinking about the whole test differently. It was the first time somebody ever acted as if maybe I really did have a brain.

I started thinking about Rusty more and more when I was doing my chores. No. No. I didn't play with the dildo and think about him. I stopped playing with the dildo after Gip and I came to our agreement about his daily blow job. By the time I made it to my bed at night, all I wanted to do was get some precious sleep before somebody woke me up by sticking his dick in my mouth. The dildo stayed hidden in my bottom drawer.

No, it was just a slow building crush. Common as cornflowers.

Rusty picked up on my smiles. One day in late October he told the Teaching Assistant responsible for the afterschool study session that he was "checking me out of the school library and taking me to the County library."

The TA didn't care. Rusty was a solid kid. National Honor Society. Basketball hero. Treasurer of the Student Council. As long as Rusty had me back in the library in an hour, we could go to the County library in Craighead.

So we went to the "big" library. Rusty drove me in his F-150. He played the radio too loud and drove too fast. It was awesome. We didn't do anything at the County Library except pretend to read and flirt a lot.

Our runs to the County library got to be a habit. Two out of every three weekly sessions Rusty "checked me out." If the snow was bad we didn't try, because we knew we couldn't make it to the town square and back in an hour and fifteen minutes, even if we only drove past the Library and waved. Most of the time we went to the County library I did study. Really.

Right before Christmas I took the ACT again and got a 19. Not great, but good enough. I put in for (our university) and (the other big university across the state). I had an acceptance letter from (our university) by Valentines Day. All I had to do was not flunk any of my high school classes and I'd be pissin' in tall cotton the next Fall.

Some of the pressure seemed to evaporate, but Rusty was on me to not let up. He had all these ideas for how I could change my room around to be a better student. Ways to organize, yaknow? He kept saying that he'd come by the farm on the weekend and show me how to get organized. The we could go to a movie. Of course, I had to make excuses. Daddy or Gip would have been more likely to shoot him and throw his corpse in the Boar pen than shake his hand and treat him like a decent visitor.

At the end of February, we were making our run to Craighead County Seat and we got a few blocks from the School and Rusty turned a different way and pulled into a driveway at a house in town. He said he needed to change his contact lens, and I should come in and see his house and it would only take a second, right?

Of course, there was nobody home. His parents were both still at work. You know where this is going, don't you? He showed me his room and how he had his desk organized with all these little plastic racks with labels on them.

We turned to walk out of his room and he grabed my arm, spun me around, and planted a toe-tingler right on my lips. No tongue, but it's a helluva kiss. Thirty seconds later we were rolling all over his unmade bed, making out. I know the smell of come and his sheets smelled like come and aftershave. I could see his boner popped in his pants. I felt it stabbing my leg when he rolled back and forth across me as he kissed me from one side and then the other.

He was very gentle, and totally respectful. If he'd have yanked his pants off and said "Suck my dick, bitch!" I would have probably reflexively dropped to my knees and started smoking pole before he made it to the exclamation point. He didn't. He was really sweet. He kept telling me how pretty I was.

We didn't have a lot of time and he didn't even cop a feel. We climbed back in his truck and drove two blocks back to school. Rusty was blushing as we walked back in the school library before dismissal. I'm sure I was too.

We never went to the County library again.

Twice a week we went to Rusty's bedroom and made out.

It took Rusty four makeout sessions to finally get his hand up my shirt. Five to push my shirt up and suck my nips. Six to finally figure out that my complete lack of resistance made it easier to just take my shirt off all together.

He was so complementary. He kept telling me how pretty I was and how perfect my boobs were. He said a hundred times that I was more beautiful than any girl in Playboy and I should be a model. He was a little sweetheart.

Rusty must have had balls that were bright blue. I kept waiting for him to unzip. I'm sure I would have blown him or fucked him if he just took off his pants and looked at me with an expectant look in his eye. Poor kid just kissed and groped and sucked. He wasn't the shy type, just... well, like I said before, Rusty was very patient.

Early in April Rusty finally got around to unzipping my jeans and sticking his fingers into my sopping pussy. My clit is hard to miss, but goddamn if he was everywhere on my twat except where it counted. Me? I was having fun. I was the center of attention, in a good way for once. The submissive girlfriend in me wanted to take pity on the boy. I knew I should probably take matters in my own hands and speed things along. But I liked how hard Rusty was trying to woo me. In his mind I might storm out and pout if he pushed me too far. He didn't want to screw up a good thing, so was actually trying to win me over. I assumed all the chivalry would end the moment his spunk squirted in my mouth. He'd probably call me a whore and give me the Look of Disgust like Daddy and Gip did after I sexed them. Well... they gave me that disgusted look before, during, and after sex.

I didn't love Rusty, but I really liked him. He was a good guy. He treated me like I was special and that was different. Nice. I felt valued for the first time in my life.

Late in April, with only three weeks left in my high school career, Rusty finally pulled my pants off and then he stripped naked too. His pecker was the same size as Gip's, so I naively thought it was small instead of average. But it had a crazy curve to it. It had a deep bend in the top of it. It wasn't "bent nail." Just an unnatural upcurve. When he stood up next to the bed, his dick poked almost directly back into his stomach. If he turned sideways it would have made a complete "D" shape.

He already knew I'd never had a real boyfriend, so I guess he assumed I was a virgin. Maybe that's why he moved so slow.

I'd never orgasmed while fucking missionary before, and I didn't that first day with Rusty either. I probably would have if we'd had more time. We were constantly watching the clock and that kills romance and orgasms. But for the first time, that crazy cock head of Rusty's grinding really hard into a tickle-spot I didn't even know I had in the top of my pussy wall... Fuck! I soaked those sheets down to the mattress pad. I just flooded everything. It was a great fucking. It was the first time I'd really sexed someone outside my family and it was terrific on so many levels.

Rusty wore a rubber, which was another first for me. I don't know what kind of comer he was, because he collapsed on top of me and kissed me for a long time after he popped his nuts. Then he was a big flurry of pulling out and getting dressed because we were running late. I never saw him take off the condom.

The next week was better. I was more comfortable with Rusty. I wasn't as concerned with the clock. Rusty's pokey cock head kissed right into that sweet spot in the top of my pussy and it danced all up and down it. I shook harder than I've ever shook when I orgasmed. I squirted so much sugar floe that it started to pool around my ass in the bed dimple.

Poor Rusty. After he came he kissed me. He actually told me that he loved me. Stupid jerk. I didn't say anything back. I didn't want to love anybody.

By the time we got back to school we were running across the parking lot to get to the library in time to be dismissed. Somebody sitting in a parked truck laid into the horn right as we ran past the front of them. We both jumped out of our skin. Then I looked over and saw it was Daddy. He was never on time to pick me up. Never.

There he was.

He looked pissed.

He jumped out of the truck and walked right at us.

"Where you been?" he shouted at me.

Stupid Rusty extended his hand toward my Dad. "Hey, Mr. LeRoy, I'm Rusty, Cary--"

"I ain't talkin' to you, Son. You." Daddy pointed in my face. "Where have you been?"

Rusty didn't give up. "Mr. LeRoy, we were at the County Libr--"

"Goddammit, Son," Daddy turned red. "When I want to hear from an asshole, I'll fart. Now shut the fuck up or the next time you open your pie hole you're going to wake up in traction at Mercy Regional."

I wanted to die. "W-w-we were at the County library."

Daddy tilted his head toward the front entrance of the school. "That's what the little dingbat up in the library said. Only I was just there for forty minutes and you were not."

"Sir!" Rusty must have thought Daddy was kidding. "I had some trouble with the transmission in my tru--"

Looking back, I realize the last complete sentence Rusty managed to say in my presence was "I love you."

Daddy shuffled his feet hard and skipped right toward Rusty, his left arm cocking back as he closed distance. Only a fool would insert themselves between Daddy and someone Daddy was trying to pummel. I am that fool. The time it took for Daddy to drop his fists, grab my waist, and spin me out of the way was all the time Rusty needed to jump back, turn, and then start running for the school entrance.

"Crazy fuck!" Rusty screamed. "Whatever man, whatever!"

Daddy didn't chase Rusty. He just looked at me and said, "Get your ass in the truck."

That was a long, silent ride home, lemmetellya. I could see the smoke pouring out of Daddy's ears. He seethed.

As we pulled into the farm, Gary Grunt - who is kind of the senior hand, the guy who Daddy calls first when he needs hired help - he was driving in right in front of us and he stopped to open the gate.

Daddy told him that there was a family matter he needed to attend to, and would Gary dismiss all the hands currently on the farm. Daddy said he was sorry, and he'd call Gary when things rolled back up to speed.

My blood ran cold. Daddy was "powering off" the farm. You just don't do that. Ever. A working farm is a big clothes washing machine filled to the top with chaos and mayhem. As soon as you turn your back on it for very long, it'll bubble over and start ruining everything around it.

Daddy told me to go to my room and not leave it for any reason.

Supposedly, December 21st is the longest night of the year, but for me it turned out to be May 2, 1985.

Chapter 24 - Caryn's Incest Tale Part Three

I didn't know what was going on, but there was a definite buzz in the house outside my room. Doors slammed. Mom and Daddy shouted at one another. Daddy shouted at the boys.

Daddy kept leaving the house for fifteen minutes at a time and returning.

I heard Mom put something on the dinner table, but nobody called me down.

After dinner, the Sun was headed down when Daddy finally came to the door of my room. All he had to do was open it. It was unlocked. I guess that wasn't dramatic enough. Daddy kicked my door open. He split the door jam and ruined the door in one shot.

Of course I also nearly shit my pants in fear, but I think that was the whole idea.

Daddy had a hand full of loops of rope, the woven kind that mountain climbers used. It was bright green with little yellow and red triangle flecks in it.

"Get your fucking clothes off, you runaround cheating WHORE!"

Pew! I stripped fast, throwing my clothes and underwear willy-nilly.

Daddy was on me, wrapping ten or fifteen loops of the rope around my wrists and knotting it off. Daddy's Navy training had taught him to be excellent with knots. My palms were flat against each other and tight. The binding was so solid that it was pulling my elbows toward each other. Keeping them apart put pressure on the rope coils which hurt my wrists more.

Daddy pulled a big ol' pig-bleeding hook out of a leather pouch. That's the steel hook they put through the sow's leg before they hoist her up and gut her. It's "S" shaped and really pointy and sharp on both ends. I gulped as Daddy pushed one sharp end of the hook in the ropes between my hands, right against my wrists. Somehow he pushed it through and up past the bottom of my thumbs without piercing my skin or slitting my wrists.

Then Daddy put an old dog collar around my neck. We'd never had a small dog on the farm in all my years, so whichever dog it came from had to have a neck bigger than mine. The collar hung loose on my neck. Daddy clipped a plastic coated bull-tether to the D- ring on my collar and marched me out of my room. I was bare footed and trying not to step on the splinters from the door, but Daddy didn't give a shit. He just yanked that tether and I stumbled forward through the sharp wood slivers. He yanked me down the stairs and out the back door into the moonless night. The air was crisp on my skin. I felt the cold swirling around me, looking for weaknesses. Looking for entry.

Daddy marched straight to the tractor barn. I followed behind on my long leash.

Daddy rolled the tractor barn door back on its big iron rail. It rumbled open.

The tractor barn was empty. Almost. The heavy bag that the boys used to practice boxing had been removed from its chain hoist mounting. The bag was propped in the corner.The chain from the chain hoist was dropped all the way to the floor. The electric chain hoist was mounted to a frame that was attached to one of the big barn roof beams. That's how Daddy lifted heavy PTO shafts to our tractor, not that we did much real crop farming. The old hay baler we used for alfalfa had it's own hydraulic jack that came down off the hitch, so you didn't need a hoist. Daddy had used the hoist a couple of times to pull the engine out of one of our cars or trucks when he made big repairs.

Then he used the hoist for my brother's boxing bag.

That night he was going to use it for me.

I could see the big eye bolts screwed into the wooden floor. Those were new. They were a trip hazard in a real working barn, so Daddy obviously had a plan for them.

He sure did.

The barn had some overhead flood lamps mounted to the ceiling beams, but they were not turned on.

Instead Daddy had set a circle of seven Coleman propane lanterns in a fifteen foot circle surrounding the drooping hoist chain. The upward, greenish light cast by the lanterns made the whole barn glow like a haunted house.

Daddy marched to the drooping chain coming down from the steel cable on the hoist.Then he turned around and reeled me to him by my leash like he was pulling a marlin into a boat.Daddy pointed to the floor and I sat down. The planks were cold and gritty with dirt under my naked buns. Daddy set about looping and knotting two individual rope lengths around each of my ankles. He laced in a big two-inch steel O-ring to the outside of each ankle and a slightly smaller O-ring to the inside of each ankle.

I knew I was in for some serious punishment.

Then I saw the two slaughter tables against the far wall. Those didn't belong in the tractor barn.Daddy had carried in his new slaughter table and the old brown stained one we didn't use any more. Daddy had trimmed some of the leg lengths off the old slaughter table so it was a foot and a half lower to the ground. There were smaller, one inch eye-bolts screwed all over the sides of the slaughter tables.

That's when I thought Daddy was really going to kill me. Literally KILL me. Graveyard dead.

It was too late to run. Daddy had pulled my legs into a V as he tied one ankle rope to each of the eye-bolts in the floor. My feet were stretched maybe five feet apart from each other with another foot of rope between the bolts and my ankles.

Daddy pulled the drooping chain around to my front and he slipped the open end of the slaughter hook in my wrist bindings into the chain above my head. He clipped the long, loose extra chain (the part that would have banged into my tits and pussy) into a loop above my head and secured it out of the way with a zip-tie.

Daddy walked over to the wall and turned on the hoist. A second later it started to grind and then my hands were being slowly pulled upward and over my head and forward. There was no more room for my hands to rise, but the hoist kept humming. My shoulders pinched tight and then my ass was sliding forward and then lifting up off the dirty floor.My legs instinctively tried to get under me, but they were tied too far apart. I guess this is all too much detail. The important part is that it took less than a minute until my feet were off the ground and Daddy locked the hoist.

It hurt worse than any spanking. I felt like I was being ripped apart at my shoulders and my pussy. I was an upside-down Y, suspended almost a foot off the ground.I could feel a ripping sensation, a tearing pressure on all of my joints. You see that kind of bondage shit in movies and you have no idea how much it really hurts to be lifted and suspended and spread apart like that.

I started whimpering and pleading with Daddy to lower me down. I was blabbering out every promise I could think of.

All my jawing reminded Daddy of something he forgot. He had a brown paper lunch bag and he pulled out a leather ball gag with a big red rubber ball in the middle of it. Daddy walked up and bumped his clothed crotch right into my bare pussy. I was at the perfect height off the floor for him to fuck meDaddy pushed against me, which put more pressure on the muscles in my ass and pussy and shoulders that were taking all the strain. Daddy strapped the buckle of the ball gag behind my head. He ratcheted the straps until the ball of the gag pushed between my teeth before he made one more hard jerk and locked it down.

"Does it taste like your Whore mother's pussy? Does it?" Daddy whispered hot into my ear. "I know how much you love the taste of your whore mother's pussy, so I rubbed it real thick with her sticky whore juice before I brought it out. Can you believe that, you runaround cheating Whore?Your whore mother juiced hard and heavy knowing what you were going to get tonight."

Daddy walked behind me and humped his erection into my ass, pushing me forward and electrifying the muscles on my back and shoulders with incredible pain. His big mitts closed around my boobs and softly pulled my nipples even harder than the cold night air had stiffened them.

Daddy's hot, breathy mouth pressed at the back of my right ear, whispering again. "Do you know that you're not the first runaround cheating whore I've strapped up out here? Right where you are? That's right. You're not. Your whore mother cheated on me too. You were little bitty. It was before the boys. Your whore mother had a little tumble with one of her old high school boyfriends. That's right." Daddy nuzzled his face against me and his five o'clock shadow sanded the soft length of my neck. "What do you think happened to that fucker who stuck his little needle-dick in my wife? You wanna guess?" Daddy laughed soft and it sent a wave of chills through me.

"Let's just say," Daddy continued his close whisper, dropping both his hands down my stomach and stopping at my wide-spread pussy, "That he lost interest in your whore mother real quick. But of course then I had the matter of keeping a runaround, cheating whore in my house. I couldn't have that, could I? So I thought up a way to divide your whore mother's life into one, single, spectacular life-changing moment."

Daddy's fingers ran circles all over my dry clit.

"And now," Daddy's fingers started drumming thumps right on top of my button to emphasize his words, "And now, College Girl, it's your turn for your own life-changing moment. You think I can't stop you from going to college and becoming some fraternity cumbucket? Think again, bitch. Think again. You'll be back in my house again. You'll even be back in my bed again, runaround Whore. But you won't be the same girl you are now. You'll never be my good girl Carebear again. And by the time you've healed up enough that you can go back to high school after I'm done with you... School will be over. Kiss your graduation good bye. Kiss college good bye."

Daddy bit my ear so hard I thought it was going to bleed.

Then he summarily turned and walked back out of the barn, rolling the big door closed behind him.

Time stopped. The pain got to the point where the burning in my stretched joints turned to a steady throb. I kept looking over at the slaughter tables and wondering why Daddy had lowered one and screwed eye-bolts all over both of them.

Maybe an hour of this torture went by. It's hard to tell. When the barn door finally rolled open again, Daddy, Gip, and Stevie strolled in. They were all wearing white T-shirts, jeans, and flip-flops. They looked like a street gang on their way to a beach.

All of them had long dowel rods, the same kind Daddy used to whip the boys.

Daddy closed the barn door and the three of them stepped into the eerie circle of green lanterns and started strutting around me me with pissed off expressions. Wolves circling their helpless prey.

Daddy pulled a medium sized green metal trash can from the workshop corner of the barn and put it down between my legs. I didn't understand why until Daddy's cane bit me first, straight across the stomach. I flinched but I had no place to go. I couldn't even tell I had to pee before that hot line burned through me. I was in pain everywhere, so I couldn't get any distress signals from my bladder.

But right after Daddy striped my stomach I heard the sound of pee splashing into the metal trash can, as much as I could hear it over the sound of my screams muffled by the ball gag.

Daddy had assumed the honor of the first swat, but the boys had been coached. Nobody said anything. The three of them all started striping my body at the same time.Lines burned across my ass, over and over. Lines burned across my exposed tits and nipples. They were aiming the canes right at my stretched open pussy, too, but the corners of my hips took most of the pain. Most of it.

They still managed to get those canes on my pussy too. Oh boy, they did.

There's no funny upside to the torture I endured, but it's a little ironic to think that if there had just been two of them caning me, they would have probably killed me from the shock of the pain. Two of them would have left each of them enough room to circle me and get nothing but really solid swats all over my body and my legs. But with three of them, most of their blows were getting in the way of each other. They'd crack their canes against each other. Or Stevie would start to swing and then have to stop and wait for Daddy to take his swing, and then his cane swat would land mostly on top of Gip's cane right after it slashed into me.

Small comfort.

They didn't kill me, but they almost sent me into shock. If I didn't have the ball gag in my mouth I would have been begging to suck Mom's pussy and put on a lesbo show if they'd just stop caning me for five minutes.

After I was one big throbbing welt all the way from my neck to my shins, they finally walked away from me and threw their canes to the side. Daddy walked to his work bench and I thought he was going to flip the switch on the hoist and finally lower me back down to the floor. He didn't. He opened a drawer.

He pulled out my big blue dildo. Daddy walked toward me, gripping the end of the dildo in one hand and spinning the other end in a circle beside him.

"Oh looky, looky," Daddy sang. "You thought I didn't know about your big Whore toy? I did. I know about every fucking thing that happens on this farm. Boys, apparently your Whore sister just isn't getting enough dick."

If you've ever seen a movie where some mobster stooge is tied to a chair and the other mobsters are beating them with a garden hose or a phone book, you may not understand that the reason they do that is because the blows do deep tissue damage, but they don't make heavy bruises on the top of the skin.

I didn't know that.

I didn't know that until weeks later.

I didn't even know it when Daddy whipped the end of that big gel dildo across my jaw and knocked me out. I wasn't unconscious long. There were a few seconds of me coming back to lucidness when the pain was still mercifully gone.

Then it was back.

The Coleman lanterns danced a tumbling Spirograph pattern in my woosy vision.

Daddy clubbed my ass with the dildo. He smashed my tits a couple of time. Then he stood in front of me and smiled and wound up the spinning dildo head like a lariat for a few seconds before he whacked me right solid in my spread open cunt with a hard dildo uppercut.

Everything went white. My ears rang.

There was no "maybe" In my mind after that. I wanted my Daddy dead and I started resolving that the second my hands were free, I was going to take my perfectly trimmed fingernails and stab them right in his evil eyes.

Then I heard the gears in the winch buzz and I started lowering to the floor. I felt the floor boards kiss the bottoms of my arches and a kind of small relief came over me as the muscle pain eased up and the burning stripes across my skin took over.

My hands kept lowering until I was a sobbing puddle, laying sprawled flat on the floor.

"We know you are going to miss those frat parties, Whore," Daddy said. "Me and the boys are each going to take turns with you until each of us has put three loads of jizz in your baby box. Three. Each. There won't be a cow milked or a pig fed until squirt number nine goes into that Whore twat. You ain't going to school and your brothers ain't going school until we all work together to put a baby in your whore babymaker. Isn't that just a sweet idea!"

Gip and Stevie carried the shorter, modified slaughter table into the center of the lamp circle. Daddy pulled the slaughter hook out of my wrist binding and picked me off the floor. He dropped me face down on the slaughter table. Daddy pulled some carabiners out of his pocket and clipped the outside O ring on my ankle bindings to some of the eye bolts on the edge of the table.

Daddy pulled out a pocket knife, opened the long gleaming blade, and cut the knot on my wrist bindings. After he unwrapped my hands, he folded the rope into halves and cut it into two modest pieces. Daddy tied each of my wrists individually and then looped the ropes to a couple more eye bolts.

It took me that long to figure out that I was being tied into a doggy fucking position. Daddy had cut down the legs of the table so it would be the right height for him and the boys to stand up in the little cut-out semi-circle at the back end of the table and bitchfuck me.

Once more Gip and Steve picked the table up, this time with me attached to the top. They jockeyed the table around until my head was almost under the hoist. Daddy pulled another carabiner clip out of his pants pocket and clipped the D-ring on my dog collar high enough on the hoist chain that I was fixed into place. I was like a dog locked into the grooming table at a pet shop. I couldn't drop down. I couldn't really lean forward. I was a bitch ready for breeding.

Daddy rustled around behind me and then walked into my sight line with the big blue dildo and some knockoff brand, cheap-o baby oil. Daddy squirted waaaaay too much baby oil onto the dildo. Then he pushed the dildo down into my swinging cleavage and twisted it around to spread the oil out around the dry parts of the dildo.

"Let's get that little whore fuckbox slicked-up and ready to make a baby," Daddy sang.

He walked around my blind side. The dildo jammed into me deep and quick, like a missile. As big as Daddy's pecker was, the dildo was bigger. The stretch was too fast and hurt too much. I screamed into the ball gag.

I woke to Stevie trying to lift my neck up off the the strangling pressure of the dog collar. I had blacked out again.

Daddy hadn't removed the dildo. Once my eyes fluttered open he began to piston it in and out of my pussy. I heard him stop and squeeze more baby oil onto the dildo. When he pumped it in-and-out once more I heard my puss slosh with the oil.

"Hold it in your twat," Daddy commanded. "Tighten up. Don't drop it." Daddy let go of the dildo and I could immediately feel my pussy trying to push out the too-big foreign object. "HOLD IT!" Daddy shouted.

I pinched my pussy muscles with all my might, but I heard the wet plop, and then I heard the dildo thump on the floor.

"Fuckin' whore just won't listen, Dad," Gip said. "Too much suckin' and not enough practice fuckin', I guess."

"Think so?" Dad asked. He picked up the oiled dildo off the dirty floor and walked it around to my front. Daddy nodded at Stevie and Stevie unbuckled my ball gag and pulled it out of my jaw.

Daddy said, "Let's see how you suck your rubber boyfriend here, Whore." He stuffed the dildo in my mouth. I could taste the baby oil and dirt from the barn floor. Of course, daddy couldn't resist stabbing the dildo too far into my throat. I gagged hard. That didn't stop him. He did it over and over until my steady gags turned into a retch. Stevie was there with the metal trash can in front of my head when I eventually lost control and threw up. It was just a long string of stomach acid. I hadn't eaten all day. Thankfully, Daddy pulled the dildo out of my mouth long enough for me to spit it out the bile. Then the dildo was right back in my jaw.

"Let's see if you can hold it with your mouth, Whore," Daddy said. He dropped his end of the dildo and the weight of it all hit my jaw at once. I tried to pull some suction onto it, but there was too much baby oil on it. Too slippery. It dropped right back on the floor.

"Steven," Daddy said. "Pick up your cane. The next time she disrespects her rubber boyfriend here and drops him on the floor, you light up her whore ass."

"You know it, Pop." Steven sounded really serious and confident.

I did better the second try. I had too.

"Don't bite it now," Daddy said.

I gave a really small nod of acknowledgement. I couldn't move my head too much because of the dog collar being clipped to the hoist chain above me. I also bit my front teeth into the dildo anyway. I figured they wouldn't notice and it would keep that cane off my already blistered ass. I felt the weight of the drooping dildo start to work on my lower jaw.

"There you go, runaround whore," Daddy cooed. He walked behind me. I heard his pants drop. Then he was in me. Deep.

Daddy fuck-pounded the daylights out of me from behind. I couldn't help but grunt from the impact. I felt his pounding in the front of my neck where I was being knocked forward against the tethered dog collar.

I lost my battle with keeping the slippery dildo in my mouth and it thumped to the floor again. Nothing happened. Stevie couldn't swat my ass with Daddy hammering away at it with his giant dick.

Daddy kept up his relentless pounding. Maybe ten minutes. Then he grabbed my hair. Instead of pulling my head back like he usually did, he pushed my head forward. Into the immobile dog collar. I could still breath, but barely. I was sure he was going to kill me before he filled my pussy.

My vision got really blue at the edges. Then Daddy's dick was all over that deep spot in the very back and bottom of my pussy. I felt the vibrations start in my knees and tits and close in on my thighs. I couldn't get air and somehow I was going to come anyway. Everything went blue and I shook hard enough to move the table I was tied too. I still don't know if Daddy started spewing first or if I did. I juiced a big orgasm spray all over Daddy's balls and the table.

Daddy let go of my head and just clamped his mitts on my hips as he put all his spunk up in my deep pink. He ground his hips around and every time his balls slapped my clit I shook out another little come and another little orgasm squirt.I panted loud, but I could still hear the boys cheering.

"Jesus, did she just piss?"

"Naw that's pussy juice."

"That much? Jesus. Looked like somebody popped a water balloon. She is a whore, ain't she?"

"Fuck yeah, she is."

Daddy pulled out. He walked around front and checked his watch. "Nobody fuck her for another ten minutes. Give my spunk some time to get a baby in her eggs. Then one of you take seconds."

"Can she suck dick while we wait?" Gip asked.

"Sure, Son. Sure. Just don't jostle her too much. I want that spunk to do its job."

Gip dragged an apple box to the front of the slaughter table and stepped up on it. I don't know when he lost his clothes, but he was buck ass naked when his hard pecker zoomed up my face and pushed through my lips. He rocked his hips to fuck my mouth. Even though Daddy was longer hung and I'd just been choke fucked with a giant dildo covered in baby oil, Gip managed a pretty deep throat humping of his own. He kept his balance by holding onto the cable tethered to my dog collar. I'm sure he never bothered to think that his rhythmic little pulls on the cable were making the dog collar stab up into my throat and cut the air through my windpipe into dashes.

I didn't have a watch, but I don't think Gip even waited five minutes before he climbed down and ran around behind me. I heard the bottle of baby oil let out a wet fart. I don't know why Gip oiled up his pecker. I guess 'cause he saw Daddy do it. I heard him jack it a couple of times to spread the oil around.

Gip stabbed his pecker into my pussy with a wet slosh. He tried to lock his hands on my hips and bang away. His one hand was still slippery with the baby oil and he couldn't get a good grip.

"Gonna squirt for me, whore? Gonna squirt for me, runaround slut?" He said over and over.

Of course I didn't. As quick as Gip was in my mouth, so too was he in my pussy. He started his orgasm grunt and his rapidfire thrust into my ass cheeks got farther and farther apart.

As Gip pounded out the last jets of his come, I watched Stevie undress and fold his clothes into a pile on the workbench. I hadn't really looked at how developed Stevie was, not his entire body. Both the boys were lean and muscular, but Gip was lanky and stretched. Stevie had a perfect V-chest. His thighs were like stallion legs. And his ass... Oh my God. As many times as I'd sucked his dick, why had I never noticed how high and hard Stevie's ass was.

Stevie stretched his arms upward and tucked one arm behind his head and down his back for stretching. His beautiful pecker was half hard, swinging like a fat, proud horse cock. His eyes were dark and his expression was all business.

Something about seeing him in his totality, that perfect man pose... He looked sexy as hell. My clit began to tingle a little.

Gip stepped in front of me and eclipsed my view of Steve. He jumped up on the apple box and said, "Clean my pecker, slut."

I opened my mouth to take his thrust, but he just stood there, barely an inch from my mouth with his shrinking dick, covered in oil and a mix of cloudy sperm trails. I leaned forward to suck, but couldn't get any closer with my dog collar hooked to the ceiling.

"C'mon, slut," Gip chided me. "Stretch that whore tongue of yours."

I did. I licked up the sperm and the baby oil. There was no just swallowing it down without tasting it. I had to taste every drop of Gips come and probably some of Daddy's come, as well as the tang of my own pussy mixed with the heavy baby oil. To this day I absolutely fucking hate the taste of baby oil. Even the smell of baby oil gives me the shivers.

While I lapped at Gip's flaccid cock and hairy ball sack, Stevie walked around the side of the table and pulled on my tits and nipples like he was milking a cow. If my tits weren't so sore, it probably would have felt really nice to have my tits and nips worked like that. But there were too many cane stripes across my tit skin. My ribs were sore from where Daddy cracked them with the dildo.

But yaknow. Stevie wasn't trying to turn me on. He was getting his cock to move from half-hard to fully erect. It worked. It worked.

Stevie didn't oil up. His hands went to my hips. Then the tip of his big pecker head split my twat hole and the shaft followed and followed and followed.

Gip fucked like he took his blow job. Fast and furious.

Unfortunately, Stevie fucked like he took his blow job too. Deep and slow and for a long time.

Gip eventually burned out and couldn't take any more stimulation. He walked away from my mouth but he didn't leave the barn. He just sat on the floor and watched Stevie lay pipe for a half hour.

Stevie's cock was so big in my cunt. He was so steady and insistent and even in his fuck strokes. His big pecker head started drilling the same spot that Daddy had pounded when I came. My toes twitched and curled. My knees rattled against the table. I'm sure I moaned.

I felt Stevie's hot gush spray hard and deep into me. All my tingle tremors closed in on my orgasm spot. I squirted again.

Stevie never stopped fucking. He didn't change his stroke rhythm. He just kept deep-dicking my slut spot after he lubed it with his sperm.

Stevie was putting on a clinic for Gip, showing him how to make a girl squirt. He was showing Gip how to fuck a girl right. Five minutes later I squirted again. Not much, but some. Enough to warm Stevie's swinging balls and set him off on a second hot sperming of my pussy.

Minutes later he came one more time. Whew, I thought. At least I'm done with Stevie now. Then I realized I'd rather be fucked by Stevie ten more times than the four more humpings I had coming from Daddy and Gip.

"Howdya make her squirt like that, Turd?" Gip asked as Stevie walked toward his folded clothes.

"Dunno, " Stevie mumbled. "C'mon. Get dressed. A-team is still on."

Five minutes after Gip and Stevie rolled the barn door shut, Mom rolled it back open. I didn't realize how thirsty I was until she lifted a straw to my mouth and the cold water started flushing the baby oil and sperm off my tongue.

"You're not going to like this," Mom said. "But I might was well do it while your trussed up and can't squirm away. Hang on, now."

First Mom poured two whole bottles of hydrogen peroxide over my back and ass. It was cold and uncomfortable, but it didn't really hurt. I could hear the infections boiling away. I never saw mom soak the gauze in iodine solution, but I screamed the moment it hit my ass. It burned SO bad. SO bad. Then mom was wiping it all over my legs and back and then under me, rubbing iodine solution all over my tits while I cried and screamed.

"I know, I know, Honey," Mom kept whispering. "But if you don't get an infection from this dirty barn, it will be a miracle. An absolute miracle."

After the iodine dried and the burning sensation turned to a cold, dull, burning sensation, Mom took the lid off a jar of burn cream that they used for the cow udders, Sween Cream, and she started slathering it all over the cane burns on my butt and boobs.

Finally, that brought a little relief.

Mom made me drink a lot more water, even after I said I wasn't thirsty. Daddy walked back in the barn and chased Mom out.

He stepped up on Gip's apple box made me suck his pecker for a long time after it was rock hard. Then he was back in me from behind, banging away until he squirted his jizz in my baby box.

After Daddy sat and recovered for a while, he untied me from the table and unclipped my collar from the lift cable.

I hoped Daddy had lost interest in my punishment, and my ordeal was over. Instead he pulled me off the low slaughter table and frog marched me over to the other slaughter table and had me lay on my back. I wasn't done. I was merely changing positions, that's all.

Daddy tied my feet so they hung over the outside of the table. There was plenty of room to climb up and move around and mount my pussy. He tied each of my hands to eye bolts down by my hips. He tied something between above my head and the ring on my dog collar so I couldn't sit up. It hurt to lay my sore backside on that hard wood, but still, I was as comfortable as I'd been since Daddy kicked down my door.

Daddy had never put his pants back on as he secured me to the new table. When he was done he ran his hands all over my tits and face and looked at me with a really sad expression. I didn't say anything. He didn't say anything.

Daddy crawled up on the table with me, his knee pressed against my cunt slit as he hovered over me. He started kissing me with his tongue. His kisses got hot and breathy. Then that big goddamn pecker of his was poking me in the belly. Daddy repositioned himself between my trussed thighs and the next thing I knew, his cock head was slicing up into the depths of my pussy box again. He put all his weight on me. At least that kept me warm, even if it made it a little hard to breathe. He craned his mouth down to suck my tit as his pelvis ground against the front of my pussy.

He spermed again. Real quiet. After he spermed he melted on top of me and he tongue-kissed me for a while.

That meant I was done with Stevie and done with Daddy. I only had two more spermings from Gip, and he was a quick fuck. All I had to do was not freeze to death, laying naked in the tractor barn on a cool Spring evening.

Gip made one more trip to the barn by himself before midnight. It took him forever to hump his load into me that time.

I woke to pre-dawn birds chirping and Stevie crawling up on me.

"You already came three times," I said.

Stevie didn't say anything. His pecker was ready-to-go and he pushed it up into me. Stevie didn't lube up and I was drying out from being spread eagle. His fuck mount burned as he pushed his cock in and stretched me out.

My pussy got wet from looking up at Stevie's dark eyebrows and his intense glare into my eyes.

I wanted off the table, and I wanted off the table as soon as possible. I thought about all I'd learned from mom and I started trying to talk the come out of Stevie's balls.

"Damn, you are a really good fuck," I moaned. Stevie didn't say anything.

"Once things go back to normal, maybe you could still fuck me once in a while?" I continued. "You made my pussy squirt soooooo hard."

Boom! Stevie squirt number one. Or four, depending on how you score it.

"Oh yes," I moaned. "Fill me, Stevie. Fill my pussy. If I'm going to make a baby I want it to be your baby. More. I want more of your jizz in my hot hole."

Boom! Stevie squirt number two. Or five, depending on how you score it.

Stevie crawled up and off me without a word. I don't think he said a single thing that whole session. It was so weird for him to be so quiet. When I had sucked his cock, he was one long stream of "Oh Sister!" And "Yeah, that feels great."But when he fucked me he was super serious. For some reason, Stevie's intensity got to the slut part of my brain. I didn't come with Stevie that morning. I was acting when I talked trash, but it was easy to act with the good fuckstroke that kid had going.

There was a long stretch where I lay alone and shivering on the table before Gip showed back up. The cattle were lowing and complaining, so Daddy must have been serious about his threat that nobody was going to do any chores until I was knocked up. It was probably right after breakfast (for them, not me) when Gip sauntered in.

"Pop says I gotta get with getting you preggers, Bitch," Gip said. "I see the old man put you on your back. Makes it hard to get a prick between your teeth when you are strapped down like that."

Gip circled the table, both of us just staring down each other.

"Dad says that when he lets you up, your pussy is fair game for me and Turd Boy. Any time we want it, just like with your suck mouth and your jack hand. But you know what? You know what slut? Answer me!" Gip slapped my bare tit hard.

"What!" I shouted.

"Mom's pussy is better'n your pussy. She fucks better. Her pussy juice tastes sweeter. 'Nd there's a lot more of it. Don't have to grease up my pecker for a good fucking. Mom's pussy gets wet so fast."

"Yeah," I tried to keep my head. "I'll make a wet pussy for you, brother," I said. "C'mon. Climb on up and rub that whore pussy. Make it wet. Make it yours."

Gip looked like I'd just coldcocked him.

"Shut up," he whispered. "Shut the fuck up with your whore talk."

"Don't make a slut wait," I said with a big, pouty baby-doll bottom lip. "Give your slut sissy a good hard sperming."

"Shut up!" Gip said. He slapped my tit again. Then my face. He jerked off his clothes, poured baby oil on his pecker again and jumped up on the table and dropped into me. He fucked me, snarling. He was a mad dog. Every few minutes he'd slap me across my jaw.

I just "Ohhhh Ohhh Ohhhh!-ed" A lot and he dumped his load in ten minutes and ten slaps.

A few minutes later, Stevie was back. He needed some help getting hard that time.Somehow he got his knees up on the table and hovered over my mouth.I put a decent suck on his tool, considering I was tied flat to a table. I moaned a lot. I licked a lot. I worked his ball sack when I could. As soon as he was fully stiff, he was back deep in my pussy again. But he didn't lean up that time. He laid on me and for the first time ever, Stevie kissed me. He kissed me and then he opened his mouth and tongue-kissed me like Daddy. I didn't feel Stevie's explosion that time. He just stopped fucking and lay on me, breathing hard.

"You didn't really come," I whispered in his ear.

"I absolutely did," he whispered back. "If you are really going to get knocked up, you better not have Gipper's retarded kid running around the farm. It better really be mine."

Man, by lunch time I was starting to actually feel the pangs of hunger and the cows were pissed off in a major way. They weren't complaining any more. They were cussing us out in moos. The pigs were getting pretty chatty too, and not in a good way.

Gip's last fucking was so completely half-assed it was like he wasn't even really there. His balls were completely empty and he was never a fast recharger. He was making himself fuck, which meant he had to slap me more and more to finally get over. It wasn't any longer a sex session than he ever had with me. It just seemed like it took forever with me getting my skull rung every thirty seconds or so.

Daddy came in and started to untie me. I assumed it was all over. I'd taken nine loads of spunk in my pussy (or twelve, if you counted Steve's multiple shots). I should have known better. After Daddy untied my legs from the table, he pushed them back over my head and tied my feet back down on each side of my ears. My ass and pussy were floating in the air above me.

Daddy shucked his pants, climbed up on the table and stood up. He positioned himself straddling my groin and pushed his pecker downward like a drill press. After a while of fucking me like that, like a squat press, Daddy repositioned and put both his feet on the tops of my shoulders and fucked me in the opposite direction of missionary, like he was doing push ups.

He grunted. He stopped fucking. He pulled out of me. He hopped off the slaughter table and pulled his pants back over his drooping cock, still dripping a glossy string of residual come.

"I'm going to call Gary Grunt now," Daddy said. "Then while he's calling the hired hands back, I'll come out here and untie you. In the meantime I want my last load of spunk to get down deep into to your eggs. If you aren't pregnant before, you sure the hell are now. Now I've told the boys that you're going to spread your legs any time one of them gets an itch they want scratched."

I nodded. "Gip said as much."

"We're not going to have any trouble from you?"

"No, Daddy."

"Good. Good."

A few minutes later my long ordeal was over. Daddy came back and untied me. He walked to the barns. I stumbled naked across the yard and back in the house. Mom fed me breakfast while she ran water for a hot bath. Before I got in the tub, I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like I'd been in a car wreck. My face was one big purple blotch.

I knew I had to do whatever I had to do to get at least my face healed up enough that some pancake makeup and long sleeves would allow me to return and finish school and get my high school diploma. Baby, or no baby, I was graduating high school. Baby or no baby I was going to college in the fall.

But there was never a baby. Don't understand why, but I didn't get knocked up on rape night.

Chapter 25 - The Bombshell

*BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.* Narrator shift. Skip here again. That's the story of Caryn's long night of incestuous rape, as distinguished from the other forced incest she'd endured since she was eight.

As Caryn said, she didn't get pregnant.

She missed five days of school and then went back with a cover story of being in a car wreck. She graduated with her class. Caryn arranged a ride to college with one of her classmates. She spent the summer sucking and fucking the men in her family whenever they wanted some attention, which was nearly a daily occurrence and usually multiple times in any given day. Then one August afternoon, she stuffed her clothes and some sheets into a backpack and sneaked off the farm and walked into town. She caught up with her arranged ride and then started a new life at college.

Christmas, spring break, and Summer of her Freshman year she spent with her preacher uncle. Her uncle went on a mission project to Costa Rica that Summer and took Caryn with him. Her uncle's church hit some rough times and enacted a lot of budget cuts that kept her Uncle from taking Caryn with him to Honduras during his next Christmas mission trip. That's how she ended up living in a box. After that, Caryn and I were in her apartment and started playing house.

Somewhere along the way, her Uncle inadvertently shared Caryn's address and phone number with her folks, which is how her dad eventually found her again.

Caryn wanted to move again so her dad couldn't find her, but she couldn't break the lease.

I was too addicted to Caryn's submissive pliability to walk away, although I didn't really think that I loved her in those days. She was just a steady fuck. There was another little campus cutie I worked with at the Chinese restaurant that I was dicking pretty regularly as well, but I still came back to Caryn's apartment to sleep afterwards.

I didn't go home that Summer, the summer between my Junior and Senior years. Nothing for me in my old town except some old friends who were starting to do their own thing and pull away into their new adult lives. My home was my college town. My home was Caryn's apartment. I changed my "home" mailing address with the University, which further hammered down the reality that I was tied to Caryn on some level.

An engineering company opened a branch office in our little college town. One of my engineering profs knew I had stayed in town for the Summer, and when they called him looking for a paid intern, he called me. I got the gig and it paid way better than being a waiter. I took a Summer sabbatical from Chan's. After school started, they wanted me to stay on, working a couple hours every day. I never waited tables again.

I was working on my Electrical Engineering degree, which -- in 1989 -- was still a hot, sought-after degree. The company that eventually hired me full time was a little boutique think-tank assigned to develop the next generation of HUI(human user interface) for a major appliance company. If you've ever seen the touch-sensitive switches on one of the newfangled ceramic cooktop stoves, that's what we were assigned to invent. Of course, in 1989, we didn't know that's what we were inventing. We were still experimenting with using the ground current from human skin to open and close a mechanical switch.

Somewhere along the days of my strange career, I became a cross-specialist in both EE and ceramics. When EE jobs disappeared, replaced by cheap ROMs and RAMs doing tricks programmed by software engineers, my weird little engineering discipline became a gold mine. Our little outpost in Collegetown Midwest became a cash cow for the company. Our patent capital alone is outrageous. We were so profitable that when the parent company tried to move us to Ohio several years ago, 90 percent of the engineers said "No, thank you. We'll just start our own company in the same building." And that was the last that Corporate had to say about moving. The wonk who suggested moving us in the first place was fired.

We all became rich mutherfuckers, living like sheiks in a town with an incredibly low cost of living.

The wealth came later.

But my Senior year of college, living with Caryn, things were merely okay. Optimistic, for sure.

Sex was good. Caryn and I didn't fight much. I think Caryn knew I was fucking the other girl, but she didn't say boo about it. I was pretty reckless with dumping sperm into Caryn without any protection. Caryn and I resolved that she wasn't capable of getting knocked up, and there was a decent probability that I had low sperm motility as well, given how lucky I had been not to have impregnated any of my conquests.

Of course you see where this is going. In February of 1989, Caryn told me she was preggers. It was official. I was going to be a dad. Caryn started pressuring me to get married, dropping hints left and right as her belly started to extend.

I don't know why I waited. I don't know why I thought it was important to finish school first. I graduated in May and started working full time for my engineering firm. I booked a date with the Justice of the Peace for a quicky lunchtime court wedding, but I pushed it out until late July. I told Caryn that was the earliest available date. Truth was, I had a plan in mind. I wanted to go back to my hometown and have a bachelor blowout at the titty bars with my old friends.

And Suzie. I wanted to get a hotel room and fuck the daylights out of Suzie Wagner one more time. Or maybe twenty more times. I fantasized that she was two years older now. At fifteen, maybe she had big juicy titties and a nice round teenage ass. She was going to be SO excited to hear from me! No doubt she'd jump up and down and squeal and tell me that she was ready to jettison any plans she had to come be my sex toy one more time!

I stayed after work and made the phone call from a conference room with a closed door, so I could be flirty without any of my co-workers listening in.

Just thinking about how excited Suzie was going to be when she picked up the phone... I had a big shit-eating grin from ear-to-ear. When the dial tone turned into a ring, my heart started racing.

Mrs. Wagner answered the phone brightly, "Hello!"

I used a really fake, deep voice. "Yes, may I speak to Susan Wagner, please?"

There was a long hesitation. "Who is this?"

"This is Dave Jenkins with the American Red Cross, is Susan available?"

There was another long hesitation. "Uh, hang on, Dave Jenkins," Mrs. Wags said sarcastically.

I don't know if Mrs. Wagner made any attempt to cover the mouthpiece. I heard her say, "It's Skip. Yes, of course, that Skip."

I heard Mr. Wagner mumble, but I couldn't hear what he said.

"No," Mrs. Wagner continued. "He doesn't want Peggy. He wants to talk to Suzie."

"What the fuck?" I heard Mr. Wagner clearly. Then there was more marital mumbling I couldn't decipher. Mr. Wagner bellowed to somewhere in the house. "Susan. Skip is on the phone. [pause] Yes, that Skip."

After a long time, a handset picked up. Probably the phone in the basement. Peggy used to go down there to get some privacy when I called her from my dorm room.

"H-hello?" Suzie's sweet voice.

"Hey," I smiled. "So much for subterfuge. I guess I'm busted, huh?"

"Hang on a second. I'VE GOT IT, MOM!" Somewhere in the Wagner household, a handset was replaced on the cradle. "What do you want, Skip?"

Funny, Suzie didn't sound very happy to hear from me.

"Hey, Sooz, I haven't talked to you forever! How's it going? How's school?"

"Fine. And fine." Suzie's terse tone got sharper.

"How's Hank?"

"I don't know. Broke up with him years ago." [Long pause.] "What's going on with you?"

"Well, I guess I've got big news. I'm getting married."

"Huhn," Suzie grunted. "Well congratulations, Skip."

"Sooz, is something wrong? You mad at me, or somethin'?"

"You're calling me out of the blue for the first time in... how long has it been? Two years?"

"A year and a half. Yeah, well, my life has taken some crazy turns."

"Apparently. You're getting married. That's a big turn."

"Uh," I stammered, not sure where to go when faced with Suzie's unexpected hostility, "Yeah. Married. And I guess there's more. I'm, uh, I'm going to be a dad too!"

[Long, long silence.] "Huhn. Imagine that." Suzie's tone shifted from perturbed to downright bitter. "Well, Skip, permit me to add one more 'crazy turn' into your life, you asshole. Remember Maxy?"

"Of course."

"You got her pregnant too, Skip."


"You heard me."

"No way. I used a rubber."

"Shut up. It was you. It was you. You were the only one, so it was you. Goddammit, Skip, all we needed was $400 for the abortion. Four hundred fucking dollars. That's all we needed."

"You should have called."

"Skip, you fucking asshole! We called your number a thousand times at least. It was disconnected. Peggy even drove us all to your dorm room. You had moved out and nobody knew where you were."

"Peggy knows?"

"Skip, fucking EVERYBODY knows now. EVERYBODY."

"Suzie, God, I'm so sorry. So sorry. Jesus, I didn't know. I'm sorry. I'll send you the $400."

"Little too late for that, Skip. We couldn't come up with the money and Maxy had to tell her mom and dad."

"Shit, I'm soooo sorry, Suzie. I'll reimburse them. I swear."

Long pause. "Skip, are you fucking stupid? Maxine's parents are so Catholic that they have a picture of the Pope on their living room wall. She didn't have an abortion, Skip. She had a baby."

My brain couldn't process what I had just heard. The room began to spin.

Suzie continued when my silence lapsed too long. "So I hate to piss on your big news, Skip, but you are already a Daddy. Congratulations."

"I have a baby? What? Who? What?"

I heard the flint wheel on a lighter spark and then Suzie exhaled. She was smoking. "You have a daughter, Skip. Her name is Allison. She's healthy and she's beautiful."

"Whoa. Shitfuckmuther. So... they didn't put her up for... She didn't... The baby wasn't... Allison wasn't adopted by someone? She's still with Maxy?"

Suzie was calming down. "It's weird," she said. "Maxy's older sister Sharon is raising Allison. Sharon is eighteen. They aren't sure if they are going to tell Allison that Sharon is her mother or what they are going to do. Anymore, I get what little information I get about Maxine and Allison third-hand."

"You guys aren't buddies anymore?"

"Pfffft!" Suzie spat. "No, you fucked that up for me, too, Skip. When the truth came out about what happened with Maxy, she told her parents everything, including all the 'everything' about me and you. Her mom and dad showed up on my doorstep here and spilled everything to my mom and dad about what a fucking whore I am, and how I'm never to speak to Maxine again." [Long pause.] "Shit really hit the fan, Skip. My dad said he was going to have you arrested. He went to your parents house to try and find where you were. Dad even drove to the college and tried to get your address from the Dean of Students, but they wouldn't tell him. Privacy laws and shit."

"Holy fuck."

"He's over it now. I think. I guess I'll find out for sure when I go upstairs. So how do you want to play this, Skip? You want me to send Maxy your new address? Or do you want to just crawl back under the rock you slithered out from and pretend this phone call never happened?"

"I- I- I've got to think about this for a second, Sooz."

"Don't call me Sooz, you sunofabitch. My friends call me that. My real friends. Tell you what. I don't want to hear your fucking voice again as long as I live. So here's the deal. You got a pen and some paper?"

I wrote down Maxy's address and her phone number. Suzie hung up the phone without saying anything more.

Being the selfish fuck that I was (and remain) my overriding thought as I sat in that conference room was, "Oh shit. How am I going to explain this to Caryn?"

Chapter 26 - Dark Days and Rocky Roads

It took almost a year for the truth to set me free. Here's another Fast Forward.

* Caryn and I married in July of 1989. I can't even remember the name of the guy that had been in my Calc II class who served as my best man-slash-witness. Caryn's boss was her maid of honor-slash-witness. No family on either side was notified and none came for the ten minute wedding.

* Danielle was born in September of 1989.

* Caryn suffered rather severe postpartum depression. She was just this side of looney tunes. I didn't know a damn thing about babies, but I had to learn fast because Caryn was pretty helpless. Looking back, Old Man Me thinks it has a lot to do with Caryn starting birth control pills for the first time after the delivery. Too many competing hormones probably contributed to her losing her marbles.

* Between the diapers and the feedings and play time, Danielle and I bonded like superglue. My heart was still "iffy" on Caryn, but there was no doubt that I loved that little baby girl more than anything on the planet.

* Don't ask me why. Do not ask me why. Do NOT fucking ask me why, but after the wedding and the baby... I stopped domming Caryn. It's one thing to treat your girlfriend like a slutty chew-toy. But something in my brain told me, "Hey, she's your wife now. She's the mother of your child. She's had a fucked up childhood. It's time for you to grow up and stop bossing your wife around like a sex slave."

* This set off a series of unintended consequences where we had a lot less sex. I wasn't as happy with the bland sex life we tried to learn to have with one another. I became a lot more passive-aggressive and crabby with Caryn. I started sexing my girlfriend more than my wife. (Amber was a Senior that first year of my marriage to Caryn. Amber had moved into an apartment a half mile from our apartment.)

* A cycle-of-failure started between me and Caryn. She wasn't in her right mind to begin with, and I was either spending long hours at my new job or pretending to spend long hours at my new job while I banged the daylights out of Amber's tight twat. Caryn and I were both unhappy and we started sniping at one another over the smallest things. We weren't really that poor, but my starting paychecks weren't much bigger than Caryn's, so we thought we were poor. We wanted our own house and a more reliable car. Neither was in the budget.

* Sometime in the Winter of 1990 Caryn started having an affair with some 45 year old dude on the faculty. I caught on around mid-June.

* Most of the time a guy can't end his wife's affair. Most of the time, any intervention will just send your wife all the way into the other guy's arms. If the guy is married, you can spook him into backing off so his wife doesn't find out, but Caryn's paramour was single. I went and had a little chat with the other man. For legal/identification reasons, I'm going to skip the details of how that went down, but suffice to say I ended that dude's interest in fucking my runaround wife, as Caryn's Daddy would say.

* After the whole affair and end-of-the-affair drama (complete with some lovely visits from our local LEA), my marriage to Caryn was at a rock-bottom low. I retained a lawyer for divorce, one who could also represent me with my battery charge if it went forward (which it didn't). I was sure Caryn and I were at an end and I naively thought that Caryn's affair was my ticket to getting sole custody of Dani. Oh, what I didn't know about family court at that point could have filled an encyclopedia.

* During the course of one long, seething weekend, all the cancer of my relationship with Caryn burst out of our respective guts and poured into the kitchen table in one big gloppy, gory mess. When your wife is cheating, the question that has to be answered is "Why?" Sometimes there isn't a "why." Most of the time cheating is just about feeding your ego (*cough*Amber*cough*), and that's a shitty "why."

Caryn gave me the "why." To make a long story short, when I stopped being rough and dominant with Caryn, she assumed I didn't care about her any more. She started flirting with some strong, dominant personality guys who came through her office and showed up to the staff happy hour meetups. One dude flirted back, and next thing, Caryn was on her hands and knees, spraying pussy juice again. This time it was sprayed over some other guy's balls.

Facts is facts. Caryn was right. I changed the foundation of our relationship when I stopped domming her. Caryn had spent her entire life being "owned" by one strong man or another. Once I started treating her with kid gloves, she didn't think she had value anymore. She didn't know who she was anymore. I changed the core of our relationship for stupid, naive reasons, and everything went sideways.

"So... " I forced myself to say it out loud, "You're saying you were happier when I was beating the shit out of you and forcing you to tell me your incest stories every night?"

"It's not about 'happier,' Skip. I dunno. It's hard to explain. I know that when you were bossy and horny all the time, I knew what my role was. I was... Shit, what's the word? Complete. I was more complete. At first it was kind of sweet about the way you changed after I got pregnant with Dani. Then it was creepy. It's so not you. I wasn't sure who you were. I wasn't sure if you were falling in love with your girlfriend or what."

"I don't have a girlfriend."

"Skip, you think I don't know the taste of another woman's pussy when it's on your cock?"

Whoopsie. My brain raced through hundreds of mental home movies to find an instance where this might have happened. Actually, it never occurred to me that Caryn would notice.

"Don't act all sanctimonious," Caryn continued. "You did it on purpose to humiliate me. It worked."

Wrong, but I was just handed a complete pass on my ongoing dalliance, so I wasn't about to start parsing words.

"Well, as long as we're clearing out secrets," I rubbed my temples. I finally told Caryn about Maxy and Allison. Caryn sat and listened intently. She didn't cry. She didn't anger. She just took it all in and listened until I had puked it all out onto the Formica table top between us.

Caryn reached across the table and took my hand. It was as warm a gesture as she'd offered me since she sneaked out of the Creepy Old Dude's front door to find me standing in the middle of his driveway.

"It is what it is, Skip," Caryn whispered. "I don't hate you. We both know what our relationship was before you left for Christmas break that time, and we both know it changed into something else after you came back."

"That's the absolute truth," I said.

"What are you going to do about your other daughter?"

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"It's your call, Skip. Now that you're making a little bit of money, this Maxine girl or Sharon or the Grandma, somebody will probably come looking for child support."

"You think?"

"Probably. Maxine's family probably hates your guts and wants you dead right now. They are pretending you don't exist. But shit changes. People cool off. Grudges fade. When your other daughter gets old enough to ask questions, they will figure out that it's easier to tell the truth than keep a bad lie going forever. If they are going to acknowledge you exist, then they might as well get a check from you every month."

"Man," I sighed.

"You're probably better off if you make first contact with this Maxine girl. Then the ball is in their court and they can hit it back... or not. If it goes to court, you'd look like you were trying to be responsible."

"You're probably right."

"Frankly Skip, I know this is a hitch and it's a big deal, but I'm more worried about us. I'd like to get past all the bullshit of the past few months."

"I don't know if I can," I said. "I don't know if I can get past thinking about you sucking that creepy old fuck's cock."

Caryn nodded, slow and sad. "Yeah," she said. "It's a pickle."

We sat in silence.

Caryn asked, "What would the 'old Skip' do? How would you have handled me being a cheating slut if it were a couple years ago?"

"Fuck," I grumbled, glaring lasers into the flecked pattern in the tabletop. "I'd have beat your whore ass until your butt cheeks burst into flames, and then I'd have started on your tits."

"You would have raped me senseless until I felt like I was yours again." She said it very matter-of-factly.

"Damn right."

When Caryn didn't say any more, I looked up to see her give me a "So?" shrug and arch her eyebrows nonchalantly.

"What are you saying?" I asked.

Caryn shrugged again. "I still have some vacation days and some personal days."

"Is that what you want?" I whispered. "You want to be raped and whipped?"

Caryn shook her head, "Absolutely not," she said. "Absolutely not. But... Maybe that's exactly what I need. Or at least what we need."

"Well it's sure as fuck what you deserve," I grumbled. "I don't know if even that would be enough to get all my anger out,"

Caryn shrugged again. "I'm sure you can think of something else, too. Something new. Something to hurt me way deep inside my heart or humiliate me. Some new way to twist my guts until you get all that vengeful anger out of you."


"I dunno. You're the smart one. And it's your axe to grind. I'm sure you'll think of something mean and twisted."

"And you're game for mean and twisted?"

"Skip," Caryn rolled her eyes. "As long as you don't leave. I really dont want you to leave. When you are being you, I can't replace you. I love you. The 'real' Skip scratches every needy itch I have; in my heart. In my brain. In my pussy. I don't want you to leave. If you're still here when my punishment is all over, then it will be worth the price. Give me your worst. I can take it. I can take it if I know you're not going to fuck me up and then still walk out on me."

I considered Caryn's offer.

"First things first," I said. "I'm going to change the slut I have to look at every fucking day. We're going to a decent hair salon and get you a new hair style."

"That's not much of a punishment."

"And blond. I want you golden blond."


"And I pick the style."

"Of course."

Then I dropped the bomb. "You're going to get the same cut and color as my girlfriend," I said. "So when I fuck you, you know I'm thinking about her."

Boom! Now, this was a complete lie. Amber was a redhead and there was nothing special about Amber's hair. If anything, it was too short for my taste. There was no similarity between Amber and my ideas for what I wanted Caryn's new hair to look like. I merely wanted to gut punch Caryn and hurt her. It worked. Tears started pouring out of her eyes. Caryn nodded and started crying out loud.

We were on our way back.

Chapter 27 - Lessons from the Dutch Master

We skipped the chain styling salons and I booked Caryn an appointment at the most expensive foo-foo place in town. That first dye job and style left nothing but coins in our bank account. The poof who cut and dyed Caryn's hair walked around her in the chair for ten minutes, chewing his pinkie cuticle and clucking his tongue.

I did the talking and Poof quickly picked up on the awkward reality that Caryn was a pet. He stopped talking to her and addressed me directly.

"We have to do something about these eyebrows," he said to me.

I shrugged. "Like what?"

"Well, first I will call Animal Control to come chase out the little woodland creatures living in them. Then I will shape them and color them to match her hair."

I had never really noticed Caryn's eyebrows, but I guess they were rather thick for a girl.

"There is a beautiful girl under this mop," the poof said to me, lifting lengths of Caryn's muddled tresses and sneering down into the roots. "Why don't you go get something to eat. I think you might be amazed at what you find when you come back."

"Okay," I shrugged. "But don't cut it too short. Keep it long."

"So you have said," sighed the poof, "a thousand times. Go. Come back in three hours."

"Three hours?"

"When we finish with hair and eyebrow shapings," said the poof, "this wretched thing and I are going to have a little clinic about how to wear makeup correctly. Three hours."

Three hours.

Fuck if the poof was not right. I literally, LITERALLY did not recognize Caryn when I walked back in the shop. I didn't recognize her until she smiled at me. FUCK!

All the little nagging exceptions that kept Caryn from being a total knockout had been sanded away. For all my trepidations about whether I wanted her to go to a more pronounced blond, redhead, or brunette color, blond turned out to suit her perfectly. I'm on record as saying that I can take or leave blondes, but Caryn made an absolutely stunning blonde.

And her eyebrows... the poof was dead-on. Where Caryn had once had two thick dashes of brownish-red eyebrows, she now had two wispy cursive golden commas that made her eyes look massive. Even more than the smoking hot hair style and the perfect golden blend color, the thin girly eyebrows took Caryn's face to another level.

Fucking WOW!

Caryn started to cry happy tears when she saw how slackjawed I was.

"Don't cry for God's sakes, Honey," the poof chided her, "You'll ruin your makeup."

Makeup. Yeah. Caryn was wearing makeup too. Lots of eye liner and a perfect eye shadow blend that was invisible and unmistakable at the same time.

"I love it," I said.

"So do I," Caryn said. "So do I. I look beautiful. Totally beautiful. Thank you, Sweetie!"

I smiled. Caryn looked back into the mirror in front of her and tousled her head back and forth to make the blond waves bounce and shimmer.

Caryn didn't know that she was less than a week from being raped by my buddy Dutch. Dutch had been impressed by Caryn's photograph. All I could think as I stood in the salon was "Dutch is going to shit twice and die when he shows up to help me rape my wife and finds this hot little piece of ass waiting for him."

Caryn was like a new toy. I wanted to play with her and sex her for the first time in months.

I didn't.

It was especially hard to keep my hands off her when I had her shave her thin little landing strip bush and go completely bare between her legs. The landing strip bush was a power game that I had thought up before we got married. Caryn had to keep her bush within my specifications; No more than two of my fingers wide, no hair below her clit, when I put my pinkie on the middle of her clit the height of the strip couldn't extend higher than my index finger, and the nap could be so tall that it extended past the gaps between my fingers. This was a pretty good Dom game because 1.) It involved constant inspections requiring my hand all over Caryn's pussy, and 2.) It was really hard for Caryn to get perfect because the measurement was MY hand, not hers. If the height or width of her bush exceeded my dictates, Caryn got ten smacks on her pussy. If I caught her trying to overcompensate by shaving away too much bush, she got thirty hard pussy swats.

I think I mentioned how Caryn had really pink pink nipples. Glow in the dark electric Barbie pink. So also she had a bright pink twat to match, but because her pussy didn't have hardly any protrusion of pussy lips, it wasn't really an overt turn-on unless I was munching away on that juicy gash.

As much as I liked the thin strip of her pubes, it hid that selling point of bright pink twat.

After Caryn went blonde, the dark bush seemed to mess with her blonde perfection. I ordered it gone. Of course that required close inspection as well.

I checked for stubble with a squirt of baby oil and my finger tips all over her mound. Caryn's pussy was so smooth that it damn near squeaked. Her slut clit bubbled out and tried to beckon my slippery fingers for some attention. Pussy juice puddled in her fuck hole. I shaved her asshole clean and smooth. I told her to get her panties back on.

I was going to wait. I had planned the head game-to-end-all head games, and patience was the key.

Every night, Caryn had to kneel at the foot of the bed and beg me to allow her into my bed. That had been the game for a while, but I almost always let her on the bed as long as she seemed sincere. For a week I denied her and forced her to sleep in the floor like a dog. My anger was fading, and sometimes it was hard to be an asshole. I knew I had to be strong if we were going to heal our scars and get past our issues.

Caryn got desperate. Every little perfunctory marital kiss became an attempt by her to slip her tongue into my mouth and spark a hot tumble.

At work Caryn was getting endless complements on her new look. As Caryn walked around campus, she caught boys turning their heads to look her over. Her ego was soaring.

Then she came home and got "the treatment" from me.

I kept busy by focusing on my job and preparing my lawyer to make contact with Maxy's family.

Dutch was a traveling salesman for a big electronics company. His job was to drive around the Midwest and try and get saps like me to commit to buying our small components from him. Our little think tank didn't buy a lot of raw electronics, but we did keep a fair amount of parts on hand to make prototype boards and hand-soldered components to test before we sent schematics to the Corporate Machine in Ohio.

I don't know why the older guys in the office didn't want to deal with salesmen. It didn't bother me at all. Pretty soon, I was the go-to guy whenever a salesman showed up in the lobby. I was the first one to learn about new solid state components hitting the market. A lot of the old dudes in the office didn't want to learn about anything that wasn't a triac, resistor, or capacitor. If it wasn't in their 1975 text book, a dinosaur engineer didn't need to know it. We were charged with breaking the old paradigms, and those Old Skool dinosaurs were the ones who eventually got pushed out of the way. My interest in how we could leverage the new generation of solid state components was the reason I did so well at our outpost.

I thought Dutch was a hoot. He was one of my favorite salesmen. He was built a little bit like Caryn's dad, only not as sinewy and hard. Dutch was around six feet tall. His hair wasn't really a mullet, but it was longer at the collar. He was wide in the shoulders and had a perpetual Fred Flintstone five o'clock shadow painted on his big jaw. He had that tell-tale shaving scoop at his neckline that indicated he was probably another rug chest.

Dutch was in his mid 30s and had the personality of a natural salesman, always easygoing and fluid. He had a big city cynicism, but talked in the colorful parlance of a country boy. If you asked him how he was doing it was always something off-the-wall.

"I'm fine as frog's hair."

"Happy as a puppy with two tails."

"If I were any better, I'd be twins."

The early 90s were the last gasps of the kickback era. Dutch was always trying to give me tickets to sporting events in Chicago, or St. Louis, or Nashville. He always had a pocket full of hot concert tickets for venues in Paducah, Louisville, Memphis, and Branson.

I wasn't going to drive our old Monte Carlo that far just to use a free ticket. All the entertainment I needed was somewhere in our little university burg.

When Dutch came to town we eventually stopped meeting up at my office and started going out drinking together. He stopped being a salesman and became more of an older brother figure. Dutch was married and lived in Paducah. He had a young girlfriend, a grad student at University of Illinois Carbondale. I thought the pictures of his wife were hotter than the pictures of his girlfriend. But hey. Sometimes all middle age guys care about is "young."

Dutch had a lot of interesting adventures. Even with two steady streams of cocksucking, his girl radar was always spinning when he was on the road. If there was a pretty girl somewhere in our bar, Dutch would have her laughing and sitting next to us in less than a half hour. I eventually got to hear all about Dutch's exploits while leaning against a coaster and unpeeling labels from a beer bottle. One time, after a few drinks, I started spilling my guts about my problems with Caryn and her affair. Dutch said all the right things. Can you imagine? Both of us with wives and steady girlfriends, drinking boilermakers and bitching about cheating women. Amazing.

"Got a picture?" Dutch asked.

I flipped open my wallet and opened the glycine sleeves to a picture I took of Caryn leaning against the rail on our apartment balcony. It had been a hot day and Caryn was wearing something simple with spaghetti straps that made her big cleavage line seem longer than it should have been. Her face was glowing and she had a wan smile. It was a damn good picture of Caryn, even before her transformation.

"GOD DAMN, Son!" Dutch nearly snorted his drink.


"She's yummy. Wow. Looks like she'd be worth fightin' for."

" 'You show me the prettiest wife in the world'..." I started.

"Yeah, yeah," Dutch finished, " '...and I'll show you a husband who is tired of looking at her pussy.' But still, man. That were my roundheels wife? Hell, I'd just spank the shit out her until she was too sore to shake her ass for anybody else."

That's when I knew I had found a kindred spirit.

"I've gotten a little lax in that department," I said. "Now I'm afraid that I'd have a hard time stopping once I started. I'm so fucking mad that I'd just as likely kill her."

"Can't do that," Dutch nodded slowly. "That pale skin of yours? You'd look shitty in orange, my man. You don't have the skin tone to pull off the prison jumpsuit thing."

"You know me. Ever the fashion plate."

"Serslee, Skipper," Dutch slurred. "You know a spanking isn't about busting a girl's ass. It's about bruising her ego. The humiliation is way more effective at modifying behavior than some handprints on her ass."

"I know," I said. "I know. But Caryn is... different. She comes from a really fucked up childhood. She seems to have this bottomless pit of an ego. So far she's been able to take more humiliation than I can think up." I took a drink. "And I can think up a lot. Trust me."

"Oh," Dutch nodded. "One of those, huh?"


"Daddy issues," Dutch said knowingly.

"In spades."

"Yeah, those particular submissive types can be tough nuts to crack. The kind of girl where you think up the sickest sex shit you can think of, and then they cry and do it anyway, and then they say, 'Is that it? Is that all you got?'"


"And you think she's seen all your tricks," Dutch said.


"Huhn. Yeah," Dutch smiled. "But yaknow... she hasn't seen all mine, has she?"

It took a while for Dutch's angle to seep through my thick skull. The conversation changed to sports. We drank some more. I was the one who brought it back.

"So what did you have in mind, for Caryn?"

"Hey man, I don't want to spook you. I just thought that -- yaknow -- as a decorated veteran of the Pussy Wars, I might be able to make the tag and help you out. Yaknow. On your terms, of course."

"You'd beat Caryn's ass?"

"Yes and no. I'd beat her ass, sure, but we're talking about the deeper target, right? Humiliation. Right?"

"I'm tellin' ya," I said. "I've been down that road. I've made her tell me stuff she didn't want to tell me."

"She's told you about the creepy old dude she fucked?"

"No," I said, "Everything but that. I haven't asked her about that."

Dutch shook his head, "No man. You gotta. You gotta know every fucking thing. Every fucking sex move that went on between 'em. You have to. That's the only way to get over this shit. You can't let it fester."

"Yeah, I know," I said. "That shit has worked with other stuff she did when we were first dating, but this is different. I'm really really fucking angry now. I don't know if I could take it."

"So..." Dutch said. "Have her act it out with me. While you watch. I'll make her say all the shit and do all the shit she did with the creepy old guy. Then I'll break her ass. Then you take a turn at breaking her ass. If it looks like things are getting out of hand, you'll have me there to rein you in. Or... yaknow... if everything goes wrong, we'd both need an alibi."

I tried to imagine watching Dutch dom my wife. It was difficult to fathom. It would be kind of like making her fuck Troy, only I'd see every little bit of it for myself, and Dutch would be a stand-in for knowing all the shit that transpired with Caryn's creepy old dude former lover.

I told Dutch I'd think it over.

After Caryn said what she said at our kitchen table summit about me being "creative" enough to find a way to get even with her, I called Dutch and we started finalizing the details.

Dutch had a hotel room booked for a Sunday night when the place would be mostly empty. We didn't want Caryn screams to alert the neighbors when things got rough. The walls of our apartment were way too thin for a decent spanking. Dutch was going to buy a ball gag, just to make sure things didn't get too loud. I didn't say anything about Caryn's incestuous history with ball gags. I thought it would be interesting to see her expression when Dutch presented it. I booked a young townie girl from our apartment complex to babysit Dani for the better part of a whole day.

Then all I had to do was wait and try not to fuck Caryn or jerk off for eight days. Let it all boil up into a big dramatic, festering pimple.

Eight batshit-crazy days. Eight days of me piling the cruel head games on Caryn. Eight days of my cock twitching non-stop and making the hours at work go slooooooow. Eight days of the creeping realization that I was actually NOT going to call Dutch and call it off. Yes, yes I was. No I wasn't. Yes I was. No I wasn't. Fuck! Eight days to feel that weird, jealous tornado in my chest pick up steam and build and build while I thought about what it would be like to sit in a chair and watch my buddy have rough sex with my wife and the mother of my child.

Even thinking back, I can feel my spleen clinch up and burn as I remember how emotionally all-over-the map I was during that long week. Like I mentioned 70 thousand words ago, there's a line between fantasizing about doing something wild and crazy and actually going through with it, whether that line is a pedo line or a whoring-out-your-wife line.

We all think about stuff on the other side of a "line." Most of us don't cross the line.

I crossed it.

I told Caryn to go ahead and book three days of vacation, Monday through Wednesday. She asked me why and I glared at her until she nodded slowly.

"Okay," she sighed. "I guess it's time, huh?"

Sunday after dinner I took Danielle to the sitter's apartment with a fully provisioned diaper bag. Caryn, knew it was game-on.

When I arrived back in the apartment, Caryn was bare naked and kneeling on the living room floor. She looked so fucking good, I wanted to fuck her senseless right then and there, but I knew I'd never go through with taking her to Dutch if my balls were empty.

"Get dressed," I said. "We're going out."

Caryn gave me a curious look. "Fancy or casual?"

"What's the diff?"

"I have to know how to dress," she rolled her eyes.

"Oh," I said. "I've got that taken care of." I went downstairs into our storage area of the basement, got the box Caryn had tried to hide from me, and brought it back upstairs to our apartment. As soon as I walked through the door, Caryn looked at the box and her expression turned toward illness.

I turned the box upside down. First the lid peeled open, then all Caryn's secret slut clothes tumbled into the floor. I'd never seen Caryn wear any of it before. Good thigh-high stockings with a solid seam. A garter to hold the stockings up. A half-cup underbra. A white leather mini-skirt and a matching crop top, something a biker girl would wear to a pool hall. A pair of shiny white leather stiletto stripper heels that looked impossible to walk in.

"I'm guessing you wore these for your boyfriend," I said. "Looks like some pretty expensive slut gear here. Not sure if I missed all this money coming out of our bank account when we were supposed to be saving for a down payment on a house or... or if he..." I couldn't say it.

"I bought those," Caryn whispered. "He didn't buy them for me."

"Ah," I said plainly. "So you say."

"We got bonus checks from the University. Mine wasn't that big. I didn't tell you. I spent it on clothes."

"Is that what these are? Clothes? Looks more like cock bait to me."

"Skip, please."

"Well put 'em on."

"Skip, Sir, please. Please don't make me do this."

"Shut up and get your slutty whore ass dressed up. Now. You didn't have any problem doing it for your boyfriend. Might as well do it for your husband, right?"

Caryn sniffed and her eyes went glossy. She gathered the clothes and the shoes off the floor slowly with a guilty, hang-dog expression.

"Why were you saving them?" I asked. "You planning on using them again with the next guy?"

Caryn sobbed out something I couldn't hear.

"What? Speak up, bitch!"

"I said that you're right, they were expensive. I started to throw them away, but it was just too much money to toss in the dumpster."

"Gonna get your money's worth out of them tonight, slut. I goddamn-guarantee-it."

As Caryn walked into the bedroom to dress, I called, "Put on some makeup too, slut. Get that eyeliner nice and thick, the way I like it."

"Yes Sir," Caryn sniffed.

A half hour later the bitch who walked out of my bedroom door and into the apartment kitchen was so fucking sexy it hurt me to look at her. My eyes roamed all over her trying to find a fault. She was as perfect as a girl could be. She looked like the woman on the cover of a Greenleaf Classic jerk novel.

Except Caryn didn't look wan and horny. Caryn didn't look very happy at all. This pleased me.

"I bought this outfit when I was a brunette," Caryn mumbled to the kitchen floor. She shifted her weight uneasily between the high heels. "It doesn't look right on me with blond hair."

Caryn was wrong about that. To wear white leather anything a girl has to be skinny, and Caryn was skinny. But as hot as a brunette can be in white leather and dark stockings, Blondes look even better.

"You wearing panties?" I asked.

Caryn looked at me bewildered and nodded.

"Lose 'em," I said.

Caryn lifted her leather skirt up high, but the skirt was too tight to flip all the way to her stomach. She fished the snaps on her garters open and pulled her tiny thong off her bare pussy and dropped it down over her high heels. Just the flash of her bare pussy mound in the middle of all those sexy clothes sent testosterone surging through me. My blood felt jagged in my veins. My aggression started surging.

Caryn clipped her stockings back to the garter straps and danced her short skirt back down over her curvy hips and soothed out the wrinkles with her tiny, elegant hands. Her fingernails were long, perfectly shaped, and painted a dark plum red.

I walked her out the door, down the stairs, and to the car without a word. We didn't speak in the car. Caryn's eyes were all over the place, curious about our destination. I drove slow and cautiously, my heart hammering against my ribs. I wasn't that far from my last shower, but I started feeling flop sweat trickling down from my armpits. Caryn had sprayed on some perfume that filled the interior of the car. I wondered what she'd smell like when all that floral fragrance started mixing with the soapy sex smell of her twat and the musk of Dutch's ballsack mixing together as they crashed against each other.

I'd been to hotels and motels before, but I was 22. I'd never been to a really upscale hotel before. I'd driven by it a thousand times, but I didn't even know that the hotel Dutch picked on the outskirts of town was an upscale businessman's hotel.

Caryn and I walked through the lobby, her high heels echoing off the marble floor like rifle shots. We crossed the lobby to the elevator, but the button did not light up when I pressed it.

"Excuse me." A concierge standing behind us made us both jump. "Are you here to see a guest?"

"Yeah," I said.

The concierge smiled and waited.

"Oh," I said. "Uh, Dutch Huleman. Room 406?"

The concierge smiled. "Of course. Sir, all our rooms are secured to allow only guests past the lobby. If you'd step to the front desk, I'd be happy to call Mr. Huleman and clear you to go up."

"Yeah, Sure."

Three minutes later the concierge walked us back to the elevator and swiped a magnetic card through a security pad I'd not noticed the first time. We waited silently for the elevator to arrive while the concierge smirked and looked Caryn up and down. In that moment I realized that it looked like I was delivering a hooker or an escort to Dutch's room.

Caryn and I stepped into the elevator and the doors swished shut in front of us.

I heard Caryn exhale in an extended, quivering breath. "Heeeewboy," she whispered. "I don't know what you are up to Skip, but I've got a feeling you've outdone yourself."

The elevator doors opened. I put my hand in the small of Caryn's exposed back and steered her out of the elevator and down the plush carpet. The hallway didn't smell like a musty Motel 6 hallway. Even the wallpaper smelled fresh and upscale.

I knocked on Dutch's door.

Dutch opened it. He'd dressed up a little. Sport jacket and slacks.

"Hey brudder!" Dutch was his usual easy self. He reached out to shake my hand and then pulled me inside the room. He left the door open and totally ignored Caryn standing by herself in the hallway as we exchanged pleasantries.

I looked back at Caryn. "Caryn, get your ass in here."

Caryn teetered into the room on her heels. I pushed the door closed behind her while Dutch looked Caryn up and down in big, sweeping leers. Caryn looked more nervous than I'd ever seen her before. She was ten times more nervous than the time I pushed her naked into Troy's room. Her tiny knees were wobbling involuntarily.

"Caryn," I said flatly, "This is Dutch. I'm temporarily transferring my ownership of you to Dutch. You're going to do whatever Dutch says, however Dutch says it, with no hesitation. Dutch has complete ownership rights to your whore ass, including the right to punish you any way he gets a mind to."

"You understand the deal here, Sweetheart?" Dutch smiled at Caryn.

"Y-y-yes sir," Caryn mumbled. Her eyes were busy sizing up Dutch, trying to anticipate whether she was going to be fucked or fucked up by the wide, older man in front of her.

Dutch smiled at me. "What about you, Brother? You sure you're good with this?"

"I'm good," I said.

"Well let's shake on it and close the deal then." Dutch extended his hand one more time. I reached out. Dutch's big hand closed around mine.

It was on.

"Help yourself to the room," Dutch said to me. "Minibar is open."

For the first time I had enough awareness to realize how huge the hotel suite was. There was a living room area with a couch and love seat and a pair of big leather recliners. There was an office area. The kitchen area was twice the size of our apartment kitchen. The two big king size beds were at the far end of the room. The ceiling was as high as a new car showroom.

"You," Dutch said to Caryn, "Roundheels. Get over here."

Caryn teetered toward Dutch.

"No sense dragging out the drama, Roundheels," Dutch said. He swallowed Caryn in his arms and pulled her into a hard, open mouth kiss. The HVAC vent shut off at that very moment. All I could hear was their loud, wet mouths rubbing against each other. After a beat, I saw Caryn kissing Dutch back as aggressively as she was being kissed.

I swear I felt a blood vessel in my forehead pop. The jealousy started to liquefy my internal organs.

Oh, I thought I'd seen Caryn kiss before when I smooched her with my eyes open, but you've never really seen your spouse's kissing technique until you're watching it in third person. Her eyes went thin. Her hands instinctively pushed around the sides of Dutch's lats toward his back.

Dutch broke the kiss and Caryn teetered forward and back in a dizzy swoon. Dutch stepped back and looked Caryn over again. This time his big mitts followed his line of sight and he felt up Caryn's covered jugs, then her bare midriff. One of Dutch's hands locked on Caryn's ass and the other hand scooped under her skirt and up into her bare pussy.

Dutch smiled. He turned to me. "Sorry to tell you this, pardner, but the slut is already sopping wet."

"Par for the whores," I nodded sadly. I turned a big lounge chair toward the two and plopped into it. My cock was twitchy but not rock hard. Just too nervous to be "on" full blast.

Dutch walked Caryn toward the black leather sofa across from me, picked her up at the waist, and set her back down with her knees digging the in the side of the couch armrest. She was facing Dutch who stood in the floor on the other side of it.

"You ever feed this girl?" he asked me.

"Yeah, but she burns off a lot of calories running between her boyfriends' beds."

"Hmmm," Dutch clucked. "Is that so, Roundheels? You have some fidelity issues, Hon? Are you a slut?"

Caryn didn't now what to say, so she said, "Yes, sir."

"Aw," Dutch smiled. "Aint that sweet? Trained little Roundheel slut knows enough to address the man that owns her with respect. That's delightful. I'm guessing you've had some proper slut training, haven't you?"


"And I'm also guessing that your slut training probably included some corporal punishment, too. Didntit?"

"I-I-I don't know what that word means, Sir"

Facepalm. There's a reason Caryn flunked out of School.

Dutch smirked. "Spankings? You getcha some spankings for being a bad girl?"

"Oh!" Caryn brightened. "Yes! Yessir!"

"Who slut trained you, Roundheels?"

Caryn looked at me. "M-m-my husband."

"Really? How lovely. Just lovely." Dutch's squatted down so he was nose-to-nose with Caryn, only the arm of the sofa between them. "And what about your boyfriend, Roundheels? Did he train you too?"

"No sir."

"No? Not even a little bit?"

"No sir."

"Roundheels, I'm not your boss. That man sitting in the chair there is your boss. A good little slut knows that her husband is her boss and she calls him 'Sir.' But, you see. I'm not your boss. I'm your owner. I fucking bought you. Did you know that? I paid your husband cold hard cash for your whore roundheeled slut ass for as long as I feel like keeping you."

This was not true. Caryn's eyes got wider and more nervous. Dutch was trying to get inside her head and he was doing an expert job.

"So," Dutch continued. "I'm not your boss. I'm your owner. And what does a runaround whore roundheeled slut call her owner?"

Caryn's mouth opened and closed several times.

"I asked you a question," Dutch's voice went stern and cold.

Caryn literally shivered. "I don't know, Sir," Caryn squeaked.

"You don't know." Dutch shook his head. "What's another name for a girl who is owned."

Caryn struggled for Dutch's answer.

Dutch's hand was as fast as a tiger paw. It was a blur. I heard the slap hit Caryn's face, and then I saw Caryn tumble head-first off the sofa and onto the carpet. She didn't cry out until her legs eventually caught up with her head and folded into her.

Dutch stood up, picked Caryn back up, and tossed her back on the couch in the same kneeling position she'd been before, this time with hair sticking to her cheeks.

Dutch resumed his squatting position on the other side of the sofa arm. "Let's try this one more time," Dutch said. "When a human being is bought and owned by another human being, the owned human being is caaaaaaaaalled... What?"

"A slave?" Caryn sniffled.

"Exactly! See, you're a roundheeled slut whore, but you're certainly not stupid. Now, if you're a slave and I own you, them I'm yooooour? What?"


"That's a good girl!" Dutch reached out to pinch Caryn's chin. She thought she was getting slapped again and she flinched hard.

"Easy," Dutch said. "I'm a demanding Master, but I'm fair. You were a bad slave and you got bad attention. Now you're a good slave and you get good attention." Dutch pulled Caryn's chin forward and gave her a lippy kiss. Then another. Then they were both tonguing one another out in the open.

Dutch pulled back and playfully boinked Caryn on the tip of her tiny nose with his index finger.

"I think you're going to suck my dick now, Roundheels," Dutch said. "What do you think?"

"Yes, sir. I mean Master." Caryn said. Maybe I've never mentioned before that Caryn has a very sweet, very feminine sounding voice. All that sticky eye contact that she had with Dutch, combined with the darling little southern twang of her voice when she called Dutch 'master,' it was kind of fun to witness, even from my perspective of a jealous husband.

Dutch shook his head slowly. "Naw naw naw. Can't let it go. No slip-ups allowed." Dutch raised his hand to the side of Caryn's face. She flinched again while Dutch made her wait for her slaps. Dutch gave her three hard stage-slaps to the cheek in a row. Pow. Pow. Pow. If you've ever seen rough porno, you know the kind of slap I'm talking about. Loud. They get the girl's attention, but the sting doesn't stick to the skin for long.

"Are you going to suck my dick nice and hot, Roundheels?"

"Yes, Master."

"Say it. All of it."

"I'm going to suck your dick nice and hot, Master."

"Beg for it."

Caryn started getting caught up in the new role play. In her mind, I was disappearing and Dutch was looming bigger and bigger.

"Please, Master," Caryn said with a sweet, pleading lilt that I hadn't heard in a long time, "Please, please let me wrap a hungry suck around your hot dick? Please, Master? I'll suck you so good and hot, please?"

"That's my girl," Dutch smiled. He stood up, unzipped his slacks, and pulled out his erect cock between the zippers. Dutch's cock was a little shorter than mine, not much. His cockhead was enormous. It was as big as a cat's head. Fully erect, his dick looked like a goddamn mace.

Caryn shifted into some other gear. She licked her lips while she stared at the big cock head twitching in front of her face. "Oh Master," she cooed, "your dick is sooo big and beautiful. May I please suck it? Pretty please?"

"Kiss my dick," Dutch said. "Every inch."

"Yes, Master!" Caryn said. Her painted lips stretched long and loose and started systematically smooching all over Dutch's cock. Dutch's dick tip oozed out a bubble of pre-come. Caryn's kisses picked up the precome and started weaving a zig-zagged web between her lips and Dutch's member.

Caryn didn't even get to finish kissing the big dick head. "Lick my cock," Dutch said. "Every inch."

"Oh yes, Master. Thank you, Master." Caryn moaned and stretched her tongue way out and shaped the tip into a little point and began dancing it all over Dutch's dick. She put lots of extra licks on his dripping come hole, expertly stretching strings of glycerin. Then she danced her pink tongue all the way down to where Dutch's member disappeared into his zipper, where she then extended her tongue as far as it would go into the gap where I couldn't see. I think she licked the front of Dutch's balls because his head snapped backwards when Caryn did that.

Caryn's tongue went from long-and-pointy to flat-and-round. She leaned forward until she was absolutely sanding the nerves of Dutch's cock with hard, wet, wide ice cream licks. She pulled her head up slowly until her tongue crested the top of Dutch's big cock head and crossed his come hole. Then her tongue turned back into a pointy finger and zig-zagged down the side of his cock back to the base. Her tongue flattened out again and she licked up the sides, first one than the other. Caryn was taking the "every inch" part of Dutch's command seriously. After painting the front and sides of Dutch's cock with her saliva several times, Caryn lifted her head and smiled at Dutch. When she lowered her head, Dutch's cock head caught under her chin and she pushed it downward as her tongue snaked back out and began lolling all over the back of the shaft and tracing the arc of skin right behind Dutch's cock head.

"That's a good job, Roundheels." Dutch purred. "Now beg."

I tried to remember the last time --if ever-- that I'd seen Caryn as deep into this kind of sex role play with me. She was laying it on pretty thick. I wasn't sure I recognized the girl I was watching wiggle her ass on the couch in front of me. Thinking about Caryn sexing her creepy old boyfriend with the kind of fervor I was seeing her give Dutch made me hate her even more.

"Please, Master," Caryn drawled. "Oh please can I have that giant fucking cock of yours in my whore mouth, Master? Oh please? I'll suck you soooo good." Caryn dragged her pointed tongue slowly across her top lip. The contrast of bright pink tongue glistening across her tiny, fire engine red lip got a fair amount of competition from the sexy show of her batting eyelashes. Caryn was doing the porn princess act more skillfully and more sincerely than many of the actual porn princesses I'd seen ply their skills on videotape.

"Suck my cock," Dutch barked. "Every inch."

"Mmmm. Yes Master!" Caryn launched forward and swallowed Dutch's cock. Just getting her tiny mouth stretched around that big helmet head of Dutch's dick was a sight to see. Then she was forcing her own throat deeper on Dutch's cock until her lips brushed the opening in Dutch's slacks. It was like she was trying to chokefuck herself before Dutch got the chance. Her sucks were noisy and she grunted and gag-gulped over and over on the deep sucks.

"Well aren't you, somethin'?" Dutch laughed. He turned and looked at me. "She's quite a cocksucker, Pardner. But I'm betting money that she's just putting on airs to piss you off right now. That about right?"

I nodded.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." I could barely hear Dutch talk over Caryn's noisy gag-sucks.

"You mind if I fuck this cheating bitch up the ass?"

I didn't know how to answer. I'd never fucked Caryn up the ass before. Never really wanted to. I'd never fucked any girl up the ass. Like most newbies, I thought that you stroked your cock into a girl's ass hole and pulled it back out covered in a thick layer of shit. I knew just about every minute of Caryn's sexual life history and I didn't think she'd ever been assfucked before.

I saw Caryn actually hesitate sucking for a moment. Her eyes opened. The "real" Caryn had heard what Dutch asked me.

"Hey," I shrugged. "You own her. You do whatever you want to her."

Dutch looked at me suspiciously. "You ever break her ass before?"

I shook my head. When Dutch and I were planning Caryn's rape and he said "Break her ass," I assumed he meant "Beat her ass."

"Aw, then dude, I can't be the first to break her ass. Why don't you tag in and break it first."

"Really? I gave her to you."

"Yeah, yeah," Dutch said, "And you're my guest. C'mon. Tag in."

"Uh, okay." I stood up and began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans."

"I would ask one favor of you, though," Dutch said. He was starting to thrust his hips in time with Caryn's slurping suck. "I don't want you lubing her up first. As long as we're teaching little Roundheels here a lesson, it should be a memorable one."

"Okay," I shrugged. I pushed my boxers down and my cock sprang hard and full.

"Whoa! Whoa!" Dutch laughed. "Whoa goddammit there, pegleg! You neglected to tell me that you were part fucking Clydesdale! Jesus, Pardner!" Dutch laughed hard. He looked down at Caryn. "You've got John Fucking Holmes in your bed and you are still running around on him, Roundheels? Fuck, you are an insatiable little slut, aren't you?"

"Yeth Massuh," Caryn said with Dutch's cock head still bulging her cheeks.

"Well," Dutch said, "That monster isn't going in her chute without a little something on it." He pulled his cock out of Caryn's jaw and ordered her off the couch and into the floor. Caryn followed orders instantly.

"C'mere, Pardner," Dutch waved me to him.

I stood shoulder to shoulder with him, Caryn kneeling in front of us.

"Roundheels," Dutch said, "You've got two hands. God gave you two hands so you could pleasure two cocks at the same time. Do it."

Caryn grabbed each of our dicks behind the head and started jerking them both in tandem.

"Roundheels," Dutch continued, "You've only got one cocksucking mouth, but between us, we've got four hands to keep you honest. You better give each of us a better suck than the other. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." Caryn was looking straight at Dutch and trying not to make eye contact with me. Fucking bitch.

"You do the first honors, Pardner," Dutch said.

I nodded. "Bitch," I said. "Suck my cock."

Caryn silently slipped her mouth over my cock and started sucking hard and fast.

"Naw naw naw," Dutch shook his head. He reached for the back of Caryn's hair and pulled her off my cock. "Roundheels, did your boss just tell you to suck his cock?"

"Y-yes, Master?"

"Why did you not acknowledge your boss and address him with the respect he deserves?"

"I- I- I'm sorry, Master."

"No yer not," Dutch said. Pap! Pap! Pap! Three hard slaps to Caryn's cheek. He gave me a wink.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Four from me. Caryn's eyes wobbled with the jaring force.

"Suck my fucking cock, you cheating slut," I barked.

"Yessir," Caryn whispered. She was back on my cock again. Dutch looked at me and gave me a small nod. I understood. If Caryn thought she was going to divide us, or dig into me with a super slut sex performance on Dutch, she was in for a surprise. Dutch and I were a team and she wasn't getting over on anyone.

Dutch cleared his throat and Caryn instantly switched her mouth to his cock and started pumping mine with her hand.

I started really getting into the action. Caryn was a beautiful piece of ass and she still had all her clothes on. Dutch's dick was kind of crazy, but it made for interesting voyeurism to see Caryn work her jaw around it as best she could while jacking my cock. Then she'd switch off and I'd get all the warm wet suck while I watched her left hand try and work through the logistics of jacking a cock with a head so big she couldn't come close to closing her tiny fingers around it. She might as well have been trying to jack off an apple stuck on the end of a bicycle handle bar.

"You ready to break that ass, Pardner?" Dutch asked.

"Ready," I answered.

"Roundheels," Dutch raised his voice, "You've got thirty seconds to make your boss's schlong drip with as much spit as you can get to stick on it. It's all the mercy your ass is going to get for a long stretch to come. Get busy."

Caryn furiously started gushing saliva onto my cock head and shaft. She'd mouth-up a wave of suds and then press her lips to my cockhead and gush it right over the top. Once my cock was sloppy, I didn't wait. I pulled away.

"Up on the couch, Roundheels," Dutch said. "Get back in position." Dutch stepped around the arm of the sofa like he'd been before. Caryn crawled up and draped her tiny hands over the padded arm and lifted her doggy-style ass high in the air.

Dutch resumed thrusting his bulbous cock in and out of Caryn's noisy suck while I rolled up her skirt and nestled the tip of my sizable cockhead in the little pink divot of Caryn's anus. Caryn's anus wasn't as pale-perfect as Suzie Wagner's, but ever since I enforced my rigorous grooming policy, it certainly wasn't distracting. Caryn was always very hygienic, so her bung was as squeaky clean and soap scented as her pussy.

I didn't think it would be so difficult to push my cock into an asshole. Where Caryn's pussy was a hungry, wet vacuum for hard pricks, her pink bottom was a pursed dowager's mouth, clenched and resistant to my probes. The spittle from Caryn's suck started penetrating into Caryn's anus a little at a time, loosing the vice. The tip of my cock face made a tiny inroad to stretching her ass.

"Hey Pardner," Dutch said. "Gimme a heads up before you go for broke, okay? I don't want Roundheels to bite my dick off."

I snugged deep against the warmth of Caryn's fighting asshole and nodded. "I'm ready."

Dutch pulled his cock out of Caryn's suck and grabbed her by the hair. He turned her face sideways toward the couch. I thought that was odd.

Then with one long, hard push, I fed my cockhead through the ring of Caryn's butt with one hand while I held her hips steady with a handful of her bunched leather skirt in the other. It seemed to take forever for my cockhead to disappear into the ring of her pink ass.

Her ass was so much hotter than her pussy. It warmed my cockhead and I finally understood what all the fuss was about. At least until Caryn's face went absolutely bug eyed and she started to cuss and yip.

THEN I really understood. I understood why Dutch turned Caryn's face where I could see it.

"Yow! OW! OW! Oh, slow please, Sir!" Caryn was pleading, and not as a slut. She was pleading as a real human being in distress. "Slower! Ow! Fuck! Owowowowowowow! Pllleaaa-- *Sob!*"

It was really something. The roleplay had been stripped away. The acting had been stripped away. Fourteen years of dominant male training had been washed off her face.

Caryn was real. For the first time, I saw the real Caryn. The pain must have been a different pain than spankings and slaps, because it didn't wave over her and dissipate. The pain pinballed through her entire body like it was looking for an exit and couldn't find one.

Her face scrunched into a crying jag and then she began hitching like I'd never seen her cry. She cried like baby Dani, red-faced and consumed by her frustration to escape the moment. Caryn's plum fingernails dug into the soft arm of the sofa.

Dutch kept her face turned where I could see every thrust of my cock into her tight ass ripple through her expression in another wave of sobbing.

I know this sounds like a guy thing to say, but it was fucking beautiful. I'd never seen Caryn completely stripped of her defensive sex skills before. Since she was eight years old, she'd been playing one role or another for one male or another. The girl that was posed on her quivering elbows and knees and laid bare before me was raw, innocent, and devastatingly beautiful in her flowing tears.

I looked down to see that my cock was as clean on the backswing as it was on the thrust. This wasn't so bad after all. I started forcing my fuckstroke a few inches deeper into Caryn's ass. She started crying louder, a throaty "gugck-gugck-gaw-gaw-gaw" punctuated by the occasional articulation of an "Ow! Ow! Ow-wow!"

Dutch squatted in front of Caryn's so they were face-to-face again. "Don't say 'Ow' Roundheels. Say 'Ohhh!'"

"Ohhhh Master," Caryn's teeth were clenched. "It hurts so fucking bad," Caryn said between sobs.

"You saw the size of my dick head, didn't you Roundheels? How do you think that's going to feel when it rips out your little pink split-tailed ass?"

"Oh, Master! Please no!" Caryn was slutting out the words that were prescribed for her, but she was just so fucking real and sincere as she said it. It was so fucking sexy it was blowing my mind.

Dutch stood and started humping into her mouth. At first we were jostling Caryn in two different directions, out of sync. Then we settled on an alternate rhythm where I was thrusting her mouth forward onto Dutch's cock and he was thrusting her ass back onto my shaft.

I didn't give Caryn too much cock. I didn't want to bury my shaft all the way up into her colon and tempt fate of getting messy. It felt really nice though. Not so nice that I absolutely had to come, but I could have squirted if I wanted too. I didn't.

Dutch shifted his hip rhythm and then we were both thrusting into Caryn at the same time. Her tiny frame rippled inward from two directions toward the line above her hips. First Caryn's cries turned to grunts. Then they shifted into something more animal. She started grunting deeper and deeper.

"Roundheels is going come," Dutch said to me. "Should we let her?"

"Naw," I said. I popped out of her ass and watched the pink vortex of her anus slowly stretch back to a small glistening red gap.

Dutch pulled out of Caryn's mouth and let her collapse over the arm of the chair. "Well, I'm ready for my first of the night. Roundheels's suck has got my nuts boiling." Dutch walked over to a paper bag on the kitchenette counter and walked back with some short lengths of rope and a ball gag that had a silver ring where the ball would go.

Dutch's fingers laced into Caryn's top buttons and stripped her to her bra quickly. Two finger pinched at her back and her brastrap sprang open and dropped away. Her big 38 C's were on full display for Dutch. Dutch didn't seem impressed. He didn't even pinch a nipple. Dutch unzipped her skirt and pulled it off, but he left the stockings and the heels.

"I'm going to have to strap her down for this one," Dutch said. He was pretty good with his rope skills. It didn't take him long to tie each of Caryn's wrists behind her back to the opposing elbow. It made a little box shape out of her arms and kept her hands from resting over her ass where they normally did when I tied her hands behind her back. It was a nice bondage look for her. Efficient. Dutch pushed Caryn so that her stomach pushed into the padded arm of the couch and she had to push her knees into the couch to keep from tumbling forward and face-planting on the carpet. Caryn's big round tits seemed to levitate. Her expression was all concern.

Dutch tossed me the gag. "Strap that over her head, willya Pardner?"

Dutch began taking the rest of his clothes off while I started wrapping the gag straps around the back of Caryn's head. I'd never even seen a gag that had two separate straps and buckles for the back of the head. Upscale toys from a guy obviously banking a lot more money that I was. It took me a minute to figure out how the double buckle worked.

"Put the ring up behind her teeth," Dutch called to me.

Before I cinched the straps, I worked the big silver ring into Caryn's mouth and clunked it behind her teeth. I was sure that the ring was just too big for Caryn's tiny pie hole, but once I started making the final adjustments to the buckles, Caryn's mouth widened and her jaw lowered even more and the ring gag slipped into its perfect fitting behind her teeth.

"That ring is supposed to keep a bitch's mouth still so you can slide your cock into it and fuck their bitch throat," Dutch said. "But obviously my dickhead is too big to fit through the damn thing. Yours too." Dutch climbed onto the couch behind Caryn. He lifted her ass and pushed her knees apart with his big hands. "But hey, it shuts 'em up and they get a nice drool going. Makes for a very sexy bitch."

I took my place back in the big chair and watched. Obviously Dutch didn't need my help for what he was about to do.

"Take Master's cock in your whoring slut ass, Roundheels," Dutch said. He buried his dick in Caryn's ass in one swift stroke.

Caryn screamed an odd sounding scream. The gag wasn't exactly muffling her volume, but it was affecting how she sounded things out. Her eyes bugged in disbelief and stayed that way while Dutch's big cock head ripped her ass.

Literally, ripped her ass. I saw fresh blood streak his cock on one of his back strokes.

There were no hitching sobs in Caryns mournful cry. It was one long chesty siren of "Hhhnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuung!"

"Somethin' to think about before you run around on your husband, Roundheels," Dutch laughed. "You may just find your runaround ass raped by a sadistic sumbitch with a dick built for fixing split-tailed bed-hopping whores."

"Hhhnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuung! Hnug. Nnnuhng! Hhhhnnnnnnnnnuuuuung!"

Yes, I was a little worried that Caryn was bleeding from her ass, but it was certainly therapeutic to see her stripped of all her slutty tricks and knowing she was internalizing and externalizing every bit of punishment pain from my designated rapist.

"Oh yeah," Dutch said. His stroke picked up steam. He was assfucking Caryn a lot deeper than I had. "Oh yeah. Oooooh!" Dutch exhaled and stopped thrusting. "Whooo!" He hooted He gave Caryn's right ass cheek three loud swats and pulled his bloody dick out of her backside. He had come. A long sticky stream stretched between his bloody cock and Caryn's asshole before it snapped and tumbled all over the floor.

"She'll remember that," Dutch said. "I promise you, she'll think about Master Dutch before running around again." Dutch strutted to the bathroom and left the door open. I heard him pee.

Caryn looked at me, bewildered. Saliva was starting to string out of her open jaw and onto the couch. I gave her nothing back but ice.

The water in the sink ran for a while. It shut off and Dutch strutted back out with a clean, wet dick and some washcloths. He tossed the washcloths over on the nightstand beside one of the beds. He strutted over to Caryn's collapsed body on the sofa, picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder.

"Goddamn, I've got leather jackets that weigh more than this bitch," he smiled at me. He walked Caryn over to the closest King size bed. Then he shifted her into his arms and tossed her, actually tossed her into the air so she would bounce tits-first into the mattress.


Naked Dutch danced back to the kitchen counter and pulled out a bunch more lengths of rope out of his magic paper bag. His soft pecker pendulated back and forth against his thighs, spattering little drops of after-come. He started whistling "I fall to pieces," As he bounced his way back to Caryn.

Man, that sumbitch was good with ropes. He gathered Caryn's hair behind her head in a ponytail wad and wrapped loops of rope around it until it formed a solid clamp on the back of Cary's head. (I've tried it. It's hard to get rope to clamp onto the hair and not slip off.) Dutch stood on the bed. That was when I noticed the thick eye bolt that he'd drilled and screwed into the ceiling. I'd later learn that in Dutch's bondage kit he kept a stud-finder to find the rafters in a drywalled ceiling and a small tub of white spackle to fill the hole in the ceiling before he left.

Dutch threaded one end of the rope attached to Caryn's pony tail through the eye bolt and back down toward her feet in an inverted "V" shape.

Dutch had some smaller rope, not much thicker than yarn. He finally stripped Caryn of her stockings and shoes and tied each of Caryn's big toes (if you'll pardon the oxymoron) together with a two foot length. Dutch looped the ceiling rope around the center of the toe-rope and pulled out the slack until Caryn was pretzeled into a stomach-down backwards bend, her hair pulling against her toes and her tits barely lifted off the paisley hotel bedspread. Or maybe it was her toes pulling against her hair. Dutch never stopped whistling. Caryn's arms were still pinned square against her back. After Dutch tied off the final knot he jumped off the bed and admired his work.

Caryn was making uncomfortable little "Gnuh" grunts every few seconds. To this day I'm not sure of the physics of why that particular stress position hurts a girl. Does it feel like her hair is being pulled out? Does it hurt the toes? Is it hard to breathe with her lungs stretched backwards? Does it hurt the spine? Lower back stress? Honestly. I don't give a shit. It was damn effective.

Dutch rolled out a dry towel under Caryn's head. The saliva was flowing rather copiously and I suppose he didn't want to soak the bed. Dutch rolled a wet washcloth into a tight roll and forced it down through Caryn's butt cheeks to start the healing of her ripped ass.

"It's hot," Dutch said to me. "Remember that if you rip her ass. Ideally you want her to straddle a hot towel while she sits in a hot bathtub for a while to get the warm steam heat up her ass. Promotes healing. This will have to do." Dutch smiled at me. My cock was still at full throttle. "Hey, Pardner, pull the pressure release pin on that thing and get dressed."

Dutch crossed to where he'd left his clothes and started pulling them back on.

"Where we going?" I asked as I gathered my jeans and stepped into them.

"I could use a drink. This hotel has an excellent bar and I suspect we'll have it all to ourselves."

"Ah," I said.

Before we closed the door of the room I took one more look at my wife, bent backwards into a stress position and struggling to wriggle out a smidge of comfort. She could not fight it. Her perfect, size-five feet arched into an elegant ballerina point in the air behind her head. Her big round tits floated for a second, just off the bedspread. then they'd lightly kiss the duvet for a moment before some kind of pain in Caryn became too much and she forced herself into the back arch that made her tits defy gravity once more. She had about two inches of play that she could use to trade a pain in one part of her for a moment of pain in another part of her.

Magnificent. Dutch was a fucking master alright. A Bitchmaster.

I let the door thump closed. Dutch patted me on the back and we walked toward the elevator.


We spent a couple hours in the bar, drinking for a buzz but not getting sloppy drunk. We had work to do.

Dutch did everything right that night he raped my wife, but tying Caryn into a stress position while we went and rebonded in the hotel bar was pure genius.

All the jangling nerves and jealousy that had been burning through me washed out as we relaxed in a padded booth. Things between me and Dutch weren't as weird as I expected. It was all good. The awkwardness of it all, the voyeurism of watching another man kiss my wife, the being naked around another naked dude, the butt sex... The weirdness kind of melted away with the ice cubes in our Scotches.

I thought about Suzie Wagner and her pragmatic, non-jealous approach to relationships. I thought momentarily about the nerve it took for Suzie to push us into a three-way with her best friend. I started to "get it."

And, as I "got it," A big chunk of my irrational jealousy over Caryn's infidelity left me.

But Dutch had only been warming up. It was time for Act Two. Dutch settled our tab and we headed back up to the room.

Dutch put his big mitt on my shoulder. "This is the hard part, Pardner. We had the Socratic Method 'wake up call' in Act One. Now we have the therapy part in Act Two, and you need to sit and watch this part from the cheap seats. Then I'll transition her back to you in Act Three. Hang in there."

We entered Room 406 once more. Caryn was grunting a rapidfire "Ghung-ghung-ghung!" She was obviously in a lot of pain and discomfort. A long band of shiny drool crested her bottom lip, spilled into a delta fan on her chest, and crested both her nipples in two solid, stringy waterfalls onto the towel under her. Her eyes got big as we approached and strained to see if we had returned with more toys or a shore leave platoon of sailors.

I dragged my voyeur chair next to the bed while Dutch took off his clothes again. He was a hairy guy, but not a sasquatch. He had the "batman logo" pattern of chest hair. He was wide in the shoulders and thick in the hips. His legs weren't bulging with muscles, but he looked as if he could squat-press a Brahma bull if he had a mind to.

Dutch flopped naked onto the bed next to my trussed wife, on the opposite side of the bed so he wasn't blocking my view of Caryn. His dick was ready to go again. With his index finger he played with the strings of Caryn's saliva, connecting them, twirling them into webs and ladders.

"So here's where we are, Roundheels," Dutch said softly in Caryn's ear. "I've got all fucking night and all of tomorrow to do whatever I want with you. Hell, I don't have a sales call until Tuesday afternoon and I could reschedule that one easily. Now I could leave you right here for a while longer. Would you like that? You want to be left alone for a few more hours?"

To the extent that Caryn could shake her head "no," she gave it all she had.

"Nuhn! Nuh!" Caryn grunted.

"You don't want to be left alone?" Dutch egged her on.

"Nuhn! Eeeeezh. Nuhn!"

"Oh. Well you know if I untie you, it just means I'm going to fuck that runaround pussy of yours, right? Put some more cheating miles on that twat. You know that, right Roundheels?"

"Eth! Eth!"

"And you're going to have to suck my cock more?"

"Heth! Eeeezzzh! Heth!" Fat, slow tears started cresting Caryn's cheeks.

"Yeah," Dutch said, feigning apology. "But there's more, yasee. You and I are going to act out your little affair for your boss over there, Sugartits. Every little thing."

Caryn's eyes were pure disbelief. She looked baffled.

Dutch swept the hair off Caryn's forehead so I didn't miss any of her expression. I saw it.

"Of course," Dutch said, "If you'd rather think about it for a while, your husband and I could go see a movie and leave you here to--"

"Nuhng! Nuh! Nuuuuuggggh!" Caryn shook her head no as vigorously as her tied pony tail would allow her.

"Okay then," Dutch said. "I'll untie you. But just so you know, if I even think you are lying to me or holding out on me, I'll put you right back where you are. Even a little lie. I'll send your husband home and we'll try untying you again tomorrow morning. Are we clear, Roundheels?"

"Yuh. Yuth Athah!"

Dutch untied Caryn completely and removed her ring gag. He allowed her to recover on her back while he felt her tits up for the first time.

"Kiss me, slut," Dutch said.

"Yes, Master." Caryn kissed him while he rubbed her ass. Without being prompted, her little hand groped out, found Dutch's erect dick and began pumping it under the head.

"What was your boyfriend's name, Roundheels?" Dutch asked between wet kisses.

Caryn didn't want to say it. She knew I didn't want to hear it. She hesitated.

"Roundheels?" Dutch's voice dropped three octaves.

"James," she whispered.

"Speak up!"

"My boyfriend's name was James, Master."

"Did you call him James? Or was it Jim? Or Jimmy?"

"James, Master."

They kissed more and Dutch let go of Caryn's ass and pushed his wiggling fingers into her pussy. It was wet.

Dutch continued. "And what did you call him when he was pounding away in that pussy? You didn't say 'Fuck me, James!' did you?"

"No Master. I said 'Fuck me, Jimmy.' "

"And what did `Fuck me Jimmy' call you? What was his name for you?"

"Master, James called me 'Angel.' Almost always."

"Almost always," Dutch repeated. "And what name did he use when his cock was hard? How did he tell you to suck his dick?"

Caryn hesitated for a beat. "Master, when Jimmy's cock was hard and he wanted me to suck it or fuck it, he'd call me 'Little Girl.' "

"Huh. Well suck my cock, Little Girl," Dutch said.

"Yes, Master."

"No, Little Girl. For the time being, my name is Jimmy."

"Yes... Jimmy?"

"Suck my cock, Little Girl."

"Yes Jimmy."

Caryn got down between Dutch's legs, picked up his cock, and started slurping away at it with gusto.

"Is that how you sucked Jimmy's cock, Little Girl?"

"Yes, Jimmy," Caryn said with a mouthful of wet cock.

"You sucked your boyfriend like a total slut whore?"

"Yes, Jimmy. I can't help it. I like to suck cock."

"Did your boyfriend Jimmy call his penis a cock? Or a dick? Or what?"

"A cock," Caryn slurped. "Jimmy called it a cock."

"And how big was Jimmy's cock. Was it a big one?"

"No, no Jimmy. It wasn't very big at all."

"As big as your boss's cock?"

"Oh, no. Jimmy's cock wasn't half as big as my husband's cock."

"As big as my cock?"

Caryn pulled her suck off Dutch's cockhead with a pop. She pointed to a spot five inches from the base. "This big," she whispered.

"Thick?" Asked Dutch.

"A little." Caryn went back to sucking Dutch's cock.

"When you were first alone with your boyfriend, what did you do? Did you kiss?"

"Yes, Jimmy. We kissed a lot before anything else started."

"Was your boyfriend a good kisser?"

Caryn hesitated again.

"Roundheels! I'm not going to warn you again."

"Yes, my boyfriend Jimmy was an excellent kisser."

"Better than me?"

"Mmmn. You are a good kisser too, Master Jimmy."

"I asked you a question. Which one of us is a better kisser?"

The fact that Dutch was speaking in present tense was not lost on me. The immediacy of it all started ripping at my heart again. I felt the toxic burn of jealousy start back through my bloodstream once more.

"He's a better kisser," Caryn huffed. "I'm sorry. Don't hurt me."

"As long as you tell the truth," Dutch said.

"I won't lie, Master Jimmy," Caryn said sadly.

"Is he a better kisser than your boss."

"Yes, Jimmy."

Pow! No hesitation at all. She didn't even think about it. God, that ripped a hari-kari knife through my guts. I started to smolder with anger again.

"Rank your three kissers," Dutch said. "From worst to best."

If I had a pause button that I could have pressed to stop the whole evening, I would have slapped it like a bad girl's ass right then and there. I did not want to hear the answer to Dutch's cruel question.

"My husband. You. My boyfriend."

Again with the present tense. Not "ex boyfriend," but "my boyfriend." Fuck me runnin'. The jealousy was killing me. Almost as bad as being told I placed dead last in a kissing contest with both her creepy old lover and her designated rapist.

Dutch didn't wait. "What happened after the kissing? Did your boyfriend make you suck his dick?"

"No, Master Jimmy. The other Jimmy, my boyfriend Jimmy, he always wanted to suck my nipples for a long time. Suck and bite. My boyfriend loved my titties."

"Oh I'm sure he still loves these tits."

"Yes, Jimmy. My boyfriend loves my tits."

Again with the present tense. Jesus.

Dutch lowered down and began working Caryn's hard nipples over with his mouth. He clamped the bright pink buds in his teeth and stretched them so I could see it. Caryn rolled back and forth on her back and began to stroke her fingers through Dutch's hair while he worked her nubile jugs over.

"Then what?" Dutch mumbled with a mouth full of tit.

"He sucked a lot longer than that," Caryn moaned.

"Then what?" Dutch repeated sternly.

"Then my boyfriend Jimmy slid down and licked all over my pussy."

Dutch took his cue. He pushed Caryn's legs wide apart with a firm grip behind each knee. I saw every lap and twirl of his tongue over Caryn's clit as she arched and gasped. Dutch went to town. He started getting into it and grunting with hungry pleasure.

As a veteran of licking Caryn's pussy when she's horny, I knew that it was hard to keep up with all the pussy sugar that poured out of her, even before she squirted. It's unreal how much flow could gush from that fuckhole, even before she ejaculated.

"That feel good, Little Girl?"

"That feels great, Jimmy. Can you please put some fingers in my hole?"

Dutch slid two big fingers up into Caryn's fuck hole. I could tell from his wrist that he was walking them against her top G-spot in a come-hither motion. "You like having your pussy licked, Little Girl."

Caryn was breathing deep. "Oh I love it, Jimmy. You lick a good pussy, Jimmy."

"Whose the best--"

Caryn didn't even wait for Dutch to finish asking the question. "My boyfriend Jimmy is the best pussylicker," she moaned. "Ever. Of all boys I've ever had."

"That good?" Dutch mumbled from the slight pink folds of Caryn's bare muff.

"Incredible!" Caryn was having a hard time keeping her breath. She was on her way to an orgasm for sure.

"What makes your other boyfriend Jimmy such a good pussylicker?"

"I don't know, Master Jimmy. I can't describe it. He does something with the flat of his tongue. He kind of grinds it on my clitty. It feels amazing."

"You come on your boyfriend's tongue?"

"Yes, Master Jimmy."

"How many times?"

"Every time, Master Jimmy."

"How many times is every time, Little Girl?"

Caryn gasped and moaned. I knew that moan. She was going to blow happy juice right up into Dutch's nose any second.

"M-m-maybe seven... OH! Yes. Maybe seven times, Master Jimmy?"

"You had seven sex sessions with your boyfriend?"

"Eight," Caryn panted. "I sucked him off once in a car."

"Seven times in his bed?"

"Yes, Jimmy."

"You ever sex your boyfriend in your boss's bed?"

"Absolutely not, Jimmy. Never." Caryn was panting hard. She should have come already.

"And he licked this pussy seven times?"

"Ohhhhh Gawd. Mmmmm! Yessss, Jimmy."

"And you came on your boyfriend's tongue every time?"

"Yes, Jimmy."

"Well show me. Come for me, Little Girl."

Caryn's ankles started shaking.

"Y-y-you want me to show you? Exactly how I came, Jimmy?" Caryn panted.

"Did I stutter, Little Girl?"

Caryn unexpectedly leaned up on her elbows and pulled her waist out from under Dutch's lapping tongue. In a matter of moments she pushed him flat on the bed and straddled Dutch's face as she leaned up and started sucking Dutch's dick.

"This was how you did it?" Dutch asked as a he leaned his chin upwards to get a tongue on Caryn's dancing pink pussy above his mouth. "Your boyfriend put you in 69?"

Caryn slurped out words between sucks. "No Jimmy. I just did it. I could never wait to get his hard dick in my mouth. I was so horny I wanted to suck cock. I wanted to come with a hard cock in my jaw."

Caryn shut up and started deepthroating Dutch hard and fast. Dutch shut up and grabbed both of Caryn's ass cheeks and pulled her pussy down on his waggling tongue.

Caryn's heels started quaking again. Then her knees. Then her elbows. Her grunts turned into a solid moan and her suck went on pause while she trashed. I saw the spray of her hard orgasm dump all over Dutch's chin and neck. She howled a long "Gnnnnnnuuuuuh!" exhale around Dutch's big cockhead.

Wow. It was a great orgasm to watch in third person.

Dutch bench-pressed Caryn up and off him by her hips. He looked over at me. He blinked slowly.

"You could have warned me that she was a squirter, man. I just about drowned here."

"Now you know," I shrugged.

"I'm sorry, Master Jimmy," Caryn panted.

"You're fine, Little Girl. You're fine," Dutch reassured her. "What next?"

"Fucking," Caryn panted. "Missionary, then me on top."

"Every time? You did it with your boyfriend that way every time?"

"Twice he bitch fucked me instead of me being on top."

"Did you come when he doggy fucked you?"

"No, Jimmy."


"Never ever, Master Jimmy."

"Don't lie to me, Little Girl."

"No fucking way I'd lie to you, Master Jimmy. No more rope. Please. I won't lie. My boyfriend Jimmy's cock wasn't long enough to hit my slut spot for doggy fucking."

Dutch was twitching a raging hardon, but he waited for Caryn to catch her breath. They started kissing and rubbing tongues again for a long while. My erection was killing me by that point. I wanted Dutch to hurry the fuck up and get to "Act Three," whatever that was.

Dutch rolled up between Caryn's legs and positioned his giant cock head right at the entrance to her fuck hole.

"Say it, Little Girl," Dutch growled. "Say it just like you said it for him."

"Oh fuck me, Jimmy. Please fuck me."

And Dutch did. Caryn's head rocked back and her tits seemed to be trying to levitate her up off the bed like weather ballons. Caryn was responsive and grinding her hips to every stroke.

"Move that ass, Little Girl," Dutch hissed.

"Oh yes, Jimmy. Fuck me, Jimmy!"

Caryn popped again, unusually quick for her second orgasm and not very messy. She'd already spent most of her squirting orgasm juice in Dutch's mouth.

Dutch was definitely enjoying himself. He didn't stop pounding Caryn's twat when she made her wobbling orgasm cry. She shifted into the "uhn-uhn-uns" As she endured Dutch's steady fuck domination.

Dutch pulled out and flopped on his back. He patted his thighs.

"C'mon, Little Girl," Dutch said. "Climb up on Jimmy's cock and show your boss how you fucked the come out your boyfriend."

Caryn and I never fucked with her on top. We had experimented with 69ing a few times and abandoned it for taking turns being selfish. (Or rather, ME being selfish.) But she had never fucked me cowgirl before.

She had definitely fucked somebody cowgirl though. She looked like a porn princess as she straddled Dutch's wide hip. Her rear leg was folded back on itself and her forward leg (toward me) arced up and ended in a perfect ballet curled toe point into the mattress. She worked Dutch's cockhead into her hovering pussy like a pro, spreading his pre-come all over her giant clit before pushing Dutch's shaft back toward her fuck hole and dropping her upturned knee. Her little hands both looked like baby hands as they pushed down on Dutch's wide chest, steadying the drop of her pussy onto Dutch's hard pole.

Caryn bottomed out. Her eyes went thin and her chin dipped against her chest, sending the cascading curtains of her long golden hair closing over her face.

She grumbled and grunted. Her hips swiveled in a grinding circle and Dutch's big cockhead bottomed out somewhere deep in Caryn's pussy. Caryn swayed up and down, still masked by all that hair in her face.

Then she did a little dip from her tits and hips and her face splashed up through all that hair as her nose and chin pointed at the ceiling and she began riding Dutch like a trotting horse.

Oh, that hair. She whipped it left. She whipped it to the right. Platinum strands would splash across her mouth and catch for a moment on Caryn biting her wet bottom lip. Then it was all in motion again: a gleaming, flashing hypnotist's watch. Don't ever let anyone tell you that hair isn't one of the sex organs. On a pretty girl, it most certainly is.

Caryn didn't ride Dutch for very long before he shut up his bed talk and started gasping his own pre-orgasmic breaths. His head lolled and Dutch grunted hard. His hands closed on Caryn's hips and he pulled her down hard into his upthrust over and over, their pelvises absolutely demolishing one another. Then Dutch gave an exorcism growl of "Fuuuuuuuuuck!"

Somewhere in the deep plumbing of my wife, Dutch's sperm gushed hard and hot while Dutch spewed a verbal accounting of every profanity he knew.

Sweaty Caryn rolled off Sweaty Dutch and they panted next to one another.

I suppose there could have been more to "Act Two." I suppose Dutch could have pumped Caryn for more details. Bitch fucked her. Pried more humiliating "who was the best ________?" questions out of her.

But I got what I needed. Dutch was right. Seeing Caryn act out what little I saw was enough insight into her time in the creepy old fuck's bedroom that there was no doubt what had gone down. It wasn't Memorex, but it was close enough to scratch all he itchy question marks that were infecting my brain.

Mission accomplished.

"Hey Pardner," Dutch panted. "For the love of fuck. Tag in and fuck this roundheeled runaround bitch, willya?"

And that's exactly what I did. I had my clothes off in seconds. Dutch rolled off and made himself a drink from the minibar while I put Caryn on all fours and bitchfucked her with the hardest erection I can ever remember having. I could smell Dutch's sweat on Caryn and it just made me want to pound her even harder to wash it away with my sweat.

The first thing I saw when I looked down was the swollen red welt that had formerly been the divot of Caryn's pink anus. Dutch and I had done a number on her ass.

Below Caryn's puckered bum, my cock sloshed through the wettest fuck I'd ever pounded out of Caryn. Her pussy was flowing, but I could also see swirls of Dutch's come mixing with the pussy juice. A mere 24 hours before, if you'd told me that I'd have another guy's come on my cock, I'd have been grossed out. But in the moment, 40,000 years of evolutionary programming kicked in and I just fucked Caryn THAT much harder to get my come to overwhelm Caryn's tubes instead of Dutch's.

Weird, but true.

Caryn's tits swung wildly underneath her jostled frame. Caryn yipped under the impact of my pelvis crashing against her ass.

She started her pre-orgasmic grunts.

My entire skin - scalp to shins - started to bubble and fry with the electric suppression of my aching balls.

"OH, Sir! I'm cum-cum-cominggggggg!" Caryn squirted warm pussy jets all over my balls. It was so very unusual for her to pour that much after the first time. Much less the third time.

That was it for me. The muscles in my glutes twanged like banjo strings breaking and the surge of contractions closed in on the base of my cock shaft and I pumped my hot come into Caryn over and over and over. I didn't realize I had stopped breathing until my come squirts kept jetting into Caryn's cunt for so long I got dizzy.

Caryn collapsed face down in the bed. I pulled out of her sperm-slopped cunt and stumbled backwards into my voyeur chair beside the bed.

A fresh bottle of beer hissed to life behind my head and Dutch lifted a brown bottle over my shoulder and into my hand. He cracked the cap on another and walked it to the collapsed heap of ass and hair that was my wife.

"Oh, bless you, Master," Caryn croaked. Her little fingers closed around the neck and she leaned up on an elbow long enough to take a long glugging swig. "My mouth was sandpaper."

"Didn't feel like sandpaper to me, Sugar," Dutch smiled and patted Caryn's naked, upturned ass.

Dutch grabbed his glass of Scotch and ice and sat on the edge of the bed next to Caryn's legs and sipped with one hand while he rubbed her ass and thighs with his other hand. Dutch's dick still hung limp, but I knew from the sly smile on his face that he wasn't done with Caryn.

"She's really beautiful, Pardner," Dutch said to me.

"That she is."

"Fuck. I mean look at her feet. Even her feet are perfect. Nobody has perfect feet."

I nodded. "Venus feet."

"I was always partial to the tiny girls with big knockers," Dutch said, squeezing Caryn's ass cheeks.

"Me too," I said. "Not sure why, but I like 'em tiny."

"Small girls stay younger-looking longer," Dutch said.

I nodded. "Maybe that's it."

"And this pussy. Christ! Do you put a battery in that thing? It's so pink it almost hurts my eyes. I got a feeling that this sweet thing will still be hotter than a two-peckered billygoat when she's 50."

The corner of Caryn's mouth hitched into a little smile. She was eating up all the compliments.

Old Man Me sighs and my heart breaks. Dutch was probably right, but Caryn died before I got to put that to the test.

Caryn finished her beer and Dutch took the bottle away from her before she could stretch out and place it on the nightstand.

"Good, the bottle is still cold," Dutch said. He pressed the neck of the cold beer bottle into the crack of Caryn's ass and pressed it against her battered asshole.

"Guh!" Caryn arched backwards.

"That hurt, Sugar?" Dutch asked.

"No. Feels good," Caryn said. "Just cold."

"You guys ready for a shower?" Dutch finished his drink with a long slurp.

"Yes, Master," said Caryn.

"You guys go ahead," I waved.

"Sure, Pardner? Room for all of us in the shower. It's a stadium in there."

"Naw, you two go first. I'll be in after I finish my beer."

"Okey-dokey," Dutch said. "C'mon, Sugartits." Dutch patted Caryn's ass again and she rolled off the bed as Dutch stood. Dutch wrapped his arm around her shoulder. That was the first time I saw the perspective of tiny Caryn standing next to wide Dutch. It made her look even more petite. Dutch put his arm around Caryn's shoulder and Caryn put her little hand on Dutch's ass cheek and they walked off into the bathroom like a couple that had been together for years.

The shower hissed.

I had a second beer. I opened a third. I started recovering from my strenuous fucking and the sweat on my back evaporated. A shower didn't seem like such a bad idea.

There was no sound coming from the open bathroom door except for the sizzle of of the shower water, so I knew Dutch and Caryn were up to something.

As Dutch described, the shower stall was big enough for five. It had two rain-type shower heads dropping from the ceiling and five steamy side sprays. A white fog of steam hovered over the marble floor. I could see enough through the steamy glass door to know Dutch was winding up for another go. Caryn was busy working a lather of soap all over Dutch's dick. Her tits had been well soaped under Dutch's hands as well.

Dutch put his hand on Caryn's shoulder and pushed her down to her knees. Caryn discarded the soap in her hand and used both of her little grips to wipe and rinse the suds away from Dutch's member. Her mouth took Dutch's cock head once more.

Neither noticed me standing on the other side of the fogged glass. This wasn't a performance, this was real sexual communication between the two and I was experiencing rare, honest voyeurism.

Caryn was beautiful. The shape of her wet hair followed her skull, neck, and shoulders as if it had been combed into perfection by a movie production assistant. She was trying to look up at Dutch's eyes the best she could, but the side spray jets from the shower made it difficult for Caryn to keep from squinting. She was trying really hard.

Dutch was around three-quarters hard. Caryn had a mouthful to work. Dutch kept a wide stance and loomed tall with his shoulders back and his hands confidently on his hips like a Roman soldier being serviced by a slave girl.

It wasn't weird to see naked dudes in a porno (except maybe Ron Jeremy). The weirdness of being in the same room as another naked dude wasn't as goofy as I expected it to be. Dutch and Caryn looked good sexing each other. I appreciated the symmetry of their respective genders; Dutch all sharp angles and Caryn all curves and globes.

I knew my wife was beautiful, but hey, she was my wife yaknow. It was easy to take her feminine features for granted when I saw them every day.

Watching my wife suck Dutch's cock in the spray of that shower from my fly-on-the-wall, invisible perspective... God damn. It was hot. The jealousy was gone. I stopped being bugged and started being entertained. A good show put on by two good looking people going at it is a good show, even if one of the players is your spouse.

Dutch eventurally looked over and noticed me watching them. He slid the door open. "C'mon in, Pardner," he smiled. "The water and the cocksucking are fine!"

"Naw. I'm digging the show."

"Well I'm starting to prune and so is Sugartits," Dutch said. "If you don't want in, I'm going to dry her off and move the show back to the bed."

"Do it," I said.

Caryn carefully stood while Dutch powered off all the water knobs. I handed Caryn a big white towel. She wiped her face dry and leaned up and kissed me. Hard. Hard and hot. She batted her eyelashes at me and started drying off again.

Nice gesture. "I know you're still here and I love you." I got it.

Dutch left the bathroom. Caryn stayed to blow her hair dry with the underpowered little hotel unit attached to the bathroom wall. I stepped into the shower and started turning levers until I had a decent spray going and I soaped up my sweaty pits and balls.

Caryn powered off the hair dryer and I watched her sit on the toilet and pee. She motioned for me to hurry up and she left the bathroom.

I took my time finishing my shower. I knew Dutch and Caryn were getting busy on the bed. The longer I resisted the urge to step out and WITNESS EVERYTHING, the more residual cancer of jealousy I radiated away.

I trusted Dutch. Crazy as it sounds, I realized I trusted Caryn too.

I finished showering. I dried off. I walked out to see Dutch sitting on the couch and Caryn slurping away at his erect cock.

I sat next to Dutch and Caryn moved between us. Once more she jacked both our cocks while she took turns sucking right and then sucking left. It was more comfortable to sit and relax while Caryn worked us.

Dutch turned to me. "A load in her ass. A load in her cunt. All I need is one in her mouth and I'll have the trifecta."

"I think she wants that as bad as you do," I nodded at Caryn. "Bitch, you want to taste your Master's come?"

"Oh hell yeah!" Caryn smiled. "I want to taste my Master and I want to taste my boss's hot come too. I want both flavors of the men who own me in my mouth at once." She was definitely sucking both of us hard, working for our come and not teasing to keep the night going.

"The men who own me." I wasn't sure if Dutch had said something to Caryn, or if Caryn was just transitioning through "Act Three" All on her own. "The men who own me." Yeah, she was coming back to me.

Caryn had been through the ringer that night, but the Caryn on her knees in the floor between us was having some fun.

"You two are really making me work for it," Caryn smiled as she transitioned from sucking me to sucking Dutch.

"That's the life of a sex slave, Sugartits," Dutch smiled back to her. "You want my big cock back in your ass?"

Caryn started to say "NO!" but stopped herself as she was shaping the word. "Anything my Master wants," Caryn said. "My Master owns me."

"So does your boss," Dutch said.

"Yes, thank you Master," Caryn said between wet schlurps of Dutch's cockhead. "The only thing better than being owned by a strong man is being owned by two strong men."

"After I renounce your ownership," Dutch said to Caryn, "You better think of more constructive ways to let your boss know you are hungry for attention. You get caught running around on your boss again, and he brings you back to me? Sugartits, you aren't going to know what hit you."

Caryn nodded. "Yes, Master. I was a stupid runaround whore because I didn't talk to my boss first about what my runaround pussy wanted. I'm a stupid bitch."

Okay, so that was a little thick, but I appreciated that Caryn was trying to mend fences with me. Nice touch.

Dutch stood up and all three of us walked back to the sex bed. Dutch stood around one corner of the bed and I stood by the side. That way we could put Caryn on her hands and knees on the corner of mattress between us while we stood in front and back of her.

We both double-teamed her again, only this time pounding her pussy and mouth instead of her ass. Acting, schmacting. Caryn was totally into it. Her pussy was a fountain of slippery slut juice. She grunted on the fuckstroke and moaned against her suckstroke.

Dutch trained her to pivot on her right knee and spin counter-clockwise. Instead of Caryn staying put and both of us trading mouth for pussy or pussy for mouth, Dutch smacked her ass and barked "Switch!" And Caryn twirled around on one knee and went right back to sucking Dutch while I slid my cock into her well-fucked and stretched twat. After a few minutes I slapped Caryn's ass and said "Switch!" And it went back and forth.

Caryn came first on Dutch's steady bitchfucking. Her pussy made a respectable ejaculation. We didn't let her rest.

Caryn also came second, this time on my deep bitchfuck pounding. Again, a little quake. A little spray. We put her right back to work.

Caryn and I came next almost simultaneously while she was sucking me hard and Dutch was pounding her cunt. It was an ear-spinner for both of us.

I sat in the voyeur chair while Dutch ordered Caryn's knees on the floor and he walked his cock into her waiting mouth. Minutes later he finally let loose with his third orgasm of the night.

Before he squirted, Dutch stepped back half a step and said, "On your tongue. I want to see every sperm on that tongue before it goes down your throat."

Then the jets of white fired onto Caryn's outstretched, waiting tongue and she made a big show of keeping the sperm on her tongue for a long time before she finally had to start gulping it down. She moaned playfully and kept her eyes locked on Dutch's eyes. There were plenty of extra cum splashes on Caryn's face and chin and she pulled them slowly to her lips with her index finger. She moaned and snaked a hungry pink tongue tip into the white droplets, slowly rotating the tip of her finger to deposit every single sperm onto her taste buds. Then Caryn's tongue reeled Dutch's come behind swollen lips, lips that closed to seal Dutch's essence into a hungry swallow.

It was come-play right out of a porn movie. Caryn missed her calling.

Dutch looked at his watch. This prompted me to look at my watch. It was a little after three in the morning. Caryn had been Dutch's sex slave for almost nine hours.

"Alright," Dutch sighed. "That's a night, kids. Shake my hand and take your bitch back." Dutch extended his hand.

I didn't shake it. "You sure? You want to keep her overnight?" I asked.

"Naw. We just spent all evening clearing out the secret shit between the two of you. Last thing you need is to put more 'What ifs' back between your ears. C'mon." Dutch lifted his hand again and I shook it.

I told Caryn to get dressed. Dutch went to pee. I pulled my clothes on as well.

I had Caryn kiss Dutch goodbye and she did. Warmly.

Caryn took the loud walk of shame across the hotel lobby to the delight of the smirking concierge. "I've gotta take these heels off," Caryn complained. "They are killing my ripped ass when I walk."

"Keep 'em on, bitch," I mumbled to her. "Serves you right."

Our hands came together and locked tight for the first time in forever.

Chapter 28 -Sharin' Caryn

This is a Fast Forward.

- Caryn and I managed to heal up our infidelity issues and move on with our life. I finally fell in love with my wife. In many respects we were still mismatched. She watched too much TV and lived her life around the fortunes of sitcom characters. I read a lot of books on chemical engineering and went back to college at nights to pick up some chemistry basics. But... yaknow... love is funny. After her ordeal with Dutch I felt Caryn's loyalty as viscerally as I could feel my own foot. I needed loyalty. I got loyalty.

- Dani grew.

- Caryn's asshole took a lot longer to heal than our marriage. Just when it would finally stop bleeding when she pooped and we thought Dutch's calling card was in the past, it would rip out again. After six months I made her go to a doctor and she ended up getting a couple of stitches in her pooper. That fixed her ripped ass once and for all. It also embarrassed the hell out of her, which was great.

- Dani grew.

- Caryn's depression issues faded. She got better. We got better. I got raises at work. Caryn got raises at work. We scraped together the down payment on a starter home.

- My girlfriend Amber graduated and left town for a TV station job in San Diego. I hate to admit it, but my marriage improved when I stopped fucking my part-time pussy.

- Dani grew.

- My lawyer sent a letter to Maxine. Eight months later we received a reply back from somebody's lawyer that said -- essentially -- "Thanks for acknowledging your paternity. We don't really want to deal with you right now, but we reserve the right to fuck with you in the future." Fine by me. Every month that went by without me cutting a custody check was a gift.

- Dani grew.

- Sex with Caryn was good. Great even. I kept up all my Dom duties, including making her kneel and beg to come to my bed and night and asking permission to leave my bed in the morning. But after the big high of her affair and the episode with Master Dutch, regular old nasty married sex seemed kind of anti-climatic, if you'll pardon the pun.

- Before Dani turned five, we bought our first house. Dutch brought us some champagne and walked the "Ten Step Tour." You could see every room in the whole house in ten steps. (An exaggeration, but not much of one.) Caryn ended up on her knees between us again, sucking us both as we sat on our couch. I creamed my load in Caryn's mouth. Dutch asked me if he could fuck Caryn and I let him. He slutfucked her missionary, again on the living room couch. Caryn came and Dutch spermed her twat. It was a damn good time. Caryn walked around the house humming for two days afterwards.

For weeks after Dutch's encore, Caryn and I had bedtalk almost exclusively focused on her talking about what a good fuck Dutch was. I wanted her to make me jealous. It sparked my animal brain into another gear and I deep-dicked Caryn in an homage to my constantly-horny teenage self. Caryn liked the game, and she liked the pounding her pussy took when we were playing it.

One evening after Dani was put to bed, Caryn came to me while I was working a circuit board project at my workbench in the basement and she asked if we could talk.

"Shoot," I said.

"No, I mean talk talk. Upstairs. Official husband and wife talk."

I asked if something was wrong. She assured me it was not. I unplugged my soldering iron and followed her upstairs to the kitchen table.

"I don't want to make you mad. I'm just trying to communicate with you," Caryn said. She rubbed the back of my hand on the table. "I'm trying not to have a fight."

"Uh, I have no idea where you are going with this."

"I know. This is hard to say. I... Well... You know when Dutch was over last week?"

"Of course?"

"Skip, how do I say this?"

"You don't want to be whored out to my friends any more," I answered flatly.

Caryn looked at me and smiled. "No, Skip, I'm trying to say the exact opposite."

"You want to fuck Dutch more?"

"Well, yes and no. Dutch is great... Well, aside from ripping my asshole in half and tying me into a pretzel for four hours--"

"Two hours," I corrected.

"Too many hours," Caryn continued, "Aside from that, being the party favor for you two is a lot of fun. A lot of fun. When you two put me on the bed that time and you were spinning me between sucking and fucking your cocks? Remember that?"


"Do you have any idea how many times I masturbated to that memory? Hundreds of times. That was like the best sex of my entire life. And it wasn't really about Dutch, so much as it was being under the command of two really strong guys at the same time. Skip, that night was awesome. My ego was the size of the Goodyear blimp when you two were fucking me senseless. It's just so much goddamn fun to get fucked while I'm sucking a hard cock."

I said nothing. I tried to process what she was saying.

Caryn continued, "When Dutch was here last week, it really sparked my sex ego all over again. It brought it all back. I've had a wet pussy almost constantly since then."

Caryn took a deep breath. "Look, there's this salesman from Cisco, one of our wholesalers for Campus Food Services, and he's cute as fuck. He's been eyeing me and flirting with me for the last year. And yesterday... Don't get mad, Dutch, hear me out... Yesterday I had this thought of Wow. I could totally fuck that guy and it might mean that I get to be a bitch sandwich for hubs and Dutch one more time.' "

"Uh oh," I grimaced.

"No," Caryn smiled. "No, Mr. Suspicious. I didn't DO it. I just thought about it. And then I thought... Why the fuck do I have to put my marriage in jeopardy when maybe all I really need to do is talk to my husband about maybe having another guy with us once in a while. Maybe not Dutch specifically. Dutch is fine, but there's nothing really special about Dutch besides the fact that he's familiar and that big cockhead of his rubs the slut-button in the top of my pussy."

"You want to be a swinger? You want to swap?"

Caryn hedged. "Ehhhnnn... I don't know so much about swap.' I want you to be part of anything. I want you there. The thought of being given to a stranger or another couple without you being there scares the shit out of me. Swinger? I guess. I guess that's what I'm thinking. I just thought of it more as an adventure."

"If you get two dicks, then I get two pussies," I said.

Caryn laughed. "Uh, yeah! You never needed my okay for that before didja?"

"I mean at the same time. You and another girl at the same time."

"I know what you mean, Skip." Caryn sighed. "Fine, bring her over. I'll try not to be insanely jealous as long as she's not a bitch to me. Hell, I'm surprised you never brought us together before to punish me or something."

Took me that long to figure out that Caryn thought I meant sexing Amber and her at the same time.

I laughed hard. "No! Jesus! She's been gone forever. Years!" I lied.


"She moved to the West Coast years ago!"

"Oh," said Caryn flatly. "Well then who are you talking about?"

"I don't fucking know," I laughed. "Just somebody. You get a boy, I get a girl. Why? Who are YOU talking about? Mr. Cisco?"

Caryn smiled. "No. Trust me, I fantasized about you two while I was in the shower just this morning, but I know better than to shit where I eat. Nobody from my work."

"Then who are you thinking about?"

"Hell, I don't know, Skip! Isn't that something you can handle? You didn't have any problem rounding up a tag team before. Put a personal ad in the paper? Maybe you know somebody else? Hell, I dunno how this works. You know what I like in a man. How I like to be fucked. How I loved to be owned."

I nodded. I knew what she liked.

God. All that fucking honesty. It was great. I was a lucky guy.

They say that "swinging" or "the lifestyle" will end a bad marriage and strengthen a good marriage. I guess that's true.

In the three years between when Dani started kindergarten and just after she turned eight, I set Caryn up with four different guys. It was a college town. Finding young horny dudes who wanted to fuck a hot 25 year old submissive knockout was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Those adventures with Caryn and her boys are fodder for a another series of true jerk stories. I won't go into details in this one. We lucked into four really cool guys. Never had a creep or a crazy. We usually had three or four "adventures" with each guy, but Caryn was really hot for one of the guys so we had six adventures with him before I cut her off.

Each guy spawned a hundred slutty bedtime sex sessions between just Caryn and I. It drove me to animal frenzy to hear her go on about the delicious taste of Trevor's come while I fucked her. Or have her purr around a slurpy blow job about how Christopher's cock seemed to curve "just the right way" to make her pussy cream so hard when it rubbed the slut spot in the deep, deep, very deep, back of her pussy.

Good times. Good times.

I never had my two girl adventure with Caryn though. Just never came together. We talked about it all the time. But all of Caryn's friends were work friends. You couldn't find a quality bitch for double-sucking in the Classifieds of the student newspaper. Hundreds of coed cuties were looking for their first lesbo experiment, but nobody looking to share a husband with a married hottie.

C'est la vie.

So... Finally... This brings us to Dani. My daughter. The girl I groomed into my sex toy.

There was actually some overlap in the timeline when Caryn was getting double-teamed by the local boys and when I started to groom Danielle in earnest, but the pedos are all chapter-skipping to get to this part so I tried to keep the pedo part of the story all together in one spot.

Here we go.

Chapter 29 - Grooming Dani Part One

Seems kind of pointless to describe Little Baby Girl Dani because she was such an anonymous little bologna loaf as a baby and her toddler years. But maybe you pedos care.

First off, when Danielle was lifted into my arms for the first time, I immediately thought she was albino and nobody else in the delivery was commenting on it. Her skin was SO pale. I asked a nurse and the nurse laughed and assured me that Danielle was not an albino.

"How can you be sure?" I asked. "Isn't there some kind of test you can run?"

All the nurses laughed. "Honey," the head nurse said. I don't need a test. I have eyes. So does your baby girl. She's got the prettiest green eyes I've seen in months. Albinos don't have pigment in their irises."

Yeah. I knew that.

It didn't help that Dani was born with light blond hair (and quite a bit of it). By the time she was two it had morphed into a solid brunette. Caryn said it was identical to my hair color, but I thought it was a little lighter than mine. By the time her hair fixed its dark color there was no doubt the little widow's peak in the middle of her forehead was there to stay. I have no idea where that recessive gene came from. No widow's peaks on either side of Dani's family, as far as we know. Thank God, Dani had her mom's button nose and perfectly shaped ears. She got my grey-green irises. Dani looked about as cute as a baby/toddler can look.

Widow's peaks can go either way on a girl, but it always accentuated Dani's heart-shaped face, especially as she got older. It can be very feminine on the right girl, ala Jen Tilly. It can also go terribly wrong ala Fran Drescher. Yicgh!

Caryn seemed to think the widow's peak was a curse. "It really limits the kinds of hair styles a girl can have," Caryn sighed over the bassinet. I thought Caryn was nuts. It wasn't like Dani had a Butch Patrick going. It was barely noticeable, I thought.

"So she can wax it," I offered.

Caryn looked at me like I was an idiot, "You can't wax a widow's peak, Skip."

No, you can't. But little did we know that cheap electrolysis was ten years away.

One thing that never changed was Danielle's creamy pale skin. It was flawless. Not a freckle. Not a mole. Not a blemish. A lot like Suzie Wagner's skin but much more chalky white. Suzie looked healthy. Dani had skin like a movie vampire. She looked anemic, but her blood tested perfectly normal. Against the dark brunette hair and her pretty face, the pale skin was striking. I'd seen it on the Serbian side of the women on my mother's side of the family.

It's never too early to start a girl on dance lessons, and we started Dani down that road not long after she was out of diapers.

One of the dumbest grooming mistakes a dad can make is starting sexually grooming his daughter too early. Grooming before a girl has developed her frontal lobe brain filter -- the part of the brain necessary to understand just a little bit of propriety -- is suicide.

If you lived in isolation, maybe, but if you aren't careful your girl will be at day care playing "mommy and daddy" with some friends and she'll tell her doll to "suck Daddy's cock!" In the matter-of-fact manner that will get Child Protective Services to your door in a hurry.

I tested Dani's ability to keep a secret with lots of mundane little tests, starting when she was about four.

"We're going to go get an ice cream, but you have to absolutely promise me that it stays between you and me. If you tell your mom, I'm going to get in a lot of trouble, so you can't say anything to anybody. Got it?"

"Got it, Daddy!"


It was just a simple cognitive test, and of course I didn't expect Dani to keep a secret at her young age. But when she spilled a secret I negatively reinforced the behavior the same way you train a puppy. Good old fashion shun. I'd turn my back and refuse to acknowledge Dani for a few hours. That shit was effective.

More often than not, I was the designated bather. Don't read too much into that. There's nothing inherently sexual about a five year old. Bathtime started out as nothing but bath time.

As I lathered up Dani's little frame with my huge hands, I purred out a steady stream of positive reinforcements.

"That's my good clean girl."

"There's Daddy's pretty girl."

"That's how my pretty girl gives herself up to her Daddy."

Notice lots of possessives mixed in with all that reinforcement? If you're going to own a woman or a girl, it starts with teaching them that they CAN be owned and they ARE owned.

After Dani tuned four, I started getting her used to minor penetrations. I soaped up my pinky and ordered her to stand in the tub, put her hands flat against the tiles, and bend her butt toward me. I started by gently tickling her bung hole with my sudsy finger until she squealed and jerked with tickle delight. I did that for several months. (Patience.) Then, after the tickling one night I said, "Hhew, girl! Your little pink ass is crusty. Daddy cannot have a nasty pink ass girl. You have to be squeaky clean for Daddy inside and out. Hold still. This is going to be a little uncomfortable."

I slid the tip of my pinky into the pink ring of Dani's ass. She didn't like it, but she took it with little back talk. Three reamings later and Dani began anticipating that particular climax of the bathing ritual. Lots of pained expressions, but never a peep of backtalk.

After I dried Dani off with a towel, I further groomed her with a slathering of baby oil all over her body. "Dry off soft," was the Marketing slogan of the day. My Engineer's mind suspected that baby oil didn't do a goddamn thing for the skin, but it was another grooming routine designed to keep barriers from getting a foothold. Another chance to get her used to my hands sliding all over her little body. Another chance to drill subliminal catechisms into her head.

"Whose hand is this?" I'd ask as I rubbed the baby oil into the webbing between Dani's tiny fingers.

"This is your hand, Daddy. This hand belongs to you." Dani had an adorably musical little girl voice. She got that from her mother too.

"Whose arm is this?" Rub rub rub.

"This is your arm, Daddy. This arm belongs to you."

The baby oil game dictated that if I used an adjective, Dani had to spit back the adjective in her answer.

"Whose pretty boobies are these?"

Dani would always fight the urge to laugh. "These are your pretty boobies, Daddy. These boobies belong to you."

"And whose pink nippy is this?"

"That's your pink nippy, Daddy. This nippy belongs to you."

"Oh yeah? Well what about this other pink nippy?"

"That's your pink nippy too, Daddy. That nippy belongs to you."

"Whose sweet little tickle-kitty is this?" I'd ask, pulling a freshly lubricated finger through the cleft of her little pussy.

"This is your sweet little tickle-kitty, Daddy!" As groomed as Dani was, she still had enough repression in her to giggle like she knew I was making a dirty joke. "This kitty belongs to you."

There was one exception to the "This Belongs to Daddy" catechism. Dani's ass was always the last item inventoried. I didn't want Dani talking like a longshoreman at her day care or around her friends. We used lots of euphemisms like "boobies" And "nippies" And "kitty." But...

"Whose ass is this?" I asked.

"It's my ass, Daddy. But my ass belongs to you." Dani couldn't help but giggle in antipation of what came next.

"Well..." I'd always say the same way, "then get your ass to bed!" Tickles. Squeals.

Without drilling too deep into psychological rationalizations, her body belonged to me because I was her owner. I was her Dom. The fact that her ass was the one thing belonged to her was a little nod to Dani's sense of personal responsibility. Her ass was on the line for what she did with my body. Dani's ass was going to take the spanking for the cookie "Daddy's hands" snuck past "Daddy's kissy-lips" without parental permission.

Plus, yaknow, "my ass" just doesn't work for a host of rhetorical reasons.

"Dani, get my ass down here and empty the dishwasher!" Uh, no. Doesn't work.

Dani wasn't allowed to wear underwear after he bath. She wore over-sized night shirts that ended high on the thighs. My directive to Caryn was that I should always be able to see Dani's pussy if she were to clap her hands over her head.

The same rule applied to Caryn. By nine o'clock at night she was ordered to be in a similar short night shirt with no panties or bra. Every night shirt had to pass the "clap test." And trust me, I tested every one.

I told Dani that it was important for a girl to get plenty of air to her Daddy's kitty in order to keep it healthy. She bought it. Again, it was one of those Dom things that "moved the line" that would normally be a crossed line. I could pull the plug on Dani's grooming at any time and she would still grow up to think "Wow, well Dad sure was fixated on hygiene, wasn't he?" That was my litmus test. "Can I do THIS and still have my adult daughter look back and think it wasn't sexual abuse?"

When the answer to that question was an absolute "No," then I would know I had crossed the line for good. Hell, I knew it was only a matter of time, but I wanted Dani much more developed into a pre-teen before I crossed it. I didn't want her to be frightened, broken, little molested cum cup who couldn't function in normal life. I wanted a confident little slut. I wanted Dani to be a little Suzie Wagner for her own Daddy.

I was popping no boners while I rubbed baby oil over Dani's little girl ass and little girl pussy. It was all groundwork for more perverted things to come.

By (my) house rule, Dani was to sit on my lap for at least 15 minutes every night. She could do it while I watched television, which I rarely did. She could sit on my lap while we messed around on my state-of-the-art 286 computer (running the epic Windows 2.11 OS). She seemed to like that best. Television bored Dani as much as me, but she liked the power of learning a new computer technique, even if it wasn't one that a four year old needed to know.

By (my) house rule, I was the last person in Dani's bedroom every night. Easy guess as to why I wanted that rule in place. Caryn gave her kisses and hugs. Then Daddy entered the room and Caryn left without saying a single word more after I walked through the plane of the doorway. Caryn would literally stop mid-sentence if she was talking when I entered. (I made sure to time my entrance so this happened often.) It taught Dani that Daddy was the last word on matters of the house, and Mommy absolutely understood her place. Daddy was king.

Where normal kids might have a nightly prayer, I would sit in Dani's desk chair and say in a commanding Dad voice: "Recount your providence to me."

Dani had no idea what "recount" or "providence" meant. She just got down and kneelt in the floor in front of me, put her hands on her night shirt-covered knees, and recited the most important catechism I had taught her.

"I belong to YOU, Daddy. Heart and soul. Inside and out. From the tips of my hair to the soles of my feet, I belong to you."

(Yes, this was another small exception to the "Daddy-possessive pronoun" rule, but I liked the way it sounded. It was a pledge. It was the license she gave me to assume ownership for all the "Daddy's arms" And "Daddy's eyes" And "Daddy's boobies." )

After the Pledge of Providence, I waved her back up on the bed and we'd have normal bedtime chats about day care and dance class, or we'd read a book. Normal parenting.

I waited for Dani to tell me that she no longer wanted me in the bathroom when she was naked or bathing. THAT would be my cue. That's when little girls start developing a strong sense of propriety and the first blush of thinking of themselves as a sexual entity begins to take shape.

When a little girl asserts that she is old enough to bath by herself, THAT is the starting pistol for Phase Two.

It took a while. Dani didn't make a fuss about being too old to be soaped up by Daddy until she was seven.

Between ages five and seven, my grooming efforts focused on A.) The dominance of the alpha male and B.) Ritual and catechism.

I didn't spank Dani much before she started Kindergarten. Just a few times between the ages of three and a half and five, but just garden variety dadswats to her covered tush. Honestly, she was a remarkably obiedent and well-mannered kid.

By the time Danielle started Kindergarten, she had no problem keeping secrets. She also had a keen sense of situational appropriateness. She understood that there was a firewall between family business and school business. I was cautious about stress-testing Dani's secret-keeping abilities. A little at a time. I was in no hurry.

After Caryn and I had our first parent-teachers conference before Christmas of first grade (five and a half) I had a little fodder to escalate into a formal, male dominant disciplinary ritual.

I set up a proper chair in the carpeted area of the basement. After the Sun went down I summoned Caryn and Dani down to deal with me.

"Both of you," I said sternly. "Take off your clothes and toss them in the corner. All of them."

Dani looked at Caryn.

"You heard Daddy," Caryn said slowly. "Daddy is the boss. If he says 'do it' then you do it."

Caryn peeled off all her clothes quickly. She'd practiced the moves since she was not much older than Dani was. Dani seemed to take forever to finally shuck her little polka dot panties and kneel next to her mother in front of me. She was clearly overwhelmed by my solemnity and the escalation of my manufactured anger. Dani looked adorable, her dark hair spilling over her porcelain shoulders and her gray-green eyes huge with confusion.

"Mrs. Yelton says you have a problem socializing with other girls when you are supposed to be working on class projects," I glared at Dani.

Dani began to shake involuntarily.

"Well," I said. "Is this true?"

"N-no, Daddy."

"It's not true? Mrs. Yelton is a liar, is she?"

"Y-y-yes, Daddy."

"So when I go take you to see her tomorrow morning and I tell her that you say she's a liar, that's going to be your answer when we're all standing in the same room?" (Plagiarized from Caryn's dad, yes. As was a lot of what would happen in that basement.)

Dani's eyes rolled up, indicating she was calling on her active memory. Then they dipped down, indicating she was calling on her "creative" memory and about to tell a lie.

"D-Daddy, sometimes I talk to my friends, but not too much."

"Enough with your bullshit, young lady!" I boomed. "From now on, when you get a spanking, your mother gets a spanking too. And when your mom gets a spanking, you get the same spanking at the same time. As of tonight, your mom has been demoted. You're both equals to me. You are both my bitches. Your mom happens to be my Best Bitch, so she's the boss of you until you are Best Bitch. Do you understand?"

Dani had no idea what I was talking about. She looked dizzy.

"Caryn-bitch, do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," Answered Caryn. She'd been calling me Daddy in bed as well as around Dani for years by that point. One night she replaced "Yes Sir" with "Yes Daddy" And I liked it. It made the "you two are equals schtick" that much easier to implement if they both called me Daddy.

"Dani-bitch, do you understand?"

I'd never called Dani a bitch before. Her eyes started leaking instantly.

She nodded.

"Speak up, Dani-bitch. Answer me. You and Caryn-bitch are equals when you are being punished. No more Mommy and Little Girl. When I'm upset, you're both my bitches. You both belong to me. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"At least when you two are in trouble, and down here to make right with me, you're both my bitches. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"When we go back upstairs, you're still my bitch until we make up, and I decide if or when we make up. Got it?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Caryn-bitch, tell Dani-bitch what you think about getting spanked because she was a bad girl at school."

Caryn sighed. "Dani-bitch," Caryn paused to think of something semi-appropriate to say. "Dani-bitch, when you displease Daddy, it makes me sad. You should always be your best girl for Daddy so we don't get our asses spanked."

"Well said, Caryn-bitch," I nodded. "Now Dani-bitch, tell Caryn-bitch what you think about the spankings you both are going to get."

Dani really started crying at that point. She'd never seen me that cross before. "Mom I'm sorry."

"Nah-uh!" I wagged my finger. "No 'mom.' Call her by her bitch name. You both are getting spanked. You're both bitches. Address Caryn-bitch by her proper name and say it again."

Dani snuffed a bunch of snot and whispered, "Carynbitch, I'm so, so, sorry I was bad."

"That's better," I nodded. "Caryn-bitch. Get up and over my lap."

Caryn was ass-up under my right hand in seconds. I commenced a loud spanking. Loud. Not hard. It may have been the softest I'd ever spanked Caryn. I kept my hand cupped to make a lot of noise, but not transfer any energy. Caryn made a big show of howling like I was killing her. I wasn't entirely sure how Caryn was going to handle the cyclical return of her childhood incest before that moment. She put on quite a show, which made the look of horror on Dani's face even more pained.

As far as I was concerned, the night was a bullshit exercise in grooming, not punishment. The whole "talk in class" thing was trumped up, obviously. I didn't drag it out.

"Okay, Caryn-bitch, get back on your knees. Dani-bitch, get over my lap."

Dani was wailing with shame as she picked herself up off the carpet and shuffled over to my lap. I pulled her over my knee and went right to work. Ten of the lightest ass swats in the history of spanking. barely enough to leave handprints on Dani's bubble-butt. You couldn't tell it from Dani's shameful bawling.

I put Dani back in the floor.

"Goddammit, you bitches!" I growled. "All that naked girl ass made my dick hard." I pointed to the bulge in my slacks. "I won't abide a cock tease in my house. Which one of you bitches is going to suck the hard out of it?" I looked back and forth between them.

Caryn blinked. She had not been entirely certain the night was going THERE until I said "dick."

Caryn lifted her palm. "I will, Daddy. I'll suck you."

"You see that, Dani-bitch? Caryn-bitch is going to clean up after you again."

"I'm sorry!" Dani wailed.

"Caryn-bitch has to take even more punishment because of you."

Caryn said sweetly, "But I like to suck the hard out of your cock, Daddy. It's not punishment."

I stood up, unzipped, and aired out my stiff member. Dani looked positively dumbfounded. "That's why you are my Best Bitch," I said to Caryn. "Get busy."

I sat back down in my chair and Caryn immediately began schlurping schlong in front of her confused daughter.

"I don't even want to look at you," I growled cruelly to Dani. "Go stand in the corner. Put both your hands on your head. Keep 'em there."

Caryn on all fours sucking my cock loudly. Dani standing with her reddened ass pointed toward me and her pretty dark hair spilling down her back. Yeah, this was going to be a lot of fun.

I only held out about twenty minutes before the tingle waves started to get too high to wade any longer. I felt the tremor in my leg.

"Dani-bitch, get over here, now!" I barked. "On your knees. Closer. Closer. Now watch Caryn-bitch as my baby juice squirts out of my balls and goes in her mouth."

Dani had stopped crying. She now looked absolutely repulsed.

"Put your hand on my balls. I want you to feel the baby juice going out of my balls and into Caryn-bitch's mouth."

Dani slowly extended her hand like she was going to pet a snake. It was too slow. I passed the point of no return and started grunting. Caryn gulped loud. I grabbed Dani's hand and practically smashed it against my balls. Purely symbolic.

I finished twitching the last shots of come and I pushed Caryn's forehead until her mouth finally let loose of my overstimulated and spent prick.

"You're a good girl, Caryn-bitch," I sighed. I lifted Caryn's chin and leaned down to kiss her several times. "That's why you are my Best Bitch, Babydoll."

"Thank you, Daddy," Caryn smiled.

I ignored Dani.

"Caryn-bitch, get up on that bench and make up with me," I pointed to my padded weight lifting bench. Caryn and I had never done this ritual before, but you wouldn't have been able to tell if you were standing there. Caryn bounced over and went to hands and knees on the bench.

"Where did Daddy spank you?" I asked.

"You spanked me on my ass, Daddy," Caryn said.

"Show me."

"Here," Caryn pointed to one blushed ass cheek then switched hands. "And here." She pointed to the other ass cheek.

"First daddy kisses the spank," I said. I kissed all over Caryn's curvy ass cheeks.

"Then," I continued. "Daddy licks the spank and eases the pain away," I licked big laps all over Caryn's globes.

"Then Daddy loves on the spank and shows his good girl that he loves her." I nuzzled my cheeks warmly against Caryn's ass.

I stood. "Now, what did you get spanked with?"

"Your hand, Daddy." Caryn squeaked.

"Kiss the hand that spanked you," I demanded. I held my palm to Caryn's mouth and she started kissing away.

"Lick the hand that spanked you," I demanded. Caryn's tongue rolled out and danced over my fingertips.

"Love the hand that spanked you." Caryn nuzzled her face into my petting pats.

"Okay," I said. "You are reconciled with me, Caryn." Get your clothes and go upstairs.

"You," I turned on Dani. "You're still on my shitlist, bitch. Get upstairs and maybe we'll reconcile later. No no! Leave your clothes. You don't wear any clothes until you get off punishment. I don't care if you have to go to school naked all week. Don't let me catch you wearing so much as a sock."

Hard, humiliated tears jagged out onto Dani's cheeks again.

Like I said, it was an exercise in grooming. Moving "The Line" Again. I didn't expect or even want my five year old daughter to suck my cock. I just wanted her to see that Daddy had a no-nonsense side and Mom wasn't exempt from it either.

I waited about twenty minutes and went up into Dani's room. I went through the kiss-lick-nuzzle catechism on her creamy little butt. Then she did it back to my hand just like her mom did.

You, Dear Reader, you're thinking that whole "kiss-lick-nuzzle" where I spanked, with the girls doing it back on whatever I used to spank them with is bizarre, don't you? It sounds bizarre. But I knew that one day I'd be spanking Dani on her tits and pussy. How convenient that the make-up ritual would one day dictate that every body part that got spanked had to be kiss-licked-nuzzled in order to make peace and close out the punishment hostility. And if I spanked her with swats from my hard cock? Punishment cockswats to the face and pussy and tits? Yeah? Starting to understand? All groundwork grooming for adventures that were still years into the future.

The quickest way to train a puppy is to pair her with an old dog who knows the ropes. I learned that from both Suzie Wagner teaching Maxine and Caryn's stories about her mom teaching her how to sex her dad. Most of my grooming game was an extrapolation and slight modification on what Caryn's dad had done to her. He did the hard work. All I had to do was act something out on Caryn and it would start to seep into Dani's consciousness. All I had to do was invent a reason to get them both down in the basement for punishment every three or so months before the previous lesson faded from memory.

Like Caryn taught me: When you are a kid, after the third time it's not weird any more. It's just Daddy's way.


Late that night after the lights went out Caryn and I lay in bed I could tell she was restless.

"You need somethin', hon?" I asked the darkness.

"Can we talk?"

"We're talking."

"Skip, five years old is a little young, don't you think?"

"Too young for punishment or too young for sex?"

"Sex. She's plenty old enough for spanking."

"Did I sex my daughter?" I asked.

"I'm just saying, Skip."

"I'm not sure what you're saying at all, Caryn."

"I- I don't know. Just please be smart about it all. You're smart. I guess maybe I'm projecting too much of my dad onto you and that's not fair."

It was totally fair. I was following a big chunk of her dad's incest playbook.

"One more thing, Skip?" Caryn whispered. "Just a friendly tip?"


"Shave your junk."

"I do. I shave my balls. I trim."

"No. Shave it all. Bare. No hair at all. Pubes freak out little girls. Even a little bit of pube."

"Okay," I turned this over in my head, both her helpful "tip" And the deeper implication of what Caryn was saying.

We lapsed into a long, still silence. I was sure Caryn had fell asleep.


"Yeah Doll."

"There's something wrong with me."

"Your taste in pervy men?"

"Skip, when I saw all your game unfolding tonight, I wasn't surprised, but I was definitely perturbed. But I no more went to hands and knees in front of your hard cock when my pussy just started juicing. Running down the inside of my thigh like a faucet."

"Do tell," I mumbled.

"That was a new high point for humiliation. Having to suck you while my daughter watched me slurp and moan like a slut."

"You can't help that you're wired for humiliation, Caryn."

"Skip, will you please lick me? Please?"

Caryn humped her bare pussy against my thigh and I could feel the wet warm squish of pussy juice.

Fucking slut.

Chapter 30 - Grooming Dani Part Two

The next big page turn in my incest playbook happened when Dani complained about me bathing her.

She had just started Second Grade.

"Daddy, I can take baths all by myself," Dani pouted as I dipped the bar of Dove into the steamy tub water and worked up the first sudsy lather over her chest with my big hands.

"You sure about that?" I asked. I knew the day was coming, but I was still a little stunned.

"I'm sure, Daddy. I can bathe myself."

I rinsed and dried my hands. Without a word I walked out to the garage and grabbed a hammer and a nail set. I walked back into the Hallway bathroom where Dani was bathing and I popped the brass pins on all three hinges. I removed the bathroom door completely and carried it down into the storage area of the basement. Then I did the same to the door on Dani's room.

Dani sensed something was wrong. By the time I got both doors off and arrived back at the Hallway bathroom with a Scotch, a folding chair, and my new Spankin' Paddle, Dani was out of the tub and trying to get dry as quickly as she could. She'd already pulled the drain, but the water was still almost all in the tub. I reached over and closed the drain again.

"Get your ass back in that tub," I growled.

"Daddy I'm already dr--"

*C*R*A*C*K*! My new Spankin' Paddle made its first acquaintance with girly ass. The sound was exquisite. So was the high pitch "Yip" Dani made after it connected. Beautiful.

Here's the joke: The much vaulted and often ballyhooed Spankin' Paddle of family legend was a 99 cent paddleball paddle from Toys R Us. It had a blue inking of ol' Geoffrey the Giraffe on it. I just pulled out the staple that held he elastic band (and ball) and wrapped a couple of loops of black electrical tape around the handle part to make it look more menacing. Light as a feather. Made of some kind of thin birch/balsa plywood that was strong as hell, given the small surface area.

But Jesus Christ that thing hurt. It did. I whacked myself in the thigh a couple times to test it out. It sounded impressive and it did quite a bit of damage. If you can still find one, I recommend it highly.

Both Dani's little feet left the tile floor at the same time. She lost her grip on the towel and it dropped. Dani didn't cry beyond her startled "Yip!" She was in shock.

I was a ninja. My arm snaked around her other side and put a matching tag on her other ass cheek. The results were just as satisfying. Dani started crying, which made it even better. Both her hands were on respective ass cheeks like she was playing the final rounds of the Hokey-Pokey. Her little pussy slit was thrust out and her long wet dark hair made Rocharch flames on each side of her pale nipples. Her eyes were enormous.

Goddamn, that kid was gorgeous.

Most girls are cute toddlers, then morph into larval lumps through their preteen years. No problem. The longer a girl is larval, the better chance they'll pop into something amazing.

Then there are those girls. The girls in third grade that were already so pretty they made you dizzy.

Dani was one of those girls. She was really gorgeous in the face, even at a young age. She turned grown men's heads, and not just pervs like me. I kept her dark brown hair long and loose, which framed her pale skin even more dramatically and drew attention to her perfectly feminine facial features.

Unfortunately, Dani lost Caryn's button nose some time in her first few years. Not a honker. Straight and average, but no longer the little upturned wedge that I value on women.

Her feet were going to be bigger than Caryn's feet too, but at least they were perfectly proportioned with high insteps and little round toes.

I'm on record as saying I wanted a daughter with Suzie Wagner's slutty brain and Caryn's curvy, big-titted, short, compact body. By the time Dani was in second grade, it was obvious that I was not going to get the short-and-stacked body type I wanted out of Dani. She was shaping up to look more like a brunette Suzie Wagner, taller than average and thin and lanky.

But goddamn. That face of hers made up for it. Caryn was a brooder who could pull on a decent Southern smile when she needed one. Dani was just an out-and-out smiler. Radiant and bright. The kid smiled all the time. This made her pained, punishment face even more of a beautiful curiosity to me. I love it even more than her giggles.

"Get your ass back in that tub. NOW!" I said.

Dani's coltish legs hurdled the lip of the bathtub and splashed heavy. She quickly turned to protect her backside from another bite of the paddle. She stood with her butt pressed into the soap dish behind her, sizing up my anger, her big nervous eyes darting from my eyes to my shoulders, waiting to see if I was going to strike again.

I sat in the folding chair and took a long swig on my glass of Scotch.

"Now," I said calmly. "Soap up my tits."

Dani's fingers locked around the slippery bar of Dove behind her and she nervously ran a figure eight smear of white around her nipples.

"No," I said. "Lather 'em up. Make 'em bubble."

Dani wasn't sure how to proceed. She started to squat back into the tub water to wet the soap bar and I corrected her.

"Turn the shower head on. Stand up. No, not so strong. Just a mist. Yeah. Like that. Now soap my titties up."

Dani did. Her eyes stayed locked on mine, waiting for me to launch up at her.

"Turn around. All the way." I sipped my drink. "Now soap up that ass. Lemme see a finger go up that pink asshole. More. More. There you go. Daddy's going to start auditing your cleanliness. I'm going to stick my tongue in that ass and it better taste squeaky clean. If it tastes like shit, I'm going to show you something you won't forget. Got it?"

"Y-y-yes Daddy."

"Turn around."

Dani turned back to face me.


"Wha-- Daddy?"

"Dance, bitch. I'm paying for lessons, the least you can do is a little shower dance for your Daddy. Put on a show. Go."

Of course she was baffled. She had only taken ballet with a little tap. Neither of which was going to do her much good in a shower or standing shin-deep in tepid tub water.

"Move. Shake that ass. Play with your hair. Put on a show for me."

Dani began trying to slowly spin and sway, stepping right. Stepping left. A little sloshy shuffle one way and then the other. She spun. The more she tried to relax, the more she knew she was awkward and failing and the more humiliated she became to be dancing naked in an open shower while her dad leaned an elbow on the sink and pulled sips from a glass. She flushed. Her face was angry, but she was trying not to cry.

Oh God. I'd give anything to have that dance on video tape. Dani had been dommed before and she'd had her ass tested. But that was her first real humiliation. It was mesmerizing. I let it go on until tears started coming down heavier than the water.

I stood and folded my voyeur chair. "Turn it off. Dry off." I mumbled.

"Yes, Daddy," Dani said, angry and robotic.

"And then get your ass downstairs. I'll tell Caryn-bitch to meet you there."

In the periphery of my vision I saw Dani freeze. She whined out a long "Awwwwwwwnooooooooo, Dadd-deeeeeeeee!"

I smiled, tossed the Spankin' Paddle into a rotation, and caught it out of the air before whistling my way down the hall.

The first night of adding the Spankin' Paddle to the basement spanking ritual was a huge success. First I went through the regular lap spanking routine with my hand. The only variation was -- and this was a last second stroke of genius -- I spanked Caryn southpaw from the opposite side. Then I had them kneel doggy, shoulder to shoulder, while I stood behind them and whipped the Spankin' Paddle randomly between four rosey ass cheeks. Caryn fucking hated the paddle. She trashed really hard and screamed. Both she and Dani tried to crawl forward away from the blows when the paddle fixed on their respective upturned asses.

Note to self: I had to custom build a couple of spanking horses for my bitches; something I could strap their legs and arms into. Something where their asses would floating high in the air and I wouldn't have to bend over and chase them around like cats.

I was very turned on by all the ass smacking. I briefly considered starting to spank and paddle Caryn's tits and pussy too, but I didn't play that card just yet. First of all, that meant Dani would have to watch me reconcile by sucking Caryn's tits and licking her pussy. We were close, but Dani wasn't ready for that. Second, the paddle was "new enough" for one punishment session. Small steps. Move "The Line" In small increments.

Both of the bitches were bawling hard when I finished paddling their asses. It wasn't unusual for Caryn to cry after a spanking, but not like that. She could internalize a lot of pain. That paddle unraveled her.

My cock was about to rip out of my slacks.

I recited my lines. "Bitches, All that wiggling ass made my dick hard. I won't abide a cock tease in my house. Which one of you bitches is going to suck the hard out of me?"

For the first time in the nine times that I'd said those words, there came no response. Caryn always volunteered to suck my cock. That time she did not. Caryn stared at my knees and fumed anger as the last streams of pain tears dripped off the sides of her chin and into the basement carpet.

"Bitches?" I said. "Bitches, one of you better answer me, or you'll both suck a load of my come."

Another awkward pause ensued. Finally Caryn spoke, practically spitting the words between her clenched teeth. "I'll suck your cock, Daddy." The words were pure venom.

I stood and shucked my pants and underwear to give my trapped and aching prick some relief and room to twitch.

"Very well," I said. "Caryn-bitch, get over here and suck my cock. Dani-bitch, kneel there and rub Daddy's balls and warm his come before it goes down Caryn-bitch's throat."

Not counting the first spanking ritual where I pushed Dani's hand into my balls after I was already pumping sperm, Dani reached up and started massaging my sack for exactly the eighth time. She always did it the same; Dani pressed a few fingers flat against the front of my bag and made pathetic little circles with the last extension of her digits, as if she was trying to make as little contact as possible with my nuts. Nutjob Number Eight was totally different. While Caryn latched a hot, wet suck on my dick in a dutiful, submissive mouth piston, Dani's fingers pressed into the front of my sack. Then they separated. Dani's fingertips bent into four claws and she began pulling the remnants of her over-chewed, stubby fingernails down the front and around the bottom of my shaved bag.

Dani was working me for pleasure. On her own (Well, yaknow... mostly, given the circumstances) she scratched the sides. She scratched the back side of my balls, shooting a hard shiver through my asshole and up through my shoulders and forearms.

Dani's expression (eight times blank and bored) now turned curious. Once she made me shiver, she tried again to hit the same spot on the backside of my scrotum and succeeded. Her eyebrows arched a little and it was obvious she was suddenly interested in the basic mechanics of Daddy's pleasure spots.

I didn't make it five minutes before my nerves broiled over like spaghetti water onto the burner. I wrenched and flexed. Caryn got a mouthful of sticky hot jets. It was a great come. I can still remember it. I wish I'd videotaped that one too. It was a watershed turning point.

Using Caryn's incest map, I had planned to start Dani on her first cock suck sometime between eight and a half and nine. Based on Seven year-old Dani's expression as she fondled my balls, that train was running right on schedule.

As per ritual, I put them both on the padded bench individually and kissed their crimson ass globes. Dani's red ass always seemed to glow brighter because of the contrast with her pale skin. Each of them flinched when I licked their ass cheeks. The wet roughness of my tongue felt like a burning. I nuzzled ("loved") all four ass cheeks, making sure to rub my five o'clock shadow whiskers against their most inflamed spots until they squealed.

Instead of reconciling with them individually, I waited until I was done and then sat back in my chair. "Get over here, bitches," I said. Caryn crawled up on my left side and Dani on my right.

"Bitches, both of you answer me at the same time. What did you get spanked with?"

"Your hand, Daddy." Perfect unison. Damn near a harmony.

"Kiss the hands that spanked you, bitches." I demanded. For the first time I held out I held BOTH my palms up at the same time. (Remember spanking Caryn with my left hand?) Two sets of lips began smooching at each of my palms. Kisses in stereo. What a mind trip.

"Lick the hand that spanked you, bitches!" I demanded. Two sets of lips transformed into two hot wet tongues and began painting my palms and fingers. Bliss.

"Love the hand that spanked you, bitches" Both girls nuzzled against my hand. Dani meant it. Caryn was going through the paces.

"That's lovely," I said, reluctantly pulling my hands back. "Now what else did you two bitches get spanked with?"

This time it wasn't in unison, but they both said, "The paddle, Daddy," In a halting overlap.

I always thought that having them kiss and lick a piece of wood would be a stupid placeholder, a temporary perfunctory ritual until they were both kissing and licking my cock after I cockswatted their faces, tits, and pussys. But I held the paddle perpedicular to the floor between the girls, right at my cock level. "Kiss the paddle that spanked you," I said.

They did. It was sexy as fucking hell. There was 3/8th of an inch of plywood curtain between mother kissing daughter. The paddle was a placeholder, alright. I was a placeholder for the day when they'd both be on their hands and knees kissing each side of my cock.

"Lick the paddle that spanked you," I boomed. They did. I could already envision my cock where the paddle was, getting laps from both my bitches at once. My spent cock got a little thicker.

I had them both Nuzzle/Love on the paddle at the same time. Not as much fun as watching them tag team a wooden phallus, but still pretty cool.

"Alright, before I let you go, we need to clear up a few housekeeping items. First of all, Danielle-bitch, you don't EVER tell me what I can or can't do to that little bitch body that I own, are we clear?"

"Yesdaddy." Whisper.

"I may or may not bathe you. I may or may not come watch when you bathe yourself. And if I miss bathtime, then after bathtime you wait in your room for exactly ten minutes. If I don't come for inspection, then go ahead and put on your nightshirt. Otherwise, you wait at least ten minutes for Daddy to come inspect his bitch before you cover what belongs to me. You got it?"


"And you, Caryn-bitch. Dani-bitch's hands look like feet. She needs some nails. I'm putting you in charge of making sure Dani-bitch grows some pretty fingernails."

Caryn nodded. "Yes, Daddy."

"Alright, Dani-bitch, you and I are reconciled." I bent down and kissed her on the lips. "You're my good girl. I love you." I kissed her again. My cock was half way back to erect. "Now skeedaddle. Caryn-bitch and I need to talk a little about her attitude."

"Yes Daddy." Dani was a red and white streak, swooshing up the stairs.

Caryn and I stared at each other for a long time, me in my chair, her on her knees.

"Daddy, that paddle hurts like hell," Caryn huffed defensively. "It hurts worse than a cane."

I nodded. I smiled.

The smile chilled Caryn. "I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry, Daddy. Can I please make right with you?" Caryn said "please" more like she was annoyed and not like she was submissive.

I'd had the eye bolt mounted into the floor joists above us for almost a year. Finally I had a crime worthy of the punishment.

I'd practiced on my own the bondage knots Dutch had performed years before. It was showtime. I didn't have a ring gag, so Caryn got a bright red ball gag. I tied each of her wrists to the opposite elbow. I bound her ankles. I laid Caryn across the padded bench, tits-down. I locked her big toes together with a thin twine.

Fuck. That pony-tail noose knot was way harder than it looked. I'd practiced the knot, but Caryn's hair was so damn silky it was like trying to lasso snot. The noose knot kept slipping. I kept retying it. It kept slipping. I pulled a small radiator clamp off my work bench and screwed it down over the ponytail knot, finally clamping the fucker in place. I pulled Caryn into a reverse backbend through the eyebolt.

Caryn was finally back in Dutch's stress position, only this time she had to keep her left-right balance on the padded bench as well. If she slid off one side of the bench while she was struggling, she was fucked. I wasn't sure if her hair would pull out of her skull before her back broke.

I admired my work as Caryn began to grunt in pain.

Ehn. It didn't look right. The metal clamp on her hair cut into the optics. I'm sure Caryn couldn't tell a difference, but I could. It looked like an amateur job.

I turned the lights off on Caryn and went upstairs to Dani's room by way of my bathroom closet. I grabbed a bottle of strawberry-flavored lubricant oil. I was still wearing only my oxford. My cock was slapping back and forth against my thighs, spitting strings of cold after-come that didn't have enough sperm in them to keep them from rolling right down past my knees.

I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do when I got to Dani's room.

She was kneeling on her bed in her nightshirt when I walked through the doorless entry of her room. "Off," I made a lifting motion with my hand.

Dani nervously pulled the shirt over her head.

"Bitch up," I said.

"Toward you or away?" Dani asked quietly.

"Away. Ass to me."

Dani went to all fours.

"Elbows," I said.

Dani's hands went forward and she held her face off the mattress by her elbows, pointing her ass even more prominently in the air.

"Get those knees apart," I grumbled.

Dani pushed her legs further apart and her pussy mound pulled apart to expose a bright pink fuckmeat slit below her red ass cheeks.

I remember that moment clearly. My cock went full-on. That was the first time I actually wanted to fuck my daughter. That was the first time I weighed how easy it would be to just squirt that strawberry flavored oil on my cock and push on forward into Dani's upturned pussy. She was still a girl. She had no sexual characteristics besides a round ass and a pretty face. And I wanted her. I wanted her bad.

I put a big dollop of an oil bead on my finger and circled Dani's little pink ass ring. I was trying to get a tickle response from her, but she was learning submissive stoicism. She fought it. I poured more slippery on my finger and speared it through the tight lock of Dani's asshole. I had always just put a finger tip in the hole before. That time I stuck half a digit in her hot little ass. Dani's head snapped back on her neck and she grunted like an animal.

I corkscrewed my finger in-and-out, left-to-right to make Dani grunt harder and thrash.

I did not remove my finger from Dani's asshole before ordering her on her back. I kept her skewered on my fat finger as she dropped and threw one dancer's leg over to twist into a missionary position.

With my free hand I flipped open the top of the lubricant bottle with a thumbnail. I dribbled out two kisses of strawberry lube on each of Dani's flat, pale nipples. She had the bright pink pussy, but still didn't have the electric nips.

I closed the top of the bottle and used my free hand to rub the strawberry oil in circles around each nip. I could tell from Dani's expression that she was still more frightened than anything. She was thinking that our reconciliation downstairs didn't stick. Her eyes also kept shooting worried glances at the hard prick dancing over her stomach.

I flipped the oil bottle open one-handed again. I put a sloppy wet squirt of cold oil into the cleft of Dani's pussy and closed the bottle again. Still reaming her ass with my slippery right index finger, I started sloshing the strawberry oil into Dani's pussy with my left thumb. It was as sexually aggressive as I'd ever been with Dani. I was still considering pushing my cock into that little pussy or at least putting her on her knees to suck me.

Dani had a little hint of clitty pushing back at my thumb. Her chin twitched every time my slippery thumbprint rubbed past it.

It was a moment of truth.

I didn't do it.

"Tomorrow morning, I'm going to check my titties and this pussy that belongs to me. They both better still taste like this." I pulled my thumb out of Dani's sloppy pussy and pushed it against her lips. She opened her mouth hesitantly to lick my thumb and I jammed the whole thumb deep in her mouth. Her lips instinctively closed around my thumb. Sucking was instinctive. She sucked the strawberry oil flavored with her pussy off my thumb.

I pulled my finger out of her ass and kissed her good night. That was an exceptionally lippy kiss on my behalf. I was still thinking about what it would be like to have Dani's pretty face wrapped around my big dick head. I was still thinking I might rape her while her mother grunted and struggled against her stress bondage below us.

Sigh. I didn't do it. It was close, but I didn't do it.

I had to put my dick somewhere hot and wet, though. I planned to leave Caryn in bondage for three or four hours, but I was so damn needy and horny. I went back downstairs with the intent of pulling the ball gag out of Caryn's mouth and throat fucking her face for a while to hold me over.

By the time I got back downstairs the hair knot had slipped off completely and Caryn was laying prone on the padded bench.



I thought about beating her ass again for "escaping," but that was a load of bullshit. Even too big a load for me. I untied her, pulled off the gag, and bitchfucked my come into her fuckhole hard and fast while her fingers tried to grip around the padded bench under her.

That night, I didn't let Caryn into my bed. Just on principal. Just to be a dick. When she asked permission to enter my bed as she did every night, I refused her and made her sleep on the floor.

I had just started to drift off when a Southern lilt from the end of the bed whispered "Daddy?"

"What now, bitch?"

"I just need to know. That thing about Dani's fingernails? Are you serious about wanting her to have long fingernails?"

"Uh, as opposed to?" I mumbled.

"As opposed to just having a reason to beat our asses all the time? Do you really want her to have pretty fingernails? Or do you really want to beat our asses?"

I actually had to think about this. "Fingernails," I said.

"Okay," Caryn said. "Because that's going to cost some money."

"No plastic nails," I grumbled. "You know I hate those. Artificial nails are too thick. They don't scratch like real nails."

"No, not tips. Prenatal vitamins."

"Like I fucking care. Get some damn vitamins if you think that will help."

"You'll care. Prenatal vitamin packs cost like two dollars per day. They are sixty bucks for a one month box."

"Oh," I said, doing the math. "Almost seven hundred dollars per year for fingernails?"

"Fourteen hundred. If Dani's getting prenatal vitapaks, I'm getting them too. No way she's having better nails and hair than I do."

"Hair? Wha?"

"Never mind. Do you want to pay for long, real fingernails for both of us, or do you just want to beat our asses?"

"Both," I mumbled. "Buy the vitamins and let me get some sleep."

"One more thing."

"Aw, shut the fuck up and go to sleep already."

"You can't keep rubbing baby oil all over her after every bath."

"I can do whatever I want with my daughter."

"She's going to have skin like a fucking pepperoni pizza if you keep that up, Sk-- Uh, Daddy. She already has blackheads the size of M&Ms. There are real medicated lotions she needs for her skin, lotions that will do something besides make her smell like a diaper. She needs walnut scrubs for her feet and heels. You hate stained bottoms of feet on a girl, right? She needs to start protecting her lips with a balm. She's going to be a skin cancer magnet with that Casper hide of hers, so she needs some kind of makeup with an SPF built in. I know it's too early for her to be wearing makeup, but she's a melanoma magnet. And let's face it, she too young for a lot of things, but she's dealing with them anyway."

I hadn't thought about it before, but Caryn was probably right. She knew more about girl maintenance than I did.

"Okay," I said. Maybe I should have beat Caryn's ass for being sassy, but I was tired and spent from two hard sex sessions.


"Go to sleep, bitch!"

"Daddy, can I suck your cock?"

"No. I've got nothing left."

"Please Daddy?"

"Go to sleep, bitch."

"Please? I'll suck you dry and go right back in the floor?"

There was something about that submissive line that sent the first tingle down my cock.

I let Caryn on the bed to suck me one more time.

She didn't go back in the floor. I was out like a light after I came a third time. I didn't care.

I still had not recovered the next morning. All the sex hormones had been drained from my body. Dani was dressing for school when I shuffled through her doorless doorway.

"Did you think I was kidding? Get your clothes off my body." I said, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

Dani stripped to skin quickly. I had her lay on her back, sideways across the bed. I kissed her on the lips lightly. I licked and sucked each of her barely-existent nipples for the first time, but only for seconds each. I wasn't horny. I was merely making good on a threat. Yes, I could still taste strawberry.

I pushed her knees back and dropped my tongue into the pink folds of her pussy for the first time. Again, I should have enjoyed it more, but I didn't have two sperms left in my 'nads to rub together. I made a point of dragging five or six tongue swipes past Dani's little clit bud, but she didn't flinch or do anything but lay there and look away into the distance. That wasn't very sexy either. Her ass only had little purple freckles to show she had been recently paddled. I pushed her knees back into her chest and kissed each ass bruise. I dropped her legs and kissed her lips.

"Good girl," I mumbled. "Now get ready for school."

That was as seething mad as I had ever seen Dani to that point. She was as mad as her mother had been the night before. Her face was bright red and angry tears welled up in her eyes as she pulled on her panties quickly and with much exaggeration. Two humiliations, back-to-back, and Dani was not taking it well. I was pushing "The Line" too far, too fast.

I didn't back down. I doubled-down. I said, "Remember, wait ten minutes after your shower tonight before you put on your clothes, doll. We'll do it all over again tonight and tomorrow." I stumbled into the kitchen to get coffee.

So... Apparently I'd crossed "The Line."

Too bad. Where's the creamer?

Chapter 31 - Grooming Dani Part Three

The Spankin' Paddle and one half-hearted pedo nipple sucking and pussy licking was the big turn at age seven.

Sounds hot and heavy, but really it was kinda tame.

It took me two days to come to terms with the fact that I was wrong to have pushed Dani so fast. There's a difference between a punishment Dom and a sex Dom, even as hard as I was trying to blur that line.

Humiliation is the bitter sister of Shame. Dani's first blush of sexual awakening had awakened her deeper sense of shame.

I didn't put my mouth back on Dani's naughty parts for a long time.

I did paint her nips and pussy with the strawberry oil a couple times a week, as well as reaming her asshole with my finger. I have no idea where the asshole thing came from, or how it picked up steam over the years. I assfucked Caryn exactly four times during our eleven year marriage. That's Dutch plus three. Sticking my finger in Dani's ass was just supposed to be breaking down barriers to penetration. Classic grooming. Little did I expect Dani to grow to like it and get fixated on it.

Again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Age Seven was the Spankin' Paddle.

After my botched attempt to tie Caryn into Dutch's signature stress position, I knew I needed to rethink my "Big Punishment" options. I needed something passive, something where the punishment went on even after I left the room. I needed something that made a psychological impact (i.e. More fear the second I threatened with it than the first time they actually experienced it). I needed something that created a lot of slow pain suffering without long term bruises and tissue damage.

That's when I remembered reading a classic old mdom stepdad story about the guy who built a "doghouse." It was like the shingled, gabled, pointy roof of a "Snoopy" Doghouse. The stepdad set his bitches straddling atop the point of the roof with nothing between their bare twat and the pointed top covered in asphalt shingles. The bitches' own body weight pushed their pink parts down and rubbed their pussy and asshole raw against the rough point of the roof taking their weight. The bitches had to keep their weight off their pussies by riding the roof with the inside of their knees and thighs... until their thighs gave out and they had to take the pain right on their pinkems.

My first thought was, "That can't possibly be a real BDSM punishment." Google, google, google. Holy shit, it is! I found a Hogtied video with a couple of girls tied into a straddle atop a doghouse facing each other.

Looked painful. Looked like a slow, building pain. Looked hard to fuck up and free of any specialty knot-tying requirement. Perfect.

Not long after my first tongue-rape of my daughter's pussy, things were going really well for me at work. We moved to a brand new house. It predated the word McMansion, but that's pretty much exactly what it was. A new tract of upscale suburbia built on farmland, still within Dani's school district boundaries. We had two extra rooms we didn't know what to do with, even after I claimed the third floor loft as my office.

I paid a little extra for the full ten foot deep basement. Okay, a lot extra. A BDSM dungeon needs a high ceiling, even if your bitches are short. I also had an extra little six foot by eleven foot room poured into the foundation, sticking out below the workshop area of the garage like a flag. I had a flange run for a toilet and a trap for a sink tied into the stack. From the blueprints it looked like a custom room added to the foundation for a bathroom. As I drywalled off the rest of the basement, I put the old rolling bookcase fake wall in front of this closet.

I know that sounds far-fetched for a *cough*nottrue*cough* story. I figured one day I would make it into a real bathroom, but for the short term, it made a cool little secret storage area that no one knew about. I didn't even show it to Caryn, even though it was cool and I did a really good job on the fake wall. Bitches don't spend any time below the waterline in an unfinished basement. The laundry room was off the ground floor kitchen. I doubt Caryn even knew the secret closet existed. She saw the space a couple of times, and then the drywall was up and she likely forgot it ever existed at all.

The point? The point is that I kept the spanking horses and the two-girl doghouse I built in that storage area. A couple chapters later, that fake bookcase wall and the hidden storage area keep me out of jail.

I tested the doghouse out, putting Caryn on it for a few hours with her hands tied behind her back. The roofing shingles made too round of a top on the point of the doghouse, so I replaced them with a big industrial sheet of sandpaper they use in lumber mills. That kept a nice sharp, rough poke into Caryn's twat. She walked bow-legged for a day afterwards with a flaming red pussy and chaffed ass crack. She also really fucked up the insides of her knees trying to ride "up" off the point of the doghouse. It sanded away her inner thigh skin in the process. Her knees actually got bloody and the rash stayed weepy for days afterwards. It's hard to bandage the insides of your knees. I worried about infection.

The incest index of our family stayed fixed in the same spot for a long time. A year and a half. A year and a half of spankings. A year and a half of strapping the girls over the spanking horses, tying their ankles and wrists, and letting the Spankin' Paddle make its beautiful noise until the girls cried. A year and a half of Caryn slurping the hot sperm out of my Johnson while Dani knelt and fingertipped my balls.

Caryn's pre-natal vitamin packs yeilded amazing results. Both she and Dani kept a full set of long, strong, fingernails like a French hooker. Both of them already had beautiful long hair, but their beautiful long hair got shiny like a shampoo commercial. Amazing. Definitely worth the expense. If my plan had been to get some extra spankings out of Dani having bad fingernails, Caryn outsmarted me.

I didn't have to gin up a lot of fake reasons to get my bitches naked and over-my-knee. The only recipe you need for conflict in a household is to take one mother and add a pinch of one daughter. Bitches fight a lot amongst themselves. Dani tended to challenge Caryn a lot, probably because I was fomenting that kind of power tension between them. All I needed was for voices to be raised when my dick was twitchy. No problem there.

One place where Dani had no issues was school. Given the likelihood of a molested girl acting out, I kept close tabs on Dani's academics. No problems there either. She was a 4.0 student. Her teachers loved her and said she was wildly popular with the other kids. A joy to have in class. A voracious reader, even if her choice of books was a little "adult" for her age.

Dani often spent her required 15 minutes per night of "Daddy Time" sitting on my lap reading. She asked me for recommendations. Much to my surprise, she liked Cheever short stories. I thought Hemingway would be an easy read for a precocious eight year old, but she despised Ernie.

This sounds a little odd, but when you have unlimited access to your daughter's pussy, having it grind into your lap every night loses its magic.

Rubbing the strawberry oil on her nips and twat folds became less sexy over time too. Dani had a pretty pussy. It was neat to watch her little labia minor start to blossom outward, just as bright pink and the rest of her. Dani took the humiliation of having her daddy paint her privates and ream her ass ring with aplomb. I looked for signs that my thumb rolling over her clit was having an effect, but she was a poker face.

When Dani was eight I got the company tickets to the University football game box seats one Saturday when they were playing an out-of-conference game with a huge powerhouse National team. The three of us went with one of Dani's dance class girlfriends. We were right at the fifty yard line rail. Those are actually shitty seats because it's hard to see the field over three hundred pound giants sitting on the bench right in front of you. You could smell the stink off those guys.

Dani was fascinated with the cheerleaders. Her eyes were huge. She didn't give a damn about the game, but she watched the cameramen dance around the cheerleaders in a near constant quest for the "Honey Shot."

"Why are those guys always pointing their cameras at the cheerleaders?" Dani asked me. "Don't they care about the game?"

"They are assigned to the cheerleaders," I explained. "The guys in the TV booth never know when they are going to go to commercial, so they always have a cameraman ready to shoot the cheerleaders as they go in and out of breaks."

"Oh," Dani said. "You should get that job, Dad! Get paid for looking at pretty girls!"

I laughed. "Well, I'm spoiled. I'm lucky I get to look at the two prettiest girls in the city every day."

Two weeks later as Dani was sitting on my lap:


"Yeah, Sweetie?"

"How do you get to be a cheerleader?"

"Like at the college?"

"Like the ones on TV."

"Well you start out as a high school cheerleader, of course."

"Duh! I know that much. How do you get to be a high school cheerleader? Do you take classes?"

"Er, uh, well, I'm sure you start out in Dance classes, just like you're doing. Then, uh, I guess you need some tumbling classes. Maybe gymnastics. Yaknow, to do the flips and stuff."

"Can I do that? Can I take gymnastics?"

I tried to picture my gorgeous daughter in a cheerleading outfit. My cock got thick at the very thought.

"Sure, Doll. You and your mom figure out what you need to do and I'll support you. As long as you keep your grades up."

My brilliant daughter. She already knew the answer before she asked me (she asked her dance teacher first). She'd already found a kids gymnastics program offered through the university. I had no idea there were cheerleader clinics and instructional classes for eight year old girls, but Dani already had the signup form in her room.

She had to cut back on her dance classes, ditching the ballet and keeping only the modern dance curriculum. But we made it work.

Eight and a half. That was my magic number. Caryn's grooming put her "soft transition" At age ten. By that time, she knew she was being sexed by her dad. She sucked her first cock at eleven. She got her tits (late, she said) at thirteen. Her dad took her cherry just after her fourteenth birthday.

On my work calendar, I penned out a big exclamation point on my calendar at the day in March where Dani turned eight and a half. I wasn't even sure what I was going to to do, but I was going to up-the-ante in my grooming. I'd always thought that would be Dani's first cock sucking, but the reality dictated that she was still too young. Ten years old seemed like too far away. Eight and a half was too young.

But... Fortune found me scratching my head and made the decision for me.

The day after I "x"ed through Exclamation Point Day on my calendar, I arrived home from work. I leaned in to kiss Caryn with my briefcase still in my hand while she chopped some celery at the kitchen island. She was seething. Tears were all over her cheeks. She was pissed.

I'm a guy, so I was certain she had to be mad at me.

"What?" I asked. "What's up?"

Caryn clenched her teeth and shook her head.

"No, seriously," I insisted. "What's up? Talk."

Caryn said nothing and ratcheted the knife down over and over like she was trying to dice the chopping block underneath the celery.

NOW I knew it was really big. When Dom me told Caryn to talk, she fucking talked. She never refused me twice.

"Bitch," I growled. "I'm not going to ask you again."

Caryn put down the knife and turned to me with a furious look in her eye. "See for yourself," she sobbed. "Go ahead." Caryn motioned am angry palm toward the hallway and I intuited that something was up with Dani.

Dani still didn't have a door back on her room, so I just walked in to find Dani sobbing like a baby on her knees on the floor.

"HOLY FUCK!" I shouted.

"Daddy!" Dani sobbed. "I'm so sorry!"

"HOLY FUCK!" I repeated.

"Daddy it's not our fault! Mom kept telling the girl not to cut so much off! She kept telling the girl to stop, but she just kept snipping and snipping!"

Dani's long, beautiful hair had been reduced down to barely shoulder length. Almost a bob.


"Daddy, I'm soh-soh-sor-reeeeee!"

"Girl, you know the rules. How long are you supposed to keep my hair in front?"

"So it's past the nipples that belong to you," Dani wailed.

"And how long are you supposed to keep my hair in back?"

"So it's past my bra strap or where my bra strap would be when my hair is in a ponytail."


Ehn, it actually looked pretty good for a shorter haircut. She looked like an eight year old girl instead of a flat-chested woman. Unfortunately, the coif was a flagrant violation of my Dom Daddy Rulebook. Mother and daughter both knew they were fucked. It was the day after Exclamation Point Day. What a gift!

I've taken you through the basement ritual, even if I never covered the parts where I started strapping my bitches into their custom-built spanking horses to take swats from The Spankin' Paddle. No need to revisit that part.

Damn, I laid into those asses that night. I put my arm into it. I was sadistic. I wasn't actually as mad as I let on, but I didn't want the girls to know that.

I had put Caryn in a dog collar before, a little hat tip callback to her real daddy. That was the first night that I did it in front of Dani. Surprise, surprise, I had a matching black leather dog collar ready for Dani too. It looked fantastic, nearly the same shade of black as her hair.

"You bitches seem to have some issues remembering whose bitches you are," I said. "So maybe some bitch collars will help you remember."

After the over-the-knee spankings. I strapped Caryn over her spanking horse first, then Dani. I left them both bent with their asses in the air while I went to get a drink. Then I picked up The Spankin' Paddle and lit into Caryn's ass with a swish and a crack. I didn't hold back. She howled.

Then Dani. That was the hardest I'd ever hit her. Nearly as hard as I paddled Caryn. I remember how the first blow absolutely sizzled through Dani's quivering trussed body. She didn't even scream right away. It hurt her so bad that she couldn't exhale to make a sound. Not for a while. Then oh boy! She screamed.

After I blistered them both, I pulled out the doghouse and dragged it into the middle of the floor. If either of them saw me move the bookcase fake wall, they would have had to be looking back between their legs. I didn't care.

The top plank of the spanking horses were actually a dual pair of matching planks with the hands and neck "stock" holes cut out of them. I really had thought it through. I slid the stocks apart and put Caryn and Dani into a kneeling position with their neck in the big hole and their hands locked on either side of their heads.

Perfect. I had some BDSM Master missteps along the way, but those spanking horse slash stocks were awesome!

The only hitch was that the dog collars were riding a little loose around their necks. The neck holes in the stocks were pre-measured TOO perfectly, which meant the collars had to either ride on top of the plank, which really put a choke on the girls' chins, or it had to fall below the plank, which cut into my viewing enjoyment. It was the first night for this phase of new punishments. Collar below. Nice guy that I am.

With both of the girls locked into a kneeling position, I put The Spankin' Paddle to Caryn's tits for the first time. Wasn't sure how that would go over. Apparently it hurt. Poor girl.

I turned to Dani. Up until that moment, I thought I was going to paddle her flat chest too, but I didn't. It was enough that she saw what her mother took and knew the same treatment was waiting for her somewhere in her future. Paddling a flat little girl's chest seemed pointless.

I pulled the stock planks apart and let them both roll around on the carpet and cry and recover for a few minutes.

I pointed to the bulge in my pants and asked which one of them was going to suck my cock.

Caryn meekly pulled herself up on her hands and knees and crawled toward me. I shucked my jeans and sat back in my "king" chair as Caryn went to work with her mouth. Dani didn't have to be told, but she took a little longer to get her fingernails into my nutsack and start them dancing around.

I didn't want to come quickly, but the Dom excitement had the best of me. My skin began to wow and flutter and the upsurge in the back of my legs was strong.

"We're going to do something a little different this time. Caryn-bitch, don't swallow all my come. Keep a load in your mouth until I tell you." I panted the words out, and I barely finished my sentence before my spine turned to electricity and my hips involuntarily jerked. The come pumped out of me and into Caryn's mouth in several waves. I collapsed against the back of my chair.

"Good," I said. "You have daddy's come still in your mouth, Caryn-bitch?"

Caryn nodded, her lips pursed into a tight pucker.

"Kiss Dani-bitch and show her what her Daddy's come tastes like," I said.

Caryn looked at me blankly for a beat. Then she turned and she and Dani kissed. Caryn's mouth opened and tried to pry Dani's lips farther apart, but Dani didn't seem to understand. The kiss stopped and they both looked at me.

"Dani-bitch, did you taste my come?"

"Uh, y-yes, Daddy."

"Dani-bitch, what did my come taste like?"

"Uhm, Ice cream?"

Caryn's expression deflated instantly. "Fffffff-f-f-f-fuck," she spat.

"Caryn?" I arched my eyebrow.

"My fault, Daddy. I didn't keep enough come in my mouth to share. I'm sorry. Fuck! I'm sorry."

I was a bit stunned. Caryn hadn't REALLY fucked up in a long time.

"You are shitting me," I said in disbelief.

"What can I say, Daddy," Caryn rolled her eyes. She looked whipped. "I screwed up."

"That's an understatement," I said. "Well, we'll have to escalate the punishment and try it again."

I took some lengths of rope and tied Caryn's wrists behind her back. Then Dani's. It wasn't a box-tie to the elbows. Just a reg'lar old binding of wrists behind their ass cracks.

I only had one ring gag. Caryn got it. I had a big and small bright red ball gag. I'd been saving the small one for Dani. Another first. Black dog collar. White skin. Dark hair. Green eyes. Red ball gag. Pink lips. Goddamn, that girl had never looked so beautiful, even with the shorter hair.

I dragged the doghouse out from under an old blanket that was hiding it.

Dani's big green eyes were everywhere at once. She had no idea what was happening. She didn't understand the ball gag. She didn't understand the doghouse until I grabbed Caryn from beind under her armpits and lifted her up and onto straddling the point of the roof. Caryn immediately looked down in panic at each of her knees.

I'd changed my design.

Instead of sandpaper covering the entire gable of the doghouse roof, it only covered the top nine inches on each side of the point. Below that I'd inset a polished ceramic sheet on each side, leftover from an experiment at work that didn't pan out. Instead of sanding away at the inside of her knees when she squeezed in to lift her pussy off the pointy grit of the roof, her knees struggled and slipped to find purchase on the ceramic sheet.

Caryn was taking every bit of that sandpaper point deep in the meat of her slit and on the kiss of her asshole.

I smiled.

Caryn looked more panicked that I had seen her since Dutch ripped out her asshole.

Caryn was already moaning and grunting in pain, trying to plead with me with her locked-open mouth before I even lifted Dani to face her on the opposite end of the doghouse. Dani yipped in pain. Her eyes were huge.

"Don't move around too much," I warned her. "You fall off with your hands behind your back and you're going to crack your skull on the floor. Only a half inch of padding under that carpet until you hit concrete."

Caryn was still in great shape. We both used our gym memberships religiously. But Dani's little dancer legs were much stronger than Caryn's. Given that Dani weighed less than a spring chicken, she was going to have no trouble at all "riding" her split tail up off the doghouse roof for a long time, even with her knees pushing against the polished ceramic sheet. Both the girls rocked backwards to get their bound palms pressed flat against the inches of the top of the roof behind them. This allowed them to lean back and take some of the weight and pressure off their sanded, split twats.

I anticipated this.

I clipped a single chain between the front of both their dog collars. A short chain. There would be no leaning backwards on their hands with that chain. The best they could do is either both balance slightly forward on their taints at the same time, or take turns cutting into their asshole for relief while pulling the other deeper onto the split of her cunt.

Sometimes I'm a fucking evil genius.

What good is the punishment without the humiliation? "So, you bitches are going to think long and hard about keeping the parts of you that belong to me -- and let's face it, that's every part of you -- in the manner in which I have prescribed. I say how long my bitches' hair is. I say how long my bitches' fingernails are kept. I say what color my bitches can and can't paint the fingernails which belong to me."

I took a drink of my Scotch and walked over to my workbench.

"I say which earrings my bitches can wear on the ears that belong to me," I continued, popping the square lid off a jar of petroleum jelly and scooping out a large dollop on my index finger. "I say what kind of shoes you can and cannot wear on the feet that belong to me. The dresses you can wear. The nightshirts you can wear. The panties and bras you can and cannot wear.

I wiped a huge deposit of petroleum jelly on the inside of Caryn's right knee.

"I say when and where you can wear underwear at all."

Another huge wad of jelly on the inside of Caryn's left knee. Caryn let out a long siren wail as she lost any remaining friction advantage she had for "riding" the roof. Her thighs bicycled a little, but her entire weight stabbed her down into the point of the doghouse roof.

"I don't want to hear any excuses about who 'made you' break my rules." I began slathering petroleum jelly on the insides of Dani's knees. Her knees made one last pressure squeak against the ceramic and she slid right down and started riding the roof hard for the first time. Her moan jumped two octaves when her little pink pussy finally smacked against the sandy point.

It took less than thirty seconds for Dani to instinctively lean back for relief and sand her mother's labia against the roof. Caryn overcompensated and yanked Dani forward so hard that Dani actually travelled two inches forward across the point. Oh, the screams that made it around the edges of her little ball gag.

The plan was to check on them in an hour. I hadn't even finished my fatuous lecture and those two bitches were already cooking one another's twats. My modification plus the petroleum jelly turned out to be a cruel combination. Too cruel.

"I'll be back in a half hour," I told them. "Behave. And think about who owns you both, bitches."

I returned in twenty minutes. The screaming was so loud I couldn't hear the television upstairs.

I unclipped them and lifted them off the roof, Dani first. When their hands came untied they rolled in the floor and both girls stuffed the heels of their hands against their raw pussies, reminding me of how Maxy doubled over and grabbed her twat after I fucked the daylights out of her.

I'm really not a multiple comer. I can go a couple-three times in a row if the situation challenges me. The times I double-teamed Caryn with another guy, I always came at least twice in a session. Once I came four times when I was trying to match the efforts of the one threesome young guy Caryn really liked.

Mostly I'm a once-a-day EVERY day guy.

This sounds like a douche thing to say, but beating bitch ass and then making my sexy wife suck my cock while my pretty daughter played with my balls... Hey, it was old hat by that point. It wasn't all that wild. Making my bitches "ride the roof" was new and fun. Paddling Caryn's tits had been new and fun. Those dog collars were new and fun.

But dude. I had work the next day and I'd already busted a fine nut. I was ready to watch the first fifteen minutes of the evening news and hit the sack. I was operating on Dom fumes.

I had to make my point though.

I put Caryn back to sucking my half-hard member. The doghouse had just wrecked both girls. They were exhausted from pain and stress and one previous turn at my cock. Caryn set about sucking as best she could, but she wasn't radiating a sexy, slutty, submissive bitch. She was merely trying to keep my hand from cracking across her jaw. Her hand kept reaching back between her all-fours pose to rub her puffy red mons. Her pretty blonde hair had gone limp with all the stress sweat that poured off her while riding the roof of the doghouse, so she was self-consciously trying to keep pulling tufts of her own hair out of her mouth and away from the suck.

It may have been the worst blowjob she ever gave me. I needed a little more stimulation.

Being one day past Exclamation Point Day, I considered that this was an opportune time for Dani to suck Daddy's cock for the first time. It would be a good lesson to Caryn about trying to circumvent my will. I envisioned both their expressions as I gave Dani her first command to suck my cock. I envisioned Dani's pretty little mouth wrapped around my swollen prick. I imagined her big eyes trying to make sense of it all as her head pistoned back and forth on my thick sharft for the very first time.

THAT imagery got my blood flowing. But I had to live with both girls the following day. I thought about threatening Caryn with a time limit, the same way Caryn's dad did to Caryn's mom. There was no doubt that as soon as the words rolled out of my mouth, Dani's fate was sealed. My cock was too numb and Caryn was too off-her-game.

I looked at how fucking sexy both my bitches were in their dog collars. Both their faces streaked with a mix of wet and dry tears. Caryn's tits were still blotched with red marks from The Spankin' Paddle. Her mascara streaks were faint, having been created by tears and then almost washed away by thousands more tears. Caryn looked used and exhausted, as broken as I'd seen her since Dutch fucked her up. She was beautiful.

While Caryn quietly slurped on my thickening cock and Dani kneeled and cried while she dutifully scratched at my balls with her fingernails, I leaned down and picked up the chain that had bound their collars together up off the carpet. I casually unfixed the anchor ring of one of the spring clips and moved it inward to shorten the function of the chain.

I stood.

Caryn lifted from all-fours to just her knees without missing a single, rhythmic slurp. Dani went from sitting on her heels to a higher kneel.

I clipped both their collar rings back together. The chain was so short they were both a paper's thickness from being cheek to cheek. Dani's mouth was pulled mere centimeters from my swollen cock shaft. With Dani as an anchor, Caryn couldn't even get full extension on her cock sucking bob. Dani felt the pressure of her mother's collar tugging at her own and started bobbing in time so her mom could give me a proper cock sucking.

"Stick out your tongue, Dani-bitch," I growled. "All the way out, make it long."

Dani picked that moment to lock eye contact with me. I knew Dani had a long-ish tongue. I'd watched her tongue whip the fuck out of an ice cream cone on numerous occasions. But until that moment I didn't know HOW long. Dani was a fucking aardvark. Her tongue was the same bright pink as mother and daughter pussies, but 50% longer than her mother's tongue.


My beautiful eight (and a half) year old daughter had a porn tongue.

And the only thing stopping me from shifting my hips and pushing my dripping cockhead into her gorgeous little mouth was my own fucked up moral sense of propriety. Such as it wasn't.

The optics of mother and daughter collared cheek-to-cheek, faces rocking in sync as my cock got a smoothie and my daughter's pretty tongue pantomimed out a slutty, pink, come-hither wave to my sperm... her big green eyes drilling right into my Dom overwatch...

Boom. I shifted from trying to figure out how I was going to live with myself the next day having hard-raped my daughter's mouth... into coming into Caryn's suck so hard it felt like my own ass was getting popped with the Spankin' Paddle.

"Hold my come! Hold my come!" I panted between orgasmic convulsions.

From the way Caryn slowed down instead of her usual overstimulating acceleration, I knew she was doing just that. She was holding jets of sperm in her mouth instead of gulping and sucking for more until I was dry and thrashing.

I stumbled backwards, my eyes crossed with ecstasy and my vision blurred with my spiked blood pressure.

"Show me," I panted down at Caryn.

Caryn tilted her head backwards and dropped her jaw so I could see the dam of her teeth brimming with saliva bubbles and white swirls of my sperm.

"Dani-bitch, you better not fuck this up or you're sucking the next load straight into your own bitch mouth. Now open up your mouth and teeth, kiss Caryn-bitch, and eat every bit of Daddy's spunk that Caryn-bitch spits in your mouth."

The girls turned to kiss each other, but the chain connecting their collars was almost too short for them to go lip-to-lip. Both sides of their mouths pressed together. They couldn't quite close the kiss.

"Stick your tongue out, Dani-bitch," I said. "No, flatter. Take what Caryn-bitch gives you and be grateful for it."

With the unsealed gap between my bitches' mouths, I got a good look at Caryn's tongue probing out the advanced work of finding Dani's extended tongue. Caryn didn't hold back. The entire load of spit and sperm flooded between Dani's parted teeth. Caryn was taking no chances this time.

Half the sticky mess poured over Dani's top lip and washed down her chin. The other half washed back on her tongue and went down her gullet in a hard, grimacing swallow.

Dani's big eyes went thin and her mouth made the shape of pure revulsion. I was going to bust on her about the spillage, but she was so obviously locked in a cringe at the taste of my load, I let it go.

"You taste your Daddy's come that time, bitch?"

"Yeth Daddy." For a moment I thought Dani was going to hurl it all back out on the carpet.

"What did Daddy's come taste like, bitch?"

"Uhg, Flintstone chewables and salt water."

I nodded.

"And it was fucking delicious, wasn't it?" I asked.

"Yes, Daddy." Dani's expression said just the opposite.

"So you want some more then?"

She did not. "Uh, yes Daddy?"

I reached down and unclipped Dani's collar from Caryn's.

"You heard her, Caryn-bitch," I said. "She wants more. Don't waste all that beautiful sperm on her chin and chest. Giver her some more and share some yourself."

"Yes, Daddy." Caryn was a robot. Dead in the eyes. Caryn blankly licked the come and spittle wash off Dani's chin and then licked tongues with her daughter to transfer some and swallow some herself. Caryn licked the front of Dani's neck and did it again. Caryn bent down to lick the front of Dani's chest, but I'd had enough. My Dom was fading and I started to feel some empathy for the girls.

"That's it. Stop," I said. "We're going to forego the reconciliation part tonight. There's no doubt you two bitches both know who owns you tonight, is there?"

In unison: "No Daddy."

"Are my pussies nice and sore?"

In unison: "Yes Daddy."

"You both know that you two are on my shitlist until Dani-bitch's hair is back at regulation length, right?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Dani-bitch, I don't want to hear water running. You don't drink anything. I want to taste salty vitamins when I kiss you good morning tomorrow. Leave Daddy's taste in your mouth until I say otherwise."

Dani looked horrified. "Y-yeth Daddy."

"Get upstairs and get some A&D Ointment on my pussies, bitches. Doctor 'em up good. You both may very well be back on that doghouse tomorrow night. Get. Get out of my sight."

They were two Road Runner clouds up the stairs.

I packed away my bondage equipment, humming to myself. It wasn't the Exclamation Point Day that I had planned, but it was still pretty great. At the same time I was glad that I hadn't made Dani suck my cock and yet I knew I was going to make it happen sooner-rather-than-later.

I was wrong.

The next day while at work the phone rang and everything changed again.

Chapter 32 - The Other Shoe

"Hey Weston,"I said. "What's up?"

"Skip, are you sitting down?"

(Those are never words you want to hear in an unexpected phone call from your lawyer.)

"You're not going to believe this one, Skip."

"Maxine wants money."

"Not exactly."

"What exactly, then?"

"Maxine wants to call you. Tomorrow if possible."

I had no comeback. "Er... Uh... Okay? About what?"

"I know, but I'm not supposed to tell you."

"Weston, you're my lawyer. You have to tell me. That's what a fucking lawyer does. He tells his client shit that his client doesn't want to hear."

"This is big."

"Weston... Knock it the fuck off."

"Okay. Okay, Maxine wants to relinquish her parental rights."

"That's fine,"I exhaled. "I'm not using my parental rights anyway."

"Skip," Weston drawled slowly. "You didn't listen to me. Not your parental rights. Hers."

"What? She's putting a nine year old up for adoption?"

"Ten. Allison is ten."

"You can't put a ten year old up for adoption!"

"Skip, you dumbass. Maxine wants you to take custody of Allison."

"What? What??? Fuck no!"

Weston went silent. "Er, I really wasn't expecting you to say 'no', Skip. Nobody ever says 'no' to custody of their kid."

"She's not my kid, Weston. I've never even met her."

"Allison wants to meet you."

"This is a really bad idea. I have a family of my own."

"Okay, okay, well... I guess I'm glad I told you then. At first I was just fuckin' with you because I assumed you'd be thrilled by the news. At least now you won't be so surprised when you talk to Maxine tomorrow. Maybe you'll even have time to think up an answer a little more tactful than 'Fuck no!' when she asks if you want to be a father to your own child."

Ohhhhh. Fucking guilt from some jackass I'm paying to be my advocate. That pissed me off. Pissed me off even more that it rang kind of true.

"Weston, Dude... I'm sorry. I just wasn't prepared for this. I'll talk to Caryn about it tonight, but I don't think it's a good idea."

"Hey, Skip, not that it matters, but if you pass on this opportunity don't be surprised if Maxine's next move isn't a motion for support."

"There's more to this than money,"I said. "I can't upend my family like this without talking to them first."

Maybe Caryn would have been in a better mood that night as I sat her down to broach the subject if her pussy wasn't still on fire from the doghouse.

"You're the boss."Caryn just kept repeating that mantra over and over as I looked to her for an opinion. "You're the boss."

I didn't bother talking to Dani about it.

I just made up my mind that my answer was going to be "no."

Chapter 33 - A Long Avoided Conversation

"I don't know whether I'm supposed to call you Scott or Skip." Maxine sounded old. She was 24, but she sounded 60.

"Skip is fine,"I said. "How are you, Maxy?"

There was a long pause, followed by a sigh. "I've been better."

Another long pause. "Hey Maxy, I'm afraid I'm at a little bit of a disadvantage. I don't know your story at all. I don't know where you are living. I don't know what's going on. I don't know anything. I think you may know a little bit more about me than I know about you."

"Yeah," Maxy sighed again. "I appreciate that you reached out to us. I do. I'm sorry, but I just wasn't in the right headspace to deal with you back then. What? Six years ago?"


"Yeah, eight."

"Maxy," I said. "You have to believe me. I wasn't running from you. I had no idea. Absolutely no idea. It was all just a series of really bad luck that I broke contact with everyone in [my hometown] right when you needed to find me."

"I'm not mad anymore, Skip. It's just... You know... My parents didn't do anything to make life easier, so there was a lot of pressure on me."

"Did you graduate high school?"

"I went back for a while, but I was too far behind to catch up. I got my GED. I'm cutting hair at a SuperCuts."

"That's cool."

"No, actually it sucks," Maxy said. "My husband is a lineman for the electric utility. He makes pretty good money."

"Husband?" I said. "Hey, I'm so out of it, I didn't even know that you got remarried."

"Married," Maxy corrected. "You can't remarry until you stop being married the first time."

"Sorry," I said. "You know what I mean."

"So you know why I'm calling, don't you?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Allison wants to get to know her father, Scott."

"I can come to town. We can visit for a while. See how it goes."

"It's more complicated than that, Skip. She wants to meet you, but I need a break from her. My marriage is falling apart and she's kind of in the middle of it."

"I don't understand."

"She's a handful, Scott."

"Discipline problem?"

"Discipline problems. School problems. Authority problems. Mouthy problems. Truth problems. Every kind of problems. She needs a strong father, Skip."

Oh shit. No. I wasn't going to invite some trainwreck into my family, sight unseen. No way.

"I'm not sure that I'm the answer you are looking for, Max. I've got my own family. Things are going pretty good for us. Not sure that we want to take on a challenge like that."

"Neither do I, Skip. But I've had the reins for ten years. It wouldn't kill you to take a turn with her for the next eight."


"I really don't think I'm your guy, Max."

"On the contrary, Skip. You're the only hope I've got. My marriage is unraveling. Ally and my husband are at each other's throats. Once she found out that Kevin wasn't her real father, she just melted down and stopped listening. I think you would be really good for Ally."

"Max, we've got our own thing going, my family. I run kind of a strict ship here."

"Ally needs strict. She needs structure."

"Max, I discipline. I spank."

"Well Ally needs a lot more of that, too."

"Does your... Does Kevin spank Ally?"

"He did. It's complicated."

I tried to read between the lines. "So you understand that Ally would be spanked if she lived with us? You're okay with that?"

"Skip," Maxy sighed. "She needs a lot more than a spanking."

Shit. That was my pocket card to break the deal and she didn't blink. "I just don't think I'm the answer to your problem."

"You're the only answer, Skip. Look. We don't have a lot of money, but maybe we could send a little bit to help you cover expenses."

NOW I was really confused. Maxy pay me to take Ally? WTF? "I'm doing okay," I smiled. "It's probably time for me to send you some support, instead."

Maxy's voice got panicked. "Skip, that's not going to help me. Money is not going to help me keep my husband out of-- keep my marriage together. I need Ally to find a better environment where she can blossom."

Okaaaay. Something larger was at play. I was not getting the full story.

Maxy's voice dropped to a whisper. "Look, Skip, my husband said I could do anything, or offer anything to you to talk you into trying out this arrangement. Anything. I have to get this done. What do you want? Name it? What do you want me to do?"

I wasn't expecting that turn.

"Er... Max, assuming that you and I still had chemistry, I still can't trade your marital problems for my marital problems."

"SKIP, GODDAMMIT! I've never asked you for ANYTHING. ANYTHING! Eleven years and you haven't lifted a FUCKING FINGER. Are you a sperm donor or are you a FATHER?"

"Er... Max? I'm the one who contacted YOU eight years ago? Remember? You didn't want me to be Allison's father back then. Remember?"


"That wasn't my decision,"Maxy whispered.


I rubbed my eyes. "Look, Maxy, this isn't really a phone conversation, is it? We should do this face-to-face. Why don't I head into [my hometown]for the weekend. Maybe meet Ally. Maybe you and I talk this out."

Maxy started crying. "That would be great, Skip."

I wrote down a callback number and hung up the phone. So much for "no."


Chapter 34 - Taking Ownership of Allison

My old corner of my hometown city had changed so much. What had once been upper-middle class suburbia had dissolved into Section 8 housing and pawn shops and liquor stores.

I checked into a hotel that had been built on top of the miniature golf course near the highway that was four lanes wider than I left it.

By arrangement, Maxy came alone to see me at the hotel on Saturday afternoon.

She looked a lot older than 25. She was still curvy, but not yet fat. Looking at her, though, I could tell she was on her way to being in a People of Walmart photograph. She looked like a white trash starter kit.

Maxy was no taller than the last time I had laid eyes on her. Her tits were no bigger, but still nice. She had a lot of wrinkles for 25. Her hair was shoulder-length and the same wonderful blend of dark brown colors.

We stood looking at each other in the motel doorway.

"Fuck," Maxy said.


"I hoped you got fat."

"I kinda did."

"Shut up. You look like a Chippendale's dancer. Fuck."

"You look great."

"Okay, I take it back. You don't have to shut up. You gonna let me come in, or are you just going to keep blocking the door and feeling me up with your eyes?"

"D'oh. Sorry. Come on in."

It was a cheap hotel/motel, but there were a couple of chairs and a table in the room. I stacked those in the bathtub before Maxy arrived so we were forced to sit next to each other on the bed.

We made a little small talk.

Maxy pulled a manila envelope out of her purse and handed it to me. Inside the envelope were thirty or forty photographs arranged to show Allison's progression from newborn to her current ten year old self.

So... Dani looked hardly anything like Caryn. Allison was a photocopy of Maxine. Miniature. Same little button nose. Same great brunette hair. Same Mediterranean skin. Same tiny stature with big hips. All Ally was missing was Maxine's giant jugs. No doubt, I could probably set my watch by them popping large and fast at twelve years old, just like Maxine's had.

Ally's hair was way too short. Not an encouraging sign, as it was one more conflict ahead of us if I agreed to take her in. Even though they were only photographs, I could clearly see the chip on the little girl's shoulder get heavier with every progressive picture. She stopped smiling for pictures somewhere around seven. The attitude got snarlier and snarlier on her top lip until it was an outright sneer in the last picture.

Ally was damn cute, sneer aside. She certainly wasn't as drop-dead pretty as Dani. I'm not being mean, just a fact. You'd agree if I posted pictures.

When I showed Dani's current picture to Maxine, Maxine gasped. "Jesus, Scott. Who did you marry? Julia Roberts? She's adorable."

(For the record, I'm not a big fan of Julia Roberts or girls with alligator mouths, but I'm sure Maxy meant it as a compliment.)

"She's dead set on being a cheerleader. Taking gymnastics and dance and stuff."

"She looks the part,"Maxy said. "What has she said about the possibility of having a sister?"


"Really? Haven't said anything to her?"

"Well, she's eight. It's not really her call."

"I'm surprised you didn't bring your wife with you,"Maxy said. "Or should I be not surprised?"


"You know. Wondering if you are going to take me up on my offer."

"To fuck me?"

"Scott, I never said I'd fuck you."

"You said 'anything.' Fucking is a thing."

Maxy gave me a soulful look and we both became aware of how close together we were on the bed. "Is that what you want?"she asked. "Is that the deal you want?"

"If there were no deal,"I asked, "Would you want me to fuck you anyway?"

"I don't want to fuck you at all, Scott."

"That's not what your eyes are saying."I leaned over and kissed Maxy with two lippy, soft kisses.

Maxy exhaled. "Maybe not. But that's what my mouth is saying. So if you want to me--"

I cut Max off with a hard kiss. I pushed her back flat on the bed.

You know what happened next. Maxy was a mediocre cocksucker. She was a passable fuck. I couldn't get her to come, even though she seemed right on the edge of orgasm for the fifteen minutes I was bitchfucking her deep.

As the come started bubbling in my balls I heard Caryn's voice, I heard a repeat of what she said before I walked out of our house to the car with my suitcase the night before. "Daddy, try not to come home with one daughter if you're just going to [my hometown] to put another one in that that Maxy-bitch's baby box."

No condom this time. I was barebacking a hard pounding into Maxine's cunny. Surely she was on the pill THIS time, right?

Maxy certainly wasn't as tight as I left her, but her small stature still made for a nice, squeaky-tight fuckbox. I enjoyed it. She was a lot wetter than the last time, too.

I made Maxy suck me off, just in case. Again, no great shakes. Suzie at twelve was a better slut then Maxy at 25.

Maxy stumbled off the bed to pee while I panted and recovered.

"SCOTT, YOU ASSHOLE!"Maxy shouted from the bathroom. I had forgotten that I stacked the chairs and table in the tub. Busted.

I started laughing. Maxy stepped out and shook her head in disbelief.

"Nice to see you haven't changed a bit,"she frowned. Then the corner of her mouth started to twitch.

A couple hours later I met Ally for the first time in a mall food court. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Maxy left us alone. More awkward.

Allison was a brooder. Allison wasn't a reader. The only thing she could talk about was Disney Channel stuff. She didn't have much to say about school. She didn't want to talk about her other dad at all.

Ally was the personification of a blank stare. I tried to imagine what she and Dani would have to talk about. Two years younger and Dani probably still outscored Ally by 30 Stanford-Binet points.

Totally different kids.

But there was something about Ally's simplicity that made me think that she and Caryn would get along famously. They were cut from the same cloth.

Of course, I was actually busy trying to imagine how Ally would look buck-ass naked and bent over my lap, about ten swats into a hard spanking. Trying to imagine her expression while she knelt at my feet and watched Caryn suck my cock and Dani scratch my balls like a trained Geisha.

It was too late. The grooming train had left the station on Ally. She could do nothing but fuck up a good thing with my two submissive bitches.

We sauntered through the mall and made our own small talk. I tried to get Ally to walk into Hollister or Aeropostale. I offered to buy her some clothes.

"Those are for preps,"Maxy wrinkled her nose. "How about Hot Topic?"

"Absolutely not," I said. We kept sauntering.

"My mom always said you were really handsome,"Ally said.

"Did she?"

"Well not always, but once she started telling me the truth about you. She said you were tall, but I just thought she meant... you know... Taller than her. Everybody seems tall to her. Me too, I guess. I'm the shortest girl in my class. I think she still has some kind of crush on you. Mom, I mean."

"I doubt that,"I smiled. "Well, am I?"

"Are you what?"

"Am I handsome? Did your mother tell the truth?"

"I guess,"Ally shrugged. "You look kind of like the sidekick in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie."

My mind's eye pictured Tom Arnold in True Lies. Not exactly a compliment.

"Do you work out a lot, or something?"Ally asked. "You lift weights?"

"As little as possible,"I said. "I just run a lot."

"What? On your hands?"Ally poked me in my bicep. "So, Scott. I think you're okay. I'd like to live with you instead of my mom."

Shit. I didn't expect Ally to try and close on me. I thought there would be some more phone calls after I returned home. Some more negotiation. Maybe another trip into town to get my cock waxed by Maxine and an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheeze with Ally before I stopped returning Maxy's calls and started sending support checks.

"You know I have a daughter,"I said.

"Of course,"Ally said. "I'm right here."

"Sorry," I cringed. "I mean another daughter. I don't think that you two would get along."


"She's... uh... She's a prep."

"Yeah, mom said she's a cheerleader and she's really super pretty. That's okay. I got nothin' 'gainst preps. I just don't wanna for to be one."

The urge to correct the girl's abysmal grammar was a telltale sign that we were a bad mix.

"It would be a really hard transition for you, you know,"I continued. "Not just a new school, but a new town. Wouldn't you miss your friends?"

"Mom says I'll make new ones. I dunno. It's not like I have a BFF or anything now. It's all kind of weird."

"You don't really want to do this at all, do you?"I asked. "This is all your mom's idea, isn't it?"

Ally shook her head. "No, it's me. I asked. I asked my mom to call you."

"You didn't even know me."

"No, but I kind of do now. You're okay."

"Honey, I'm a real strict Dad. Real strict. I don't think you'd like staying with me."

"My da-- Dennis is strict. It wouldn't be so different."

"I'm reeeeeal strict. Honey. I've got a lot of house rules and stuff. A lot of rules. You won't--"

"Never mind,"Ally said flatly. "I'm not going to beg you to be my dad. Or I guess I should say act like my dad. My mom and Dennis will just have to work something out."

"So what is it with this Dennis guy?"

"I asked you to take me to your home and you said no. It's cool."Ally shrugged. She changed the subject. I let it go.

Maxine picked Ally up. I didn't hug her goodbye, I just smiled and waved as they drove off. I headed back to the motel to pack. No need to stay until Sunday. My business was done. I could be home in three hours.

My cell phone rang. Maxy.

"So," Maxy said. "How soon can you do this?"

"Whoa, whoa,"I said. "Slow down."

"Don't go weak in the knees on me now, Scott."Maxy grumbled. "We had a deal."

"What? We had no deal!"

Long silence. "Scott, what the fuck was that at your hotel?"she whispered. "We. Had. A. Deal."

"No, we had consensual sex,"I said. "Not a deal."

"What is your wife going to think when I tell her you fucked me, Scott?"

"My wife asked me to bring back pictures of your little mouth wrapped around my big dick."

Long silence. "You are shitting me. You are reneging? Really? You're welshing? You took the pussy... a-gain. And you're going to run and leave me holding the bag... a-gain? Not even YOU are that big of a douchebag, Scott. I don't believe it."

"Easy," I mumbled. "I'm not saying no. I'm just looking ahead to what's next."

"What's next is that you email me the phone number for your local elementary school and we make arrangements for Ally to start as soon as possible. What's next is you get your fucking car back up here next weekend and I pack it full of Ally's stuff."

"WHAT? Surely you want her to finish out her school year where she is?"

"Scott... Dammit..."

"What's with the fire sale? Why does this have to be right away?"

"So you don't have time to weasel out of it, Scott. I can read you like a comic strip."

Comic strip???

Long story short: One Saturday later I was stuffing Ally's belongings into the back of Caryn's Explorer. More cargo space than my BMW.

I was parked in front of Maxine's little house. Little house. It was four blocks from the home I grew up in and suddenly it seemed like a little house. I'd been fortunate, that's for sure.

"Look," I whispered to Maxine. "This is going to be a rough transition for her. Can you give us a few days before you call to check on her?"

Maxine was crying. "Skip, it's best for... for a lot of reasons if I maintain radio silence for a while."

"I'll bring her back for a visit soon,"I assured her.

"No!" Maxy said, too quickly. "I'll come and see her when I'm ready. When we are ready. I know she's going to make a great new life with you, Scott."

"Would you stop with the 'Scott,' Max? My sperm is still swimming through your bloodstream. You can call me Skip."

Ally pushed through the screen door and slung a Kim Possible backpack over her shoulder. "I think that's it, Mom. I got everything."

Mother and daughter hugged. Maxy started heaving and crying very hard.

The custody transfer papers weren't even drafted (much less signed) and I was driving my new slightly-used daughter home.

I was worried. And I was right to be worried.

Chapter 35 - Breaking Ally Down, Part One

Ally was in the house less than an hour before it all started going to shit.

Ally was impressed with the house as we pulled up the driveway. "Are we rich or somethin'?" she asked.

"I've been in the right place at the right time. We're comfortable," I answered.

Caryn and Dani met us on the front doorstep and took turns hugging Ally and trying to make her feel welcome.

We had one of the empty rooms that we had been using as a library cleared out and a mattress set waiting for Ally. Caryn said we should wait and let Ally have some input on buying her own furniture. Caryn said it would be a bonding experience.

Ally was shocked by the starkness of her new room. We tried to reassure her that furniture was just an afternoon away in the future.

Dani took Ally to see her lavishly appointed room.

"Whoa," said Ally. "Where's your door? Why don't you have a door on your room?"

Dani froze. I was close enough in the hall to hear the conversation. I stuck my head around the frame. "Danielle had a discipline incident a while ago," I said. "She lost her privacy privileges. I told you that I'm a strict dad, remember?"

"What did she do, Scott?"

I took a deep breath. "That's between me and Dani. The point is that I had expectations for Dani and she fought me on them and I won. And that's the last time you call me 'Scott,' honey. It's 'dad' or 'daddy' if you want."

"What if she needs to change clothes? What does she do?"

"She changes clothes," I said. "Dani's not allowed to hide things from me. You aren't either."

"Well I can change my underwear without a parade walking past my room watching me."

I stared Ally down. "You have a door. For now," I said. "Mess with me and that might change."

It took less than two minutes before Ally came storming right back up to me. "There is no door on our bathroom."

"That's right," I said.

"How am I supposed to pee and poop with no door on the bathroom?"

"The same way you pee and poop with a door," I said. "You sit on the toilet."

Actually, in the years that Dani had gone without a bathroom door, I'd watched her bathe maybe two dozen times, having replaced the shower curtain with a clear one so I could see everything and Dani knew she was being watched. But I'd only walked past the bathroom when she was dropping a deuce maybe fewer than five times. Like any prisoner, she'd trained herself to poop everyday at the same time, right when she got home from school when I was still at work. I'm not German. I had no scatalogical ambitions to see my submissive little bitch baking brownies. Every time I caught Dani in the middle of a dump I hooted as I passed by, but that was just for basic humiliation.

"Scott," Ally wagged her little finger at me. "That's just messed up. Put the door back on the bathroom right now!"

"What did I tell you about calling me by my name?"

"Daddy, put the door back on the bathroom right now, Daddy. How's that, Daddy? Is that better Daddy?"

Sigh. I knew that the "breakdown spanking" was inevitable. I just hoped against hope that it would take a couple days or a week before it came to a head.

"Okay," I sighed, "C'mon, Allison." I put my hand on her shoulder. I don't know what she thought was going to happen, but I didn't have any problem guiding her down the hallway and into her room.

"Take your clothes off," I said. "All of them."

I knew she wouldn't. I knew it would be a fight. It was. Not much of one. I stripped her clothes off her easily. I had her naked with her little hands locked over her head in the big grip of my left hand in just a few seconds. Ally was trying to jerk and scream. I sat on her mattress and yanked her ass-up over my lap.

Niiiiice tan little round ass. I thought Dani had a sweet bubble butt, but Ally had a juicy plum cleft for a bottom. Yes.

Oh, how that little bitch fought me. She was almost thirty ass smacks into the spanking before she broke, showing her first loss of spirit. She howled and cried as I gave her fifteen more stingers, alternating between ass cheeks, but she stopped thrashing and stopped trying to scratch my leg. I took the opportunity to pull her cheeks apart and check her pink asshole. Not as pristine as Dani's. She needed a good soaping.

"Whaaaah are you doiiiiiin?" Ally cried.

"I'm taking inventory of what belongs to me," I said. "Turn over."

I stood up and dropped Ally on her back on the mattress. With one hand I parted the cleft of her tiny pussy and examined the shape and color. Average pink. Very meaty for a ten year old. Very meaty for any girl. When I released her mons, her twat folded back into a little tongue line sticking out of the bun of her hairless mons.

Allison had a big, dark red freckle on the top of her right nipple. Half of it was on the aureola and half on the bud of the protruding part of the narp. Straddling the crease. Other than that, Allison had decent skin. I was used to Caryn's pale skin and Dani's alabaster chalk skin. Ally's golden hide looked positively tribal to me. Nice change of pace.

"Kid," It hurt me not to call her 'bitch' but we were still in Hour One. "Kid, I don't know what the fuck went on with you and your mom or you and Dennis, but if you think you are getting over on me, you are fucking with the wrong bull. This is my show. My house. Everything in it belongs to me. That includes you, Kid. You belong to me now. All of you."

"You spank really hard," Ally sobbed.

"You have no fucking idea," I smiled. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Putting my clothes back on."

"No," I said. "Those are my clothes. Leave them right where they are."

"Noooo!" Ally stamped her bare feet on the hardwoods. It made the little pinch of titty fat around her pale nipples jiggle.

"Oh yes."

"How am I going shopping for furniture naked?"

"Well that might be a problem," I said. "So you'll have to go tomorrow, assuming you get with the program and we don't extend this spanking thing into this evening or beyond.

"I'm not going walk around this house all naked by myself all night!"

I nodded. "That's true. You won't be the only one naked. Dani-bitch! Caryn-bitch! Get your asses in here, now!"

My wife and daughter dutifully walked into Ally's bare room and started pulling off their clothes without being told. Ally's eyes bugged.

"Kid, kneel. On your knees. Now. No, over there. No, on the other side of Dani-bitch."

I had all three of them kneeling nude on the hardwoods in front of me. Ally to the left, Dani in the middle and Caryn to my right.

I explained to Ally the bit about them all being equal to me, and that when one girl got in trouble, they all got in trouble. The look on Ally's face was priceless. Raw disbelief and unveiled disgust.

"That said," I drolled, "Caryn-bitch is first among equals. She's my best bitch. You'll see why firsthand soon enough. Dani-bitch is a mostly obedient daughter. So far, she's outranking you. Anyway, who is next over my lap?"

"Me, Daddy." Caryn and Dani in unison.

"That's some good, bitches," I smiled. "Caryn-bitch, you first."

It made an impression on Ally, watching me spank my wife. Dani cried a little when it was her turn over my lap, even though I wasn't unleashing my full swat on her ass.

It was an awkward night. All three bitches worked in the kitchen together, preparing a big dinner meal. All three of them naked. Three terrific asses and one delicious set of knockers.

I did my part to pull back and pretend everything was mostly normal, even though it clearly wasn't normal to Ally.

Caryn and Dani took their turns sitting on my lap and doing "Daddy Time" while we watched TV in the dark, something on cable. I called Ally to my lap. She sat tentatively. I wrapped my big arms around her and cradled her. I kissed her ear warmly. Yeah, I rubbed her round little butt cheek with my hand over and over.

"Relax," I whispered in her ear. "This isn't really prison. You just won the lottery. Just relax. Relax and find your place in this family. Your family. This is your family, Allison. You're my girl. I want you to be my best girl."

Allison's head snapped and she looked me in the eyes suspiciously.

I arched my eyebrows.

"Sorry, Sc-- Dad. It's just..." Ally leaned close and whispered in my ear conspiratorially. "That's what Dennis used to say. 'Best girl.' "

I nodded, even though I didn't understand.

"Sugar," I whispered back in her ear, "Part of being mine means that you have to grow your hair out. Long."

"As long as Dani's?"

"Er, no. Longer. Dani got in a lot of trouble for that haircut. She's growing it back longer."

"Okay. I guess."

"No guessing," I whispered. "Tell me that you are mine. Tell me that you belong to me."

Ally paused and then nodded hesitantly.

"No," I said. "Say it. All of it. Say it out loud."

"I belong to you," Ally whispered so low I could barely hear it.

I nodded. "Good," I said out loud. I paused the movie we were watching. "Bitches," I said to Dani and Caryn beside us on the couch. "Ally-bitch has something she wants to say. Out loud."

Ally blushed.

"No," I said. "Say it. Say it so they can hear you."

"I... I belong to him," Ally stammered quietly.

"Daddy," I corrected. "Say 'I belong to Daddy. Every bit of me.' "

Allison said it for the first time. I kissed her cheek. Dani smiled a 100 watt smile. "Welcome to the family, Sis," Dani laughed.

I unpaused the movie. That was that for a while.

On Sunday my bitches (clothed) went shopping and put a hurt on my credit card. They brought home bags of clothes and housewares for Ally, as well as receipts for furniture that would be delivered later in the week.

Monday I took Ally to Dani's elementary school. That was a clusterfuck. Try enrolling a kid in public school who isn't legally your kid yet. My name wasn't even on the copy of the birth certificate Maxy sent. Maxine had explained the situation to the principal, and had Ally's records transferred, but every step of the registration process was a goat schtup. The release I had for Ally hadn't been notarized. The credentials I had from my lawyer were signed in a different jurisdiction. God.

All I had going for me was State Law that said Ally had to be enrolled in school. The principal estimated that it would take a week or two to work through the legalities and collect everything I needed to satisfy her enrollment checklist.

Between Caryn and I, we didn't have two weeks worth of days off we could take to stay home with Ally. There was no way I was leaving her home alone.

I was walking out of the principal's office in defeat when I had a thought that spun me around and walked me back into the principal's office.

"Hey, isn't there some kind of 'visit from a relative' program where a nephew or a niece can just sit in on classes for a short time when they visit town for a long time?"

"Well yes. We've never used that provision in my years here, but I think we have a policy paper for that."

"You find your policy paper. We'll see you Wednesday morning."

Tuesday afternoon, while we were in the house alone, I told Ally to take a shower. Then I leaned in the doorway and watched her through the clear curtain. She saw me leaning and leering and she froze.

"Get busy," I said. "Soap up. Get that nasty ass of yours squeaky clean. Get the rest of you squeaky clean too."

Ally just stood there, deer-in-the-headlights and trying to cover her nipples wit one hand and a bar of soap.

"Fine," I said. I threw the curtain aside and let the shower splash ricochet into the ceramic surfaces of the bathroom. I pulled the soap out of Ally's hand and ordered her to put her palms flat against the back wall.

I soaped her back into a lather, then skipped to the back of her legs, saving her ass for last. My soapy finger slid between the crack and probed for the divot of her asshole. I found it. I circled it. Ally jerked like a live wire.

"Stop!" Ally said. "Stop, or I'll tell!"

"Tell who?"

"Tell my mom! Tell the cops."

"Well, you might as well have something worthwhile to tell them," I said. I spun Ally toward me by the shoulder and cracked her across her jaw. Dropped her right down into the tub. I grabbed her hair and pulled her back on her feet. I soaped her pre-tits. I pushed the top blade of my hand into her pussy for the first time. That got her crying. I soaped her face and deliberately covered her eyes in foam.

"Rinse off. Dry off. Leave your clothes off, bitch," I said.

Chapter 36 - Breaking Ally Down, Part Two

"Where is it?" Ally said.

"Drop the towel," I answered. "Where is what?"

"My phone."

"You lost phone privileges," I said. "You're not calling anyone.

"I want to call my mom. NOW!"

"Your mom doesn't want to talk to you," I said. "And that tone of yours is going to get your ass in more trouble than you know."

"Screw you, Scott!"

Pow. The back of my hand crossed her temple on its way down past her nose. The towel came off somewhere in her fall to the floor. I picked her up by an ankle and carried her upside down into her room, where I threw her against the wall behind her bed. She bounced back onto the mattress.

I spanked her very hard and for a very long time.

I stood up to find a pretty hard boner in my pants. All my Dom had combined with all of Ally's tears to give Daddy a chubby.

I had to send the delivery truck with Ally's desk away. Couldn't have them in the house with a squalling, naked ten year old.

As soon as Dani walked through the door I kissed her and told her to strip.

Same with Caryn arriving home after work.

Caryn and Dani cooked dinner in silence. The three naked bitches ate in silence.

"Clear the dishes and everybody make sure you pee," I said. "Then get your bitch asses downstairs."

I only had two spanking horses, so after I ran all three bitches past my lap and hand, I had to take turns tying first Dani and then Ally ass-up over the smaller spanking horse. I went easy on Caryn and Dani, but I laid into Ally's ass with The Spankin' Paddle. You could have fried an egg on that bum.

Watching Ally wriggle in the floor afterwards, desperately trying to rub the burn out of her round butt cheeks sparked my cock again. I was awash with the second seriously pedo desire of my lifetime.

It was go-for-broke time.

"Goddammit, you bitches! All that naked ass made my dick hard. With three bitches, there's no reason I should have to abide a cock tease in my own house. Which one of you bitches is going to suck the hard out of my dick?"

"I will, Daddy," Caryn said.

Ally's eyes bulged when I dropped my pants and stepped out of my underwear. My cock was at full mast, pointing at the ceiling. I don't usually drip pre-come until I've been sexed or jacked for a while, but the tip of my cockhead was flipping bubble-filled strings of clear sticky fluid every time my cock throbbed and twitched.

Ally seemed to be watching a car accident scene. She had a look of horror deeply etched in her face. When Dani knelt and started scratching my hairless bag I thought Ally was going to faint.

"What do you think you're doing down there on the floor," I growled to Ally. "This is your punishment. They are cleaning up your mess. The fuck you are just going to lay there in the floor. Get over here."

Ally crawled toward my open right knee.

"Stand up," I said.

Ally nervously came off her knees. I put my palm behind her ass and pulled her into me. "Caryn-bitch has taken responsibility for my hard cock. Dani-bitch has taken responsibility for my tight nuts. All that's left for you is to kiss me. Kiss me, Ally-bitch."

Fucking shock, she did. She kissed me. And she kissed me pretty well. Nice and lippy. My mouth opened and hers followed. My tongue pushed against Ally's tongue. Ally's tongue began to poke and circle mine. It was like she knew exactly what to do.

Pow. I started twitching and waves of come jets fired into Caryn's tight suction.

"Ohhhh, yes," I hissed. I looked down to see Caryn maintaining a weird little underbite and I realized she was holding my come, waiting to see if I wanted her to share it with the girls.

I definitely wanted to see that, but again, it was too much too soon for Ally. We were already over-the-line with an ungroomed stranger in our house.

"Swallow it down, Caryn-bitch."


Ally got a crash course in the "reconciliation ritual." I enjoyed getting my lips on that sweet apple ass for the first time. She sucked my fingers hard when it was her turn, after watching Dani lick my palm and suck my fingers.

Ally was shell shocked, understandably.

I sent the girls upstairs to bed so I could clean up and stow the horses.


I looked up to see Dani standing in the doorway to the basement.

"Yes, honey." (Okay, I just busted a nut under the ministrations of three girls. I didn't have a enough Dom left in me to call her 'bitch.')

"Uhm, I'm worried. About Allison."

"She'll get with the program," I said.

"You think?"

"I think."

"I dunno. I'm not sure I trust her."

I nodded. "I know what you mean. But the house rules are mine to make. It's my call. Just make sure you do your part to protect the family and we'll be fine."

Dani stood there.

"What?" I asked.

"This sounds dumb," Dani shifted between her feet. Her naked skin glowed under the halo of the can light above her head. "But..."

"Say it."

"Now it really sounds dumb."

"Go ahead."

"You know how you call us your bitches?"

I nodded.

"Would it be okay if we... you know, now that there are three of us, if we were like... a coven?"

"Coven? Like witches? Instead of bitches?"

"No, not instead of bitches. Not for you. I mean just when us bitches refer to each other. Like a word for us to use. I looked up the word in the dictionary and coven doesn't have to mean witches. It can just mean 'a secret group or association.'"


"Never mind. I told you it was dumb. I just thought it sounded cool."

"No no, honey. I like it. I don't know why, but you're right. It sounds cool. A coven sounds like a cool club for three kept bitches to belong. I like that a lot. You want to take that idea to your mom and sister?"

"Oh. I guess I could. I just thought it was easier if you... you know..."

"If I made a Daddy rule?"

Dani smiled. "Exactly."

"Done and done," I said. "Where's your mom?"

"Doctoring Allison's butt with A&D. Bonding, I think."

I smirked. Bonding, I think. What a smart kid.



"Am I really your second best bitch?"

"Sure. Why? Is there any doubt?"

"No reason. Just... Well, you were really kissing Allison. It's been a long time since you kissed me like that. You know. With your tongue and stuff."

"Mmmmm," I nodded. "Okay. We just kind of fell into our roles. You're good at scratching my balls now. As good as your mom. Maybe you can teach Allison how you do it, and she can scratch nuts while you kiss me."

"Okay." Dani looked blank. I wasn't sure if I had gotten some cue wrong. "But I still don't trust her." Dani mumbled and went up the stairs.

The following day we avoided all conflict. That's the way it goes. "The Day After" Is always exceptionally normal. Everybody wants it to be normal. Psyches need time to heal just as much as blistered asses.

The day after that Ally went to school for the first time and I was back to work.

The day after that was the last time I saw Maxy. She dressed up for an "expedited" court date in our city. I thought Ally had to be present but I was told not to bring her at all. I saw Kevin for the first time. Thin, but premature in the hair-loss department. He was older than Maxy. In his thirties. He looked older than me, but I don't think he was.

Maxy didn't so much legal-me into Ally's life as she scraped the girl off her shoe on to me totally. I'd thought there would be some visitation for Maxy. Nope. Maxy was going to walk out the door and leave me with the keys to a ten year old attitude factory.

From a pedo-Daddy perspective, this was a bonus.

But... something, some voice in my head knew I wasn't getting the full scope of engineering specs on that little girl. She had a major defect that was being hidden from me. I pulled Weston into a conference room outside our courtroom and told him I wanted to keep the thinnest legal thread I could to keep Maxy from totally divorcing Allison. I had all the power and responsibility, but I wanted an escape clause in the paperwork somewhere. A return policy.

More or less, that's what we got.

That night I walked through the door to the sound of Allison howling in pain. Girlfight?

No. I found her doubled up on the floor of her room.

"How did you do that?" Allison screamed at me.

"Clue? Please?"

"How did you block my mom's number from every phone? EVERY phone in this town! How much did you have to pay to do that?"

Processing. Processing. Oh, fuck.

"We agreed you wouldn't call your mom without my okay," I said.

"I hate you! I hate you!"

I blinked. Oh, shit.

I could have beat some ass, but it was better to let some fires burn out on their own or a Dom will end up beating ass all day.

Ally was still wailing when Caryn walked in the door a few minutes later. Caryn looked at me and arched an eyebrow.

"No, not me this time," I said.

"What's going on?" Caryn unclipped her University access badge from her skirt and tossed it in the wodden bill rack on the foyer table.

"I think Maxine changed her number," I whispered.

"Oh," said Caryn. "Fuck."

"Yeah. Ally thinks I did it. She thinks I blocked her mom under some citywide conspiracy. I guess she tried to call from school or something."

"Ehn. That's scary. I'll talk to her."

"No. Not on this. It's better to let her think I did it."

"Wha? How do you figure?"

"If I can block the telephones in this entire town, how powerful must I be? How far my reach?"

"Oh. Okay. Yeah."

"Besides. My shoulders are broad. Let her hate me."

"Uh, I don't know about that. Honesty might serve you better on this one. At least until she's more integrated into the family."

"Coven," I corrected.


"Coven. You three are a coven."

"Uh... Do I want to know? Is there a blood altar and bat wing soup in our future?"

"No. But Da-- I just like the way it sounds. Now that there are three of you. Refer to yourselves as a coven."

"You're the boss."

"I sure the fuck am," I smiled and patted Caryn's ass.

Chapter 37 - Fun With Child Protective Services

We had a quiet weekend.

The following Tuesday morning my work phone rang. It was Caryn. I knew something was terribly wrong.

"Skip, can you talk?" Caryn was whispering. "Get to a conference room or step outside."

My heart started racing. I ducked into a conference room and pushed the door shut. "What is it?"

"That little bitch told one of her teachers that you molested her. A case agent for Child Protective Services just came by my office. He's interviewing Dani and Allison at their school right now, he's got a cop with him."

"Ohhhhhhh fffffff-f-f-f-f-f-fuuuuuuuu....."

"He wants to meet you at the house at one o'clock. Wants to walk through with the cop."

I took a deep breath. "Okay," I said. "Don't panic. We'll play the cards we're dealt."

"I'm worried," she whispered.

"Yeah. I'll protect you."

I hung up and went into the bathroom and puked my guts out.

One o'clock. Sitting on the stairs in the foyer, staring at the front door. Listening for a car.

One thirty.



Three thirty. The school bus came and went without my daughters getting off. Ominous indeed.

Three timid knocks.

I opened the door. The caseworker was old. Sixty-five, seventy kind of old. His suit was rumpled. His tie was hopelessly out of date. He was short and bald. Black.

He pronounced my last name correctly, making it into a question. That frightened me. No stranger ever gets my four-syllable Slavic last name correctly. Nobody.

I nodded.

"You know why I'm here?"

I nodded. I looked behind the man to his Ford Taurus parked at the curb. No signs of a cop or a cop car.

"I'd like to come in."

"Okay," I shrugged.

"Nice house."

"Thank you."

I walked him into the kitchen and we sat at the table.

"Sorry I'm late," the agent said. "But there was a boatload of crap to unpack in this case, and ten Gordian knots to unravel. I guess I should start at the beginning. This all started with a hotline call. I'm not at liberty to tell you who made that call, but you and I are going to break more than one rule today, so we might as well cut through the formalities. Apparently Allison Guillini approached her teacher, Mrs. Waites, yesterday after school and told her a lot of details about her life in your household. The nature of those details required Mrs. Waites to contact the police and the Child Services Hotline."

I'm a hothead. It was all I could do to keep a poker face.

"I was assigned the case and I interviewed both your daughters at their school today," the agent said.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"We're getting to that. There's kind of a template for how you and I do this, so just bear with me. Anyway, I interviewed Allison first and she told a pretty disturbing account of..." The caseworker flipped open a notebook. "Er... here it is. Spanking. Spanking with a paddle. Slapping. Beating. Forced nudity. Uh... She claims that your wife fellated you while she was forced to watch and while your other daughter Dani massaged your genitals. There's some more, but that's the thumbnail."

The agent looked me in the eyes, measuring me. I gave him nothing. "Was that a question or a statement?" I asked.

The agent held up his hand in a stop sign. "So," the agent continued. "When I interviewed Danielle, she told a different story completely. Danielle denied that any Allison's account actually transpired."

"Because it didn't," I said.

The agent held up his palm to shush me again. "Danielle also went on to say that Allison had confided in her that Allison doesn't like you very much and she didn't want to come live with you. Apparently you've only recently reconnected with Allison, correct?"

"True." I sighed. I assumed Danielle's account was true.

"And," the agent continued, "Danielle said that Allison confided in her that she was going to make up a story about you and get you arrested so that she could go back and live with her mom."

I blinked rapidly. The agent's words took a second to sink in. Dani had covered for me. Perfectly. Brilliantly.


"Yes," said the agent. "But hang on. This gets better. All the Child Service divisions in the state share the same database. Now if it's a state-to-state matter, we suck. We can really drop a ball. But if it's different bureaus within the state, we can track the same kid pretty well. There's a slight delay between when we open the case in our system and when it cross-references any matches. I was already at the girls' school when the alert came in that Allison already had a case file. That's why I'm late. I ran back by the office to grab Allison's other file and it took almost two hours to spool off the fax machine."

I shook my head. "I have no idea what you are telling me. Another file?"

"You had a court hearing? To transfer parental rights?"


"In which jurisdiction? [my hometown] or here?"


The agent smirked and nodded. "Yup. There was a reason for that. Uh, most of this kind of information is classified for privacy, but I'm unclassifying it. If your ex-wife wants to sue me, she can sue me."

"We were never married," I said.

"That's right. That's right. I read that. Sorry. There was a lot of history to get through in a short time. Bear with me. Anyhow, Allison Guillini made several sexual abuse claims about her step father, Kevin Zimmerman."


"Mr. Zimmerman denied the allegations, but the judge in [my home town] ruled against him. Guilty. He was put on probation, but the terms required him to vacate the family home. He couldn't be in his house when Allison was home. Apparently he was living in a motel."

All the dominoes in my brain finally lined up. They began to fall into one another with a satisfying zipper sound.

"So," the agent said, "Maxine Zimmerman had to chose between her husband and her child."

"Holy shit," I said. "Holy shit. I had no idea."

The agent nodded. "My day just got a lot more complicated. Now I have to wade into some old business in [my hometown]. But the first step is to just go ahead and clear the current investigation involving you."

The agent asked me fifteen or twenty questions about how I disciplined Dani and Allison. I lied about almost all of them. I admitted to spanking Dani a couple of times when she was little. Said I felt bad and that there probably was a better way to have handled a frustrating situation. Tried to keep a straight face while I piled on the whoppers.

"Nothing adds up here," the agent said. "Nothing but the obvious, I'm afraid. Do you have a computer in your home? Does Allison have access to it? Have you seen her using it? You may not know this, but there is an inordinate amount of pornographic material that is readily available through various Internet distribution sites."

Noooooo! Really?

The agent continued. "Allison's mother said in the other report that Allison had been caught accessing pornographic materials and that was her mother's explanation for where some of Allison's story derived."

"I... I... I guess that's a possibility," I said. "I don't hover over her every time she gets on the computer. Now that you mention it... Allison has been on the computer almost every night." Complete lie.

The agent nodded. "They make some specialty software for blocking pornographic sites. I can send you some recommendations, if you want."

"Please!" Yeah. Right.

The agent nodded again. "I suppose my first clue that Allison wasn't telling the truth is when I asked her to describe your penis. That's a standard question we have to ask when there has been an accusation of sexual molestation or exposure." The agent held up both of his palms eighteen inches apart to mimic Allison's answer.

I laughed out loud. "If only!"

"My thought exactly," said the agent, smiling a little for the first time. "That's what made me strongly suspect that this was some kind of regurgitation of something Allison had seen in pornography."

"Oh shit," I shook my head.

"Well," said the agent. "This is the part where I usually do the walkthrough of the home environment with you, but I've got a lot of writing to do on this case. What I'm going to do first is call Mrs. Waites and let her in on what's going on. Get your reputation back with everyone at the elementary school. Then I'm going to flag Allison's file so if there are any further incidents or reports, I can troubleshoot a hotline call before it escalates into another international incident."

"I'd really appreciate that."

"And of course, I'll have to work on trying to see if there is some way to clear Mr. Zimmerman, but I won't need any involvement from you for that."

"Lemmeknow if I can help," I said.

The agent looked me dead in the eyes. "This isn't over for you. Girls Allison's age who make false accusations tend to do it as a pattern of behavior. You're going to have a lot of heartache in your future, I'm afraid. All I can do is try and clean it up before it gets out of control. I'm afraid there are no guarantees. If you can, have your wife present with you any time you discipline Allison, it may be a good idea."

"No problem. Jeez," I mumbled. "I should have known Allison's mother was up to something."

"She was just trying to protect her marriage. You're not a sap. You're a dad. Being a dad is going to be a tough job until Allison works through this phase she's in. I'm going to suggest that you get her into counseling. I'll send you some recommendations if you want."

"That would be great." No fucking way.

"Okay. I'm out of here. Your daughters were being kept in the school counselor's office with one another Child Services Agent and the guidance counselor. I'll make the call and they'll be dropped off within the next thirty minutes. Try not to immediately unload everything onto Allison when she arrives. I encourage you to find whatever patience you've got within you and help her work through this kind of unacceptable and damaging behavior. Talk to her. Make her understand. Just be patient with her."

Pfffffffffttttttt!!!! I was planning to rip that little bitch in half the moment Child Services drove away.

"Of course," I said. "Of course."

"Oh," said the agent. "I really should check the basement, at least. Allison had a very detailed description of some sort of wooden bondage apparatus. It was unusually detailed. Would you mind?"

"Not at all," I smiled.

Chapter 38 - Payback, Part One

The girls arrived as Caryn was pulling into the driveway. She had to wait until the Child Services agent backed out in order to get to her side of the garage. I smiled and let the girls into the house and waved at the agent.

Before I killed Allison, I walked Caryn up to our room to debrief her in private about everything that had gone down.

As we walked the upstairs hall toward our room, Caryn said, "Oh, you put the doors back on."

"Yeah. Of course. Why?"

"I made up some bullshit story about how two of the doors didn't match the others when we bought the house, and how they were custom orders and we were waiting for them to arrive from the factory."

"Why didn't you tell me you said that?"

"I forgot. I dunno. That was the last thing on my mind."

"If the agent had toured the upstairs, you realize we would have been busted?" I asked.

"As if we weren't?"

"We weren't," I assured her, pushing her into our bedroom where I whispered the entire story to her.

Caryn's jaw dropped. "You're kidding? You're kidding? You are shitting me?" Caryn interjected.

"Skip," Caryn shook her head in disbelief, "I've always said that -- more than anyone I've ever met in my life -- you can slip in dog shit and land in the daisies every fucking time."

"Definitely dodged a bullet."

"More than that," Caryn said. "You just got a big green light to do whatever you want to that little cunt and nobody's going to believe a word of it."

"Uh..." I thought about this. Caryn was right. I'd missed the bigger picture. I wasn't just out-of-danger. I was bulletproof. I could discipline or molest Allison all I wanted and there wasn't really a damn thing she could do about it. Nobody was going to believe a word she said. I'd merely have to be extra careful about bruising her. I could do that.

"I guess I should get naked," Caryn said. "No chance you are going to wait until after dinner to beat our asses. Dammit. I'm hungry too. I couldn't bring myself to eat all day."

I took a deep breath. "No," I said. "I'm going to let this ride. I'm just going to ignore her - absolutely ignore her. For a week. The girls are home on Spring Break next week. I'm going to take some personal days and stay home and make that the longest week of Allison's miserable life."

"Sorry I won't be home to see it," Caryn grumbled.

"You'll see plenty of it," I nodded. "Plenty."

Chapter 39 - Payback, Part Two

Tip from a Groomer #472: Never underestimate the power of a good shun. A little shun isn't going to work. A little ignore is what a molested kid wants most. I'm talking about a double-barreled, passive-aggressive, unnerving, Amish-quality SHUN.

I didn't say a word to Allison for six days. Caryn didn't either. Dani went almost three days without a single utterance, and then kept her frosters on full-blast in spite of what little conversating had to be done with Ally in the course of a day.

We didn't invite Allison to meals, although she showed up late to every table gathering. We talked, but we talked around her. I could not have been more effusively in love with Dani. I told her I'd take her to Best Buy and finally buy her her own computer. I even upped the offer and suggested maybe she wanted a laptop. (This was a few years ago when laptops were twice the cost of a desktop unit.)

We didn't even make eye contact with Allison. I could see Ally's big brown doe eyes darting nervously between looking at us and looking down at her plate. I watched her get evermore insecure and begin unravelling.

On Friday I arrived home from work and walked to my room past Ally howling behind her door. I kept walking. I ducked into my walk-in closet and started changing from my work clothes into casual wear. I turned around to see Dani standing in the doorway wearing her little cream-and-blue cheerleading outfit. God damn, that kid was beautiful.

"Hey Daddy," she said.

"You better knock, honey," I smiled. "You might walk in on me naked."

"Oh that'd be a shock," Dani smirked. "You hear Allison?"

"I hear. I just don't care."

"You going to send her back to her mom's?"

"Oh, Sweetie, if it were that simple I would have already done it. Why, is that what she's crying about? She homesick?"

"No. Just mad."

"Boo-hoo," I said. I had no reason to change my underwear, but I did anyway, stripping off my boxers and letting my schlong thicken and flop against my thigh. Half shock value, half mind game. I took my time, pretending like I couldn't find the right pair of new underwear in the drawer.

"Mrs. Waites is giving her the silent treatment too," Dani said. I glanced over to see that her eyes were locked on my ass. Finally some signs that she was starting to develop her own sexual sense-of-self.

"Good," I said. I scratched my balls dramatically. "Gah, my nuts are itching like crazy," I said. "C'mere and scratch my sack."

"Clothes on or off?" Dani asked.

"Oh, leave them on," I said. "That cheerleading skirt is killing me."

Dani smiled. "You're such a perv, Daddy." She walked to me deeper in the closet. "On my knees?"

"Naw, just hurry up and scr-- OH SHIT, yeahyeahyeah. That's it. God demn. That's the ticket. More on the front. Lower. More in the middle- theretherethere! Shityeah. That's great. Don't stop."

Dani's sculpted little nail tips darted and danced all over my hairless balls. I could feel the hairs in my ears stand up when the electricity started washing over my skin.

"Allison, thinks you are some kind of rich, connected kingpin or something," Dani said. Her conversation was matter-of-fact while the fingers on her left hand played me like a fiddle. "She's following me around the bus, all upset."

"Oh those fingers of yours make me feel like a king," I said.

"Daddy, I'm still mad at Allison, but she is feeling really bad about everything."

"Oooo, ooooh, yeah," I twitched at the swirling waves of chicken skin rippling up my torso and down my arms and legs. "So your sister is feeling bad that she tried to break up the family and send me to jail, huh? That's good to know."

"I did everything I could to protect the family, Daddy."

"Oh Sugar, you sure did. You did great." I leaned down and kissed Dani on the forehead. She looked up and puckered and I kissed her on the lips. Her kissback was unusually soft. I kissed again. Dani's mouth opened and her tongue popped out. I tongued her long, pink aardvark tongue.

My cock started lifting to a full erection, dragging across the hem of Dani's cheerleading top on its way to rock hard.

Much to my surprise, Dani let go of my nuts and grabbed her warm, soft, little hand under the head of my pecker and began to tug upwards, dragging her little thumb across the sticky face.

I don't know what got into her. Maybe it was the fresh meat competition now in her house. Something had sparked in Dani. I don't think she was slutty and horny at eight and a half. I think she just started to "get it" that Daddy was another chore that all the girls of the house were responsible for looking after.

There we were. Dani clothed in her uniform. Me buck ass naked. Both of us standing in the middle of a walk-in closet. Tongue-whipping each other's mouths while Dani's tiny hand pulled pre-come from the tip of my cock with hard little shicka-shicka-shicka jerk strokes.

"Oh boy," Caryn's voice made us both jump. "I shouldn't be surprised, should I?"

"Don't stop," I said to Dani. "Jack. Jack my cock."

Dani's hand went back into motion. The wet drumbeat of my meatus flapping open and closed resumed. Dani looked suspiciously at the unhappy expression of her mother.

"Dani-bitch was just debriefing me," I said.

Caryn arched an eyebrow. "Literally, it would appear."

"Our uninvited guest is not happy."

"I heard. Neither am I. You are naked in our room with my eight year old daughter's hand wrapped around your hard cock, kissing like newlyweds."

"Watch your tone," I said in a deep voice. "Your coven sister is merely doing her job."

Caryn was still perturbed, but she tried not to show it. "Can I at least help?" She stepped in and kissed me.

"I dunno," I said. "Do you have a cheerleading outfit?"

Caryn huffed. "I'm totally going to have to get one," she said. "Dani-bitch looks fucking adorable."

"Agreed," I said.

I kissed Dani one more time and then sent her away. Small steps. For both molested daughter and reluctant mother, small steps.

Caryn tried to get me to go out and lay on the bed, but I kept her right where she was, standing in the closet. I didn't let her drop to her knees. I just made her finish Dani's tugjob until I spurted ropes of semen all over her three-hundred dollar Merino wool skirt and suit jacket. I ruined it.

Caryn changed into her jeans and casual wear for the evening, but she was still huffy about having walked in on Dani and me. "Skip," she hissed. "Really? Can't you wait a little longer? Dani's too young for cock work."

I nodded. "Yup. You'd think. But she's the one who initiated with me."

"An eight year old ripped the clothes off a thirty-two year old man? Really?"

"She walked in on me changing," I said.

"Well, can't you just use the other little bitch in there and leave Dani alone for a while?"

I put a finger in Caryn's chest. "Not another word. You don't second guess my authority. Do you need a little more time riding the roof to figure that out?"

"No, Daddy." Caryn's eyes dropped. Then the subject dropped as well.

Of course, Caryn was right. I could do any damn thing I wanted to any of the bitches in my coven, but Dani was too young for sexing her dad. Allison was also too young at ten, says a rational person and me in rational moments.

Unfortunately for Allison, someone had already broken that little bitch before I came along.

I think.

Either Allison cried wolf the first time with Kevin and ended up moving into the biggest baddest wolf's forest... Or she was the unluckiest little bitch on the planet to find herself running from one pedo into the arms of a six-foot four pedo sadist with virtually no checks or accountability on him.

Out of the frying pan. Into the volcano.

I was certainly going to have some probing questions for her when she spent her Spring Break week chained in the basement, running a circuit between the spanking horse and the doghouse. I also had the balance of a week to add a new punishment to my dungeon.

Chapter 40 - Payback, Part Three

Monday morning I slept late. Caryn pulled a pillow off my face to kiss me goodbye before she left for work.

I heard the girls moving through the house, pouring breakfast out of a box and watching television. I kept falling back asleep as many times as I could.

I finally rolled out of bed around ten. I booted my work laptop and checked my email for any hot missives. Nothing impressive required my attention.

I stumbled down past Dani and Ally on opposite ends of the couch watching Oprah. Or maybe it was Sally or Ricki. Can't remember. I poured a cup of coffee and walked it back upstairs. I sipped coffee and pissed an eternally long morning piss at the same time.

I strapped on my running shorts and shoes and headed out the door. I broke a good sweat on my surface. I was used to running early as the sun came up. It was kinda weird to see the weekday late-morning street world of moms and strollers and old people walking dogs.

I arrived back at the house, showered, dressed without underwear and walked back toward the basement. Without a word of warning, I walked by the couch for the fifth time that morning, and that time my hand shot out and grabbed Ally by the hair. It scared the shit out of her. I pulled her up and over the back of the couch and into the floor, nearly face first.

Ally began screaming and flailing. Dani's eyes were big and followed us as I dragged Allison by the hair toward the basement steps. I obviously scared her as well. Ally's feet scrambled underneath the dragging before I could clunk her against every riser of the staircase on the way down.

I locked her on her knees into the stocks part of the spanking horse. That allowed me to rip her clothes off her. She was still wearing pajamas, so those came apart like cotton candy. Great effect.

I managed to put a cut on Ally's hip when I ripped off her panties. The back elastic didn't want to break right away. Poor kid. As if it wasn't bad enough what I was already going to do to that ass without me blistering an open cut in the process.

I picked up my brand new leather horse crop and whipped it back and forth through the air, delighting in the slicing fwipt! sound.

I momentarily considered muffling Dani's high-pitched screams with a ball gag.

Nah. This was going to be music to my ears. So I thought.

I started with switching blister stripes across Ally's little chest. I aimed for the pale flat nipples, trying to bullseye on that little freckle dot that pulled my focus. The results were hit and miss. (Ha!) Oh, she screamed bloody murder. She had a really high pitched, teeth tingling scream that made my eyes hurt after a few minutes.

After her tits, I whipped the fuck out of her trussed hands sticking up through the stocks. She tried to jerk them away, but she ended up rotating them around so I could whip every bit of them blister-raw.

My cock was not steel, but it was pretty thick by that point. I dropped the front of my sweats and let my prick flop out and bob in Ally's crying face. I looked over to see Dani sitting on the basement stairs and watching.

"You sure you want to see this, Sugar?" I asked Dani.

Dani nodded.

I grabbed my cock at the base and cockwhipped right across Ally's jaw. Then back. My cock grew and thickend and I just rocked Ally's terrified face that much harder over and over. Cockswats are great. They sound great. They don't bruise. They humiliate. The trouble is getting a bitch to hold still while you get good contact on their face.

Ally had no choice, locked into her stocks. She'd turn her face one way and I'd cockwhip her open cheek. She'd instinctively turn the other and I'd put it hot and hard on the opposite cheek meat.

I skipped The Spankin' Paddle and rolled out the doghouse. Ally had never seen the doghouse. I unlocked her from the stocks and pushed her face down in the carpet and kneeled on her neck while I bound her hands behind her back with a leather strap. I slipped Dani's dog collar on Ally.

"Hey," Dani said from her gallery seat on the stairs. "That's mine!"

"Not any more, Honey," I said. "You look good in a black collar, but with that dark hair of yours and your skin, I think you'd look better in a red collar."

"Have you got it? Can I see it?"

"Daddy's a little busy right now punishing a treacherous little Ally-bitch, Honey." I lifted Ally and plopped Ally's bare twat onto the sandpaper point of the doghouse. I made sure that her mons was pushed open by her weight and that her pink was rubbing down into the gritty point.

I never worried about Caryn or Dani trying to climb off the doghouse. They feared me too much to try. I wasn't so sure about Ally. I'd attached some tethers on each side of the bottom of the doghouse. I wrapped them around each of Ally's ankles. There was plenty of slack for Ally to wiggle around and burn her twat but not enough slack that she could dismount the roof if she wanted to.

Wow, the screaming was too much. I didn't even grease Ally's knees. I wanted the slow burn. Though she was short, the little bitch had enough hips and body mass that she wasn't going to ride the roof nearly as well as Dani could. Ally couldn't stay up on her knees for more than a few seconds. Her knees kept sliding back down the sides of the roof. There was too much weight with too low a center of gravity, but she kept climbing her knees back up and sliding right back down on the sandy point.

I stuffed Dani's smaller ball gag into Ally's mouth and cinched the buckle behind her head. Ally was a little older than Dani, but her mouth was teeny like Maxi's. Even the smaller ball gag stretched out Ally's jaw. I had to stuff it hard to get it past her teeth. My cock was going to get scraped up a lot when it went in that bitch's mouth. For sure.

I stepped back to watch her moan and writhe in pain. Her little tan face swiveled around her neck. Her butt pistoned up and down as her knees pushed into the ceramic surface. The tiny nostrils on her little upturned button nose flared and collapsed over and over. Ally's eyes were big white saucers with a marbled brown olive in the middle. Panic.

"Whatdya think?" I asked Dani.

"Wow," Dani said. She walked off the stairs and circled around the doghouse watching her coven sister thrash and squeak her knees up and down the ceramic slate. "Is that what mom and I look like when we ride the roof?"

"More or less." I picked up my coffee cup and slurped it. Tepid. Damn.

"You didn't put the slippery stuff on her knees," Dani said.

"Think I should?"

Dani shrugged.

"You wanna grease her knees? You can," I said. "That bitch tried to take your dad away from you. She tried to leave this coven bankrupt and without a breadwinner. If Ally-bitch had her way, you'd all be moving into a one-room apartment that Caryn-bitch could afford on her little salary. No more nice clothes. No more nice furniture. No more gymnastic lessons or dance lessons or cheerleading. No more computers or nice toys. All because that little cunt there, riding the roof, she couldn't keep coven business to herself."

Dani tilted her head and looked blankly into Ally's pleading eyes. "Can't you just send her back?"

"No," I sighed. "I really can't. Her mom doesn't want her. The coven wanted her, but she thought she was too good for Daddy's coven or Daddy's rules. But what I can do is send her mouthy ass to a military school for girls. Send her out of state to some place where some big niggers can beat the holy fuck out of her every morning and stick their dicks in her every night."

Of course I was really talking to Ally at that point.

I continued, "Ally-bitch will get her ass beaten just as much and will take men's cocks just as much, but she won't have to live in this awful big house with all those awful new clothes and awful cable TV and an awful new car when she turns sixteen."

"Can I see my new collar now?"

Dani didn't give a shit about my mind games. She wanted to see a collar I didn't have.

"I don't have it yet," I sighed impatiently. "I've got to order it through a web site. You can't find collars in a little girl's size at a sex shop."

"Can I pick it out?" Dani said excitedly as we walked up the stairs.

"Of course not," I said. "But you can sit on my lap while I look through the catalog."

Ally was screaming so loud through her gag that I had to close the door to the basement so we could hear the television.

I had a BDSM catalog I'd received along with my mail order for the crop, even though I bought the crop through the web site. Somebody was still printing catalogs in 1998. Dani sat on the bulge in my cargo shorts while I paged through it, looking at fancy submissive collars.

"What's that?" Dani pointed to a page.

"Uhm. That's a tit press."

"Wow! Mom would look great in that with her big boobs."

Being an engineer, my eyes went to the dimensions. "Er. That unit is damn near bigger than your mom. It would be more of a 'bitch press' than a 'tit press'."

"You could build one of those," Dani said matter-of-factly.

"I'm sure I could," I said.

"But it's more fun to wait for stuff to arrive in the mail," Dani said.

"I agree. Anticipation."

"I could help you build it. The boob press."

"Tit press," I corrected. "Don't use euphemisms. Say what you mean and mean what you say."

Dani nodded. "Tit press. Mom would love it."

I laughed. "You think? You're kinda free with your mom's pain threshold, aren't you, Doll? Especially when it's a torture device that I couldn't use on you."

"Well pick something out for me too," Dani said. "OH! Look at that!"

Dani eagerly pointed at a plain, four legged stool that had a removable dildo mounted in the middle of the seat.

"For you?" I asked.


"Honey, if somebody in this house is going to claim the cherry on my pussy, it isn't going to be a rubber weiner."

Dani blinked blankly. "Oh."

"What?" I asked. "You want a me to buy you a dildo to rub on my pussy?"

Dani shook her head. "No. I didn't... I wanted... I thought the thing on the stool would go into my butt."

"Oh," I nodded. "Well, I guess maybe it does that too. I wasn't thinking like that. I guess maybe it would work for both pussy and ass." I examined the picture. "Oh I could make one of those, easy," I muttered.

"Daddy," Dani smirked. "If you made it, it'd have spikes on the weiner and it would spin and make electric shocks."

"You calling me a sadist?"

"I don't know what that means." Dani turned the page on the bondage catalog impatiently.

"You kind of do, kid," I said. "You kind of do."

I thought about that catalog conversation many times afterwards. It was my first real hint that Dani was an ass-fixated girl. I should have put two and two together sooner, but I wasn't much of a butt fucker at the time. I missed the clue.

Chapter 41 - Payback, Part Four

At two in the afternoon I went back downstairs. Ally's drool was everywhere down her front. Her chest was coated in it. Her legs were coated in it. She'd obviously tried to intentionally cascade spittle on to her burning twat for relief. She didn't ruin the tough grit paper, but she sure changed the color of it.

There was also a pretty thick flow of snot from that little button nose. Guh.

Her screams had exhausted and she was left with a low, pitiful "Huhnnnn uhnnnnn hunnnnnn" bleat of misery.

I unstrapped Ally's legs and lifted her off the doghouse. Her little cunt lips were swollen to the size of a pink softball.

I left her gag in and her hands tied behind her back as she rolled around on the carpet. I didn't expect to like that part, but it was fast becoming one of my signature staples of the punishment rituals.

Bitches learn that if you want something from a man, the best time to ask is in the afterglow of sex. If a Dom wants something from his submissives, the roll-on-the-floor recovery time is a good time to get through their thick skull. You don't get much behavior modification from the actual ass beating. They are too wrapped up in pain and self-preservation. You get the behavior modification from the recovery time.

"So, did you ever do the math? On your age and your mom's age?" I asked, sitting in my padded King chair. "You figure out how old your mom was when I knocked her up and brought your worthless ass into this world?"

Ally continued to cry, but she nodded.

"Not much older than you," I said.

Ally nodded slowly. Her wet hissing around the red ball in her mouth slowed.

"She probably didn't bother to tell you that there was another girl sucking and fucking me alongside her when I fucked you into this world."

Ally's eyes darted up at mine.

"Yep. Your mom sucked my cock with another girl. The other girl stuck my cock in your mom's pussy and worked it around until she was all slutty and ready to fuck. Your mom was a little tramp, Allison Guillini. A little roundheels slut whore. But she knew her place. She worked so hard for my come. She did. As a matter of fact, she worked pretty hard for it about three weeks ago in my hotel room, too."

Ally's eyes attempted to measure my honesty. She cringed as though I slapped her.

"Uh huh. It's true. Same old Maxine. I told her what I wanted and she stripped off her clothes and was happy to give me anything my twisted heart desired, just the way I wanted it. In that respect, your mom was a much better girl to me than you are."

Allison tried to talk around her gag. I couldn't understand her. I leaned down and unbuckled the straps. Usually a girl can spit out a ball gag after the strap is undone. Ally couldn't. It was too big in her mouth. I reached down again and tugged the strap until the ball popped out.

"I'm sorry," Ally gurgled in sobs. "I'm sorry. Please stop. Let me go. I won't say anything else to anyone."

"I don't give a fuck," I shrugged. "Go ahead. You told your teacher and what exactly happened? Which one of us got hurt? Fuck, don't stop now, Ally-bitch. Tell someone else so I can have a reason to beat your traitorous bitch-ass every day."

"I'm sorry. I'll suck your penis. That's what you want, right? Just please, no more hurting me."

"You'll suck my penis, huh?"

"I- I- I'll try. I don't know if I can. I think it's too big to fit in my mouth."

"My mouth," I corrected. "Or this mouth. It's not your mouth bitch. For the time being, you belong to me. Every bit of you"

"Yes, I think your penis is too big for this mouth, Daddy."

"It wouldn't be the first dick between those teeth, would it, bitch?"

Ally shook her head no.

"Dennis fuck that mouth, bitch?"

Ally nodded yes.

"How many times?"

"Five. Please can you untie me? My arms and shoulders hurt so bad. Please, Daddy?"

"Not yet," I said. "Did Dennis pump his come into that bitch mouth when you sucked him?"


"How many times?"

"I don't remember."

"Bullshit. I'm sure you told the Child Services agent every detail."

Ally shook her head no. "The lady never asked that."

"Well I did. If I have to ask again, I'll be punctuating my sentences with the crop," I said.

"Once," Ally blurted. "Only once."

"Did Dennis's come taste good, bitch? You like your step daddy's spunk?"

Ally shook her head. "No," she sobbed.

"That's not a very nice thing to say about your step daddy." I shook my head in disgust.

"I know. But Dani told me that I should never lie to you," Ally said.

"You should listen to her." I wagged my finger. "It's always worse if you lie."

"My shoulders and neck hurt so bad, Daddy. Can you please untie me?"

I clucked my tongue. "Whose shoulders? Whose neck?"

"Yours, Daddy! Your shoulders and your neck! I'm sorry. Please untie me, Daddy."

"Too late, bitch." I stood up. "Too late. Can't let that go twice in a row."

"No, Daddy! Please! Please!"

I grabbed Ally's ankle and dragged her a couple yards across the carpet. The spreader bar attached to the chain lift had been tucked away from view in a little cove in the ceiling. It was originally the housing for an automated projection screen, the kind that drops down in a boardroom when you press a button, but I'd re-engineered it. The up and down was controlled by a three position light switch on the wall. I pressed the toggle down and the spreader bar dropped out of nowhere.

The original plan had been to lift the girls by their wrists, a little callback to Caryn's childhood. There were two anchors bolts to tie ankles to the floor (or -in my case- low on the opposing walls) for a good stretch. But I thought I was doing Ally a favor when I fastened both of her ankles to the loops at both ends of the spreader bar.

I thought lifting her upside down was an act of mercy.

I've since learned it was anything but merciful. An inverted Y bondage lift hurts a lot worse than a regular X-shaped lift, and the regular lift hurts a lot. Doms can do a lot of permanent damage with a power lift, if we aren't careful.

I lifted Ally towards the ceiling until her back slid across the carpet and her feet headed toward the high ceiling of my basement. Once her shoulders lifted off the carpet she started crying hard again.

Ally was so small, I couldn't resist the urge to really get her high up, until the spreader bar was in danger of scraping the ceiling if Ally rocked any from side to side.

I walked up to her and got a good look at her wide-open and swollen raw pussy meat. Her little fuckhole was pulled wide by the leg stretch. I sucked my index finger wet and pushed right into the dark divot.

My finger stopped at her hymen. Oops. Figured Dennis would have cleared that out of the way for me.

Of course, Ally screamed that much louder.

I stepped back and spanked downward on Ally's swollen pink folds. It made a lovely wet snapping noise. I spanked and spanked, and then I spanked that pussy some more.

"So Dennis never fucked my pussy?" I tilted my head toward Ally's inverted noggin.

"My butt," Ally cried. "He sexed my butt."

Jesus! What was it with the buttfucking today? It was a theme. All my bitches were either getting fucked in the ass or wanted a dildo in their ass! Criminy!

I sat back in my King chair and watched Ally's upsidedown struggle until her face went from bright red to almost purple. She looked like she was going to pass out. I lowered her to the floor and watched her cry for ten minutes until the color went normal in her cheeks and then I lifted her again. And again. And again. Rinse and repeat.

I yo-yoed her until I smelled food cooking and realized Dani had dinner on the stove. I checked my watch. Caryn was due home any minute.

I lowered Ally for the last time and unhooked her from the spreader bar, which I sent back up into its perfect hiding place. I finally untied Ally's arms from behind her back.

Unfortunately for Ally, I replaced the leather strap with the smallest bondage cuffs I could find for her wrists and ankles. I strapped them on, and ran a short X of thin chain between her wrists and ankles, keeping her locked into an all-fours bitch posture. I had a nice leather leash I'd bought at Pet City and I clipped it to her dog collar.

We walked in circles on the downstairs carpet for a few minutes. Well... I walked. She crawled on all-fours. I'd snap the leash to get her moving and snap it again to get her to heel against my left calf.

I headed up the stairs with my bitch in tow. Not so easy for her, but too bad.

Ally looked like somebody had dragged her through a keyhole backwards. Her hair was a fright wig. She was one big purple blotch from her face to her knees. She kept telling me that she had to pee really bad and I kept ignoring her. The hardwood floors were killing her knees.

I walked her to the downstairs bathroom. We crossed Caryn coming home from work in the front hallway.

"Holy shit!" Caryn said. "You fucked that bitch up!"

"Just getting warmed up," I mumbled, stopping to kiss Caryn.

"Good," sneered Caryn. "After what that bitch tried to do to our family."

"Hey!" I turned on Caryn with a pointed finger. "I handle the punishments. You shut the fuck up about my bitch and your coven sister, do you understand?"

Caryn was taken aback.

"You want what she got?" I asked.

"N-no, Daddy," Caryn whispered.

"Watch your mouth. Your coven sister is going to deal with me. It could just as easily be you. Don't talk to her like she's any worse than you, because you two are equals in the coven. Are we clear?"

"Y-yes, Daddy."

"Get in there and help Dani-bitch make supper."

"Yes, Daddy."

I looked down at Ally-bitch at the end of the leash, looking back at me from all fours.

"Thank you, Daddy," she whispered.

I snapped the leash and we were moving again. The carpeted steps to the second floor were a little easier on her crawling posture.

Ally had to awkwardly mount the toilet backwards, the only option with her narrowly chained appendages. I told her that if I saw the bottom of her feet touch wood or carpet, we were going right back down to the dungeon. She understood.

She peed. When the piss came through her swollen twat, she cried again.

She looked back at me. "I have to... poop."

Dammit. "Okay. Poop."

She did. I had to clean her up. I lifted her back off the toilet and she clomped her knees across the tile and then the hardwoods, down the stairs (very tricky to crawl down stairs headfirst) and back to the kitchen. Dani was dishing Hamburger Helper onto four plates. I pulled a bowl out of the cabinet and tilted the noodles and beef on one of the plates into a slide.

Three of us sat at the dinner table.

Ally ate out of the bowl I sat on the floor. With just her mouth. Like a dog.

"Caryn-bitch," I said. "You're sleeping in Ally-bitch's bed tonight. Probably tomorrow too. Maybe Wednesday. She's not leaving my sight for a while."

Caryn looked hurt. She nodded.

We watched television that night as a family. Caryn and Dani did their required Daddy-time sitting on my left leg while Ally straddled my right leg all night. My right hand never stopped squeezing Ally's sore ass cheeks.

By ten o'clock, the Dom was raging through me and my cock was brick-hard and my balls were bubbling with blue frustration.

I sent Caryn and Dani to bed. I walked Ally into my bedroom. I had a second leash already looped (fixed) around the headboard post. It was more of a cable tether for a dog run than a leash, actually. I had replaced the clip at the end of the cable with a welded O-ring. I padlocked the O-ring to Ally's collar, locking her to the headboard. She had enough tether to make it to the master bath toilet and shower. Almost enough to walk a couple steps out of the room.

"Stay on all fours," I said. I walked back through the house to the kitchen and dropped the padlock key into a coffee cup high in the cupboard.

I returned to the bedroom and pulled off my clothes, finally letting my turgid prick free to dance and twitch in the fresh air.

I sat on the edge of the bed, facing Ally who was on all fours in the floor.

"Repeat after me," I said. " "Daddy, please accept my worthless bitch ass into your bed.' "

Ally blinked. She took a deep breath. "Daddy, please accept my worthless bitch ass into your bed."

Caryn had followed the identical ritual for years. I was almost inured to the submissive catechism. Then Ally squeaked it out in her little girl voice and made it all new again. My dick nearly punched me in my own chin, it jumped so hard.

"Suck your worthless bitch ass onto my bed," I growled. "Get up on your knees."

Ally shifted to her knees in front of my twitching cock. The way her hands and feet were chained together, her hands were pulled down against her hairless twat.

Echoes of Caryn's dad as I said it: "Kiss my cock, bitch, every inch."

Ally leaned forward and began placing lippy kisses all over my shaft. They weren't little girl kisses. They were the kisses of a girl who had sucked cock before and knew how to kiss a cock properly.

Ally craned her neck upward and strained against the chains binding her arms and legs, struggling to get her mouth as high as the head of my twitching prick, which was bobbing free and hard, pointing at her forehead. I slapped her for her disobedience. I wanted my cock face worked by those lips so I shifted forward until she could kiss my dripping cock face.

Ally was still a mess, of course. Her hair was matted and disheveled. There was still a crust of dried saliva running down her front. Her eyes were swollen and puffy. But when her little puckered lips pressed warm into my sticky cock face, she was beautiful: Used, broken, and beautiful. The contrast of her tiny face under the shadow of my big adult cock spawned a crazy kind of visual intensity.

My pedo guilt went on hiatus. I wanted her little wet mouth wrapped around the top of my cock sooooo bad.

"Lick my cock," I barked. "Every inch."

And she did. Well. Her tongue wasn't as long or as pink as Dani's. But it was educated. She traced my shaft in long, hot, paint strokes. She fluttered and used the rough middle of her tongue on my cock face, pulling long webs of pre-come back and forth with contact.

She hadn't finished licking every inch, but I couldn't wait any longer.

"Suck my cock, bitch," I sighed.

And she did. Her tiny mouth made an O. Her teeth stretched wide. She leaned forward and boom. Wet, tight warmth pushed across the nerves of my cockhead and Ally slurped away on the tip. Ally sucked well. Surprisingly well. Ally was a better cocksucker than her mom.

She had to have sucked Dennis more than five times. Had to. She was just too competent at fellatio for a ten year old.

Or maybe I was insanely horny.

Ally sucked and I growled at her. "Suck that cock, bitch. Yeah. Suck."

Ally slurped and I growled at her. "Get busy. That's it. Suck your Daddy's dick, you little cocksucking whore."

Ally bobbed her head and worked my shaft, giving it a little jaw twist left and right. I growled at her some more. "Oh yeah, you little whore. That's good. That's divine. Good. Show me how you sucked Kevin's cock, little bitch."

Ally froze in mid suck. Her eyes lifted right at mine.

"You heard me, bitch." I smiled. "I can get Kevin here by tomorrow afternoon. Just leave you tethered to the headboard and let him have a nice little reunion with you. Take whatever he wants. Again."

Ally's face scrunched. She thought she was going to cry. She didn't get the chance. I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head. Before she could spit my cockhead out I thrust hard and drilled the back of her throat over and over until her gags became a wretch.

I finally backed my sloppy cock out of Ally's suck hole. I stood up in front of her, Dominant and angry. She recovered from her gagging without throwing up. Bubbling wads of spittle dropped off the shaft of my cock and spattered on Ally's legs and bound hands.

"You don't stop sucking cock until five minutes after your man's balls are empty," I growled. "Who's your man."

"You are D-Daddy," Ally said, her face screwed into a lemon pucker.

"Are my balls empty, bitch?"

"N-no, Dad-daddy."

I looked at the clock. "I'm tired of waiting, bitch," I said. "Get busy. If you haven't sucked the come out of my balls in the next ten minutes, I'm going to take you downstairs for a little more ass beating. Clear?"

Ally nodded and tried to get on top of her own emotional meltdown.

I cockwhipped her hard across her left cheek, surprising her. I sat back down on the bed so my cock was within reach of her mouth.

"Suck," I said.

Ally sucked.

"Moan like you've got something good in your mouth, bitch. Daddy's cock is better than chocolate. Moan like you're tasting the best chocolate you've ever had."

Ally moaned a high pitch, "mmmmmm." It was pathetic, but incredibly sexy in its desperation.

"Now moan like you're tasting something even better than chocolate."

"Mmmmmm." It was the same little moan.

"Don't stop, bitch," I barked. "Suck and moan."

She did. Ally sucked. Ally moaned. Her little jaw finally gave out after ten minutes. Her moans got pathetic and desperate.

Instead of stopping to beat her ass some more I put my hand behind her head and rocked some cock thrusts from the bed. It was good power sex. The little "gurk!" punctuation at the end of Ally's "mmmmm"s was just what I needed. I stopped cold.

"Hey bitch," I said. "Look at me."

Ally stopped sucking and looked up. God, that kid was a complete sweaty, bedraggled, tear-streaked mess.

"Bitch," I smiled. "Every fucking drop."

I don't usually have that kind of masterful control, but for Ally's first suck I did. Right on cue I let the boiling orgasm I was suppressing loose and my prick began jetting squirt-after-squirt of hot, salty sperm into that ten year old bitch's little mouth.

Ally caught up with the surprise too late and by the time she started swallowing, my sperm floe was outpacing the capacity of her mouth (minus the space displaced by my cockhead).

Ally's glottis bobbed and her jaw flexed to keep swallowing, but a lot of hot, white spew oozed at the corners of her mouth, bathing down her chin and into her already sticky lap.

I came so hard my eyeballs bulged. It wasn't Suzie Wagner good, but it was definitely made the highlight reel of my top ten dominant moments.

"Congratulations," I panted. "You survived Day One."

I carried her into the bathroom and set her back on the pot. I heard her tinkle out a piss. Then I picked her up and carried her back in and dropped her on the bed. She was exhausted. I was exhausted.

I didn't unbind the X of chain that held her wrists to her ankles. She had to curl into a ball in my armpit as we slept. My fingertips pinched at her nipples and danced over her ass cheeks as I drifted away.

"Bitch," I whispered. "I better wake up tomorrow to the sensation of your lips trying to suck Daddy's cock hard."

I didn't wake to her lips sucking me hard. She was still crashed. I flipped the sheets almost off the bed and rolled her rabbit-hunched body between my legs. My cock was ready to go almost immediately. Ally was still half asleep when her jaw opened and she dropped her mouth down on the engorged prick in front of her face. That blowjob took a while. A little less than an hour. She was moaning hard when I finally let my come go.

She was ready for sperm that time. She swallowed almost all of my spunk, keeping a steady pleasure bob until I pushed her forehead to free my cockhead from overstimulation. She was trying to keep her suck going for five minutes after the last squirt of semen oozed onto her tongue as I had instructed.

We rolled on top of the topsheet for a while afterwards while I reveled in postorgasmic bliss.

I finally jumped up, ready to face a day full of Dominance, and made Ally crawl on all fours into the shower. I turned on the water, and tilted the knob toward COLD. Ally huddled in the shower pan and shivered.

"Don't move, and don't touch a damn thing," I said to her.

I strutted naked downstairs and to the kitchen cupboard, stopping to kiss Dani on the top of the head.

"Daddy, you stink," Dani wrinkled her nose and poured some skim milk on her frosted flakes.

I fished the key to Ally's bondage locks out of the cup where I dropped it.

"Probably," I said. "Hitting the shower now. How'd you sleep, sugar."

"Good. Me and mom slept together. It was kind of fun. Like a sleepover."

"Good," I nodded and smiled.

"Mom had an idea last night, Daddy. She said that when you were done punishing Allison, all us girls in the coven should sleep in the same bed. You know. Mom and me sort of loving on her and welcoming her and bonding with her. Make her really feel like she's one of us."

"Ah," I nodded. "Good cop bad cop."

Dani looked at me, puzzled. "Yeeeah. That's exactly what mom said, but I still don't understand what it means."

"Just an expression," I said, picking a raisin out of Dani's bowl of cereal and popping it in my mouth. "Not a bad idea. We'll talk about it later."

When I returned to the upstairs, Master Bathroom Ally's jaw was shivering. She huddled against the shower tiles looking miserable. I measured the temperature of the water with one hand while I heated it up with the other. When it was nice and warm I stepped in the shower pan and pulled the curtain. I rinsed down and finally stepped to the side enough that Ally got a good hot spraying. She looked relieved. I unlocked the chain between her wrists and ankles, allowing her a little more range of motion.

I squirted shampoo in her hair and lathered it up. My cock was still spent, but I remember that being a very sexy feeling. I really enjoyed her hair moving through my fingers as I worked up a lather. I've jerked off to the memory of what happened in that shower, even though there was no sex. I soaped a lather all over Ally's body with a bar of Dove, making sure to poke a soapy finger up her bung hole, the way I used to do with Dani.

Ally said nothing. She just watched me for cues and did as she was expected. I soaped up everything but my cock and rinsed off. Then I handed the bar of soap to Ally, still on her knees, and had her soap my cock and balls. Still too soon. I thickened, but I didn't get wood.

I rinsed, turned off the water, and dried off with a towel while Ally dripped in the bottom of the shower. I had Ally crawl out of the shower pan on all fours onto my used towel and then I dried her off with a fresh towel. Her ass was blotchy, but healing nicely. She still had a line from where the elastic in her panties cut her when I ripped them off. That cut was not looking good at all. I packed it with Neosporin. Her inflamed little mons was cooling back down, but she was still sporting the swollen twat of a girl who had ridden the roof.

I locked Ally's dog collar back to the headboard tether. "Don't let me catch the bottoms of your feet touching the floor, bitch," I growled. "And keep your worthless bitch ass off my bed."

I needed some time to get my hormones replenished and fluid back in my balls. I mowed the grass. Dani and I made a run to Wal-mart for paper plates and stuff, and we ate at a fast food restaurant. I thought about how little food Ally had consumed in the past two days since I yanked her off the couch, so I bought a sack of food for her on our way out. I had Dani run it up to my bedroom while I puttered around in our burgeoning vegetable garden.

Dani eventually joined me outside. "Anything sprouting yet?"

"No," I said. "I thought we had some sprouts, but those were just grass shoots. She behaving up there?"

Dani nodded. "She was hungry."

"You see her standing or with her feet on the ground?"

"Daddy," Dani said. "You don't have to worry about that. She's scared crapless of you."

"Good," I nodded.

Around two thirty in the afternoon I went back in the bedroom. I flopped on the bed and made Ally beg for me to accept her worthless bitch ass on the bed with me.

I was recovering, but not ready to go for another raping just yet. I put Ally on her back and pulled her legs apart. I ran my hands all over her face, chest, and pussy, trying to decide if I was ready for another rape or not.

On a whim I leaned over and kissed her. Ally took the kiss, but tentatively. I loosened my lips and kissed her lips softly several more times before pushing my tongue in her mouth.

"Kiss me," I said softly. "Kiss me like you're promising me how good you are going to suck my cock the next time."

Ally kissed again, this time with more tongue. I ran my fingers through the crack of her parted twat. Ally inhaled hard and stiffened. Her pussy was still burnt up from riding the roof. I measured Ally's lower half with my eyes, looking back and forth between her fire-red pussy lips and my thickening prick.

There was no way. Ally was just too small to fuck my cock and that was that. If I tried to fuck her, she'd end up bleeding out in an emergency room somewhere. There was no coy pretense. She was too tiny for me to fuck with my big cock. Period. At least for a while.

I leaned over and pulled a jar of strawberry lube out of my nightstand drawer. I popped the top and dribbled some into my index finger.

I kissed Ally again while my hand snaked across her pussy and my slippery finger tip probed into the divot of her asshole. Ally stiffened again, but I pushed my fingertip into her hot ass.

"Shit, Daddy," Ally winced. "You've got huge hands."

"Get used to them," I whispered in her ear between kisses on her lobe.

"Daddy, Kevin's dick was way smaller than yours. It barely fit in my butt."

"Shhhhhh," I whispered. I pulled my finger out of her ass long enough to push her little hand against my thickening cock. Ally took the hint and began slowly stroking my dick with her tiny hand. By the time I was rock hard, her little thumb and forefinger couldn't touch each other when it crossed the collar of my engorged dickhead.

She slowly jacked my hard prick while I kissed her and poked a lubricated finger in and out of her tight asshole.

That's when the pedo guilt finally got the better of me. It was one thing to rape her in a Dom session. But looking at her undeveloped little body and the little chub of barely-there tit around her flat nipples. Ehng. It was turning me off. The steam came out of my horny prick.

I got out of bed and dressed in preparation for Caryn's return home from work.

I made Ally eat out of a bowl again as she knelt beside the supper table. I made her suck my cock to get in the bed, but I didn't come. Didn't even get rock hard.

The next morning I did come in her mouth, but I had her stroke a lot of cock as she sucked to get me there. She swallowed my sperm like a champ.

At that point, all my Dom rage had dissipated. I was spent. My balls had been sucked dry. I'd beat the living shit out of Ally. Ally was behaving like a kept whore, plenty afraid of my wrath. My plan had been for three hard days of abuse. After two and change I was done.

I gave Ally my best submissive brainwashing bullshit while she lay on the bed and I touched her face and stroked her hair.

She nodded. If she was faking submission, she was doing a great job. The fire had gone out of her eyes. She looked broken although I couldn't be sure.

I put her on the short, walking leash and let her go watch daytime TV downstairs with Dani for the rest of the morning and afternoon, again admonishing her that if I saw the bottoms of her feet touch the floor, she was toast.

At dinnertime I insisted she keep on her dog collar and leash, but she sat naked on her ass in the chair and ate off a plate.

We had a movie night together with Dani snuggling while sitting my left thigh, Caryn, naked snuggling on my right, and Ally still kneeling in the floor against my right shin.

I headed off to bed. Before I did I unclipped the leash and unlocked and unbuckled the dog collar from Ally's neck. I left the coven to themselves, and apparently they all slept knotted together on Dani's double bed.

The next morning as I puttered through the kitchen making toast and coffee, I could tell the Caryn was eager to reconnect with me after three days and our harsh words, but she didn't say a lot.

And here's the damnedest thing. I didn't rape Ally again for almost nine months. I didn't need to. Didn't really want to. I'd made my point. She didn't spark me on a pedo level. She was well back into her schooling -- starting seventh grade -- before she sucked my cock again.

Ally's grades were mediocre to awful. I swallowed my tongue at her first quarter report. I had gone so long since I had beat any bitch ass, I was overdue to strip the coven down and send them to the basement.

I hand-spanked each of their assses.

The Spankin' Paddle made a noisy and triumphant return.

I had built a third spanking horse, so there was no taking shifts. Just three upturned asses and I walked between the coven and lit them up and make 'em glow.

It had been too long. I was having a great time. Beating bitch ass is good for the soul.

Not only that, but the girls were starting to sprout. Unfortunately, Dani was only getting taller and thinner.

But Ally started to get curvier. Her little tits started to bud, not in an ice cream scoop hill, but she had kind of a line or bandolier of tit meat. Interesting. Her flat nipples were taking shape. I had taken my eye off her and she'd finally started to boil into the first blush of woman.

I sat in my padded King chair and gave my usual speech about my hard cock and how I wouldn't abide cockteases in the house.

I asked who would suck my cock.


After a beat Dani and Ally both looked over at Caryn, who just stared off into space. Caryn didn't volunteer and it became obvious she wasn't going to.

"Bitches?" I grumbled.

Nothing but nervous glances between Dani and Ally.

"Have it your way," I barked. "All three of you will suck Daddy's cock. Ally-bitch. Get up here."

Ally scrambled on her knees in front of my chair. I gave her the command to suck cock and she did.

Dani's eyes were big. Caryn didn't want to watch.

Seeing how jealous Caryn became got me turned on. I was ready to pop quickly as Ally slurped and moaned at my pecker.

"Caryn-bitch, you can't see anything from over there," I said. "Get over here and help Ally-bitch suck my cock."

Caryn sighed and walked on her hands and knees until she was shoulder-to-shoulder with Allison.

"Ally-bitch, share. Share Daddy's cock."

Of course I was carefully watching the exchange, soaking in every precious second of Caryn's humiliated jealousy as she assumed second-suck from her eleven year-old step daughter.

Allison, slurping away, stopped and locked eyes on Caryn's eyes. Caryn stared back at her. They looked like dogs about to fight. Then, keeping her eyes locked on Caryn's eyes, Ally leaned forward, hard, and jammed my cockhead into her throat. Then twice. Then three times. As Ally came up the third time, she slid around the side of my cock head and down the left side of my shaft as Caryn's lips assumed my cock head from the right side. Caryn jammed two hard throat fucks of her own. They never missed a beat. It was just like five seamless, hard, consecutive throat fucks.

Ally started licking at my balls.

"Dani," I said, "C'mere and kiss me while your coven sisters take their turns."

Dani scrambled off her knees and stood beside my chair. She immediately planted a hot wet kiss on my lips and started tongue-whipping my tongue with her long pink whip.

I was jarred by more self-initiated throat fucking from the bitches between my legs. I looked down and Caryn was throat fucking me while looking straight into Ally's eyes. One. Two. Three. Caryn spun off my cockhead to the right and Ally spun on and gave me two hard throat thrusts of her own before pulling back up and slurping the top inches of my cock in a slutty freestyle.

The second time they did the reverse move, I knew. They had practiced for this moment. Somewhere in my house there was a big blue Kong Dong dildo Caryn had bought the girls to practice, and at some point they had probably all practiced for exactly just such a doubleteam. Probably during one of their "sleepover" nights.

Part of me absolutely loved this idea. Flattered to think of them practicing to pleasure me.

Part of me absolutely hated the idea that the coven was working together to overcome my dominance.

I went back to kissing Dani while Ally and Caryn took turns sucking cock and licking balls. My head tilted back while Dani kissed hot and tongue-wrestle me. Her hand pushed across my chest seductively while I grabbed Dani's sweet little ass cheek and squeezed it.

I lost track of which cocksucker was working my cock. Caryn was a better moaner, but Dani was breathing so hard when she kissed me that it was hard to hear the cocksucking slurps and moans.

I didn't even feel it coming. The next thing I knew I was pumping come. I broke away from Dani's wet kiss and looked down to see Ally's eyes crossing while she tried to keep her head bobbing as her mouth filled with my salty come. My twitches tapered off and Ally's chin tipped upward. Without a word from me, Ally leaned into Caryn's open mouth and swished a sloppy mouthful of spit and sperm into Caryn's little puckered pie hole.

Ally whipped her hand in a come-hither circle and Dani dropped in the floor next to Caryn. Caryn passed a mouthful of spit and sperm into Dani's mouth.

Dani passed a load back to Ally.

All three of them looked at me from their knees. All three of them swallowed hard. All three of them stuck out their tongues at me in a "See Daddy, we got every drop" Display.

All three of them grinned like smug kittens.

Again, it was great, but it bugged me they were conspiring and training themselves to snap my bean. I was supposed to be the one with all the power, but those bitches managed to own me that time. I really expected I was going to get my first real suck from Dani, but it didn't happen because they whored my fucking brains out.

I shooed them back upstairs.

Two nights later, Caryn came to bed and asked me to rub a spot on her thigh. "Does that feel funny to you?"


"There. Put your fingers right there. Do you feel that knot? The bump?"


"You don't feel that?"

"Honey, if I don't feel it, I don't feel it. What do you feel?"

"There's something there."

"If you say so."

"You're empathetic."

"Oh, no!" I said dramatically. "What if you have... LEG CANCER!!!"

"You're an asshole, Skip."

I laughed like a maniac. "That would be cool if you had leg cancer and had to get it amputated. It would be so cool to have a bitch with a wooden leg."

"Shut up."

"Avast ye, mates, and prepared to be cornholed!"

Caryn went to the doctor later that week. The doctor agreed that there was something wrong and sent her for a CAT scan. And you know what? The bitch actually had a giant tumor in her left leg. Jeez.

She had outpatient surgery a month later. They removed a 95cc benign lipoma from Caryn's tiny thigh, nestled between the muscles. I still don't understand how something that big came out of her little leg. That's the size of a large russet potato. Amazing.

The stitches and subsequent scar were not pretty.

That's when I started back with the evening inspections of the girls.

I gave Dani a fresh bottle of Strawberry baby oil. Cherry for Ally. I also bought Cinnamon oil for Caryn, even though she was out of commission for almost four months.

When I came in the girls' rooms for inspection, they knew I better be able to taste their signature flavor on my nipples, my pussy, and their pink assholes. (I never stuck my tongue in their ass, but... you know...)

I'd start with kissing the first inspected girl, usually Dani. Then I'd take a few pull sucks at her flat little nips to make sure I could taste the flavor.

I pushed Dani's legs back and laced my tongue into the fold of her twat. I was looking for any signs of enjoyment. Any taste of native pussy juice. Any sign that she was getting horny and that it wasn't ALL incest rape.

Nope. Dani was dutiful, but her ten year old pussy wasn't slutty for Daddy.

Then I'd go into Ally's room and repeat the process. When I kissed Ally hello, she'd taste strawberry and pussy on my kiss and know my mouth had been on Dani's twat. Ally's titties were starting to chub up so I spent a little more time sucking and nibbling at her nips.

Her pussy wasn't wet either. Nothing but the cherry lube.

Every so many days I'd have Ally suck me off after inspections if I was horny.

And that's the story for the next year. I kept my dominant thumb on the girls, but I didn't fuck Ally and I didn't really do much more than kiss and mouth rape Dani. A couple of times she jacked my hard cock, but never to the point where I came. More than a couple of times I pushed a hard cock up and down Dani's slit so that my cock tasted like strawberries and Dani's pussy when Ally sucked it. Sometimes I'd push my cock through both of their slippery twat lines so Caryn tasted both flavors of the girls when she sucked me last. I wanted her to think it was possible I was fucking both the girls, but I suppose she had to know the truth.

Ally flunked eighth grade, so she ended up going to junior high with Dani when Dani started 7th grade. Dani was actually presented with the chance to skip a grade and be in eighth grade too, but Dani didn't want to distance herself from her friends. She was afraid that the plans for her little cheerleading empire would go awry. The high school cheerleading squad was quietly being assembled long before high school.

Dani started to get taller. She was going to follow my genetics, unfortunately. Not her tiny mother. Dani got leggy and lanky, exactly what I don't like in my women. Sigh. No tits. No early puberty. She was taller than Caryn when she was 11.

Ally stayed short and started getting "real" titties and her first wisp of dark pubes. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my cock out of her much longer. I guess Caryn knew it too, because she took Ally to get her on the pill a few days after her first period without even telling me that she was pill-protected until weeks afterward.

That summer I moved a very unhappy wife out of my bedroom and into her own bedroom. We combined the office and library into one room and Caryn got moved into the old library room.



Not at all. She was pissed.

But, inspired by the movie Raise the Red Lantern I started a new routine for the coven.

All three bitches had to take their showers at night after dinner. Caryn was the only one who usually showered in the morning. Yet another change and another reason to be unhappy. Also very unhappy to share the hall bathroom with the girls, but the Master bathroom was, after all, just for the Master. Boo hoo. Too bad.

Sometime during the showering process, I'd wrap a red "hair scrunchie" Around the doorknob of the room of the girl who would spend the night in my bed. The scrunchie was some kind of paisly bandana-printed hair elastic thingy. I don't even know which one of the girls it belonged to originally, but it became the symbol of who was designated to be my best-bitch for the night.

Three fifths of the time, it was Caryn.

Not mathematically derived, but about a fifth of the time it was Ally. And yes, if she was my designated girl for the night, she sucked my cock almost every time. She was really getting good at it.

A fifth of the time it was Dani. Dani was still my awkwardly nubile daughter. We didn't do much besides kiss a little and talk a lot about school. Dani like to talk in the dark. I liked to listen to her. She was my daughter. I was having trouble pulling the trigger on putting her on dick duty. I wanted it, but at the same time...

Sometimes I'd have Dani scratch my balls with her perfectly manicured fingers. That was a treat. Sometimes my bag would go tight as the electricity shot up my back and down my legs and I'd pop wood.

Somehow Dani knew when my limp cock went hard and her fingers would trace up from the base of my cock to the head. She'd grip right below my cockhead and jack me while we kissed. She did this without ever being prompted. She loved Daddy.

I'd always stop her before things escalated. It was great to have my cock jacked by my 11 year old daughter, but she wasn't skilled enough to pop me with her hands and I wasn't ready to push her head down between my legs.

Every so many nights I just slept alone. That was a nice change of pace on occasion and it had the effect of making all three of them insecure when they looked and didn't see the red scrunchie on any of their doorknobs. I was approaching my forties. My sperm was getting more and more precious by the year, and I wasn't the machine that I was in my twenties. A guy needs to recharge every once in awhile.

Six months later, there were two developments. First, Ally's pussy began to juice when I licked it during inspections. She was fully puberty-ripe. Her tits were magnificent and I was chewing the shit out of them on a regular basis. She grew enough bush that I forced her to shave it into a little finger-thin strip. Just another act of dominance. My pussy. My marking.

I almost stopped "seeing" Dani altogether. My inspection stop in Dani's room was a flyby. My cock was hard when I walked in, but I was thinking about Ally in the room next door (assuming she wasn't waiting for me in my bed that night).

That's when the second thing happened.

I was walking out of Dani's room with barely even a hint of strawberry pussy on my tongue when Dani said, "Daddy!"

"Yes, honey?"

"Your inspection took less than thirty seconds!"

"Yeah. So?"

"You didn't inspect me at all!"

"Sure I did, Hon. If you didn't taste right I'd have beat your ass. I promise."

"You always say we have to have the oil on our bums but you never check."

True. I'd never stuck my tongue in any girl's asshole. It was just a threat. My demand that they lube their assholes was strictly dominant bluff.

Dani continued. "I've been keeping your pink ass clean and soapy and oiled for your inspection forever and you never check it. Never! You used to poke my butt hole when I was little and took a bath, remember? Now it's like you don't even know I have one!"

My head spun. What the fuck was this?

"Okay, fine," I said, crossing back across the room to Dani, naked on her bed. "Bitch up. All fours. Let's go."

Dani rolled over and went to all fours. Her pale round ass poked up toward the ceiling fan. I leaned down and for the first time in my entire life, I stuck my tongue in a girl's asshole. Of course, it didn't taste like anything but strawberry baby oil. I circled Dani's puckered pink ass-kiss with my tongue and bounced the tip inside of her three or four more times.

I heard Dani sigh, deep and heavy.

"Can you poke your finger in again, Daddy," Dani cooed as I stood back up. She looked back at me over her shoulder with those big green puppy eyes.

I pushed my finger in her hot asshole and she flinched. "Ow!"

I lubed my own finger with the strawberry oil from her vanity. I pushed a dripping digit back into her pink ass and this time it slipped in easily.

"Uhhhhmmmmnnng." Dani's eyes closed and her mouth went into an "O".

I kept reaming her ass with my right index finger while my left hand slid under her ass cheeks and into her little hairless puss. Within seconds I had real, official Dani pussy juice sliding between my fingers.

Dani started to buck and hump against my hand while I poked her ass.

Her teeth went wide and I thought she was going to scream in pain. A hurricane of grunt rushed out of her and she collapsed forward as she orgasmed on my hand. She went off like a rocket.

"Oh," I whispered to myself. She was an ass girl. My beautiful Daughter Dani was an ass girl. Uh... Okay. What do I do with that?

Caryn and 13 year old Ally had both taken cock in their asses from other men on more occasions than I, personally, had ever sexed a girl's ass in almost 40 very sexually-active years. And now my other daughter creamed on a reaming?


After that incident I slowly started fantasizing about fucking Dani in the ass, but I wasn't sure I could do it without ripping her. A bigger cock can really be a curse sometimes. It wasn't something I wanted to try to explain to an emergency room nurse.

Instead, one night I pushed Ally's mouth off my cock and rolled her onto her stomach on the bed. I figured if little Ally could take an ass-fucking, her older self might be able to handle a bigger dick in her back door.

It didn't go so well. I did eventually manage to slip my cockhead (sideways) between Ally's cupcake asscheeks and force through her ass ring.

But before I could accomplish even that much, I had to tie her hands to the headboard and one leg to the bedframe. Ally was screaming so loudly I was concerned that a neighbor would hear her.

I made a show of bouncing my cockhead in and out of her tiny hot asshole for a minute or two. Then I gave up.

When Ally finally stopped sobbing, I had her jack my packer until the cum flew in her hair. I was trying to keep the peace and extend an olive branch when I slid down to put a serious cunnilingus effort on Ally's pussy. She made me work for it, but first her pussy juice washed out the cherry oil and I savored the tang of her true girl taste coating my tongue. Then I latched onto her clit and sucked for all I was worth. She came for the first time that night. Quivered hard and juiced.

For some reason, this orgasm made Ally really angry and she fumed and cried until I ignored her and fell asleep.

The knot came back in Caryn's same leg. Another lipoma in the same place. She put off going back for surgery. She knew what the lump was that time and her previous scar had finally (almost) disappeared.

Dani turned 13. Ally was almost 15. Caryn went back into the hospital for another six hour outpatient surgery to remove the new lipoma. We were getting ready to get her dressed and walk her out of the hospital when Caryn had a dizzy spell. The nurse made us wait another hour. Then two. Then Caryn had a fever. Then there were more complications and they decided to keep Caryn overnight and monitor her.

I went home.

That was the first night I fucked Ally. Broke her little puss. Made it mine. I wasn't brutal, but I didn't hold back either. I gave her a good missionary pounding and a hard squirting of baby juice. She cried a lot, but she took it. She had no choice.

After we were done (okay, after I was done) there was a knock at the door. Dani opened the door naked and asked if she could sleep with us. I waved her in and she crawled on my other side and snuggled me while Ally finished crying and recovering from her first incestuous pussy rape.

I was so out of it when the phone rang that Dani was the one who answered it. She shook me awake.

My wife had gone into a coma while I was fucking my oldest daughter. By two in the afternoon the next day, a Thursday, Caryn was dead. Superstrep infection she picked up somewhere in the operating room.

Chapter 42 - Return of the King

Now, I understand. A maudlin chapter on how much I loved and missed the wife I made sleep in a separate room while I fucked the kids is going to get no traction with you. It shouldn't. I'm a bad man. I deserve no empathy.

But it fucked me up for a long time. I lost interest in everything, including sex and sex with my daughters. There were no after-shower inspections. There were no scrunchies on the doorknobs. There was nothing. Work. Scotch. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat.

Caryn's mom came to the funeral, but not her father. Some lame crap about not being able to leave the farm unattended. Gip (whose real name was Maynard, or Howard, or Willard, or one of those fucked up farm names) was in prison for raping his girlfriend at that point, so he couldn't come to the funeral either. Not long after the funeral he was shivved and died. Stevie attended. He was a pretty good guy. It's weird how sometimes we click with certain personality types. Stevie and I became easy fast friends. We still email each other every couple of months.

The whole timing of Caryn going into a coma while I was popping my daughter's cherry ate at me. Was I being punished? Was there a God? Was karma really so cruel? And why take Caryn? Why not me?

Yeah, I know. Blah, blah, blah, daughter-fucker. Nobody cares.

Ally struggled along in school, but she wasn't held back again. She made barely enough GPA to move along the conveyor belt of the public school system.

Dani was a 4.0 miracle and had no problem becoming captain of the freshman cheerleading squad.

Ally turned sixteen. I bought her a low-mileage used Honda. She hooked up with a steady boyfriend, a tall and skinny mop who fronted a wannabe grunge band.

February came and Dani asked some boy from the football team to the Sadie Hawkin's dance. I was still deep in my depression chasm back then, and I didn't even know it happened. The dance was immediately following school, so there were no dresses bought and no picking up or dropping off or pictures taken on the lawn. I had no idea.

I didn't find out until I heard Dani mention that it had been such a good date that Cass (the boy) asked her out to a movie afterwards and she accepted.

That's the moment when my daughter's echoing voice finally crisped into something my brain could process and I broke out of my depression fog for the first time in twenty months.

"What?" I said. "What did you just say?"

"Cass and I are going to a movie tomorrow. His parents will drive."

"What? No. The fuck you will. No. Absolutely not." I started to shake the cobwebs from my brain. Color returned to my field of vision.

"Daddy?" Dani looked at me over our plates filled with whatever box-mix dinner she or Allison had cooked up. "What's wrong?"

"You aren't going on a date with... With Cass, or anyone," I said. "You're too young for boys. No fucking way. Tell Mr. Cass that your dad said you are not on the market."

Dani smiled at me like I was a lunatic. "Funny, Daddy. Very funny."

The table flipped over with the force of me coming to my feet so quickly. Our dinner dishes catapulted against the kitchen island.

The girls were stunned. I was possessed.

I grabbed Dani by the front of her blouse, lifted her out of her chair and stabbed her against the pantry door with her feet two feet off the ground.

"Do I look like I'm fucking kidding you?" I hissed into her terrified face. "No fucking boyfriends. None."

Dani quickly worked up tears and anger as her feet kicked for something underneath her. "Daddy!" she shrieked. "Have you lost your mind?"

"Maybe," I shrugged. I let Dani slide down the door onto terra firma. "Maybe I am nuts. But no boyfriends. I mean it."

"But Allison has a boyfriend!" Dani cried.

I looked at Allison. Of course I knew she had a boyfriend, but the guy who signed off on that was a lobotomized basket case. I turned back at Dani. "Yeah, but your sister is old enough to take care of a boy. I bet she sucks and fucks Elvis Junior everytime they go out." I turned to Ally. "Don't you, slut?"

Ally's eyes were huge. She wasn't sure what the right answer was.


Ally nodded rapidly.

"See," I said to Dani. "No cocktease there. Your sister is a slut, but she's no cocktease, and I can't abide a fucking cocktease in my house."

I crossed the distance to where Ally sat shivering on the ladderback, the fork still in her raised right hand where it had been before the table went flying.

"Are you a cock tease?"

"N-n-no, Daddy."

"You take good care of your men? The men who own you?"

"Y-es, Daddy." Ally's voice was barely more than a whisper.

"Well I own you, don't I?"

"Yes, Daddy."


"I-I-I belong to you, Daddy. Heart and soul. Inside and out. From the tips of my hair to the souls of my feet. I belong to you, Daddy."

I stood and seethed like the Incredible Hulk between smashings.

"Uh," Ally continued. I guess she thought I expected something else, so she stammered on. "Uh, my ass belongs to you? Daddy?"

"Get on your knees, bitch."

Ally slid off her chair and onto the hardwoods at my feet.

"Pull my cock out, bitch."

There was a definite "look" to the expression that washed across Ally's face. She was 16. She wasn't a little kid anymore. It had almost been two years since the night I fucked her. She'd been left alone to make her own way and become her own person in all the time since then. She thought the days of being raped by her dad were over.

Allison's expression was somewhere between rage and defeat. Mostly rage.

She started pulling my belt undone angrily. She nearly pulled the button off my slacks as she opened my fly. She yanked my zipper down hard. By the time her fingers wrapped over the top of my boxers her face was angry crimson and her jaw was set. She yanked my slacks and underwear down past my knees and immediately latched her mouth over my half-flacid dick and started sucking hard like the pissed off little kept bitch she was.

"See," I looked at Dani. "She knows who owns her. Your bitch sister knows who owns her. She knows that she gives it up for her men."

All those months of haze started being blown away by the straight-line winds of my psychotic rage. I didn't know where it was coming from, I just let it blow and burn.

My cock thickened under the power play. My dominance began coursing back through my veins. I could feel my skin again. My sense of smell returned and I noticed I had really rank B.O. seeping through my work shirt.

Dani stared at the floor.

"Bitch," I shouted at Dani. "Open your eyes. Look at what a good Daddy-sucking bitch looks like. Get your ass over here and sit in that chair and watch how its done, you little cocktease twat."

Dani marched over and dropped into Ally's chair and watched the back of Ally's head piston toward my balls rhythmically. Dani couldn't see the anger on Ally's face. Ally looked like she was going to bite my cock off at any moment.

Twenty months of depression-fueled abstinence caught up with me all at once. My cock turned into a giant burning ember of oak.

I grabbed the back of Ally's head and throat fucked her hard. She gagged and wretched and tried to push back against the force of my hand. Poor girl. I could have cracked diamonds with that erection. After I got bored with the beautiful "gurg garg! Gnnnhrng!"s of Ally's gagging, I backed out of her mouth and watched her recover and choke while my cock slapped up against my shirt. Fuck, I was "on."

I grabbed a wad of hair and lifted Ally up off the floor until I could scoop her up. I carried her under my arm over to the living room couch and began ripping her clothes off her.

God, she was the carbon copy of her mother. Ally had kept her hair long, even after I zoned out of this planet and wouldn't have said anything if she cut it.

I yanked her jeans off her and pulled her panties off her in a ripping tug.

"What the fuck is this? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??"

"This" was a full muff of pubic hair.

"That" was an inch long butterfly tattoo on her ass.

"WHO MARKED MY BITCH?" I screamed. I bent Ally over the back of the couch and mounted her high pussy from behind. It was a tight fit, but nothing like the last time I'd been in her... I mean MY pussy. She'd been fucking her boyfriend, alright.

I locked my hands on Ally's hips and fucked her deep, feeling my cock face smash into her cervix and the unaccommodated last two inches of my dick kink and bend under the pressure of the collision.

Ally squeaked and yelped, but it wasn't all pain. Not all of it. After a minute she started lubing out of her twat. As I was crashing my orgasm into that tight cunt, Ally made an animal howl and she came as I spermed her.

I backed off, panting. Ally didn't move from being folded over the back of the couch. Her legs still dangled over the back. Dani's eyes darted, trying to understand me. Trying to assess the situation.

There I was. Back in reality. My sixteen year old daughter was leaking my sperm from her battered cunt and my fourteen year old daughter looked as if she was going to pull a long knife from the kitchen butcher block and slowly back her way out into the garage.

It was a fucked up reality to zoom back into. No depression. Post orgasmic. Maybe I had finally crossed that line that I could not recover from.

"No boyfriends." I pointed a finger at Dani. My voice sounded like Mel Gibson after a three day bender. I didn't recognize it.

I pointed at Ally, but she couldn't see my extended finger. "And YOU are getting that shit lasered off that ass, you trailer trash whore."

I picked up my pants off the floor and stormed upstairs to take a shower.

For the first time ever, I listened for the sound of sirens in the distance. I was sure Ally was going to cash in her chips right then and there.

I was wrong. Mostly.

Chapter 43 - The New Normal

I kept to myself the next day and avoided the girls. A little time to de-escalate the tension. Allison went out with her boyfriend and Dani stayed in her room and stewed.

Saturday brought an epic late winter snowstorm and I spent most of the day shoveling the driveway. Way too much time to think when a man is shoveling snow. I always think about Suzie Wagner when I clear snow from the driveway. But I also thought about Caryn a lot and that made me maudlin and empty.

I was in a Zen frame-of-mind late in the afternoon as I stepped out of the shower and saw Dani standing in my bathroom. Her expression was blank. Her top was a little more clingy than I had noticed (or not noticed) before. She was wearing a mid length cotton skirt and Keds.

God, she was beautiful. And she finally had tits. Kind of. Maybe a mid B-cup, but there were definitely tits in that blouse. How did I miss Dani getting tits?

"Where do you think you're going?" I asked as I pulled a towel off the rack and started drying my arms.



"Nowhere. I just was thinking what you said about showing you respect, so I thought I'd dress like I respect you."

"You look like your mom." I said it before my brain could stop me.

Dani shrugged. "Mom respected you."

I looked her over again. When did she get so fucking grown up looking? How did I miss that?

"How tall are you now?" I asked. It was a stupid question.

"Five Seven. And a half."

"You're tall."

"No, Dad. You're tall. I'm average. Allison is short."

I looked down at her Keds. "Who bought you those?"

"You did. Well, you gave us your credit card and I bought them."

"Did I? I don't remember that."

Dani shrugged. "You did. August before school started."

"Oh. How big are those skis of yours, anyway? Eights? Nines?"

"Seven and halfs."

"They look bigger."

"They're not."

"Uh... Danielle Beth, did you come in here to help me dry my balls, or what? Spit it out. What's your play, girl?"

"I wanted to talk to you."

"Well come talk to me when I'm dressed."

"You want me to come back in a few minutes?"

(It really says something about Dani's grooming that I was dripping naked, my cock swinging and my balls bouncing against my thighs, and my daughter and I were having a typical father-daughter conversation.)

I shrugged. "Fine. Just spill it."

"Daddy, I'm old enough to have a steady boyfriend."

"Looks like somebody wants to ride the roof." I mumbled.

"Fine. I'll ride the roof. And then when I get off, I'll still be old enough to have a steady boyfriend."

"Are you old enough to keep a man? Are you old enough to suck the come out of a boy's cock every time you go on a date?"

Dani rolled her eyes and her mouth gaped in incredulity. Her arms made a little chicken flap and her palms turned to the ceiling.

"Fine. If that's what you want. I'll do it."

"Do what?"

Dani looked at me with bafflement. "You know. Please him."

"Please him how?"

Dani's eyes narrowed. She flushed angry. "I'll suck my boyfriend's wiener, Dad. Oh-kaaay? Is that what you want to hear?"

"I want to hear the truth."

"Fine. The truth. I'll suck my boyfriend."

I nodded. "With whose mouth?" I finished patting dry and popped the top off my deodorant.

"Whaaah?" Dani squinted. "What are you...? I don't...? Dad?"

"It's a simple question, bitch," I said. "Whose mouth are you going to use to suck your boyfriend's cock?"

"Mine-- Oh." Dani blinked. "Yours? Your mouth, Daddy? This mouth that belongs to you?"

"Uh huh," I nodded. "See. Why should I share my mouth some punk-ass zit-faced boy?"

Dani looked at me for a long time.

"Dad, can we cut the shit?"


"If you want me to suck your cock, I'll suck your cock. If this is... whatever it is, stop being a jerk. Just say it. Do you want me to suck you?"

"Do you want to suck your own father's cock, Danielle."

"Oh fuck this!" Dani spat. "Fuck this! Ally has been sucking your cock forever. You fuck her too. You even fuck her up the butt. Daddy, you don't even notice that I'm alive. I'm lucky to get a peck on the cheek goodnight any more. And you're going to break my eggs because I'm not sucking your dick? Really?"

"It's impolite to answer a question with a question, bitch." I tried to remain calm and not backhand my daughter across the room.

"Doh, JESUS DAD!" Dani shouted. Her eyes darted in confusion. Then she reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head.

"What are you doing?" I asked calmly.

"Sucking your dick like you want, Dad." Dani grumbled impatiently.

"So is that a yes? You want to be my cocksucker? You want to try and earn the privilege of a boyfriend?"

"Yeah," Dani said, reaching behind her to unhook her bra. Her arms came forward and a little black lace cups fell into the floor to reveal about as impressive a set of B's as a girl can have. Her nipples were as pink as they'd always been, but there was a lot more poking out of nipplage than the last time I'd inspected her. Mouthwatering. Not a big rack, but a certainly a quality rack. Her skin was pure porcelain perfection dotted by two nipples so pink that looking at them was like like staring into the Sun.

Dani pulled the zipper at her side and shimmied her hips from side to side to make her skirt drop. The matching black panties were nothing special. Dani owned sexier panties. That's when I knew Dani had not planned to make the play she was attempting when she headed for the sound of me turning off my shower head. This was sheer impulse.

Dani's thumbs hooked at the sides of her panties and pushed them down as she marched her legs in time and shucked them. She stood erect and then stepped into a cheerleading stance with her legs apart and her fists pushed into her hips.

Her dark bush was a full, carefully-shaped triangle, but thatched short enough that I could see her mons skin between the pubes.

"How you want it, Daddy?" Dani said angrily. "On my knees right here, or on the bed?"

That was enough of that. I slapped her across the cheek hard enough to drop her.

Dani pulled herself back up off her ass and onto her knees as the tears tumbled and the sniffing started. She knelt in front of me and stared at my thickening cock in pouting silence.

And I wanted it. I'd had my see-saw moments of certainty-uncertainty about sexing my beloved daughter Dani. But at that moment I knew it was going to happen, and it was going to happen soon.

"I'll see you kneeling at the foot of my bed at eight o'clock tonight," I said. "Don't be late."

I turned into the walk-in closet and began dressing.

Chapter 44 - Finally, Dani

Eight O'Clock finally came. Finally.

Dani was nude when she walked into my room. She was nervous, looking at my expression for clues and doing that adorable little trademark chew of her bottom lip. I thought she was still wearing the welt of my backhand, but it was merely the embarrassed glow of a young girl burning hot from both cheeks.

I met her at the foot of the bed, both of us standing and I leaned down to kiss her.

Daughter Dani was in the right frame of mind. Her kiss was warm and her mouth was open and her tongue was eager to lace into mine.

My hands cupped her sweet young tits. The flesh was so firm and resilient it felt as if her breasts were lifting my hands. Her uber-pink nips elongated and grabbed back at my fingers as they crossed and pinched.

I was wearing only a pair of loose sweatpants and my cock began to tent the crotch.

As we kissed more, one of my hands stayed glued to Dani's tit and the other swept behind her and got a handful of her firm cheerleader ass. My cock snapped brick hard. God, I forgot how good that ass was. Even as a little girl, it was impressive. But now even more full and just as firm.

When I grabbed Dani's ass, her temperature began to climb and her tongue kisses got more frantic. Dani whipped up her pokey, pointly talented tongue tip and traced it against the back of my upper teeth.

I broke the kiss and assumed my Dominant Daddy voice. "Enough. You're here on business. Let's get to it."

I walked out of my sweat pants and sat in my dressing chair. I'd waited fourteen years for this moment. Might as well wait a few more.

"If you think you're going to suck the come out of my balls and tomorrow you're going to hook up with your little friend, you're mistaken."

Dani looked confused.

I continued, "This isn't merely about giving propers to the man who owns you. I expect a level of sex skill out of you before I agree to share you. You represent me now when you are messing around with your boys. I have to know that you are going to perform at a higher level."


"Shut up. Here's my terms. You have to suck me off in twenty minutes, using no hands at all, and you have to do it three consecutive days in a row. At that point I'll know you are a skilled cocksucker who can get your little boyfriends off quickly in a car. Before cops show up and I get called down to the police station to bail out my whore daughter. Or before your boyfriend's dad walks into a rumpus room and catches you and you have to suck him off too."

Dani nodded.

"Present to me." It had been a long time since I said those words to Dani. She had to think for a moment before putting her hands behind her back, thrusting her chest out, and spreading her kneeling legs in a 45 degree V.

"Recite your catechism of ownership, bitch."

"I belong to you, Daddy," Dani said simply, looking me in the eye. "Heart and Soul. Inside and out. From the tips of my hair to the soles of my feet, I belong to you."

I nodded. So far so good.

"Bitch-up," I barked.

Dani went to all fours, her face upturned and her little button nose inches from my hard cock.

"Show Daddy how much you love him," I growled. "Kiss my cock, bitch. Every inch."

Dani shuffled forward and her mouth began systematically covering my hard dick in kisses. Unlike Caryn, Dani was actually tall enough (or rather - longer in the arms) that she could strain her face up and kiss my levitating cock head without her fingertips leaving the carpet. It was a stretch, but she did it.

"Show Daddy your submission. Lick my cock, bitch. Every inch."

Dani transitioned into hard, scalp-electrifying ministrations of her pink tongue all over my cock. By the time she painted saliva all the way up the the head, I was dripping pre-come and her tongue caught the glistening pearls and began stringing them. Her tongue was exceptional. It made as much satisfaction from the physical sensation as it did from the visual, and the visual was as good as any porn movie I'd ever seen.

I grabbed the back of Dani's hair with one hand and the base of my cock with the other. I cockwhipped her hard against one jaw and then the other, delighting in the wet snapping *crack* sound. Dani wasn't expecting it. I'd only cockwhipped her a handful of times in her life. Mostly she'd seen her mother take my cockswats.

"Why do you take cockswats, bitch?" I asked. This was a more obscure catechism. I hadn't asked Dani this in eight or so years. Her mind reeled, trying to remember the answer.

"Uhm... Daddy... I..."

Another handful of Dani's hair and ten more cracks on each cheek. "Did I teach you this, bitch?"

"Y-yes, Daddy." Dani was quickly catching on that she was being worked and this wasn't going to be a walk for her.

"Then answer me. Why do you take cockswats, bitch?"

"Uhm, because... because... Uhm. Oh! I take cockswats to help me remember who is boss, Daddy."

Correct. "And who is the boss?"

"You're the boss, Daddy."

Only half correct. "And?"

"Aaaand... And I'm the bitch, Daddy?"

Wrong. Wrong catechism, anyway. More hard cockswats across the face. Dani's eyes began getting shiny as she grimaced and flinched under the brutal punishment. The front top half of my cock began to warm from the friction.

" 'You and your hard cock are my boss, Daddy.' "

Ah yes, said Dani's eyes. "You and your hard cock are my boss, Daddy."

"Now. If I just ask you 'who's the boss?' you say..."

"You're the boss, Daddy."

"Right. And who are you?"

"I'm your bitch, Daddy."

"Yes. Now you remember?"

Dani nodded.

"Are you my best bitch?"

Dani hesitated. "Uhm, I don't know. Daddy."

"You don't know?"

"That's not for me to say. Probably not."

"Why not?"

"Because Ally-bitch sucked and fucked you last?"

"Last and best. Your sister is a damn good cocksucker. You've got a lot to live up to."

"Yes, Daddy. I want to be your best cocksucker."

"Do you?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Then beg for it."

Dani swallowed. "Please Daddy," she said, looking me square in the eye, "Please Daddy, may I please suck your cock?"

I looked at my watch. "You've got twenty minutes to get the come out of my balls and into your stomach," I said. "Not a second more. If the come isn't out of my balls in exactly twenty minutes, I'm going to beat your bitch ass and we'll start all over again. Got it?"

"Yes, Daddy." She was definitely nervous now.

I was climbing out of my skin when I finally said the words. "Bitch, suck my cock. Now."

Dani paused to take a deep breath and then her lips tipped upwards to catch the tip of my bobbing prick. I was so hard and upright that one of her hands had to leave the carpet to get her face high enough to latch onto my sticky cock face. My cock went level as Dani pushed forward into a suck.

Dani was sucking my cock. She was panting and nervous and started sweating from the stress almost immediately. Her bangs drooped.

Dani sucked. Dani sucked my cock. From all fours, Dani's neck bobbed and her lips stretched and four inches of my cock tip slid in and out of her wet mouth.

My daughter was finally sucking my cock. Finally.

The visual was mindblowing. The suck itself was pretty tepid.

"Open your eyes, bitch."

Dani forced her squinting eyes open for a moment and just as quickly they began to close back under the sucking effort.

"I just gave you an order, Bitch." I barked. "Acknowledge my orders. Every single one."

Dani pulled her mouth back and my cock sprang upward.

"Yes, Daddy," she panted.

"Don't drop my cock, Bitch!" I shouted. You can talk with cock in your mouth. It isn't that big!"

"It's really big, Daddy," Dani said in a panicked voice, a little desperate around the edges.

"Don't give me your bullshit excuses, Bitch. Suck my cock."

Dani danced high on her fingertips. I waited until she retrieved my cockhead into her mouth before slapping her hard enough to make her drop it right back out.

"Goddammit, Bitch, what did I just tell you about acknowledging my orders?"

Dani was stunned by the impact of my slap and her eyes went wet again.

"Yes, Daddy. I'm sorry, Daddy."

"Suck cock, bitch."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Hurry up. C'mon. Suck!"

Every time Dani's mouth closed in on my dripping dick head, I flexed to bounce it up and away from her. "Goddammit, if you don't get that fucking cock in your bitch mouth right now I'm not going to wait twenty minutes to beat your worthless bitch ass."

In frustration, both Dani's hands came off the floor so she could get her face high enough to latch lips around my cock head.

"Bitch, keep your fucking paws on the floor!" I shouted.

I waited for an answer. Dani didn't catch on until she saw my hand go flat and pull back for another whack.

"Yehhht Dudddah!" She managed with my cock head filling her mouth.

"That's better," I growled. "Now get to fucking work, and suck that cock, bitch. The clock is ticking."

"Yuhhth Duddah."

I was wired tight, but Dani just didn't have the skill. All the times she'd witnessed her mother and sister suck me and sex me. All that wonderfully long-and-talented tongue of hers. Time ticked by and my cock nerves never crossed the "amused" threshold. Dani's suck was too light where I wanted it hard and too hard where I wanted it light. I really didn't want to rough her up, but the clock kept spinning and my ears did not.

Dani was a sweat-soaked mess. She grunted and sucked and pulled her hand across her eyebrows to keep the salty sting and hair out of her eye. Dani's back glistened at the small of her hips. Her teeth inadvertently chipped the fuck out of my cock nerves, no matter how many times I warned her. She tried to take me deep and teeth scraped the skin off the middle of my dick. She tried to whoresuck the head too hard and for too long and her incisors scraped the sensitive under-edge of my cock head. The kid was trying but she just wasn't good enough to suck me off quickly. She was no Allison.

"Time girl," I sighed, looking at my watch. I stood up out of my dressing chair to stretch and my cock popped out of Dani's mouth as I did. "Come to your knees, bitch."

Dani hinged from all-fours back on her knees and panted. I stretched and took a moment to recover from the half-assed blow job, Dani's spittle cascaded down my balls and rained onto the carpet in glops.

"Twenty minutes means twenty minutes," I shrugged. I took a painfully long time to twirl Dani's sweaty mane into a single hand grip around my left hand. Dani started to shake a little as Hurricane Daddy closed in on her. I cracked her face with my palm and then backhanded her. Pretty hard. I don't think I'd ever hit her that hard across the face with my hand before, with the possible exception of when I dropped her the previous day. But that was one shot. I kept it up for six or seven back-and-forths. Long enough to get Dani's face scrunched into an earnest cry. Then I cockwhipped the shit out of the little bitch's perfect face. I let her have it. Three wet slaps to one side. Three to the other. Then back. Then the other.

Dani was crying pretty hard before I started fucking her mouth. When I pushed hard against the grip on her (my) ponytail, she freaked out. I fucked the little bitch's mouth (my mouth) hard and fast. I really jammed it into her (my) throat with a vengeance.

She couldn't fight her instinct and her hands pushed against my thighs and then her fingernails tipped into my skin. It was sheer survival instinct. I couldn't blame her.

Of course, I couldn't tolerate that either, so I stepped back and whacked her face really hard. She dropped into a sobbing ball at my feet. I stepped over her and went to the bondage drawer of my bureau. I pulled out a long silk tether and pounced on Dani's prone body. I had her hands tied behind her back in seconds. I pulled her back to her knees by her hair, making her scream with pain.

Boom. My cock was right back in her throat and she couldn't do a damn thing but take it until I tired of jamming my cock head into her gagging throat over and over. Drool and "gurg gurg gurg" spittle was all over her chin and tits and coated my balls and the tops of my thighs.

"Still want to be my best bitch?" I shook Dani's head by her hair and put my nose against her. "Do you?"

"Yes Daddy!" Dani sobbed.

"Really? You want some more?"

"I want to make you come, Daddy!"

"You want a boyfriend that bad, huh?"

"I just want to be your best girl, Dad-duh-duh-deeeee!"

"You get one more twenty minute session," I said. "And then I'm just going to fuck your ass and put my come there."

Dani nodded as she cried staccato gut clucks.

"My pussy is still cherry, isn't it?"

"Yes," Dani sobbed. "Yes Daddy. Nobody else has fucked your pussy."

"Well, we'll just have to check that. I can't seem to trust you anymore."

With Dani still on her knees, I sat back in my dressing chair and arched my by back. I looked at my watch. "Bitch, you've got twenty minutes. Suck my cock."

And she did. Her lips and tongue found my cock and her mouth began to to work it, deeper and deeper. Being an average-sized girl gave Dani a small advantage over her mother and sister. She had enough mouth to take half my cock before it hit the gag reflex of her throat.

But alas, she didn't get any better at cocksucking in the next twenty minutes. All that Dom and rough sex and submission and crying should have snapped my bean for sure. But it didn't.

I looked at my watch and clucked my tongue. "Looks like you're going to take it in the ass, instead," I sighed. "First let's check and make sure my cherry is intact."

Dani was as disheveled and bedraggled as her mother was the night Dutch raped and beat her ass. She looked like a brunette version of her spent mother. It was beautiful.

I stood, picked Dani up, and rolled her onto my bed. She kept repeating "I'm sorry, Daddy. I'm so sorry, Daddy."

"Not as sorry as you are going to be," I said. "Now let's cherry-check you."

I pushed Dani onto her back and cleared her knees so I could lean into a missionary fuck. "Put Daddy's cock into Daddy's pussy," I growled. Dani's hand reached down and her shoulder shifted awkwardly as she grabbed my wang and pushed against the force of my erection until my cock head pushed into her wet twat folds. We looked into each other's eyes for a moment. Then I leaned in and my big peckerhead began burrowing through the hot outer folds of wet pink.

Dani blinked a hundred times in two seconds and then her teeth popped out in a monkey screech.

"Ow, ow, shit Daddy, OW!"

"Okay," I said, pulling back. "My pussy is still definitely cherry. Roll over. On your stomach. Time to break that ass."

"Daddy," Dani looked at me with pleading eyes. "You can fuck me, Daddy. You can take your cherry. It's okay."

I shrugged. "I know. I can do anything I want. I own you. But as long as you're cherry, you can keep your cherry. Once a boy breaks that cherry, though, Daddy gets the daddy-share of his pussy. Something to think about. Now roll over."

Dani rolled onto her stomach. I reached into the night stand and pulled out an ancient bottle of lube. It was almost older than Dani. The last time I used it was the last time I fucked Caryn up the ass. Years and years.

I started to lube my cock head, but it was still slimy from Dani's suck. It was like trying to spread peanut butter on a cube of Jello. Pointless. Instead I lubed my finger and traced a slippery ring around Dani's little pink rosebud.

"Daddy?" Dani sounded desperate.

"Shut up."

"Daddy please?"

"Shut the fuck up."

"Daddy... please tie my hands down."


"I know when you break my ass it's going to hurt and I'm going to crawl and squirm and get in more trouble. Please, Daddy. Tie my hands to the headboard? Please?"

Sounded good to me. I did. It took another trip to the bondage drawer to retrieve some tethers, but my cock did not stop throbbing. With her wrists tied to the headboard and her little upturned ass floating helplessly before me, I was ready to go. I'm on record as saying I can take or leave anal sex, but the scene was definitely tilting toward "take."

I straddled in and put my slippery dick head in the divot of Dani's asshole. I put my feet inside her calves and my knees outside her thighs so she couldn't go anywhere.

And then I pushed in.

I wondered if I should have gagged Dani too. I'm glad I didn't. Her body thrashed violently as it tried to put the pain of my insistent cock somewhere and failed. But her moans were so animal, so low, so subsonic, and so fucking real. Perfect.

Where Ally screamed at a high pitch that made the fillings in my teeth rattle, Dani made a low bleat that came all the way from her gut.

After much resistance, the ring of her ass gave into my push and the heat of her sphincter warmed my cockhead, and then inch after inch of my shaft warmed from her ass.

"Nuh! More! Nuh! More! Toohn. Much! Daddy! Toohn. Much! Hurts! Da! Dee!"

With half my cock buried in Dani's ass I stopped. I flexed my cock with a muscle pump and Dani's head thrashed upward and her face slammed back into the pillow. Again. Again. Again.

The sounds she was making were absolutely demonic.

I started the slow saw in-and-out of Dani's ass. It was like playing a theremin. I got the same pitch moan everytime my cock was in the same place in the in-stroke or out-stroke.

I started really having fun. It was punishment, sure. It was rape, certainly. But Dani responded to the rape on a more visceral level than her sister did. She responded to the ass rape the way her mother did.

My balls started a tingle. I was going to come.

"Daddeeeee, pleeeeeez daddeeeeee," Dani hissed. "Please rub that pusseeeee. Daddeeeeeee. Pleeeeeeeeeez." Her head was tilted to the side and I could see the rapturous pain washed over her face, even though her eyes were squinted shut.

I fished a hand around her hips and pressed down into the sopping wet gush of the pussy grinding against the silk sheets. That pussy could not have been any wetter if it were under a waterfall.

My fingertips danced around the entrance to my cherry fuckhole for a minute or two and then pulled back to find a throbbing clitoris. Dani thrashed hard again and I matched her thrash with opposing thrust in and out of her ass.

Dani squeaked one high pitch yip, and then went into an animal low groan as she orgasmed and shook.

The tingle in my balls sined into an inferno in my spine. I came harder than I could remember in my entire life. I kept thrusting against Dani's buck and riding upward on her downward doggy rolls as my cock flexed and flexed and emptied buckets of sperm into my ass-whore daughter's poop chute. I heard myself grunt and yell. Dani and I competed to drown out the other's orgasmic throes as we crashed against each other and tried to keep the orgasm from ending.

It ended.

I rolled off my daughter and panted. She went nowhere, as she was still tied to the headboard.

Her face turned to mine and her exasperated mouth shaped out the words "Thank you, Daddy." There was no energy left in her to push out sound.

I pulled at the knots around each of her wrists until she was untethered. Dani rolled into the crook of my arm and I squeezed her as she tried to cuddle through my skin and deep into my soul.

After several minutes of tenderness, Dani leaned up and kissed me on the lips. "You broke me," she whispered.

"You'll heal," I said. "Roll up a warm washcloth and--"

"No Daddy. I'm not talking about my ass. You broke me for other boys. That was so much better than I thought it would be, all the times I played with myself."

"Mmmmm," I nodded. "Unfortunately, that kind of proper submissive attitude has a way of fading with the night. Or at least until Johnny Tightjeans smiles at you from the bleachers."

"Maybe," Dani said. "I'm just going to say this..."

"Careful," I warned.

"Daddy, you've been insane since mom died."

"News flash."

"Really, Daddy. You are not yourself."

"There's a lot going on at work."

"Spill," Dani said. She settled comfortably back into my armpit.

"You wouldn't care or understand, Honey."

"Try me, Daddy."

"I'm under a lot of pressure to sell some of my patents to the parent company."

"Is it a lot of money?"

"Yeah," I said. "A lot of money. But patents are kind of like stocks. It's not whether you sell them, but when you sell them. You can certainly wait too long to sell out. But I think there's more value than they are offering right now."

"How can you wait too long to sell a patent?"

"There's always somebody trying to invent the same thing that you invented, and sooner or later somebody is going to figure out how to do it a better way. Then nobody wants your invention anymore."

"Oh," Dani said. "I understand that." Then: "Daddy? I meant what I said about my-- I mean your cherry. I'd rather give it to you than any boy at school."

"If you wait too long, I'm sure I'll take it, honey. But in the interim, you may change your mind. Once you start sucking off boyfriends, one of them is going to pressure you for a turn in my pussy."

Dani nodded into my chest. "Yeah. Probably. I guess I'll also have to figure out when it's the right time to 'sell,' huh?"

"Better rest up that mouth, honey," I said. "You're back on your knees tomorrow night."

"Oh, Daddy," Dani flinched. "I need more time than that. I have blisters in my mouth from sucking so long."

"Too bad, Honey. You better learn to moan more. You better learn to make more eye contact. You better learn how to figure out what I like and give it to me the way I like it."

"Can I ask a question, Daddy? Without you taking it the wrong way?"

"Probably not, but give it a try."

"Why does the end of your penis get so red?"

"I have no idea. Maybe it's just mother nature's way of warning girl's to watch out. Why? Does it gross you out?"

Dani shook her head no. "Just different. It wasn't until Ally showed me movies on the internet that I figured out that most penises don't change color like that. Sometimes I see it in my dreams and it's glowing. Like Rudolf's nose in that creepy claymation Christmas special."

"So you actually dream about my cock?"

Dani sighed. We both fell asleep with the lights still on.

Chapter 45 - Training, Training, Training

Day Two of Submissive Daughter Training was almost a carbon copy of Day One. It did not go well for Dani while she was on her knees. She got slapped and cockswatted so hard I was sure her face was going to bruise. She sucked two twenty minute gauntlets and ended up tied to the headboard with my cock stretching her pink ass to the ripping point.

Again she begged to have my pussy frigged while I fucked her. I took more strokes in and out of her tight, hot ring before I gave in to the animal begging and reached around into the sloppy wet folds.

She exploded in orgasm again. Her thrashing and moaning and juicing vacuumed the come from my balls and into my daughter's ass. It may have been more intense the second time around.

Something happened at school with Dani's wannabe boyfriend on Day Three, because she showed up that night ready to suck. I needed a night off to heal up from all the toothy scrapes Dani had scuffed into my cock.

Dani seemed desperate to make some progress on her prerequisites. Cass must have asked her to another date or another dance. I sent her to her room.

Day Four I decided to try something different. Old dog, new dog.

Dani walked in my room buck ass naked to find her sister kneeling with her hands tied behind her back. Naked of course.

"What's going on?" Dani said.

"Ally-bitch is going to give you some cock sucking tips," I said. "Get over here and get on your knees."

Ally was still no longer in the charity-incest frame-of-mind. She was still pissy about being raped.

"Ally-bitch, teach your coven sister how to suck cock so she stops getting her bitch ass beat every night," I said.

Ally took a deep breath. She knew if she sucked angry, I'd only rough her more or hold out more, especially with an audience. She swallowed her rage and tried to put on a pleasant face, even though her expression was tight and tense.

"Please Daddy," Ally muttered, "may I suck your cock?"

"Get busy, bitch."

Ally raised up on her knees to catch the tip of my cock in her lips and went to town. Ally sucked and slurped and twisted her mouth from side to side as she worked my cock and worked it well.

This went on for a while.

"Ally, this isn't a demonstration. It's a class. Teach your sister. Tell her what you are doing."

Ally sucked off the top of my cockhead with a pop. She was more frustrated. "Daddy--" Ally searched for safe words. "Daddy, I don't know if I can explain it. It's not something I can describe."

"You better try, Sugartits," I said. I reached over and pulled the Spankin' Paddle off the bed and spun it in my hand like a Chinese Table Tennis gold medalist. "And you better do a good job."

Ally sighed. "Okay. Uh. Well first of all, you have to think of three basic sucks. Head suck, whoresuck, and deep suck."

Boom. Ally had been taught at some point by Caryn, who had been taught by her mother to pleasure her father. The incest legacy of Caryn's father just wouldn't die. The beat goes on.

Ally taught Dani the basic sucks, then she demonstrated. Then Dani took her turn, shoulder-to-shoulder with her sister.

Ally taught Dani to "suck the corners" And twist her mouth from side to side to get to fresh cock nerves.

"The most important thing," Ally said to Dani, as if I were no more than a prop mannequin in the chair before them, "especially with Daddy, you have to like yaknow, create this anticipation agreement between yaknow, where daddy wants your mouth, versus where you give Daddy his suck, but you can't give it right away. How do I say this? Uhm. Once you know Daddy's sex rhythms, you know where he wants you to go, right? And you have to go there, right? So you do go there, but you don't go in a straight line. You kind of get there in a roundabout way, see?"

Somehow this made perfect sense to me. Dani was baffled.

Ally continued. "Okay, so you're working your three basic sucks and you see Daddy's balls get tight. You know he's just a couple of minutes from sperming. So Daddy wants you to suck hard on the head and put him over, right? And you want to suck hard on the head and put him over, right? Well before you work the head you Babydoll suck in the middle for a little bit. Just a little bit."

"Which one is the baby doll suck again?" Dani asked.

"It's the whoresuck where your tongue pokes over your bottom lip while you suck." Ally demonstrated. More lessons from Caryn tingling all over my cock. I loved a good baby doll suck.

"Only Daddy wants it hard, so you give it soft. For just a little bit. Then you suck his cockhead hard." Ally demonstrated. "Then baby doll." My cock never left Ally's mouth as she talked around it to her sister. "Then he's expecting headsuck, so you go deep." Ally deep throated me. I wasn't going to last much longer.

"Dani-bitch," I growled. "You do it. You try."

"Okay," Dani leaned in and Ally passed her the head of my cock in almost a kissing motion.

"Just do what I tell you," Ally said. "Whoresuck. Deep. Now Princess suck. Good, now babydoll. Headsuck. Harder. Harder. Moan. Moan and really slurp. Daddy loves slurping sounds. Good. Suck the corners. Baby doll. Now suck that head hard. Harder. Make it loud."

Ally barking suck commands at Dani was just too much. Following instructions, Dani rang every bell in my brain. My head snapped back and the cum rushed from my balls.

I wanted to bark at Dani not to miss a drop. I couldn't talk, I was coming so hard. It takes a lot to shut me up. Dani knew better. I looked down to see her cheeks concave and her throat gulping my come. She didn't stop at all and I had to reach down and forcibly yank my burning cock top from Dani's suction.

"Good," I said with an exasperated wave. "Dani, untie your sister's hands. Both of you are done."

Dani smiled. "Wait, Daddy." She took Ally's face gently in her hands and cocked it to the side. Dani's tongue unrolled with a glob of my white come still in the middle. "Share," Dani said to Ally. "Share Daddy's seed."

Ally reluctantly opened her mouth and took Dani's kiss, which was more of a tongue-licking-tongue maneuver. Ally swallowed my essence and patiently waited to be untied so she could get the fuck out of there.

Ally practically ran out of the room. Dani lingered. "Does that count as my first success, Daddy."

"Of course not," I panted. "Solo. Twenty minutes. No exceptions."

Dani huffed. "Oh. Okay."

"So what's going on?" I asked. "What's the big rush to make your milestones?"

"Nothing, Daddy."

"Bullshit. What's up?"


"What are you doing this weekend?"

"Uhm, there's a bonfire at Katie Ingram's house."

"Is Cass going to be at this bonfire?"

Dani shrugged. "I don't know."

"Bullshit. You don't go. You're here practicing your suck skills on me."


"This conversation is over."

Dani stamped her bare foot, spun, and marched out of the room.

Chapter 46 - Dani and Cass

This is a fast forward.

Friday night Dani finally scored her first Daddy orgasm within twenty minutes, although it was the second 20-minute set.

Saturday night, Dani was possessed. Ally had downloaded some internet porn of blowjobs for Dani to watch as homework and told her, "Daddy likes it like this." Ally was right. Dani was a little porn-star wannabe dynamo. Her eye contact was flawless. Her moans were deep and sexy and wanton. She showed up for suck duty with different makeup. Much more eyeliner and her lips painted in two glossy tones.

Eighteen minutes, and by-God she fucking owned every single one. She was overpowering in her slutiness. I looked down at her swallowing my come load and she was smiling. Smiling a devilish, self-satisfied pixie smirk around my twitching cock.

I took Sunday off. I need a day of rest.

Monday night, Dani arrived in my room at eight o'clock, her hair in two sideways pigtails and wearing only her cheerleading skirt and long white socks.

HOLY SHIT Dani was smoking hot. She was also shocked to round the bed to my Dressing/Suck chair and see Ally already slurping on my cock. The sight of Dani standing there, slutted out to holy hell with her mouth in an aghast "O" was enough to send my sperm gushing into Ally's belly.

I waved Ally off with a flick of my wrist. "Done, Ally-bitch," I panted. "Ally-bitch, kiss your sister on your way out."

Ally paused long enough to kiss Dani as she blew out of the room. She may have faked the tongue action. I didn't care.

Dani blinked. "Tomorrow then, Daddy?"

"No, bitch. You're next. Get on your knees. Just give me a minute to catch my breath."

Dani was baffled. My cock never stopped tingling. I looked at my watch. "Okay," I panted. "Twenty minutes. Go. Suck my cock."

Dani said her "Yes Daddy" And leaned in to close her mouth around my drooping prick.

I was just getting fully hard again when Dani's twenty minutes expired. I didn't rough her too hard, but I didn't give her a pass, either.

I put Dani back to work. I barked her to all-fours. I barked her back to her knees. Back to all fours. I reached down and flipped her cheer skirt up on her sweaty back so I could see her perfect round ass. God damn she was sexy and got even sexier with her sweaty effort. I liked the socks more than I expected to like the socks. Very nice detail.

I pulled the Spankin' Paddle off the bed and -- with Dani in all fours -- I reached under her and *papped* some modest swats on her young swinging tits. It was a great sound. Dani didn't even flinch so I reached under again and paddled her tits harder. A squeak of pain surpassed her whore moaning. I unloaded in her mouth. It had been a long time since I went back-to-back on two straight orgasms. Dani doesn't know how lucky it was that she picked that particular night to try some sexy costume play. It made the difference.

Dani stayed on her knees.

I waved. "Done."

Dany stayed.


"Are we... Are we good, Daddy?"

"What are you talking about?"

"That's three right? Three in a row?"

I turned my wrist and pointed at my watch. "Twenty four minutes," I panted. "Over. Too much. Starting over."

She wanted to kill me.

Fast forwarding again, it took another ten days for Dani to finally suck me off three times in a row (no hands) under twenty minutes.

Dani wasted no time connecting with her new boyfriend. She had a movie date lined up the next weekend.

"You have to suck him off," I said.

"Yeah, yeah. I know, Daddy."

"Every time."

"You've been very clear about that Daddy," Dani rolled her eyes.

"You going to suck him off before or after the date?"

"I don't know. What difference does it make?"

"Well, first of all, you're going to suck me off before your date. Every date. And you are going to offer to suck me off after your date too. Maybe I'll want it, maybe I won't, but that's up to me."

Dani's eyes went thin. "Okaaaaaay..."

"And second," I continued. "I'm going to watch you suck him, so I need a flight plan. Before or after?"


"I have to know you aren't fucking around on your pledge. Not even once. Especially the first time, I'm going to make sure Cass gets pleasured."

"I-- I-- I don't even know if I'm going to get the chance to be alone with him. Watch me? Are you kidding?"

"Do I look like I'm kidding? How about you have his parent's take you to the movie and I pick you up and bring you back here. You show Cass around the house and that will give me time to position myself in your closet. You bring him up to your room and put on a show for Daddy. Rock his world. Then you take him back downstairs to get a soda and I'll show up and drive him home."

Dani blinked.

"I'm not kidding," I said.

"Fine," Dani huffed, rubbing her eyes. "You ever watched Allison fuck Tommy?"

"Not yet," I said. "But I'll definitely add that to my list of things to do."

Datenight finally arrived. I told Dani that his folks better not be a minute early to pick her up, because her Daddy-duty would start at exactly 20 minutes prior to pickup. If they had to wait in the car an hour while I ass raped her, they'd have to wait. Daddy comes first, pun intended.

This made her nervous as hell.

She was dressed like a sweet little Sophomore girl. She didn't want to totally undress while she did Daddy-duty, but she was worried I'd sperm her shirt and then make her wear it on the date.

I just had her unbutton her blouse and pull up her bra so her tits were more-or-less peek-a-booing at me.

I pulled down my zipper and stood in the middle of the living room.

Dani went at my cock like her life depended on it.

Five minutes in, I was boiling.

"You gonna suck that boyfriend tonight, bitch?"

"You know I will, Daddy," Dani moaned around my cock head.

"Gonna get his come?"

"Oh, I'm going to try so hard, Daddy."

"You'll do more than try."

"Yes, Daddy. I want his come. I want Cass to come in this mouth so bad. I want to taste him, Daddy."

"You fucking two-cock sucking little whore."

Dani smiled, appropriately, "Yes, Daddy. I can't help it. I love hard cock in this bitch mouth that belongs to you. I love hot come squirting into--"

Pow. Eleven minutes. Fucking bitch absolutely owned me. She was more like her whore mother every day.

The story of my hiding in the closet went by-the-numbers. Exactly what you would expect. Except for Cass. I was expecting some blonde, chiseled Football stud. Cass was average at best. Average build. Maybe a little lanky. Maybe 5'10. He had pretty good hair, may have even been professionally colored.

It was Suzie Wagner and Hank all over again. Cass was a little more suave and self-possessed than Hank was. Still not worthy of my daughter.

By the time the kids found my car in the movie pick-up lane, I was getting nervous. It was that jealous nervousness that I hadn't felt since I was boxing Caryn up for her trip to Dutch's hotel. I was sweaty in my shirt.

The kids climbed into the back of my BMW. Dani and I locked eyes in the rear view mirror. I could see she was getting nervous too. They didn't want to talk, so I tried to spark some friendly convo, asking for a review of the movie.

We pulled into the driveway and I said, "I'm going to fold some laundry in my room. Dani, show Cass around the house. Be a good host, okay?"

Dani said "Yes Daddy," with a sarcastic twinge we both understood.

I already had a space cleared out of Dani's closet and a soft chair waiting for me. I had it positioned so -- with just a small crack in the closet door -- I had a perfect view of the bed. It seemed like it took forever for them to finally come into her room. The house wasn't that damn big that it should have taken her fifteen minutes to get the show started.

"Your sister is really nice," Cass said, stepping into the room.

"Which class do you have together?"



Dani and Cass stood next to the bed looking awkwardly at each other. Dani was absofuckinglutely adorable in her nervous, shyness, bouncing a little on the heels of her flats.

Who was going to make the first move?

They both did. Their faces came together like magnets. You could watch slo-motion frame-by-frame film of that kiss and never detect which one started toward the other first.

Lips smashed. Mouths opened. Tongues wrestled.

Cass's arms wrapped around Dani's back, gently but firmly. The room was sucked of sound except for tiny wet mouth frictions. Cass got more aggressive and his hands started rubbing her back as they tonsil-boxed.

"You're a great kisser," Cass smiled, breaking away for breath.

"You too."

Bam. Right back at it. This time, Cass's hands started an up and down motion, working to the small of Dani's back and then lower with each swipe.

They stood and kissed for many minutes until Cass's paw locked on the back of Dan's skirt and he squeezed her ass.

Dani's eyes opened and then darted toward the closet. She broke the kiss.

"C'mere," she said, sliding onto her bed. Her hands laced together awkwardly against her midriff while her feet pushed her shoes off and kicked them clear of the bed.

"Your dad?"

"He won't bother us," Dani said. "I hope."

Once Cass was on the bed, it was on. His hand went right back to Dani's ass, this time under the skirt. Facing no opposition, his hand came around her side and went for her bloused right tit.

No opposition.


No opposition. Just passionate kissing.

Button button button. Bra tug.


Cass pulled and pinched at Dani's titty. I could barely see anything good with all the clothes in the way and the rolling around.

"Hang on," Dani said. "You're going to rip my shirt."


"S'okay. Here." Dani sat up and pulled her shirt off and then dispensed with her bra.

Cass's eyes were the size of oranges. He didn't ask. He just sucked those little titties with a fervor. Both. I could see him bite into Dani's delicious pink nipples. Cass couldn't see Dani's eyes bulge in pain when he bit hard. I could. It was comical and sexy.

It didn't take Cass long to get a hand under the front of Dani's skirt while he sucked.

"Hey," Dani said. Cass was surprised. I was surprised.

"Sorry," Cass said, confused. He pulled his hand back.

"No, why don't you let me be good to you this time, okay?" Dani said.

"Uhm. Okay?"

Dani slid off the side of the bed and knelt in the floor. "Come here. No, put your legs over the side."

Cass came to blowjob position and I was finally perfectly positioned to see everything. Dani's hands nervously unbuckled Cass's belt and then the button on his Chinos. Cass's expression was much like a stoned caveman: Half disbelief, half bafflement.

Then the zipper.

"Help me out a little, wouldja?" Dani smiled. She was trying to tug off Cass's pants and he was sitting on them.

Cass stood up and Dani pulled his pants and underwear off with the same pull. Cass's hard six incher bounced back up and slapped him in the stomach. Dani encountered a huge bush of blonde pubes. I hadn't prepared her for that. It made his dick look small and thin. But those balls! Jesus, the kid had gorilla balls. Huge.

Dani smiled up at Cass. "Relax," she said. "Sit back down."

Cass did as he was told. My daughter's whore mouth wrapped around her boyfriend's hard prick and she sucked like a porn slut. She moaned. She worked her head from side to side. Ol' Cass never looked away, not even for a second. Not even to roll his eyes in ecstasy. He just stared downward as Dani's big blinkers stared back up at him.

He didn't last long.

Cass shuddered and began coming. It's one thing to come in a girl's mouth yourself. It's another thing to watch a girl swallow another boy's seed. There's a reason for the money shot in porn. I felt cheated as I saw Cass twitch and Dani's throat bob. I was missing the money shot. I should have demanded some come play.

But then... Then Cass just kept coming. And coming. Dani's eyes went curious. Then concerned. Then panicked as Cass didn't stop shooting spew from those big nuts. Dani raised up a little higher on her knees. It only takes one choking cough. Dani coughed. Then choked. She had to pull back and off as Cass's dick kept pumping come, this time onto her hair. Dani hacked and tried to recover.

Her hand went to Cass's dick and wrapped it. She yanked two more white ropes onto her (my) face before Cass's balls emptied. Amazing. His orgasm must have went on twenty seconds and as many shots.

"Wow," Dani said, still coughing come.

"You're awesome," Cass panted.

Lick up the spent come! Lick up the spent come! I shouted at Dani in my mind. We hadn't really practiced any come play. It was always my directive the girls had to swallow every drop.

Dani knelt beside the bed and come dripped off her hair and face.

"You're pretty awesome too." Dani said.

"So I guess this means we're a couple?" Cass said.

"It damn well better!" Dani smiled.

"Okay," Cass rolled circulation back in his shoulders. "I'll tell my other girlfriends."

Dani slapped his knee. "Asshole!"

Cass laughed. Dani smiled. She cleaned her face and hair with some tissues and Cass dressed. They left the room. My cock could not have been harder. No more doubt, I was sure I was getting an "after" suck. I was sure I was going to relive every sordid detail as soon as I dropped them off and got her back home. Dani was going to get her third load of come in as many hours.

I dropped Cass off at his house and Dani and I didn't say a word on the ride home.

In the garage I stopped her before she walked into the house and I hugged her.

"You proud of me, Daddy?" she asked.

"Heart bursting," I answered.

"Oh," Dani said flatly. Her hand pressed into the erection in my pants.

"No," I said. "It's not just that. You were really a good girl tonight. For both your men. I am proud of you. Sincerely."

"Thank you."

"That said," I said, "Get upstairs and get your clothes off."

"I should take a shower first," Dani said. "I'm still sticky with his stuff."

"No. That's fine. I'll just wash away his sperm with mine. Get upstairs."

Having popped three hours before, I had a much more impressive outing as I sat for my second sucking and Dani's third. I was up for a nice, slow, talky suck.

I got it.

Dani started talking slutty between sucks before she was prompted. "I'm sorry I didn't get all of my boyfriend's come in my mouth."

"He was packing a load."

"Jesus Christ, Daddy, I wasn't ready for that."

Ally shouted from down the hall that she was home from her date.

"Get in here."

Seconds later Ally slinked into the room. Her eyes darted to assess my mood and the situation. Her eyes rolled and she started unbuttoning her her top.

I let her strip all the way. She walked over to kneel next to Dani and I told her to just lie on the bed and talk to us.

"Act like family," I said.

Ally lie down on the bed facing us and propped her head on an elbow.

"So how'd she do?" Ally asked me, bored.

"Good," I said. "Very good. She had some issues. Cass was a big comer. He pretty much washed your sister out to sea in hot sperm."

"Can I stroke a little, Daddy?" Dani asked. I nodded. She wrapped her hand around my cock head and pumped it. "Seriously!" Dani said to her sister. "I lost count. I don't think horses sperm that much! It got everywhere."

"That's because you're used to Daddy," Ally said, bored. "Old guys don't come a lot. Pretty much all teenage boys are sperm fire hydrants."

"I don't come a lot?" I asked Ally.

Ally looked at her fingernails and shook her head. "Naw. You didn't come that much when I first got here. You come a lot less now."


"You're getting old," Ally said, staring at me defiantly. The double-entendre was not lost on me.

Ally looked over at Dani yanking my crank. Dani's mouth washed back over it to warm my cock with spit and suck. "Sis, pull your nails down the front of his balls. Gently. See 'em tightening up like that?"

Dani tickled the front of my ball sack with her perfect nails and I squirted into Dani's mouth.

"Good job, babydoll." I kissed Dani's forehead.

"You," I pointed toward Ally. "Mouthy-mouth. Get your ass in the air."

Ally didn't give me the satisfaction of an argument. She rolled her eyes and went to all fours with her ass pointed toward me and her little feet hanging off the edge of the bed.

I pulled the Spankin' Paddle out of the bondage drawer and gave Ally 50 hard ones. She was fighting the urge to cry. Somewhere around swat thirty I started aiming high on the back of her ass, hitting the scar tissue where the butterfly tattoo had been lasered off the month before. That burned her. I got her hitching, even if I didn't get a really good cry out of her.

"Now," I said, putting the paddle back in the drawer. "When's the next time you and Tommy think you are going out on a date?"

Chapter 47 - Ally and Tommy

Watching Allison and Tommy go at it from her closet was not as sexy as I wanted it to be. Tall thin Tommy had a decent cock. He was a year older than Allison, and more hairy in the body than I expected.

Completely expected: Ally's bad attitude on display, knowing I was watching them. I ordered up a suck-n-fuck. That's what I got.

Tommy wasn't much of a talker. While Ally was sucking him, Tommy picked up on Ally's attitude.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Tommy pulled Ally's mouth off his cock and gently ran his fingers over her brow and traced the back of his black fingernails down the side of her face.


"Babe, it's okay. If you're not in the mood."

"No. Just... Just let me suck, okay."

"You sure?"

Ally went back to sucking Tommy's long, thin cock. Tommy ran his fingers through Ally's beautiful dark hair with a loving, slow touch.

"That's really nice, baby." Tommy had more piercings than a sideshow carny, but he was tender and slow with Ally. His exterior heavy metal rocker personae was undermined by his softness with my daughter.

"Make love to me?" Ally looked up at Tommy and slowly stroked his hard cock.

"Absolutely, Babe. If that's what you want."

Oh, for the love of God. You pussy. I rolled my eyes in the dark closet.

Ally lay back on the bed, missionary. Tommy moved over her. Then all I could see was Tommy's skinny ass slowly going up and down. He kissed Ally passionately from forehead to her neck and back.

"Can I come in you, babe?"

Fuck. I nearly burst out of the closet and slapped that pussy mutherfucker. Can I come in you? Fuuuuuuck. Pussy!

"Hang on," Ally said. She slid down farther between Tommy's legs until her tits were against his balls. I couldn't see her jacking him off, but I could see her elbow moving.

"What's got into you?" Tommy whispered.

"Just come on me, okay? On my face."

"Okay." Tommy stiffened. He swung his leg off Ally's (my)torso and I could see the lines of white goo on Ally's face. It was the script I ordered, but it wasn't as sexy as I wanted it to be. Tommy really felt something for my daughter. There was more to Tommy than I gave him credit for. Given the grunts and nods he exchanged with me, you can't blame me for thinking he was an idiot.

Tommy wiped the come off Allison's face with his fingers and kissed her cheek. "Me and you, Babe. Right?"

"Get dressed," Ally said. "I'll pee and meet you down in the kitchen."

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Just get dressed."

Chapter 48 - Ally's Attitude

Later that night I was back in Ally's room, fucking her hard from a doggy position. I was standing and her tiny feet were folded over the edge of the bed.

I tried to get Ally talking dirty, but she would only respond to the questions she was asked.

"Your boy doesn't fuck you doggy?" I growled as my hands clamped on Ally's (my) hips and her fat round ass rippled with the impact of my fuck. I could see her (my) tits almost swinging up into her face.

"No, Daddy." That bored voice again.

"Why not?"

"I don't know, Daddy. Ask him."

"You need some time in my basement, bitch?"

"If that's what you want, Daddy."

I stopped thrusting. "You do it, bitch. Move your ass. Fuck your Daddy, whore."

I stood still and made Ally hump backwards into my cock until I was ready to come. I pulled her into the floor in front of me and started jacking the come out of my cock. "Every drop on your tongue. And don't swallow, bitch."

I creamed salty spew onto Ally's outstretched tongue. She opened her mouth wide and her tiny Chicklet teeth gleamed as come ricocheted off of them and onto the scooped spoon of her bumpy tongue. I finished jacking the last drop and wiped the last dribble right onto her eyelid to piss her off.

"Don't swallow." I warned again.

He held her jaw cocked in that odd "I have to breath, but my mouth is full" position. With one eye squinted shut she looked like Bill the Cat.



"Get in here."

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Get on your knees and take the load from Ally-bitch's mouth."

"Yes, Daddy!" Dani was almost eager.

"And don't you swallow."

"Yes, Daddy."

Ally leaned over Dani's mouth and washed a soapy load of spit and sperm into Dani's open bird mouth. Ally smacked with relief at her empty mouth.

I had them snowball the load plus more-and-more spit back and forth nine or ten times before I ordered Ally to swallow it. There was enough extra wash that she couldn't stop a fair amount of bubbling come from squirting out the corners of her mouth. It dripped down her chin onto her big round titties. I had Dani lick it up off Ally's tits. I'd never really made the girls interact with each other on a level besides sharing the sex duties. Watching Dani's long tongue lap spittle and sperm off Ally's tits was a nice touch.

"Get those nips," I barked.

"Uh, yes, Daddy." Dani didn't mess around she latched a mouth onto Ally's right nipple and sucked it like a hungry boy. Then the left nip.

"Good. Dani, you're done. Skeedaddle."

"Yes, Daddy." Dani left the room quickly, exchanging a worried glance with Ally.

"You think you've seen all my tricks?" I asked Ally.

Ally bit her lip and fumed.

"You want Dani to suck my come out of your twat?"

Ally fumed.

"You wanna to suck my come of her twat? Answer me."


"If you think the cane or the roof is the worst thing I can do to you, you better think again. You got me?"


"Your sister likes it in the ass. You want to lick my come out of her asshole?"

"No. No, Daddy."

"Work on the attitude."

Ally nodded. I could see my words sinking in. "Yes, Daddy."

Chapter 49 - Head to Head Competion

Ally's attitude did improve a little. She tried a little harder to fake it when she sucked or fucked me. She was spending at least two nights a week in my bed. Sometimes three. Dani was doing her Daddy-duty before and after dates with Cass. I didn't hold Ally to that particular standard. She would have spent less time with my cock if I had, so I kept Ally overnights and made her sleep next to me. You clutch hardest to the bird determined to fly away, I guess. Sometimes I'd forgo sex at night when I was tired and instead I'd wake her up in the morning before my run with an expectant pecker. Not being a morning person, Allison really hated that. Of course, that meant I loved it.

One Saturday night, I was sitting alone watching television. I never watch television, but that night I was. The house was silent. Both girls were out with their boyfriends. Cass had got his driver's license and there was no more picking up and driving kids in my life.

Man, the house was quiet. That's when I hatched my most evil plan to-date.

Sunday afternoon I called them both into the family room and sat them on the couch.

"Ladies," I said calmly, "there's a new schema in this household."

"Schema?" Ally sneered.

"Rule," Dani whispered.

"New rule," I nodded. "From now on, only one of my girls may be checked out of my household on any given weekend. One. Got it? If one of you goes out then the other one stays home. With me. No friends. No boys."

Dani and Ally looked at one another.

"Furthermore," I continued, "You can't split weekends. A weekend is Friday and Saturday. You can't go out one of you on Friday and the other on Saturday. Both days or no days."

"Fuck." Dani was not happy.

"Fuck a duck," Ally was less happy.

"So who makes out the schedule?" Dani asked.

"You two work it out," I said. "I don't care as long as you tell me by Wednesday night which one of you is going out and which one of you is staying home with me."

Dani and Ally looked at each other suspiciously.

"Well Tommy is playing at the Fallout this weekend," Ally said. "So I need this weekend."

"No way," Dani said. "Cass and I are going to the basketball game. B-team is cheering this weekend, so I can finally sit in the bleachers and watch."

Bickering ensued. Perfect. Just perfect.

"Daddy?" Dani said. Her voice went serious. "Daddy this is bullshit. I'm your best girl, right? I get first pick."

"Daddy," Ally's voice was uncharacteristically sweet. "The Fallout is not just another gig. It's a premiere venue. It's bigtime."

I tried not to laugh. "Is the Fallout open to under 18?"

Ally's mouth opened and closed suddenly. "I'm on the guest list. It's okay."

Dani smirked and looked at me.

I shrugged. "Okay. If you're on the guest list."

"What?" Dani said. "Daddy! I never get to take a game off."

"Okay," I shrugged. "That's fine."

"Who?" Ally asked. "Who goes out?"

"Work it out," I said.

"What if we can't work it out?"

I smiled. "Well, in that case, if you haven't worked it out by Wednesday night, then on Wednesday night we'll have a little contest to see who goes on a date and who stays home. A little... head to head competition."

Both of them looked at me like I was crazy.

"A contest?" Ally asked.

"A suck-off," I nodded.

Ally looked at Dani. "Oh, bring it, bitch. Call your boy now and let him know you won't be going out this weekend."

"Fuck that," Dani put her hand on her hip and snaked her head. "I can outsuck you every day of the week and twice on Sunday."

"Sis," Ally put her hand on Dani's shoulder. "I taught you everything you know about sucking Daddy's cock, but I didn't teach you everything I know."

My plan to divide the girls could not have worked better. I shrugged again. "Whatever. I'll see you both Wednesday night and you'll either have an answer for me or you'll be naked and ready to put your bitch mouths to work."

Thank God, they didn't work it out.

The first head-to-head contest between Ms. Danielle and Ms. Allison may go down in history as my most inspired bit of evil genius. Both girls came to play. They weren't fucking around.

Dani was first into my room with a variation on her cheerleader costume. She had gone to Victoria Secret at the the mall and bought a half cup demi-bra that cupped her already firm tits and held her nipples exposed and upright. She had on a schoolgirl white oxford, tied sexy at a bare midriff. The open front had been strategically safety pinned to the sides of her bra so her tits remained on full display, even though -- technically -- she was wearing a shirt. She had a little blue catholic school girl plaid skirt with no panties. High white socks with tiny blue ribbon bows sewn at the top and brand new black Mary Janes with a shine buffed to a gloss that could blind a man.

Also... and this detail blew me away: Glasses. Dani had perfect vision, so I guess they were drug store cheaters with low magnification. Big clunky frames that made her tiny little button nose look all the more impossibly adorable. Her hair was back in two pigtail plumes, perfectly combed on each side of her head.


I'd always sexualized the girls as older than their actual years. To see Dani rock the cute, bookish schoolgirl retro-pedo look was a play that came from outer space. I wouldn't have ordered that look, but goddamnsunofabitch, she didn't miss a detail.

"Well, look at you, Dani-Doll," I marveled.

Dani noticed my big eyes and she smirked. "Like it, Daddy?" Dani bounced on her heels perfectly to make her tits jiggle and her skirt fluff. Then she spun around quickly to lift the skirt. "Or do you want me to take it off?" Dani faked a big pouty lip.

"Naw. Let's see where that takes us," I said. My twitchy cock began to tingle in anticipation.

"Step aside, amateur." Ally breezed in and I nearly swallowed my tongue. She had been shopping as well, but she took the slut theme in another direction. Her little feet were crammed into four inch red stilettos. Her hair was big. Big. I had never seen her hair so fancy and dolled up. Lots of sex volume, just like Caryn used to do hers when we were meeting up with one of her swinger boyfriends. Ally was wearing a ton of eyeliner and dark copper eye shadow. Besides the shoes, the only other thing she was wearing was a brand new red dog collar with an 18 inch chain leash attached that dropped down through her significant cleavage.

All that fuss would have been enough to knock me out of the chair, considering how surly and detached Ally had been the entire time I had been raping her. At best, her M.O had been a blend of obedience and fear. Ally had never shown any inkling of Dani's innate desire to please me. But then there was the cherry on the cake: Ally had shaved her pussy bare.

I maintained a rule that both the girls had to keep a well manicured landing strip. No more than two of my fingers wide and no more than three fingers tall with my ring finger resting on their clit. (And bare below the clit.) This was my "branding." Only Caryn had been instructed to shave bare.

After my eyes finally took in the mega-whore look and the dog collar and chain, I noticed the lack of pubes.

"Uhm. You're out of compliance, bitch," I nodded. "Daddy branded you for a reason."

Ally put her hand on her hip and cocked the toe of one shiny red stiletto toward the wall. "That's because I need an ass beating, Daddy." I'd never heard that much honey in Ally's voice before. She was a character. It was almost comical how breathy and high her voice was.

Okay okay. Another bitch come to play.

"We'll deal with that issue later," I said. "Right now, both of you. On your knees, bitches."

Dani couldn't stop staring at Ally. Dani was as shocked as I was.


Dani flinched out of her shellshock. "Yes, Daddy!" She dropped to her knees next to Ally.

Ally was licking her lips seductively and staring at the tent in my sweatpants. "Mmmmm, Daddy," Ally said in a breathy, high-pitched voice, ala Jen Tilly. "Put me to work on that big, delicious, hardon of yours!"

I stood up long enough to drop my pants and kick them aside. I sat back down. The precome was already bubbling at the opening of my prick.

"Me first, Daddy?" Ally purred, staring at my bobbing cockhead.

"Me first, Daddy!" Dani was whiny and clearly annoyed that her sister was suddenly taking her cocksucking chores seriously. Very seriously.

"Easy, bitches," I said. "You'll both get plenty of suck time. And you both are going to share Daddy's cock. Do you understand?"

"Huffff. Yes Daddy," Ally mocked out great disappointment. "If you say so." She was a girl pretending to be a woman pretending to be a girl.

"Yes, Daddy." Dani was looking sideways at the spectacle of her sister instead of the Dom Daddy dick twitching in front of her face.

"Both of you. Lick. There's plenty of cock for two tongues. Get at it."

And they did. Ally on my right. Dani on my left. I had hot wet girl tongue swirling all over my shaft from balls to tip. Sometimes they traded high and low licks. Sometimes they both went at my cockhead at the same time, bumping tongue against tongue and lip against lip as they fought to pleasure the front face of my dick. Dani's extra long tongue seemed even longer than Ally's bumpy little girl tongue. Ally would moan seductively and look at me with sloe eyes. Then Dani would coo and say, "Oh Daddy, I can't wait to taste you."

I'd never spermed just from being licked before, but if I had let the show go on a minute longer, I would have. I barked them both back down to a low kneel, ass-on-heels.

I was panting and trying to get control over my sparking dick. I let myself get too close to coming and I was in no hurry for the girls' over-the-top acts to be cut short.

I leaned back in my chair and thought about Janet Reno until the urge to come finally subsided.

"Okay," I panted. "This is simple. Whoever gets my sperm in their mouth wins. If both of you get sperm somehow, then I'll make a determination about which one of you was the bigger slut. If any of my sperm hits the carpet, you'll both suck it out of the pile and you'll both stay home this weekend. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Daddy." Perfect unison.

"And you are both going to take turns and share Daddy. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Daddy." Stereo.

"And if your mouth isn't wrapped around Daddy's cockhead, then you are licking balls, or licking shaft, or kissing Daddy's lips. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Suck, bitches."

Ally paused to say "Yes, Daddy," one more time -- as per my rules -- and Dani used that second to get her mouth over the top of my cock first. She sucked and moaned like a complete porn whore.

Ally shot me a look to ask me if I was going to call Dani on the breach of conduct, but my head tilted back with the warm, wet stimulation of Dani's tongue pushing over her bottom lip as she gave me the best babydoll suck ever.

Ally tacked in a different direction. "Yeah, suck Daddy's big dick, bitch," Ally whispered as she leaned in to lick the top of my bag with a firm wet flat of her tongue. "Suck, bitch. Suck Daddy good."

Ally licked upward until her cheek pressed into Dani's cheek. Dani was head sucking me so hard I had to clinch my molars. Ally tried to take my cockhead, but Dani sucked even harder. I reached down to grab Dani's button nose between two of my knuckled fingers and pull her up to my eye line. Those big glasses went askew on top of my hand.

"Share," I said in my most dominant Daddy voice.

Dani popped off the top of my head hard and loud. Ally was right back on my pecker, pushing down deep onto the shaft until my cock silenced the moan in her throat. Ally was two inches from the base of my cock. My old girlfriend Amber had been a skilled deep throat artist and she didn't get any farther than Ally did. Ally had deep throat skills I'd never seen before. Tommy's long skinny cock had definitely gone every inch into that petite throat. More impressive, Ally held the deep penetration for ten or fifteen seconds. Wow. Great breath control. Great gag suppression.

Ally wiggled her round little ass back and forth as she backed her mouth up and up and up until she was sucking only my sperm hole with a tight, painfully slow pucker. Then she went at me with a furious whoresuck that rippled the nerves in my arms and made my hair stand on end.

Dani came back a little early for her next turn and Ally let her trade off without a fight.

Ally stood up on her shiny black heels and planted a wet kiss and curious tongue in my mouth that melted me. I'd kissed her before when I fucked her, but until that moment she had never sincerely kissed me back. Her mouth screwed every-which-way, rubber lipping over my lips and biting my bottom lip on the release. Ally put a knee onto my thigh so she could cup her tit and lift it into my mouth.

"Bite your titties, Daddy," Ally purred. "Chew 'em. Show me who owns them."

I did. Her head tilted back in ecstasy.

"Oh yes, Daddy!" Ally chirped.

"Glaaahg, gluhn, glung," Dani gagged from throat fucking me hard.

"Oh Daddy," Ally purred again. "Please fuck me, Daddy. I need a good hard fucking from a real man."

"Suck only," I panted. "Get down and take your turn, bitch."

"Oh Daddy," Ally pouted, pressing her tits into my face. "If you just fuck me a little bit, then you can taste this pussy on both your bitches' kisses. Wouldn't that be so nice? Your salty precome mixed with some sweet, submissive daughter-pussy on our sexy kisses?"

"Yeah," I sighed. "I'd like that. Go ahead and mount up on that cock, bitch."

"Daddy!" Dani was astonished.

"Shut up and make that cock nice and wet for me to ride Daddy's big cock, Sister-bitch," Ally growled. Ally swung her heel-shod little foot over Dani's head and pulled herself high up on my lap and kissed me like Caryn kissed me, deep and sexy and desperate.

Ally reached deep between her legs and grabbed the shaft of my cock and yanked it up and out of Dani's half-hearted suck. Ally's knees balanced on my thighs as she pulled my granite-hard cock up into the wet warmth of her (my) pussy hole. Ally's tongue pushed into my mouth once more and her knees slid slowly over the outsides of my thighs as she lowered her tight teen pussy onto my cock.

Deeper. Deeper. Warmer. Wetter.

Beneath Ally's rotating ass there were the customary three inches of cock that had never been able to fit within her. I bottomed out against her cervix wall.

"Oh, I'm going to get it all tonight, Daddy," Ally gasped into my mouth. "I'm going to get it all in this tight, wet cunt and then I'm going to get it all in my mouth and throat, Daddy."

"You've got to work it, if you want it, bitch," I said.

"Oh, absolutely, Daddy!" Ally's heels locked on the back of my calves and she began to fuck me in a hard, undulating rotation. Her ass danced a bucking-bull figure eight as she lifted up and dropped down harder and harder on my shaft. She had to be torturing herself. It hurt my cock as the base kinked under the force of her fuck. Ally's head whipped in a circle and her hair flew in sexy abandon. It was Caryn all over again. Ally was imitating Caryn's fuck throes.

I felt my cock throbbing all the way up in my eyes.

"Is my sister-bitch licking your big balls real good, Daddy?" Ally purred.

I looked around Ally's bouncing tits to see Dani kneeling and pouting and not doing anything.

"Lick my balls, Dani-bitch," I barked.

"Daddy," Dani wrinkled her nose. "Her ass would be in my nose."

"Get your fucking tongue on my balls. NOW!"

Dani scrunched her face and a moment later I felt her hot tongue swiping up and across the bottom of my balls.

The battle to not come was fierce.

"Oh Daddy," Ally bounced hard. She wasn't getting every inch, but she was fucking me so hard my teeth rattled. "Lemme try something else."

Ally lifted up and completely off my cock. In a smooth move she spun to reverse cowboy in my lap, the tops of her heels and feet pressed onto the tops of my thighs again. She again wiggled onto the tip of my cock and eased lower and lower. Her feet slipped off me and she dropped until her feet dangled in air on each side of me. Her arms reached up and back and locked behind my neck as she started to grind me again. The position change got a little more cock in her by going with the curve, but more than that it gave the illusion that my cock was entirely buried in her teen twat. Ally started to juice heavily from her (my) fuckhole. With her hands so far behind her head, Ally's tits pointed at the ceiling. I was looking down on her little frame and I could see every detail in all her glory. Her mouth made sexy "O" shapes and her heels bounced in mid air. She was pointing her toes the way I liked.

"So nice, Daddy," Ally moaned. "Soooooo deep in this little pussy."

"Mmmmmm," I moaned.

Ally pulled herself up until my cock came lose from her tight fuckhole.

She pushed my shaft down at Dani's mouth. "Suck Daddy's hardon, Sister-bitch!"

Dani wrapped her mouth around my cockhead and schlurped down through the frothy secretions of Ally's (my) twat.

"Mmmmmm!" Ally smiled. "Isn't that good, bitch? Don't you like the taste of pussy on Daddy's hardon?"

Dani just sucked and sucked, rocking her head from side-to-side to suck the corners.

Ally's hand shot down and grabbed my cock shaft and yanked it out of Dani's mouth once more. Just that fast Ally started smacking Dani's face hard (and I mean hard) with my cock top.

"Answer me, BITCH!" Ally shouted. "Do. You. Like. The taste. Of pussy. On Daddy's. Hard. COCK!" **Whackety-whack-smack!**

"Bitch!" Dani flinched backward, but I bucked my hips forward to give Ally more opportunity to connect with Dani's scrunched face.

"Answer your sister, bitch," I barked. "Do you like the taste of your sister's pussy on my cock or NOT?"

"Yes, Daddy," Dani seethed through clenched teeth.

Ally remounted my cock and reached behind her to grab my neck again. "Daddy, will you pinch your nippies hard, Daddy? Purty pleeeeze?"

I did. I felt up Ally's heavy tits and pulled her pankers into long, thin strips until her nose crinkled in pain. "Oh yeah, Daddy," Ally moaned. My boyfriend doesn't understand how to work a girl's titties. That feels sooooo good. Pull my chain, Daddy. Yank my leash. Please, Daddy."

I grabbed the chain hanging from the dog collar between Ally's cleavage line. As soon as I had a firm grip, Ally shifted forward and her leash spun 180 degrees until the D-ring clip was behind her head. She would have fell face forward into the floor if I'd let go. She had enough momentum and weight that the collar was choking her. Or rather... She was choking herself against her own collar while her hips worked the come in my balls to a broil.

"I can't take much more, bitch," I panted. "Get your ass back in the floor."

"Yes, Daddy!" Ally panted. She leaned back into my chest once more and her feet went high into the air in a gymnast's pike. She held her pose for ten seconds. If she had humped one more up-and-down, I would have emptied come into her by the gallon. Instead she stabbed me with the hardness of my own erection for a long time in a perfect sexy porn pose.

Then she was up and off my lap and nudging Dani's mouth off my cock from an all-fours suck.

"Mmmm. My pussy tastes so good, Daddy. So good! I knew it would," Ally moaned. "Sister-bitch, share some of my delicious pussy with Daddy. Kiss him."

"Kiss me," I panted.

Dani did not like her sister barking orders, and she sure as hell didn't like me backing Ally up when she did. Dani's face was crimson with suppressed rage.

Dani stood up and kissed me.

Dani's kiss was heavy with the tang of Ally's twat. Absolutely amazing. My balls ached to come and the tingles started rippling through my skin.

Ally stopped sucking and looked up at me (and Dani, technically, who was standing beside the chair kissing me). "Daddy, I really want to get your whole big cock in my mouth and throat. Will you help me?"

"Many have tried," I smiled down at Ally.

"Really, Daddy," Ally batted her thick black eyelashes with an innocence. "Please help me. Pull the leash until I have all your cock and don't let up until I do. Even if I pass out, I want it all."

"I'll pull her fucking leash," Dani growled.

I nodded. "Then do it."

Ally went to her deepest, deepthroat bounce and then pressed forward on her arms until the last four inches of thick cock proved to be too much. It took Dani that long to wrap the leash chain around her fingers.

Dani yanked Ally toward me like she was pulling the cord on an old lawn mower. Hard. With a vengeance. With the intention of hurting her sister's little throat.

I think it hurt me even more. My cock kinked under the impossible physics. Ally's throat had all the cock it could take. She had a nice deep throat for a petite girl, but no girl or woman had ever taken every inch of mine in her mouth.

Ally's eye's bulged from the strain. Foam and spittle bubbled at her lips. Dani's thin arms strained as she tried to pull her sister's face into my dressing chair.

An angry and vindictive smirk was all over Dani's face as she watched her sister gag and struggle on the length of my cock.

Then the impossible happened. Ally's eyes went to slits and her tiny button nose slid against my pubic bone. My entire cock was buried in bitch mouth. Ally had done what even Caryn could not do. She sucked every inch of my hard pecker into her throat. And I mean every inch.

The pain of the pressure on the base of my kinked cock was replaced with wet bliss.

My daughter... My petite 5' 2" daughter had deepthroated me better than all the whores and sluts I'd had in 41 years of dominating split-tailed bitches.

"Wow." Dani let the leash unravel from around her fingers and swing back against Ally's tits. Ally had been down on my cock for so long her face was beet red. An impossible scarf-trick of cock spilled up and out of her lips as Ally lifted from fours to knees. The most amazing visual of a deep throat bitch comes not on the suck, but the release. All those inches of cock appeared one after the other from her teeny maw. Her lips trembled and vibrated with the ridges and veins rippling back out behind them.

When my cockhead finally bounced back into the atmosphere of the room, it was sheathed in a thick scabbard of dense flemmy spittle. Saliva poured down my balls and through my legs toward the upholstery of the chair.

"Fucking wow," Dani repeated. Stunned.

"Fucking wow," I blinked, panting.

Ally gave me a little smile and a wink. Who WAS this girl? I had raped her for seven years and watched her fuck her boyfriend and I was lucky to get an unwelcome orgasm out of her. She had morphed into a super porn slut. Why hadn't I got this kind of King treatment before?

"Your cock is so slippery," Ally moaned in her slut voice. "You should really stick it up Dani-bitch's ass." Ally's mouth dropped back over my cock head and she began slurping away.

My skin sizzled into hot leather.

"You want it up your ass, bitch," I whispered to Dani. I opened my mouth and Dani instinctively leaned in to give me the kiss I craved. Again with the taste of Ally's pussy. The hair on my head fluffed and rippled.

"Anything," Dani whispered back into my kiss. "Just make that bitch taste my tight ass, okay?"

I started to say "Yes," but it transformed into a throaty grunt as the sperm began pulsing through my shaft and into Ally's wet suck. My ears waggled and throbbed as my entire body hitched with the force of the contraction of my balls.

"MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!" Ally moaned.

"Daddy?" Dani broke her kiss and looked into my face with astonishment. "Daddy? You didn't. Goddamn it, DADDY!" Dani slapped my chest in anger. I didn't care. I was still pumping come and thrashing in pleasure and Ally's tiny wet mouth was still stretching to take every hot blast.

"Stop!" I panted. "Enough. Off. Stop!"

Ally popped off the top of my pecker and opened her mouth wide to show me the swirls of white sperm pooling on the spooned flat of her pink tongue. She let one little bubbly strip of spittle and sperm crest her bottom lip and land on her left tit. Then she locked her lips together and swallowed hard. She pulled a sexy, satisfied tongue tip across her top lip for show.

"Ooops. I spilled a drop, Daddy," Ally said with a big fake pout and a big fake protruding bottom lip and a big fake, little girl affectation in her voice.

It was the same tit and the same come dribble she had gotten Dani to lick up and suck off her tit the last time they snowballed my come.

This time Ally scooped up her own tit and pulled it to her mouth. With her face strained downward, she was able to lick down her tit meat all the way to her nipple. Her tongue swirled up all my sperm like spaghetti and sucked it into her pursed lips. Ally swallowed once more.

She smiled. I'm not sure if she smiled at me or smiled at Dani.

"Anything else, Daddy? Want another round?"

I panted and blinked. I shook my head no.

"And what should I tell Tommy about this weekend, Daddy?"

I looked Dani in the face. "Tell your boy you have to cancel your plans for this weekend."

"Daddy!" Dani stamped her foot and angry tears instantly rolled out of her eyes.

Ally stood up, turned around and shook her ass hard from side-to-side as she strutted out of the room. I could see the chain on her collar whipping around the sides of her tits as she strutted. "Amateur," Ally muttered.

"DADDY REALLY!" Dani shrieked. She ran to her room sobbing.

I couldn't move. My oldest daughter had fucked me senseless. All I could do was pant and melt and feel my sweat go cold on my skin while I waited for circulation and muscle function to return to my legs.

Chapter 50 - Things Fall Apart

Of course I could not wait until the next schedule conflict. I could not wait until the next head-to-head contest to see how Dani and Ally would escalate and find new ways to blow my mind.

It never happened again. Fuck it. There were some conflicts, but after that night, Ally always gave in. Ally always surrendered. Even when it came to Junior prom, Ally stayed home that night while Dani went with Cass.


You figure it out.

It was one big "fuck you" to me. One chance for Ally to show me that she had so much more to her than she was giving to me.

One chance to show me what I was missing.

One chance to have a submissive, kept daughter step up and sex me as good as Caryn.

One chance to humiliate her coven sister with a big "win," and then retire undefeated.

I was never one to want my girls on top during sex, but after that night I had Ally ride me while I lay back, trying to get her to move her ass like she had during the contest. It wasn't the same.

Of course, I got some more total deepthroats out of her, now that I knew she could do it. But that wasn't the same either. It was robotic. Unwilling. I wanted the sex tiger again, but all I ever got was minimal tolerance for the rape I was perpetrating on her.

Four months after watching Dani suck Cass's cock, Dani crawled into bed with me one night without being ordered. I was merely going to sleep that night. My balls were tired from Ally frustration the nights before.

"Daddy, I need to tell you something."

"Yes, Honey." I turned out the light and punched my pillow into shape.

"I know I was supposed to talk to you first. Get permission. But something just happened."

"What the hell are you talking about, Sugar?"

"Cass fucked me. I lost your cherry."

**click** the light went right back on and I propped up on my elbow and stared at Dani. "When?"

"Three days ago. After school."




"My bed, Daddy. Where else?"

"Three days ago? And you are just telling me now?"

Dani bit her lip and looked guilty. "Yeeeah," she said nervously. "I kinda knew that as soon as I told you, you were going to fuck me too. And my... your pussy, your pussy was so sore after Cass fucked me. I wanted to give it a day to heal up and be ready for your big weenie, Daddy."

"You mean you gave it three days to heal."

Dani made the guilty face again. "Nooooo. A day. Cass fucked me yesterday too. It hurt all over again, so I didn't tell you yesterday, either."

I stared at Dani.

"Daddy, I'm so sorry. I know I was supposed to ask for your permission first and let you know, but it just happened."

"It doesn't just happen that you sneak a boy in your room when I'm not home."

Dani rolled her eyes. "Daddy, don't. You know I've been sucking Cass's cock after school for months and months. Don't act like you don't know that. We talk about it all the time when I suck you."

"I didn't think it was here that you were doing all that!"

"Of course it was here, Daddy. Most of the time. I've sucked him off at his house a bunch and in his car a bunch, but mostly here."

"Well..." I stammered. "So you had to know he was going to take your cherry. That wasn't a surprise."

"It kinda was, Daddy. We were naked and then we were fighting and he got mad and he pushed me down on the bed and then his dick was hard and he pushed it all the way in."

"You didn't tell him no?"

"Of course not, Daddy!"

"Why not?"

"Because if you found out I told my man he couldn't have what he wanted... if you found out I had been a cock tease or not submissive to my man... You'd kill me. You'd paddle me and cane me before and after you made me ride the roof."

I thought about this. "That's true, I guess."

"Don't be mad, Daddy. Just take your pussy back."

"So he raped you, huh?"

"More or less, Daddy."

"Did you come?"

"Of course not, Daddy. It hurt too much."

"What about the second time he fucked you. You come then?"

Dani shook her head. "I kinda thought I might there for a while while he was fucking me doggy, but then he pulled out and made me swallow a big load instead."

"Ah," I nodded. I knew there was something about that kid I liked. "You liked to be bitch fucked, huh?"

"I liked it both ways. Cass's dick just rubbed up in my-- your pussy better when we were doggy."

"You really wanted it in your ass, didn't you?"

Dani cringed. "Yeah."

"So has Cass fucked you up the ass yet?"

"You know the answer to that, Daddy. You've asked a hundred times while I was sucking you off. No. No butt-fucking."

"Why not?"

"I don't know, Daddy. It's... It's embarrassing to ask a boy to fuck me up the ass. I wanted you to fuck me up the ass forever. Since I was little. But I never asked you. It wasn't until you just went ahead and did it that I found out that I liked it as much as I thought I was going to like it."

"So," I said. "You are no virgin."


A bell rang in my brain. "So why were you and Cass fighting?"

Dani gulped. "Daddy, you know I won't lie to you. I just really, really, really don't want to talk about that with you."

I looked Dani in the eye.

Dani sighed. "Cass wanted me to give his friend a blowjob."


Dani signed again. "I knew that's what you'd say, Daddy. I just didn't want to do it. I don't mind being slutty for one boy, my boy, but I don't want to be passed around by the boys like a dirty magazine."


"Cass's friend? Reggie."

"What's this Reggie guy like?"

"A Neandertal. A jock. Big linebacker guy. Wide as an El Dorado. Big ape chin."


"Okay. His sexy is more in his muscles than his face."

"You think he's sexy?"

"In a Tarzan kind of way. All the girls think he's hot. I just don't want to blow him."

"Hang on a sec." I sat up in bed and kicked my boxers into the floor. I rolled between Dani's legs and kissed her deep and soft. My cock head pushed into her (my) pussy folds as it came fully erect with anticipation.

"I was going to give you the chance to suck me wet," I said, "but that cunt is already dripping."

"I poured a lot of slippery stuff in that pussy before I came to your bed, Daddy. I knew you'd screw me tonight and I wanted to enjoy it as much as I can. It will probably hurt all over again, you're so big."

"Maybe I want to feel every bit of my pussy," I said. "Maybe I don't want you over lubed."

"Daddy," Dani whispered. "I'm two days from cherry and you have a dick the size of a Civil War cannon. You're going to get plenty of tight fuck out of your pussy."

I pushed in. Dani's pussy stopped me. For a moment. And then it peeled slightly and the bumpy wet warmth began gobbling up inch after inch of my tingling cock.

It took 16 and two thirds years, but I was finally balls-deep in my daughter, my Princess, my kept rape slave trained submissive.

Unlike Ally, I could bottom out in Dani just as I was poking her cervix. Dani moaned and rolled her head as I split the flower of her labia. She grunted a different grunt than when I ripped her asshole. Her tongue unrolled at my mouth and I sucked it in. We ground crotch bone against crotch bone for a long while, kissing and licking each other's tongues.

"Finally, Daddy," Dani sighed. "Fuck me, Daddy. Please. Take me back from Cass. Own me."

I grabbed a handful of firm ass and began a steady fuckstroke. Dani's head lolled on a swivel of pleasure and I had to chase her tongue and her lips. Her dark hair spilled back all over the white pillow, shining in the glow of the bed lamp.

"Nice," I whispered. "Nice pussy, Babydoll."

"You're in every inch of it, Daddy," Dani panted.

"Feel as big as it is when it's in your ass, girl?"

Dani shook her head. "No. That's a totally different kind of filled up, Daddy, but it all feels wonderful."

"You think you'd make it this long before I fucked you, girl?"

Dani shook her head again. "I always thought Mom would be laying next to us when you took me the first time."

"Me too," I whispered.

Dani's hands washed over my chest and shoulders. She looked me in the eye. She was sad. Maudlin.

I lengthened my stroke and her tits began to bounce with the impact. She was so fucking beautiful. Her facial expressions. The spill of her hair. Her glassy, moist green eyes looking up into mine.

"You want it doggy, girl?" I panted.

"Whatever you want, Daddy. I belong to you." Dani took a deep breath and tried to time her words between the impact of my cock head into her cervix wall. "Heart and soul,"*pumpt* "inside and out," *pumpt* "from the tips of my hair, to the soles of my feet, I belong to you, Daddy."

"Nice," I grunted. Her pussy was even tighter than Allison's and when my stroke was slow, I could feel her pulse popping around the girth of my cock. I looked down to see crimson streaks on my cockshaft. She was getting it all. "But I asked you. You want it doggy?"

"I kind of like it like this, Daddy," Dani said. "Can I get it faster?"

She could. I could. I clutched harder at her ass and rocked my hips.

"Yesyesyes," Dani's eyelids fluttered and her fingernails clawed my chest. "Yesyesyessssss." Her head tensed up off the pillow and then crashed back down as she began to orgasm. Her fingernails drew blood and I crashed harder and harder against her.

I felt the first trill of orgasm in my asshole and I immediately stopped to try and ward off coming too soon. Dani rolled and moaned the last of her quiver underneath me. So beautiful. So beautiful. Just made for fucking, that girl.

My cock throbbed once more and I involuntarily seeded into Dani's twat. I collapsed forward and mashed my mouth into hers as five waves of sperm squirted into my daughter.

Dani began to cry. "Thank you. That was intense."

Chapter 51 - Wrapup

And that, folks... is that. Was there more sex? Absolutely. Doggy fucking my submissive daughter? Nearly nightly for weeks after. I was so busy catching up on sexing Dani that I pretty much gave Ally a complete pass. In retrospect,that may have hastened The End with Ally.

Summer rolled through and left. Dani started her Junior year. Ally, now eighteen, started her Senior year of high school.

Dani broke up with Cass and dated Big Reggie for a while. You can figure out how that happened. It's not tough. Of course I watched Dani and Reggie suck and fuck from her closet. It was so entertaining I did that three or four times. He was a good, studly foil for her slutty performances. They were fun to watch. It didn't last long until she was on to some other guy.

Ally never broke up with Tommy. They were thick as thieves. I guess they really loved each other.

When Tommy came to the house that Summer, he had a look about him when he talked to me; the way he tipped his head suspiciously when he addressed me, rare though it was.

He knew. Ally had told him. He knew. That was not good. Inevitable, I guess, but I felt the danger of my crimes hanging above my head like the Sword of Damocles.

If you spend some time researching incest, you'll find that around half of the Daddy's get caught in the act, or they get ratted out before the girls turn twelve. Then almost 30 percent of the remaining girls assert themselves between the age of twelve and fourteen, and then retroactively get Daddy in trouble. There's only a tiny fraction of Daddy's who get away with incest past fourteen, but at that point those are the girls who let it go on forever. Into their twenties and thirties.

In other words, if you are still fucking your daughter when she's 16, there's a good chance you're going to fuck her until you tire of fucking her. If you're not busted by then, you are one of the lucky few.

That's the way it was with Dani.

But that's not the way it went with Ally. She asserted herself right before Halloween.

I hadn't fucked her or put her down for sucking for months. It was time to rotate her back in with all my Dani fucking. I'd hatched a scene in my head with both girls on all fours next to each other, me stepping left and right and bitch fucking them in turns until I came.

Dani was out with some new guy that night and Ally was home. So I barked down the hall for her to get her clothes off and get in my room.

She did not come.

I heard her rattling around her room. I heard drawers open and close. I was sure she was dressing up for me. But she did not come.

After ten minutes and two callings, I marched down the hall toward her room, naked.

Allison was packing her bags.

"Where do you think you are going?"


"The fuck you are. Strip. Every stitch. Get your ass in my bed. Now."



"It's over, Scott."

Scott. Wow! My jaw literally dropped to hear her call me Scott.

Allison stopped packing and looked me in the eye. "I'm moving in with Tommy. You and I are done. For now, anyway."

The 'for now anyway' part was said as a threat.

Allison continued. "Tommy's band got a development deal. We're going to Los Angeles."

"The fuck you are," I said. "You're going to finish high school. You're going to college."

"I'm done with high school, too."

"Says you."

"Yeah," Allison said defiantly. "Says me. I got my GED. I'm done."

"What? GED? When? How?"

"Last week. I'm 18. I didn't need your permission. I don't need your permission for anything."

"Oh." I felt ridiculous and vulnerable standing there naked and losing the most important parental argument of my life.

"So you can beat the fuck out of me. If you want," Ally said calmly. "And then I'll still leave tomorrow after I file the police report. Or the next day. Sooner or later I'm going to go to LA with Tommy. The only question is how much time you spend in jail trying to stop me."

I shrugged. "Go."

"Thank you, Scott."

"How will you live? How will you eat?"

Dani resumed packing. "Well, Scott. That's kind of up to you. I figure after six years of rape and torture, I'm kind of entitled to some support. A pension, maybe."

"Oh you do?"

"Yeah, Scott. I do. I think maybe you think so too. I think maybe when you take a moment to think about the cost of staying out of jail... or maybe just the cost of your professional reputation, even if you beat the rap, maybe you think that's worth a dollar figure."

Fuck. A shakedown. And a pretty good one. I sighed.

"How much?" I mumbled.

I think I've intimated that I was pretty well off. I'd never discussed money with the girls. They had no idea that I banked a little more than seven million dollars from the settlement with the hospital that killed Caryn. I had some substantial salary savings stocked away. Some good investments. I'd sold a small slice of my patent portfolio to my parent company for over four million dollars. I never discussed that with the girls. They knew I was comfortable, but I never let them know I had 14 million dollars in the bank.

When I asked Ally "How much," I was expecting a crazy answer. Twenty thousand. Fifty thousand. A million dollars.

"I want five thousand dollars. Cash." Ally stared me down. I think she was waiting on a counter offer. I had three times that much cash in the downstairs safe.

"Five thousand?" I repeated.

"You can come up with it," Ally sneered. "You've got it."

"How about ten thousand and I never hear from you again."

Ally blinked. "Fine. Not a problem."

"No," I said. "I'm serious. Never again."

"I give a fuck?" Ally spat. "Like we're going to exchange Christmas cards? We have a deal. You pony up ten large in cash and you and Danielle can have your twisted little bullshit all to yourselves."

"How do I know you'll keep your mouth shut and stay gone if I pay?" I asked.

"I could give a fuck about you," Ally zipped a backpack closed. "Dani loves you, for some reason. She's into your sick little games. I won't hurt her just to hurt you."

I tried to get a grip on the moment, turn the tide with some head games. "Oh you poor little abused rich girl," I chided. "With your car Daddy bought you and your punk rock clothes you bought from 5-7-9 and Hot Topic jeans that cost a hundred dollars each. You poor little girl with the psycho daddy who gave you a place to live when your mom didn't want you anymore."

Ally didn't even blink. "No, Scott," she said plainly. "You're not a psychopath. You're a Sociopath. Psychopaths have fucked up wiring in their brains and they are just plain crazy and dangerous. You, on the other hand, have no empathy for anyone. Not even yourself. You're actually a pretty nice guy when you are not raping your daughters. But when your dick is hard you don't have a conscience. The other people in your life become objects to you. Bitches. Sluts. Split-tails."

Somehow this insight from my second smartest daughter began to ring true.

"Caryn volunteered for a life with you, Scott. For whatever crazy fucking reason, Dani volunteered for it too. Not me. I did my time and now I'm done. I'll pull up in front of the house tomorrow at noon. I'm not getting out of the car. Just bring an envelope to the window of Tommy's car. If you try anything or you don't show, we'll drive to the police station and..."

"Take it now."


"Hang on. I'll get your money now."

Ten minutes later, Tommy pulled to a rolling stop in the street and Ally flung all of her bags over the seat and jumped in. I don't think the car came to a complete stop at any given point. It was a jailbreak. Tommy's Tercel rolled while Ally walked beside it and flung luggage. Then there were tail lights and she was gone.

Forever? Did I see her again?

Dani and I went on as before. Dani missed Ally. The two exchanged emails and texts. I had a keylogger on Dani's computer(s) although I rarely bothered to access her email and read (spy). On a hunch I tried it one night while she was on a date and found some updates from Ally. Tommy's band was doing better than I expected in LA. They had a shitty apartment in Lynwoood with roaches the size of King Charles Spaniels. Ally got a job waiting tables and Brian Dennehy sat at her station one night. Traffic was as bad as you hear it is. They adopted a dog from the animal shelter, but it was already sick and it didn't get any better and died one night while they were at Tommy's concert. Blah blah.

I didn't stop fucking Dani, but with Ally's last words burning in my ears, I did treat Dani a little different. I tried to be more cognizant of her humanity. I licked a lot more pussy and stuck my finger up her ass while I did. Dani liked assplay and rimming her asshole while I lapped clitty seemed to move things along.

Early in Dani's Senior year, Dani was accepted to a pretty swanky college. She was offered no less than four variations on cheerleading scholarships, but Dani -- ever the young pragmatist -- started reading about the cartilage in the knees of professional cheerleaders in her Cheerleader! magazine, and decided she didn't want to be thirty years old with arthritis. She opted to attend a prestigious school as a regular civilian.

Ally's emails to Dani indicated she had run out of money. After Dani wrote to Ally about where she was going to college, the tone of Ally's emails went cold. You could really taste the bitterness when you read them. Where Ally had made a point of never mentioning me before, now her emails asked about "That Stingy Bastard" and "The Rapist Who Shall Not Be Named."

I got nervous. Real nervous. It wasn't over with me and Ally. I knew that.

So I started building a metaphorical "hidden room" once more. I hatched a plan. Waiting for Dani to graduate was an exercise in abstract paranoia. Whenever I'd see a new email from Ally in Dani's mail client, I began to sweat. Was this the time Ally had decided to burn her bridges and me with them?

Dani knew nothing of my plans. I kept it all to myself.

"Daddy," Dani said one May Saturday, "Can I go to California this Summer? To see Ally? Please?"

I'd obviously missed some recent emails. "I thought you and your girlfriends were going to Cozumel?"

"Yeah. I'd rather go see Allison instead. I miss her. She's my sister."

"Okay. Sure."

"Did you want to send her some more money?"

I froze. "Uhm. Yeah. I guess I do." I did, too. I needed to buy some more time. Just a little, but it was preciously important that I didn't get fucked on my last power play.

Dani graduated Valedictorian.

She got on a plane for California. Then everything went to shit.

Two weeks into a three week trip Dani called me. "I better be honest with you, Daddy. I know you're going to find out."

Oh shit.

Ally went for an audition... at a porn movie studio. She took Dani with her. The producer was not interested in Ally, but he asked Dani to come into his office and talk.

Two days later, Dani filmed a sex scene for compilation video. My daughter had done porn for a major porn studio.

"You're shocked. I can hear it in the silence," Dani said.

"A little. Please tell me you got paid."

"Three grand. When you count in the time I was in makeup and wardrobe, that was like $500 an hour."

"Well, you'll have some spending money for school," I muttered, rubbing my forehead and trying not to scream.

"Uhm. Well, that's the other thing, Daddy. I kind of spent it."

"Three grand? On what?"

"Two grand."


She said it fast to get it out. "I had my widow's peak removed with laser electrolysis."


"Don't be mad, Daddy."

"I thought you were going to tell me you got a big tattoo on your back."

"Oh no. Tattoos are creepy. Especially with my skin."

"Okay. Well. I don't understand why you ever had any issues with your hairline. You are perfect. But you've always wanted it gone and now it is. Are you happy?"


"Does it look good?"


"Did it hurt?"

"No. Uhm Daddy? I think I want to stay a little longer."

"Orientation is in mid July, honey."

Dani never made it to orientation. She never made it to college. She did another porn scene and was offered a feature, and then a feature contract.

Apparently she turned them down and cut some other crazy contract terms of her own that gave her more control over her residuals. She became a name brand. As the kids say, "She's big in Japan."

"You taught me not to sell myself for less than top dollar, Dad," she told me on one long Skype call where I begged her to come home and she cried.

My daughter is a millionaire. She's made two lists of "The Smartest Women in Porn." She's still gorgeous. She still has her head on straight. She's a good kid. We got in a big fight about her choice of porn name, but other than that I tried not to judge.

Allison (as relayed through Dani) got involved in drugs. Then harder drugs. Then meth. That was the worst news I could hear. I blamed Tommy, but Dani assured me that Tommy was straight. Apparently Tommy didn't do drugs and he was constantly frustrated with Allison for getting stoned. He was doing all he could to get Ally into rehab. Regardless, I had to get the fuck out of Dodge, so I went ahead with the last phase of my plan.

I sold my house. Didn't even tell Dani. I moved to Western New York and a new job. Dani and I were Skyping instead of calling by that time, so I didn't have to even let her know I had a new phone number.

The new job in New York didn't really want me, as much as they wanted some of my touch screen patents. I stayed nine months. I sold them every patent I had at a ridiculously high asking price. That was back a few years ago when you could take your money and run without paying capital gains.

And so I did. I ran like a striped ass ape. I renounced my American citizenship. I already had repatriation waiting for me in Kosovo. I had been learning the Slavic languages for nearly two years.

Having $37 million dollars to invest in a war-ravaged country certainly sped my application for citizenship along. I was gone. Ally couldn't touch me and she couldn't smear me, and if she did I wouldn't know. Hell, she'd never find me.

Based on some research I bought a rundown machine shop and began the work of converting it into a specialty manufacturer of plastic car parts. Crazy move. I knew the whole region was starving for aftermarket plastic parts for cars. I didn't know that the reason no one else had capitalized on the opportunity was because the supply chain throughout that part of the globe is totally fucked. Just the basic pellets of processed petroleum that are the building blocks of any plastic manufacturer are all diverted to India unless you can bribe the right person.

I still talk to Dani on Skype. She said she'd come see me on one of her trips to Japan, but there was always a reason that she couldn't swing a detour through the Balkans. To be fair, it's not easy travel. Nothing runs on time. Airplanes servicing the Balkans are all unregulated deathtraps past their expiration date. Or maybe Dani was just done with incest. I get it.

Yes, I jerk off to Dani's videos. She's still the most beautiful female I've ever seen. That skin. OH! That perfect skin. I don't think she looks that different with her hairline zapped, but perhaps her smile twinkles with more confidence.

When I watch her get fucked, I can still feel that tight pussy rippling up and down my cock. When I watch her suck porn studs I can feel the warm wetness. I know when she fakes her orgasms and when they are real. More often than not, they are real. I'm not a big fan of her girl-girl scenes. Maybe because she always fakes those orgasms.

Dani kept herself to Daddy's grooming specifications for a long time. I noticed immediately when I saw her first scene with a bare mons. I didn't think much of it. When I saw her with the short pixie cut died blue, there was no doubt she was not really my property anymore. That was a message to me.


I've moved on.

As I said at the beginning, "I won." I lost my wife, both my daughters, and my country. It's a pyrrhic victory at best. Does that sound like a win to you?

I have a girlfriend/pet. Olga. Belarusian blonde. 24. Huge natural 40DD tits shaped like torpedoes.

She has a son. Six. Sweet kid. We get along great. He has a little devil in him too. Given Olga's damaged past, there's a chance she'll be double-teamed by the both of us one day. I might still have a few incestuous tricks in me yet. But Olga is another story and this one is way too long as it is.

That's it. I won. I was an evil wife-beater and daughter-raper and I got away with it. And I got rich. My heart breaks when I think about never seeing my daughter Dani, but I suppose that's the price I pay for the sins I have willingly done.

So it goes. And so it goes.

Oh, one little postscript. Tommy's band's song is huge here. I hear it everywhere. Not bad. A real ear worm. The kid has talent. Too bad he can't keep a tighter dominion over his women.