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January 2023

Howdy. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm still trying to keep the torch burning for Mdom smut. In this era of cancel culture, I'm a relic. I'm like my Uncle Gary, trying to keep black socks, shorts, and sandals a fashion statement, the way they were in the late 50s. Mdom seems to be going the way of the Dodo and the Greenleaf Classics two-dollar novel.

My stories are heavy on two things: A dominant alpha male who is respected and revered within a family. And a focus on the tipping point where kids become sexually-aware young adults. Classic coming of age stories.

So here we are at ASSLR. The next incarnation. Given how non-functional ASSTR was in it's flailing, here's hope that we'll have functional search and story code searches. Props to Rey for keeping the lights on as long as he did. Onward.

We should learn our lesson from ASSTR. Nothing lasts forever. I've got some .MOBI and .EPUB book-ified versions of some of my stories you can have for free and keep on your tablet. (See sidebar box, upper-right.) I used to have basic analytic metrics on my stories, just to keep an ego count of how many people read my stories over the years and what countries they came from. I've stripped those statcounter analytics out of all my stories. I trust no one and I'm doing my part to be trusted by you.

If you like the e-book conversions, or care about downloading them, please let me know. Otherwise I'll just use the hours it takes to set up an e-book to watch nature documentaries about turtles.


April 2007. Domming Daughter Dani started as a writing prompt.

I had just finished writing a terrible 120K word erotic vampire opus, and the erotica aspect of the novel was even more lame than the vampires. (And that, Dear Reader, is saying something.) I committed to cranking out a full-on sexy short story for ASSTR before I went back to rewrite my awful sex scenes. I needed to practice my craft a bit. Like I said, Dani was supposed to be a short story. I got a little carried away, but I was seriously avoiding editing that shitty vampire novel.

Skip is a bad guy. The worst. Even more creepy, he's the unreliable narrator who knows how unreliable he is. I'm not going to lie. This was an experiment for me, and I had a Jack Torrence experience of going pretty deep in a dark character's head. Every couple of years I find myself trying to fix corrupt html source files for Dani, reading as I go, and I stop. I think, "Shit, that's pretty dark, dude. Did I really write that? Yikes."

The story is what it is. If the dark plot fills a couple hours you would have otherwise spent watching Big Bang reruns, you are welcome. If it makes your brain spit naughty chemistry into your arteries, then you are welcome. If not... Perhaps you'll like the next story better.


June 2014.Pryn & Proper Daughters turned out to be a real divider-of-people. I was always meh on it. Got a fair amount of suggestions of how various readers would have rather seen one plot point or another changed. But the response has been largely positive. A lid for every pot, I guess.


August 2017.I landed another one of those job assignments where I had more hours in the day than I had work to do. So my fingers cranked out The Brother's Kisselhoff in a coffee shop across the street from my job, close enough that I could still hit the company Wi-Fi.

I'll be honest. I LOVE this story. I think it's among the best stories I've ever written, smut or otherwise. When I had analytics active, it was obvious that NOBODY was even trying to read it. Why? Maybe the title? Does it sound gay? I mean, nobody even clicked on it to decide that it sucked. Sigh. I considered changing the title to "Stepdaddy's Toy" just to see if it would spark some interest. The story has been out for five years and I'm only now just starting to get some nice emails from people who liked reading it as much as I liked writing it.

I hope you give it a try. I hope you enjoy it enough to plow through all that pesky plot that gets in the way of the sex scenes. The sex is backloaded, to be sure. But it's there.


January 2019. I tried to write a short story. I thought I could knock out this short in a weekend. Once again, I got carried away.

I always wanted to try to write a decent cuck story. This story is a blatant rip-off of a story called Winning (Amanda) Through Intimidation by J. Bosworth. Sorry I can't link anymore. You might find it on one of the archive sites.

Anyway, it's a little less "plotty" than the other stuff I wrote, so give it a try. Lemmeknow what you think.


December 2019. No one is more surprised than me that there's an Mdom/cuck nexis that seems to work for both camps. The cuck thing in Spanking Scarlett started out as just a plot device to set up the Mdom. But I received a lot of kind feedback about Spanking Scarlett. There's an army of cucklit fans out there. You asked for more and it turns out that I had at least one more cuck story in me. Hope you like it. Lemmeknow.

The Party Favor was a lot of fun to write. I've gotten a fair bit of fanmail for this story. I could use some more.


February 2023 and August 2023. Good freakin' gravy. If I had any idea that Blended would end up being my longest smut novel (by far), I never would have wrote it in the first person voice. First person is exhausting to read in longer stories. You spend too much time inside a character's head and after 200 pages you're sick of them and their inner monologs. Familiarity breeds contempt.

I never release stories in serialized fashion because I'm never sure where I'm going with a story before I'm finished. I always want the privilege of going back and adding foreshadowing or details to a story so a twist doesn't seem so contrived. But there came a point where I started uploading to ASSTR just to slam the door behind myself and force me to start wrapping threads up and stop manufacturing new ones. Blended should have been two different stories. This is a stroke-story, after all, not frickin' Proust. I'm tempted to let it sit for a few months and then go back in and start hacking out subplots. Trim the fat.

I essentially wanted to rewrite Domming Daughter Dani with a more empathetic (??? You tell me) narrator. I'm perpetually debugging this story, including a pesky font conflict with Brileigh's handwriting that seems to work differently on different browsers. I suppose the "French font" will also be problematic.

A special shoutout to reader "Jack Cayman." I've fielded suggestions and plot discussions with many readers throughout the years, but I can honestly say that I would not have finished Blended if it were not for Jack's encouragement and his ability to see where I was going (or should have been going) before I did.

My French is dogshit. Please, please, PLEASE, native-speakers, PLEASE send me corrections to my crimes against your language. Apologies.

Feel free to email me any kind of mistake and help me get the cancer out of this story (or any story). Hope you like it. Pat a brother on the head; send me an email and tell me what you think.

Thank You!

A special thanks to everybody who wrote a nice email to me over the past (almost) two decades since Dani first posted. I've been reading smut on ASSM since it was an actual newsgroup. Thirty plus years. I rarely have emailed an author, even though I've loved some of their work very much. Y'all who took five minutes (some of you five hours) to write a nice email (or ten), thank you so much. It means the world. Really. With no tracking metrics in my stories, an email is all the serataonin hit I'm going to get as reward for the stupid amount of hours I've spent trying to make strangers cum with the spell of written words.